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  • Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser

    On March 1, 2022 the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser launched. It is an immersive, 2-day experience on a starcruiser named Halcyon that offers three types of cabin options: Standard Cabin, Galaxy Class Suite, and the Grand Captain Suite. The standard cabin rates start at $1209 per guest per night or $4809 voyage total for 2 guests per cabin. Included in the experience is also admission to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. It looks pretty cool, but the price tag is a little bit too high for me right now. Maybe someday.

    Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser (more information)

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    I had no idea about this! It looks like so much fun! I cannot afford it yet myself, but who knows what the future holds! Would love to get the chance to experience this! Awesome!


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      That price includes food at 'onboard' restaurants, and the whole stay is reported to be rather interactive. Akin to a two-day LARP or escape room, with the adventure that can change based on the choices you make and actively includes various elements in the park itself. And unlike actual Disney parks, fans are encouraged to dress up (and can buy the clothing there if not already owned). Definitely one of those vacations to save up for at that price tag though since it doesn't include eating elsewhere or any souvenirs.


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        If you got money this sounds pretty damn cool. But that price tag and only for two days is kinda a barrier for the average person.


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          At the risk of being a naysayer. They need to cut the price by about 2/3. Was.not.impressed.

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            That’s some price tag for sure. What were pros/cons? Got any pics?


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              Unfortunately, when my wife, son, and I went through it, we did so on the Cast preview. We still had to pay at a reduced rate (won't go into detail, but let's just say that there was a lot of "nickel and dime"ing. Also because we had done so on a "preview" we could not take pictures. Security actually had the "Internet" division (don't ask, there IS one) monitoring all social media for any possible pictures.



              Totally immersive - Once you are in, you are IN. Everything is a part of the "Star Wars" universe, and you feel it. More than you would at "Galaxy's Edge". Speaking of Galaxy's Edge, you are transported there from "the ship", by shuttle, not by bus, not by taxi, Uber, Lyft, or even Minnie Van, but by Shuttle. (In all reality it is a reconditioned/repurposed box truck that is sealed up, airliner style at an airport gate. you board a "shuttle", find a seat, and taxi for launch. It's all done quite well and if you do not know about the truck itself already you would be wondering just how they pulled this off).

              Nostalgic - I will admit, I have always wondered what it would be like on a Star Wars cruise ship. I found out. It was a great reminder of my childhood.


              Price- Too expensive. If you have a lot of discretionary cash and plan for the two nights in your vacation, it is not worth the money or the effort. There is a schedule you have to adhere to if you go to Galaxy's Edge, and it isn't entirely conducive to park hopping, or going to the beach.

              For the kids - Yes, This is Walt Disney World so this should go without saying. However, there is little more than looking around for an adult. You can have fun with all of it, it is easy to do, but if you are not a fan of "The Great American Fairy Tale you will be spending most of your time tallying up your bill.

              Overall - It IS fun, and there IS a place for this. However, if this were done under the Eisner Regime, even the Iger Regime(it was during construction but Chapek made a LOT of changes) there would be more of "Guests First" feel to the place.

              To borrow a line from Iron Man:

              "That's how Walt did it, that's how Eisner did it."

              You have power over your mind, not outside events.
              Realize this and you will find strength.


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                Well, I guess that didn't last too long after all.

                Disney World Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser to close in September