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    The massive humanoid roared as an invisible fist struck it knocking it down to the ground, it roared in protest and challenge at this interloper who it knew to be the cause, it's hatred for the small thing burning within it's mind. It wished nothing more than to rend it into gory little pieces, to rip and tear the human as it screamed while its joints were pulled apart. Oh yes it wanted nothing more than the little man to be dead and it was determined to make the thought a reality. With a visceral roar it smashed one fist against the ground then like a charging beast it shot forward propelled by strong legs as muscles strained against one another closing the distance between it and the small prey, it gripped the hook holding it high so that could be torn down into Antony's body. It planned to teach the human the error it had made, it's body was made to withstand more than what any normal person could withstand, it's form had been created to absorb as much physical damage as possible and still prove to be a capable hunter against it's chosen prey. No it would not fall too easily, nor would it stop until it's mission was completed. There was one simple truth at this moment to the behemoth, that Antony had to die.

    It knew that was expected of it, that failure was not an option and so far in it's life time it had not disappointed. Other would be apprentices or seekers of knowledge had dared to come to intrude upon it's Masters tower wishing his favor or his power, it had crushed them all, one by one. If they came as four it still did not alter their fate, if they made use of the Force it did not stop it's rage. Their broken bodies were testament to it's skill and it's feroicty. That was expected of it, that was demanded of it, it's dark Master had given it life and it knew should it displeased him he would easily remove that life and replace it. What was life to one who had lived generations.
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