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Sister of battle (Jedi and sith)

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  • Sister of battle (Jedi and sith)

    It all started with an innocent looking parcel. The identical small brown packages sent to both the jedi and sith homeworlds. A small card on top with the words "read after opening" on it. Within was the severed heads of a jedi and Sith knights. Each sent to their respective faction. The first note atop the box read "I am but Voice of the choir." And nothing else

    the second box brought another head to each faction with the lightsaber of the victim crammed into the mouth. The accompanying note reading. "Every fleeting moment, every passing hope that is mercilessly dashed. it is all entailed."

    The next package only contained a mass of severed hands some still clutching their lightsabers. The note this time reading "we're waking. I'm stalking. Enduring, painstaking."

    the next package contained lightsabers presumably of the dead and a note "I'm shaking, they're calling. The massiacre's calling. "

    and as the final box arrived those who opened it would find an empty box with only a note "they've noticed the dawning of our magnum opis."

    within this box also was a small data bit with a location impritinted on it. This lead to a seemingly derelict space station bordering on the edge of galaxy near the deadzone.