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  • My Imperial Needs more interaction

    I'm wanting to continue this guy. I don't want to start another RP character for the Imperials until I have a good story going for this one. So please shoot me ideas... I am open for anything to ensure my guy gets promotions, interactions, and good stories. Thnx!!!

    Credit goes to: Satkia

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    If you're in the Army, I can help you out. Do you have anything in mind for your character?

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      This guy is in the army. I had started something out for him back when he first joined. His story goes as a Death Watch mandalorian who has a vendetta to the current High General of the NR. But I don't want that to be the only thing he does while with the Imperial's. I would like to tackle more that'll help him become a good valued soldier in the ranks.

      Credit goes to: Satkia


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        If your character wants to meet the Archbishop of Ruusan then I'm game I've wanted to interact with any and all Imperials and NR characters. Get to know some non-Force users lol

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          I have a fair number of imperials for in faction interaction/mission if you wish, including one in the Army (but also the other branches).

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            Well, in case you´d want to deal with a Jedi... that could be arranged.


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              I have a new Mandalorian myself, but a host of others that need some activity.

              Thanks Satkia