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Streamlined System for Image Claims - READ THIS FIRST!

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  • Streamlined System for Image Claims - READ THIS FIRST!

    The procedure for image claims at SWRPG has been changed. You no longer have to post in the claim lists. The old claim lists will be kept in archive, in case they are needed again, but will be closed to new posts. What this means is that it’s up to the community as a whole to keep up on the claims. Please fill out the field in your profile called 'image claim' and refer to below to read the rules or if you have more questions.

    Here is the current procedure:

    1. To see if an image you want to use has already been claimed by another community member, search the current images claimed go to the menu at the top and to the right of where it says ‘New Posts’, go to ‘Community and then Member List’. From there, click on ‘Search Members’ and then ‘Advanced Search’. In the Image Claims text field, type in the person's name that you want to claim for your character and then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on ‘Search’ Now in the lower right hand corner. If the search returns a username with your image claimed already, then you need to choose another image.

    Claims' Exclusivity:
    Images are claimed on a first come, first serve basis. If your desired actor/image representation has already been claimed and is on the list of taken images, then you must make another choice.

    Six months of inactivity invalidates the claim and means that anyone can take it up. It behooves you to log into the account every 5 months or so to keep the claim valid. There is a place on your profile to add a image claim, it’s in the profile form. So be sure to go look and make sure all profile fields are filled after your account is activated.

    Bottom line - Keep active and you won’t have claim issues. Ideally we would like to see you active and posting, but logging in will be acceptable if you cannot. The ‘Quick Account Switch’ feature will make doing this easier, if you have multiple characters.

    If the above is not answering anything, please contact Sig/avi Staff Member Tearstone.
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