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SWRPG returning members - please read!

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  • SWRPG returning members - please read!

    If you wrote stories prior to the multi-era forum format and the cataclysmic event of December 2021, then this information post is for you! It's so awesome to see you around again! So much has changed since you were last here, so this post is all you need to get up to date. Here goes:

    Forum Rules

    See the updated FAQ located here

    tl:dr rules version
    • no more factions
    • no training requirements
    • start at any rank
    • multiple timeline eras available to write stories in (you can write your character across adjacent timelines if desired)
    • follow what is in the Wookieepedia for the timeline selected
    • no more external wiki site - post a character bio on the forum here instead
    • be respectful to each other
    • have fun writing amazing stories

    Cataclysmic Event - Resurgence Era State of the Galaxy

    With the addition of multiple timeline eras to write in, the former forum structure needed to be updated. In order to make the shift, a cataclysmic event has occurred in the former forum single timeline (now known as the Resurgence Era). A huge thank you to Tearstone, Lorna Jor, and Auswyn Nothrael for their amazing ideas and for creating the write up for our cataclysmic board event. Here's the progression of how the event unfolded:

    34 ABY

    Brutal war grips the galaxy. The Sith Empire terrorizes the New Jedi Order, and by extension, the New Republic. The Sovereign Galactic Empire, seemingly defeated by the New Republic in the previous year, works in secret on a weapon that could bend the galaxy to its will, and force them under their rule. Meanwhile, the Dark Spire of Ruusan and the Black Sun influence the galaxy, and the conflict, in disparate ways…

    35 ABY

    After seemingly successful tests of a weapon more compact and more powerful than the planet-killers of the past, and with the New Republic distracted by the Sith Empire, the Sovereign Galactic Empire became bolder than ever, taking war to the New Republic on two fronts:
    • Brentaal IV, disrupting the efforts of the New Republic to bring this important world situated at the crux of the Hydian Way and the Perlemian Trade Route into the fold.
    • Corellia, the capital of the New Republic, and at the head of the Corellian Run and the Corellian Trade Spine.
    But disaster befell both these conflicts in quick succession, with the new weapons of the Sovereign Galactic Empire encountering fatal malfunctions that sent ripples through the space-time fabric, burning major hyperoutes and disrupting hyperlanes across the known galaxy, and causing anomalies at various points throughout the vast network.

    The best laid plans… but it had only just begun. Within hours, mysterious and powerful pulses, later found to be magnetic in nature, razed the centers of governance of the galaxy’s major powers, bringing Bastion, Corellia, Munto Codru, Nal Hutta, Ruusan, and the Yavin system to their knees, causing buildings and structures to crumble and rendering everything mechanical non-functional, with emissions measurements later determining that the effects would last for the next 50 years. The cause is unknown.

    36 BBY

    Everyone remembers where they were the day that the galaxy broke, when their homes, loved ones, and ways of life were lost. Everyone remembers the isolated days, weeks, and months that followed, and where they ended up in the chaos of the aftermath. Some have a finger to point, and someone to blame, but many simply seek to rebuild.

    Some people band together to survive and eke out a new existence in this unfamiliar landscape. Space travel is still dangerous, but work to remap the hyperlanes, or in some cases map new ones, is in progress. And all the while, rumors of secretive groups that gather in darkened rooms and whispers of strange beings with untold power float on the hushed tones of the local cantina clientele…

    Character storyline continuity - [Flashback] threads

    In order to play out any final faction storylines from the previous forum roleplaying structure, players can create as many [Flashback] threads as desired in the Resurgence Era forum. The previous forum roleplaying structure, located in the Pre-cataclysmic Event subforum, was moved to read-only access and any threads that were being actively posted to were moved to the main Resurgence Era forum with [Flashback] in the title. If you need additional threads moved to the main Resurgence Era forum and marked with [Flashback], just let any staff member know and we'll be glad to help.

    Forum Features

    vBulletin Groups

    Since the faction structure has been dismantled through the cataclysmic event, if desired, you can create a Group. Groups are not factions or a continuation of a former faction, nor do they have any leadership/training structure. They are intended to serve as a place on the forum to plan roleplaying stories and be a gathering place for those now wandering the galaxy.

    Like character usernames, Group names need to be unique and not include any part of a former faction's name. There can also be multiples of the same type of group as well. For example, there could be 10 Sith groups, 7 Dark Jedi groups, 4 Jedi groups, or groups that include all different types of characters, etc. - creativity knows no bounds! The Groups function is located at the top of the forum. Be sure to create your Group within the timeline era you are going to write stories in. If you have any questions, please reach out to a staff member.

    vBulletin Blogs

    If desired, you can use the vBulletin Blogs feature to list and organize your character threads, past and present. The Blogs function is located at the top of the forum.


    Ok, that was A LOT but hopefully it gives you a good idea of how to get back into the swing of things and have some fun! Please reach out to any staff member with questions. We look forward to seeing your great storytelling once again!