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    Thanks to Remus, I've taken that free online writing course and almost done. In fact, next week is the final where we have to submit a short story and I'm actually looking forward to it. One of the things that they talked about this week was being a good editor and help for the others taking the course and that was something I'd like to try here as well.

    I know most of us just do this for fun and if it weren't for writing, I'm not sure where I'd go for an outlet. Creativity has always been a huge part of me, being a GM for tabletop roleplaying campaigns and such. But, I also want to get better at this craft. Having others comment on Profile pages that they enjoyed the last post is a great encouragement and I know most of us have been writing together here for some years and I've learned a lot from some great painters with words here.

    What I'd like to do is offer up this thread to post a thread that you'd like others to take a look at and perhaps help edit, or at least offer advice. This may end up being for myself, but maybe others would like to get involved also. For editors, be constructive and offer objective advice instead of just saying, "I didn't like this, I liked that." Maybe give advice as to specifics to help the writer become better at it.

    We can give it a shot and see how this goes. Thanks.

    I'll offer up one of mine first: This

    Video - thanks Adam

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    Reserving a slot to offer something up once I decide:

    Great idea Maggie!