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  • Bad Luck

    But thankfully everyone is all right.

    Wife was in an accident with a semi O_o car was totaled but she's fine. Thankfully the guy was going slow in the turn but still!

    Then my Aunt fell today and broke her elbow in three places - currently in surgery.

    Positives are flu shots are done, mostly - next week is the last of the drama of it all

    Daughter's birthday party is tomorrow, probably minus my aunt and the mother-in-law because the poor woman might have some thyroid issue and her husband has pneumonia.

    on top of it all, gotta love a family member that gets stupid that you didn't call them first when issue happen and make it all about them instead are 'is everyone ok'

    I mean the hell! Wife is hurt, car totaled, Aunt (her sister) calls me because I'm her POA and has to got to surgery (duh), and you're offended you weren't called first? Seriously.

    So sporadic posting but Dale woke up yay!

    Sorry for some ranting but I mean, the stress of waiting on the insurance company, car hunting, life being up turn... just needed to vent


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        Oh my! Thoughts and prayers for you and the Fam!

        ~Judah's Wiki~


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          Hugs and love to you and your family, sissy <3

          Sigs made by Ala, Aram, Callista, Killian, Sina and me.


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            /glomps! You need to give life a stern talking to!


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              Hope for things to get better! *hugs*


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                  thanks everyone.

                  Aunt is out of surgery and is going to be in the hospital for a few days. Break was pretty bad. She on a telemetry (heart unit) just because of her medical history. Gonna see her tomorrow.


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                    Glad that your aunt is out of surgery. I hope her recovery goes well.

                    Sigs made by Ala, Aram, Callista, Killian, Sina and me.


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                      *offers a tree hug*

                      A lot of things going on for you... Good news your wife and aunt are okay. The rest will fall into place...


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                        *sends love/hugs/snuggles/kitty kisses from Petunia/and lots of prayers & good vibes*


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                          things went well today and Sammy's party went well. Just put her to bed since the girl was cranky! So much happened tho!

                          And once the wife talks with the insurance tomorrow, we can do more. She is still not injured yay! Never know the post impact issues

                          thanks for the well wishes


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                            Happy 2nd birthday to Sammy!!!


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                              Sorry to hear about all that, but just glad that she's alright. /hugs Things seem to happen in groups like that...

                              Happy Birthday to your daughter.

                              Video - thanks Adam