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  • Signature Request!

    Hello! Newbie here.

    I was told to head over here if I wanted to request a signature, so here I am! I don't have an idea of how I'd like the signature to look specifically, so I'm pretty open to any ideas or any extra things you'd like to add! She is definitely the more serious and sarcastic type so the general tone of the signature should be more dark and solemn.

    Face Claim: Anya Chalotra (mainly as Yennefer from the Witcher TV show)
    These are some pictures I really like of her, feel free to search for some more as well. I've found it's kinda hard to find high quality ones though lol. Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3
    I really like the first picture and how it shows her dagger, because Morgana also wields daggers as well as a small blaster.

    She is not part of any faction (yet!) and is currently on a revenge quest to find her families murderer so it really could go either way LOL.
    Her main colors would probably be purple and black, with maybe a few hints of green. I don't need a quote or anything on there either, just maybe her name "Morgana Solace" in a nice font.

    For the background, maybe it could include the city parts of Naboo, since she's from there. I'd prefer for the background to stay a bit darker in colors so that she can stand out within the signature (which I know can be hard to find for Naboo since it's so colorful.) I'd also be totally cool with just a plain colored background or pattern.

    If possible, a big part of her story is finding the owner of a rune-inscribed ring, and I think a pattern of a rune running along the signature would be really cool! No pressure and no worries if you can't, though! The ring I had in mind kind of looked like this with a type of Nordic/Viking inspired rune.

    Please let me know if you need any extra references or information!!! Thank you so much in advance.

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    We've got more than a few skilled artists so other options may show up, but this is what I threw together.


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      Originally posted by Garyn Fel'zev View Post
      We've got more than a few skilled artists so other options may show up, but this is what I threw together.

      This is amazing!!!! Thank you so much!