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    "Huuuuh, huh, huh, huum." A gentle humming wafted thougj the air of the desert world of tattooine's space port. The figure emitting the song bore a full face rebreather mask. A crescent like blade on her back and a pistol on her hip.

    This was Judas. A Dark Jedi but why was she there? A hand fell to the hilt of her blade. "Birds, in the sky..." With a sharp metallic sound she unsheathed her blade as she neared a specific private port. She knew it belonged to a slaver, her own mission began to act out. "...Life, tasted sweet..." with a quick movement two lives had been snuffed out as their head rolled about the floor.

    "...It let me live, let me breathe..." her song seemed to echo off the walls ash walked through the doors, a hand on her slugthrower " hurt so bad, but still..." a quickdraw gave way to gunshots ringing out as two henchmen were shot multiple times. Judas's blade sang of it's blissful agony as it hummed. "...Saved my soul..."

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    It was tough sometimes when you found yourself trapped. Some found their way to be trapped in their mind. Others in their heart and soul. There were also those that found themselves trapped by others. Like Sammy, she'd been trapped by Vinthern Longstar for a very long time, and she'd wondered if she would ever find a way out. For years she'd spent herself a slave to the Longstar family, and it had almost made her bitter and vengeful. Almost. Samantha would not see to ever suffer again, trapped in her own being. Being able to free one's self from their keeper did not always mean they were completely free. It took tremendous work and time to also cleanse one's self as well. Samantha didn't truly know if she would ever full be "clean", but she told herself she would come darn close.

    No Sith, Dark Jedi or Jedi, Sam didn't have the force to contend with like so many, but a fairly decent slicer to her craft, she knew how to at least carry and use a blaster when and where it counted. In fact, there was many a time on many a world where she'd been forced to brandish one. Especially as of recent, which had her housed on Tatooine, a planet which she considered a bit shady. However, it was just the right place for purchasing cheap parts when she needed them. So she would plant herself on the world for weeks at a time, if only because it saved her a good amount of money. As a slicer, she needed all kinds of equipment to do her job, but with shady environments, she wasn't always the safest. Being that she tended to go into areas she wasn't welcomed, Sam understood that the trouble she got, she deserved.

    Running into someone chopping off heads wasn't unexpected, but it was guaranteed to keep derailed from getting some major parts she may have needed. A few stray fires barely grazed by her, causing Sam to drop the inexpensive parts she had been rummaging through. Yet what did she expect in a bad area. Rather than reach for her blaster though, she raised hands, frozen, but not fearful. "WOAH! HEY! I know you are probably having a bad day and all, but learn to aim a little better!" Yeah, Sam had an open and honest mouth and a lot of times, it tended to get her into trouble. Not only did she not have blaster in hand, but she had likely just ticked off the female even more. That was Sam though, she laughed in the face of danger. Well, not really, but she didn't see what being fearful was really going to do for her.


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      "stray shots? No i was sure all hit. Perhaps i was too focused on penetration." judas thought to her self as she turned around and resumed her grim work. The sounds of blasterfire rang out as the masked woman dodged and weaved though the bolts. About half a dozen men in close quarters. Simple.

      Her crescent blade swept from the side slashing the weapon from the hands of a human as with the same motion she Started unloading her side arm into the group while using the man as a meatshield. It was over quickly her impromptu shield still alive as Judas sliced his leg. Making him scream and drop to the floor. Holstering her slugthrower judas pulled out a small device and pressed a button on the side as a garbled synthetic voice babbled out and then said "please pay attention." The voice skipped out in places as if it were a degraded recording. " you only have a short time before you bleed out. Tell me where they are and your survival will be assured." The voice sounded very distorted near the end"


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        The way the individual was carrying out their carnage, it sure gave Sam the distinct impression that this person had been done rather dirty in the past. Still, it was no easy excuse to go about killing a mass set of people. Sam realized she was about to do something incredibly stupid, but at the same time, she knew she was kind of about to save this person's life, too. This area was no safe place, and even if the individual managed to get their information, they'd be sorry later. Stepping out to make herself a near perfect target, not even bothering to check if she was even wounded, Sam held up her arms as to suggest she gave up, but that was very unlike her.

        "Hey, I don't mean to get all into your business and all that - except I do - because this is about the worst place you could choose to shoot - you might get your revenge - but in a matter of hours from now - you're gonna have everyone and their uncle after you. Besides, I am a much better catch and can more than help you find whoever you're looking for. I just need a name. I am what you call a slicer, so - this is kind of my thing - obtaining information. So .. if you want, take me hostage instead. I'll help you." Crud Sam, why would you do something so stupid! She knew, it was because she had been where this person was before, and like Sam was trying to do now, someone back then had sought to help Sam out. She was just returning the favor, paying it forward as it were.

        OOC: Sorry T, I didn't realize you were about. My sincere apologies. I'll definitely keep active to this thread now that I know you are around.


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          As soon as the first Syllable was uttered from her mouth Judas was prepared. The man on the floor whimpered foe his life. "They're in bay three! please help Mehehehe." The guard broke down into fearful tears. The gasmasked figure with her free hand she reached into a pouch sown on the inside of her cloak. the data spike she used to talk clicking and whirring. "Did you know that according to philosophists the most basic human needs are food, water, sleep and sex?" She asked before stabbing the bacta syringe into the wound "Tell your boss Ragi sends his reguards" the garbled voice on the track said before Judas slammed her fist in the head of the fallen guard.

          with a quick spin Samantha would find Judas' scythe like blade raised to her, the sharp edge mere millimeters from then neck. The jumbled noise of Judas's dataspike rang out. "Please be careful when agitating my temper..." the soft hissing of her gasmask adding to the tention. The dataspike babbling as it strung words together "find bay three. Please remain calm and compliant and your survival is assured."
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