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Both Hunter and Prey(Roleplay Interest Check)

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  • Both Hunter and Prey(Roleplay Interest Check)

    Hey gang now I have finally got my Mando character ready and approved. She will be in the Resurgence Era after the events of the Sequel Trilogy. I’m looking for a roleplay partner to have some SW fun. Anyway I was thinking of a story taking place somewhere in the lawless Outer Rim.

    Perhaps a cantina encounter where our characters meet up and get into some kind of trouble. Or it can take place at some kind of speeder bike race instead.

    To avoid misunderstanding I don’t see her willingly partnering up with the Sith/Dark Jedi or Imperials given her heritage(both adopted and original). She would be okay with Jedi(begrudgingly heh), New Republic and Fringe characters. In any case I’m open to alternative ideas involving adventure, comedy, drama and action.

    If anyone is interested here my character:

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    Heya. I have this old character that I never did anything with. I am thinking of making her a mercenary so the getting into some kind of trouble definitely sounds right up her alley. I can work on a bio and get that up in a day or so if that works.


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      Sure thing that would be great. Looking forward to it.


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        Bio is up. Time to rock and roll.


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          Cool. I’ll message you directly by pm and we discuss how we can start the story.


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            Roger, roger.