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Book I, The chronicles of Ketlyon

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  • Book I, The chronicles of Ketlyon

    It is quiet. Very quiet. But suddenly the silence is broken by the sound of the engines of a starfighter. Lights find their way to it's destination.
    A Miy`Til-class starfighter slowly approaches the ruins of what was once the Jedi Temple. The pilot deftly lands the aircraft on one of the poorly maintained landing pads and steps out of the aircraft after which he walks towards a hidden entrance followed by a small R9 droid. After pressing a few keys on the control box, the door opens and the pilot continues his way through the endless deserted corridors. Right turn, left turn, going straight on, there seems to be no end to it.
    A cautious bleep comes from the R9 droid. "No Rai. We're almost there."

    For months now Albren had been trying to retrieve important documents from the old library so that they could be transferred to Ossus. And for months he did this unnoticed. Coruscant had become a hotbed of pirates and thugs after the Empire fell so many years ago. What was once the proud capital and governing planet of the Republic no longer resembled anything like that. Buildings were looted or even destroyed. The people who once lived there had left and had sought refuge elsewhere. Only a small group had settled in the areas still somewhat free of the criminals that now populated Coruscant.

    Albren had reached his destination; the old library. Slowly and cautiously he walked to one of the dark corners and began searching the archives. "This one, this one, this one, and this one Rai. Copy these four and destroy the originals." The bleeping as a confirmation from the R9 droid, which Albren had called Rai, was enough for Albren to keep searching the archives further.
    His eye fell on a tucked away holocron which was different from others. "Hmmm. Strange." Carefully, Albren picked up the holocron and examined it from all sides. It wasn't the usual cube-shaped Jedi model, nor was it a pyramid-shaped Sith model. This one was round. It also wasn't on the list he had of the things he had to retrieve.

    Again a bleeping sound from Rai was heard. "Okay Rai. Section five is done now. From section six we only need the thirteen in row seven. The rest is to be destroyed. After that we will be on our way again."
    Albren scratched his chin while he looked at the strange holocron again. "Wait." He put the holocron in his bag he had with him. "Copy the files I just mentioned and don't destroy the rest. I want to examine them later." His R9 droid bleeped again. "Yes, I'm sure. The Order probably doesn't exactly know what's in here and before we destroy something that may be important we have to research it thoroughly. Now come. We have to go."

    Albren quickly walked through the labyrinth of corridors back to the exit from which he had come and closed the door tightly again so that no uninvited guests could enter. Once back in his cockpit, he fired up the engines of his starfighter and flew into the dark sky towards space. Once outside the planet's atmosphere, he entered the coordinates of Ossus and had Rai do a hyperspace calculation.
    A flash and they were on their way. On to the new Jedi Temple on Ossus.
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    Ossus. Or as called by some, the Jedi Planet.
    Some 12.000 years ago, after witnessing the massacres committed against alien species during the first Pius Dea crusades, the Jedi Order decided to sever all ties with the Republic and retreat to Ossus. The Jedi would remain there for the next eight centuries, until the Caamasi convinced them to act against the Republic and put an end to the Pius Dea rule.
    The Jedi lived in peace and many others would come to Ossus at least for once in their lives. All this would last until the Great Sith War in 3996 BBY when the Jedi were forced to evacuate the planet.
    In 10 ABY it was Luke Skywalker who rediscovered the planet and the ruins of the Great Jedi Temple after which he established a new Jedi Academy. This new Academy got destroyed by the First Order after the Battle of Crait in 34 ABY. However, after the Battle of Exegol in 35 ABY Rey Skywalker (Palpatine descendant) re-established the New Jedi Order and the new Jedi Academy with it's current Library and Temple in Knossa, the planet's capital city.

    Just outside the security zone of Ossus Albren's starfighter came out of hyperspace and he immediately heard a voice comming from his radio. "Miy`Til-class Starfighter. This is Knossa flight control. Please identify yourself." Flipping a switch and pushing a button actived the microphone of Albren's headset. "Knossa flightcontrol, this is Albren Ketlyon id-code RS4805, asking clearance to land at the Jedi Temple."

    While waiting for an answer Albren looked at the red/brown planet. The wars from the past had changed it's entire ecosytem during centuries of time. "Miy`Til-class Starfighter, you are cleared for approach to Knossa. Welcome back Master Ketlyon." A smile came on Albren's face. "Thank you Vollard. Happy to be back again. If you have time, let's catch up tonight." "Drinks are on you my friend. See you tonight."

    Albren entered the planet's atmosphere and found his way to Knossa. After he had received landing instructions he put down his ship on one of the landing pads, stepped out of it and walked towards the Jedi Temple. The new building still wasn't finished but it was clear it was well in use already. When he entered the building he was greeted by Master Rey herself. "Welcome back Albren. I hope your trip was succesful." Albren took a slight bow. "It was Master Rey. I think I will have to do one more trip. After that, we have everything that's important. And I can't say I mind not having to go to Coruscant anymore. It's become a sad planet."

    "I can imagine. However, we must not forget those who are trapped overthere and have no possibilty to move to another planet." Albren nodded. "While I was in the old Library I found this." He took the holocron he had found out of his bag and showed it to Rey. "I can't remeber I have ever seen a holocron shaped like this." Rey took the holocron and looked closely at it."I have never seen one like this either. But more important is, what's on it. I suggest we take a look at it. Follow me to my chambers."

    Albren followed Rey to her chambers that were situated right above the entrance of the Temple. Knowing her simple lifestyle before she became a Jedi it didn't surprise Albren her accommodation was soberly furnished. When they sat down at her desk Rey put the round shaped holocron in the middle and activated the object by the Force. A hologram of a man appeared and looking at his clothes, it must have been a man from thousands of years ago.

    Greetings to whomever sees this....

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      "Greetings to whomever sees this....

      My name is Ajunte Pall, once a Jedi Master but years back I and some others were branded Dark Jedi.
      The Jedi High Council feared the powers I and my companions gained during our studies of alchemy through which we could create and shape life. An abomination of the Force according to the Council. A practice worthy of deeming us pawns of the dark side of the Force. I and my companions were enraged by these allegations and arrogance of the Jedi and.....declared war on the them.

      We fought against our former brothers and sisters. Our brothers and sisters in the Force. Many died, many were wounded, many became what they didn't want to be.
      The Hundred-Year Darkness* brought us nothing but losses. In the end we were defeated on Corbos and were stripped of our ranks and weapons and exiled from Galactic Republic space. Our journey in search for a place where we could settle down was long and difficult. Many wanted to give up and return to the High Council, asking them for forgiveness and go live in peace as just a normal person. It was hard, and I don't blame them.

      Eventually we found the planet Korriban in the Outer Rim. The planet was nothing more than one huge desert but we found life. A primitive Force sensitive tribe who called themselves Sith.
      At first the Sith objected against our stay on Korriban but after we disposed their king they subjugated themselves to us. After a while they called me "Jen'ari", which means Dark Lord. Some called me "Sith'ari", Overlord of the Sith. For them I was the one from the prophecy. Their prophecy. But I hate that title.

      Eventually we called ouselves Sith and we expaned our teritory. We founded the Sith Empire and made the planet Zoist as our capital. That planet is my home now.
      But now, at the end of my life, this message is my testament.

      Am I proud of all that I have done and achieved? No, I am not.
      I took so many lives. I have brought death and destruction into the galaxy. Grief upon so many people. My anger with the Jedi blinded me. I regret the decisions I took and I will never be able to turn back the time. My teachings in the dark side of the Force to those who were weak to withstand them will eventually spread out into the entire galaxy. The group of Sith is expanding day by day and will not stop until all Jedi are extinct. They will spare nothing and no one and they will make sure the galaxy is theirs to rule.
      The dark side is powerful and together with the knowledge we, as Dark Jedi, gained it will be a great task for the Jedi and others to control it. Please, never ignore them. The Sith are much alive, and they will be for centuries to come.

      I feel my end is near. Soon I will join those who died before me. I can only hope they will forgive me for what I have brought upon the galaxy.
      People have suffered so much. But those who turned to the dark side suffered, and are still suffering too. Their hate for the Jedi is rooted deeply only caused by being misunderstood and false teachings. Their weakness is exploited by those who seek powers at the cost of lives of others. Do not ignore that. Fight against it! Help the weak to turn against their own anger and hate.

      Please forgive me for what I have done. If not being able to become one with the Force is my punishment, so be it. Farewell my brothers and sisters. May the Force always be with you."

      * Known as the Second Great Schism​ (7000 BBY - 6900 BBY)
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