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Support FAQ - READ ME!

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  • Support FAQ - READ ME!

    Welcome to The Support Ship. In this forum you can:
    • Ask for assistance with account and thread/post issues
    • Find out information about image claims, avatars, and signatures
    • Post a request for a custom avatar and signature to be made for your character

    Account and thread/post issues

    If you need an account activated, an account name change, or a thread/post deleted, just create a new thread with your request in this forum or send a private message to one of the Administrators on the SWRPG Staff. You will find the list of administrators located at the bottom of the main forum listing.

    Image Claims

    Images for characters are claimed on a first come, first serve basis. To see if your desired actor/image representation has already been claimed, go to the Character Databank forum and enter your image choice into the Search box and click Enter. If no results appear, then your desired image can be used for your character. If your desired actor/image representation has already been claimed and appears as a search result, then you must make another choice. Please do not be angry or upset about it. Just choose another image for your character.


    An avatar is the small picture above your name in every post that you make. This will be the most common thing people will associate your character with visually, as it will be seen more often. The reason behind using an Avatar is to visually remind others of what your character looks like and to add character to the posts that you make, in character and out of character. The dimension restrictions for an Avatar that can be used on these forums are as follows:

    The size of the image cannot exceed 10k, the actual image cannot exceed 130 X 130 pixels.

    To add an avatar to your account, go to your account name in the top right hand area of the forum, click on the small down arrow to the right of your account name, and select My Profile. Then select Edit Avatar to browse an image from your hard drive and upload or copy and paste an image URL from a hosting site.


    A forum signature is generally a rectangular shaped banner image that appears below every single post a user creates on a forum. Signatures typically have additional images of your character, your character's name, and a quote or motto (if desired). Questionable content such as nudity, foul language and other things of that nature are not to be included in Avatars or Signatures. This rule is actively enforced by Administrators. The dimension restrictions for a Signature that can be used on these forums are as follows:

    Signatures can't be bigger than 800px when you add width and height (like 500x300 or 600x200)

    The file size of the image cannot exceed 40k.

    To add a signature to your account, go to your account name in the top right hand area of the forum, click on the small down arrow to the right of your account name, and select User Settings. Then select the Account tab and scroll down to Conversation Detail Options. Make sure you have a checkmark next to Show Signatures and Show Avatars. Then select Edit Post Signature. Choose Upload Attachments or Upload from URL and then Save.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Upload Attachments is not currently working as intended. There is a semi-complicated work around. To get your signature to upload, do the following:
    • Click Upload Attachment and select your file
    • When you see Thumbnail, click on the word Thumbnail twice until you see the Insert line appear below it
    • One you see Insert, click on Fullsize (your image will appear in the signature field)
    • When your image is in the signature field, right click and select Open image in new tab
    • Copy the four digit number next to filedataid in the URL address line
    • Go back to the Edit Post Signature box and delete all SIGPIC text and the image currently displayed in the signature field
    • Copy/paste the signature code below and replace the xxxx with your filedataid number
    • Code:
    • Click Save

    SWTOR free generic signature creator

    If you prefer to not use an actor to represent your character, you can create a custom signature using the following online tool:

    SWTOR Signature Generator -

    While not extensively customizable, this presents a viable option for those who would like a quick way to create an animated character signature. Once you have customized all of the fields listed on the site, click Create Signature at the bottom and then right click on the image and Save As to your computer. Then follow the process outline above in the Signatures section to upload your signature as an attachment to your account. Note: The SWTOR site does provide BB Code and HTML links to your custom signature, but it is unclear how long the image will be hosted by that site. So it is advisable to download it and upload it to SWRPG as an attachment.

    Requesting a custom avatar and/or signature from the SWRPG Graphics Staff

    1. Follow the Image Claims procedure above.

    2. Create a new post in this forum with a descriptive title such as Custom Avatar Request or Custom Signature Request and include the information in steps 3 - 5 below.

    3. Select the images to be used in your avatar and signature and include links to the images. Make sure that these images are suitable for viewing by all ages and do not display visual/text content that is sexual in nature or that has the intent of flaming/bashing/baiting/trolling.

    Note: Images must be quality and large enough to use. When it comes to images, bigger is better. It gives signature artists more options for what to do with the image, and results in sharper, cleaner looking sigs. Signatures are typically sized so that the dimensions equal out to around 800 pixels. Sizes such as 575x225, 600x200, 500x300, etc. This means that signature artists cannot use images that are small sizes such as 150x200, 100x150, or 50x50. You can see the size of an image by right clicking and selection "Properties". A small window will appear, and one part of the text on it is "Image Dimensions". Look at the numbers next to this; If the smallest number is below 250, there is a very good chance this image will be rejected by the signature artist. Note: Later versions of Mozilla Firefox have replaced the "Properties" option with the "View Image Info" option, please use that.

    4. Decide what text you would like on your signature and include what you would like in your request post. Signatures vary from one to the next, but many include these:
    • The name of your character
    • A quote or motto (many use song lyrics, or perhaps something their character says from time to time)
    • Ships, weapons, planets, etc.
    Do not feel restrained by these guidelines, something original may create a more memorable signature image than something seen many times before. Please make sure all punctuation and spelling is correct in the text you submit.

    5. Optional - list any color preferences you may have to be used in the text or overall look.

    6. Once your signature is complete, download the banner image to your computer and then attach it to your account by following the process outlined above in the Signatures section.
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