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    To all Vaago Employee's, both Bounty Hunter and non, I should be more available to write in the immediate future. So, if anyone would like to meet with Shay, interact with Shay, or have her aid you in a contract she is open for business.

    For those BH's who aren't aware, she is Vaago's Bounty Hunter Lieutenant, so good opportunity to establish work relationships. Also, if anyone needs me to review their progress towards promotion to next threat level, please PM me.

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    I can offer up Dash here.

    Hes a down on his luck smuggler who came into Vaago's employ after he slept with one of his dancers. He now owes Vaago a debt that he can't pay off, so, he's gonna do a few smuggler jobs for him until the debt is paid which will take a loooooong time.

    So he could approach Shay for aide when it comes to work? Or just to generally interact? Either way is cool with me.


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      I have a bounty hunter and a mercenary character I'm working on. Jack Dirum and Akaan Dral.

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        I should like to lift Teru off the ground so if you'd like to interact with a cynical, lackadaisical bounty hunter let me know

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          Shay, I'd be happy to write with you I've not gotten this voice off on the proper foot, so if you're willing to deal with a new member of the family, it would be marvelously awesome


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              Glad to see so much interest. Don't worry Aric, you're top of the list with our already on going thread, I have not forgotten. 3 days off ahead, so I should be able to start things. I may not take everyone up on the suggestion YET, so as not to overload myself, but will go in order of posted probably.


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                I've posted to Aric's thread, which was long overdue, and PMed the top two responders. If anyone drops out, will move on. I fully intend to do something with all of you however! So I appreciate your patience.


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                  Once I catch up with a few things, I'd be happy to have a thread with Shay, either with my bounty hunter Fireya Noir, or my Merc lieutenant, Sinead.