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Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

SWRPG Forum Rules

1. Character name - Create a character with a unique name.

2. Character bio - Post a character bio (following the template) in the Databank registry before beginning adventures in the galaxy.

3. Character rank - Choice of rank is up to the roleplayer as is progression through the ranks.

4. Character training - Characters are not required to complete training with a Master to learn skills. Holocrons and other reasonable and creative ways of learning skills are encouraged. If you desire to have your character train with a Master, post a training request with your affiliation in The Holonet.

5. Character knowledge/skills - All characters must follow what is listed in the Wookieepedia for the timeline and rank/skill level for Force powers, ships, armor, weapons, tech, and equipment.

6. Faction affiliation - Characters can choose to affiliate with a faction although there are no longer leaders designated to interact with and no new official or unofficial groups/factions will be formed. An unspecified cataclysmic event that scattered former members amongst the galaxy. The detailed histories of each faction still remain to enrich storylines.

7. Avatars/Signatures/Images - Follow the guidelines listed here in the Signature and Avatar Help forum.

8. Site Content - We are a community that welcomes all ages. Be considerate. The site language filter is on. If you didn’t see it happen on screen in a Star Wars movie or series, don’t write about it in storylines here.

9. Trolling/flaming - Don’t do it. Play nice. Make friends.

10. General forum conduct - Common sense is the rule of thumb. Follow what is in the Wookieepedia for the timeline, stay away from godmoding and anything overpowered, be courteous to fellow roleplayers, and have fun telling stories!

Disclaimer/Copyright information - SWRPG is neither affiliated with, sponsored nor endorsed by Lucasfilm, LTD. (Lucasfilm™), Disney, nor Star Wars (STAR WARS® or ™). All applicable Star Wars trademark laws protect - titles, characters, images, vehicles, creatures, weapons, place names, and so on. All Rights Reserved. SWRPG Signature & Avatar Staff designed images used within the making of Custom Signatures and Avatars, whether the image has been recreated or altered is still protected under the copyright of the original Artist. All Custom Signatures and Avatars used within the SWRPG Community are for personal appreciation and enjoyment. There is no intention to infringe on the Artist’s own copyright laws. No profit is being made by their use on this Website. All written posts - threads by the author(s) are protected under Copyright Law. Any reproduction of the author’s text is strictly forbidden. You MUST contact the author in question to receive permission to use their written text, written ideas, and/or thread layouts. SWRPG is a non-profit Star Wars Fan Fiction Web Site and a "public domain" Roleplaying Forum. No copyright infringements are intended by the users of this Web Site and Roleplaying Forum. This site is for non-profit entertainment purposes of appreciation only.