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Delusions of Sanity Part 2: If you go down to the woods today...

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  • Delusions of Sanity Part 2: If you go down to the woods today...

    ... you're in for a Sanfis surprise!

    Yes, that is correct my dear fellow writers, we are back for round two of the incredibly successful and scary (sold out) Halloween horror themed thread. A year or two (or three, who know really knows?) ago I conducted an expedition into a grand nebula of unknown origins. Within that expanse happened terrifying visions, disturbing events, and cliché NPCs that only the horror genre could possible put up with. Well, with the festive season back upon us, I dare you to re-enter a world of spooky happenings, disappearing fellows, and creatures of the night.

    Yes! For one (or two) additional lucky people, I give you the opportunity to test your nerve, writing skills, and gamble with your sanity as we go down to the woods. Allow me to present to you, your unexpected home for the next week:

    Located on a conveniently code-named and thus totally not made up planet, this mansion of dust and dirt now plays host to a most important conference. Delegates of the native human population are meeting to discuss mining rights with one of the largest Mining Federations. Due to the recent disappearances and the number of worlds that such a contract might effect, the galaxies finest are all in attendance to assist or disrupt. Yet little do the delegates know, there is far more going on behind the scenes than first meets the eye...

    Was that a creak of the stair?
    A breath upon the back of your neck?
    A scurrying in the night?
    A face at the window?

    For a lack of answering to these questions and more, join us!

    This is a player lead RP experience with a creativity encouraged approach. Players will be expected to experience a gradual increase in psychological events that should challenge their characters stability. I do have an eventual explanation, but will adapt it to whatever story points are developed by the group as we progress. This plot is supposed to have a murder mystery aspect, a politics aspect, and a horror aspect. If you want to drive any of those points, go for it!

    Thanks goes to Shyahwyn for assisting in the fleshing out for possible "reasons" behind the spooky happenings.

    Some kind of Satkia variant

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    Very excited about this! Now I shall decide which toon to throw into this!


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      Bump for thread recruitment! Does this not interest anyone?


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        I could throw in one of mine. Been trying to get caught up with some other threads, but that's okay.


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          It's not that I am not interested, cause I am.

          It's just that I don't post. o_O


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            You can list Morgana DeLaTour for the Satkia variant.


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              Need a Krueger?
              \brandishes claws

              Rakai's Themes

              Other Side of The Coin
              War of the Sha (Rakai Ver.)


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                I would love to throw Mio into this.


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                  Lovely! looks like we have 4, with a potential Shy of 5. No worries either way, Shy, so if you're feeling a bit bogged down with catch up we can certainly run this with 4 people. Could I get a general idea from each of you what your character might be doing at this event? Mostly so I can ensure there is a starting platform for you to begin in.


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                    Morgana will attend the conference on behalf of her family from Raltiir, as her father has a high position in the bank industry. And the company had possible interest in this local mining company.


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                      Sorry for the rather slow start here guys. I've written a few openings, but none of them I was satisfied with. Satisfied or not however, you will be getting one soon I promise!


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                        Well, I hope you guys still wanna play this!...

                        Basically, we've had some issues with the house. Turns out one of our walls upstairs has basically melted due to a fault with the roofing. I wasn't entirely sure if I'd have net (they'd need to move me out for a while if the builders were to go up now, as my room is the only room with access to the loft) so I didn't put up the thread. I am however expecting to know soon (plus I'll have more free time as we approach the festive season) so watch this space!


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                          I hope that the house can be fixed quickly!

                          And of course, I'm still game for this!


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                            Well, I had a chat with my landlady and she seems to believe that any work will be done after Christmas. Which is nice! As it does mean I can set up my PC and deck without fear of having to move it all again anytime soon. I guess we'll launch this soon(tm) with whoever is still up for it..


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                              Sorry to hear about the house and hope that's fixed soon. I remember how drafty houses could get over there.

                              Video - thanks Adam