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Any Sith Master in need of an apprentice?

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  • Any Sith Master in need of an apprentice?

    Hey everyone!

    Are there any Sith Masters out there who would like a new apprentice? Here is a little something about Gary. The summed up version:

    Gary comes from a rich family who is currently living in space aboard their luxury-class family ship, the Dreamliner. Their home on Coruscant was taken from them and all their companies are now taken over by a tribe that is dedicated to watching the Haynes family burn. All of this started back when Gary was sent to Hoth to ask a tribe leader to move their grounds from where the Haynes family were going to have a facility built, but the warlord refused. They in turn enslaved Gary, not for ransom credits, but rather to teach him a lesson and to his family. After three days of torture, the warlord asked his question, "Do you belong to the Usagi war clan now?" in his language. Not knowing what he was saying, Gary spit in his face, only to unleash the true fury of the Usagi clan. They unshackled the defiler and forced him to pilot the ship, carrying fifty or more of the warlord's armed men to Coruscant and right into the family headquarters. The warlord of Usagi unleashed his fury upon the facility, laying waste to everything and everyone the Haynes family ever hired and cared for. Allowing the family a chance to escape to watch their "world" burn because of their actions, Gary, his father, mother, and sister all retreated to their luxury liner and drifted off to the darkness of space, losing their home.

    They'd been floating for a week until Gary had the idea to mention what happened to him on Hoth and how he came about this new power. He chose to ask his mother to take him to Munto Codru to seek out the Sith. He owed them their home. He brought the Usagi clan to Coruscant and he had hopes the Sith would help to create him to be the poison to eradicate all Usagi tribesmen by any means necessary. If they want Gary to submit to them, they've got another thing coming. There will be a war on Haynes headquarters and when that time comes, Gary will be ready.

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    Depends if you want to go the Sith Assassin route That's what Jack's specialty is

    Keep holding on when my brain's ticking like a bomb...guess the black thoughts have come they've come to get me! Sweet caring words...unlike nothing I have heard...sing along mockingbird ya don't affect me!

    Jack's theme song

    Jack's Alternate Theme

    Thanks to Drake for this awesomeness!


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      If you had something else in mind, I can help out. I have two that can train you - Lykeira and Sianna.


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        This is a tough choice. Jack, that isn't a bad idea at all. I wouldn't mind being an assassin. Sianna seemed very knowledgeable on knowing the background of the dark side and the Sith history and I really like that. Definetaly worth looking into. And Lykeira...well....from the way it feels, she already hates him. haha

        Honestly, the toughest choice is either Sianna and Jack. Gimme a day and I'll decide between the two. You both sound great!! Thanks for offering. I really appreciate it.


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          Thanks Satkia