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Unfreezing... a lot of accounts.

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  • Unfreezing... a lot of accounts.

    Hey, so...

    I built up a number of accounts over the... 13 years since I first joined this site? And I'd love to have the whole load of them unfrozen, if at all possible, please? Pretty please with cloudberries on top? I'd be truly grateful! <3

    As far as I'm aware, the following should be all of them:

    Atasihd Zi
    Auswyn Nothrael
    Cennika Hawk
    Erdahn Nothrael
    Evest Neel
    Falcon Rekali
    Helios Ardemark
    Idris Harnell
    Ilias Nytrau
    Jannik Morlandt
    Johleen Lesan
    Justinian Atreides
    Kelly Perris
    Lucianus Adair
    Meeristali Peradun
    Merrick Sato
    Nekana Quane
    Ordon Trozky
    Rik Perris
    Selinica Miriya Cailis
    Sigrid Adair
    Siyndacha Aerin
    Stigandr Nytrau
    Tadel Perris
    Tes Dralyn
    Yasmin Perris
    Yuca Najwa-Keth
    Zeyd Kylir

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    Hiya there. There used to be some sort of wonky script or setting on the old forum host that moved accounts to an inactive status. The inactive member usergroup doesn't have the same settings as a regular account. All of the accounts listed above were just inactive and have all been moved to the regular registered usergroup. You should see full account settings restored.


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      Thank you so much, dearie! You're a peach! <3