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  • Looking for NR people

    Lorenza is a Jedi Knight who has a background serving in the imperial military (where she worked as an AI specialist).

    While she can use a lightsaber decently, I have been thinking to have her use blasters again (as I hinted at when she got used to her cybernetic hand over the past year) and that they become her primary weapon.

    So, my idea would be for her to seek some assistance from NR people (one or two persons because I picture it as an arc not a single thread) who are profficient with weapons and could help her get back into the swing of things and increase her skills.

    If you are interested, reply to this thread or via PM.

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    This guy is a fighter pilot but has a strong Corsec background (Tactical Teams) so you got me if you want me.


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      *thumbs up*