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    As the name says, been thinking about this lately. If you could write a book on one of your characters and only one(others can be supporting cast), who would you write it about. In spite of my long list of characters, I have resolved it would be Shayleigh. I think I could create my most compelling story with her, even a series of books if I was ever able because she is one of my more well rounded and easily written characters combined with personal struggle and a background I enjoy.

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    It's funny that you bring this up because I actually have a full novel written out (unpublished of course) it's about the life of Arestul Angellus' dad Kam (Kameron and Kayla's grandfather). "Angel" was my second RP character that I ever wrote with any detail (Tyler the first). The story covers his graduation from the Academy, his first real showing of leadership, everything. It covers "what the cameras didn't see" from the Clone Wars through to the Battle of Yavin.


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      I have a YA trilogy outlined with the main character being based off Alienor. I'm not sure if I was to stick to one main character with their actual life here, who it would be.


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        I have written a lot of short stories about Maggewetok (Ilana). In fact, Cabrin and Anana have been involved to a degree in them as well as a bunch of other NPC's related to them in some form or fashion. One of the many reasons that she was my first character on this site. One of the great things about having Anana know a little more fleshed out is it's allowed me to add her to those stories along with Ilana's brothers who I've used to a small degree on this site already. It's getting to the point now where I could probably write books about any of mine.

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          I think if I had to choose, It would be an easy choice. Derakai and Rakai are one coin, and thus would just be like every Jedi vs Sith story, and thus lacking an interesting hook. Derakai saves people, Rakai kills them...

          Rel'Avauld, on the other hand, is capable of both, as well as having alternate lives to make his money and grow his story. I would love to write a story about him, filled with many characters and some pro/antagonist working against him, interacting with a network of the other characters to try and stop the metallic mad man, only to realize in the end, that every single contact, every sole character that gave the pro/an help, was actually Rel'Avauld himself. With the entire story being one elaborate plan, orchestrated by the Dark Jedi, to make it end as he wished. Maybe even with the pro/an changing his mind about working against him. Or some epic fight.

          Plus Rel has a lot of neat toys I have not yet been able to impliment, or wanted to because Grievous stole a lot of it... It would prolly be like an Imperial/Republic Spy that was the pro/antagonist I think. Someone capable of traversing the Web with skill.

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            Well, even though he's not particularly my favorite character, I have a decade plus worth of backstory for ok Hydrocus that I could elaborate on. Swiss cheese worth of holes to fill in. It would nice to give him some consistency story wise. You wouldn't want to read it as it would be largely a one-sided affair full of maimed and mutilated Jedi, crucified Imperials, enslaved rebels, and DJ who spontaneously combust when Hyd looks at them. Once I get access to a godmode switch I go overboard

            Maybe a graphic novel, I'm not so sure about a book, but there are archs I've imagined and played out in my head that I could never do here with Hyd. Not all one-sided either Love triangles, political intrigues, the typical hooplahA A few Hyd deaths because one is not enough.

            If not Hyd, I would write one about Enyo. Even though I don't play her often I put a lot of work into her backstory that I typically don't do and hate to do.


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              I've thought of a book with Dink based in the long period of time between Bane and Sidieous. Basically follow his path from Sith apprentice to him becoming the Sith Yoda. Have him become a Senator and write into bills the loop holes Palpatine later exploits to become emperor.

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                I have actually had several ideas come from small stories I've done for Tal. And even went through lengths in doing a story from the time he left Mandalore through his journey over the galaxy and even joining into the New Republic. Of course I have actually made changes to it through the ranks he had gained and the positions he had held just to make it a little more interesting. But because Tal is my main guy; I am always coming up with new stories (maybe books) to write about him. One being of a journey without joining the NR and leading a life of being a bounty hunter for Vaago the Hutt. LOL!
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                  Oh man... tough one! Really tough.

                  A book about Ram Zerimar would be really confusing and pointless, like Ram himself. Writing about Isaac Reed would certainly be a trip down the rabbit hole.

                  I guess it'd have to be Sin'd.

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                    Ev'lyn for sure. In fact, it's already been started. Though, not Star Wars related.