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    The other padawans in the class were always looking to give Rax a hard time based on his family history. Pretty much everyone in his family before him had been a Jedi. And not just a regular Jedi, a very skilled famous-type Jedi. If he didn't get a new training task on the first try, boy did he hear about it. It's not like Rax wanted to be a Jedi either, he was expected to be a Jedi.

    Now it wasn't all bad being a Jedi. Everyone looked up to you and almost treated you like royalty and stuff. Rax had grown up with his parents working with senators and other diplomats, so he had a good idea of how he was expected to act. He was always sure to conduct himself appropriately in class. So, back to today's lesson - telekinesis. The task was to move the statues across the garden, and then return them to their original placement.

    Each of the padawans took their turn. Some did a good job and others needed some more practice. It was now Rax's turn. He concentrated on the Force and pointed his first and second fingers at the first statue, lifting it almost effortlessly off the ground and then guided it across the garden and set it down. He repeated this for the remaining six statues and then returned them to their original position. Rax didn't seem to have any struggles today, which was good. That meant no teasing today.

    As class was drawing to a close, the Jedi Master gave the class a meditation exercise to complete before class tomorrow and then dismissed the padawans to return to their quarters. Rax grabbed his satchel and raced back to his room, throwing the bag on the ground as he jumped into his chair and turned on the holochannel. Meditation could wait for a little bit.

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    Rax put his hands up in the air and cheered loudly. The gungan wrestling match was just getting interesting when all of a sudden, the channel turned off and a droid appeared in front of the display.

    "It is time for your meditation exercise, Master Rax," said TC-15.

    Rax groaned. "Hey I was watching that! Oh man, you're no fun. Do I have to?"

    The TC-series protocol droid pointed to a small area over by the window, and Rax begrudgingly made his way over to the familiar rug adorned with ancient symbols. He let out a loud sigh, kneeled, and then closed his eyes.

    The core aspect of this exercise was to focus on whatever emotions a person held in their inner being, and then to let each emotion go. Ideally a person would make themselves a vessel for the Force, allowing peace and serenity to permeate their being.

    It was a difficult task for Rax, given that he was very impatient and stubborn. Plus, there were so many other exciting things going on in the galaxy. Things that he wanted to learn all about. Maybe someday.

    Rax concentrated on the Light side of the Force and cleared his mind of all emotion. His mind and body were relaxed.


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      Rax had just finished his meditation exercise and felt well prepared for tomorrow's lesson. He figured he had time to run down to the lower market district to pick up some of his favorite sweets from one of the vendors. For some reason TC-15 wouldn't include the sweets on the Padawan's meal schedule, so Rax had to take matters into his own hands. He grabbed his jacket and comlink, and headed out for a quick mission.

      Galactic City was a well-known bustling city on Coruscant with crowded urban blocks built on top of each other. There were the usual city sectors such as commercial, industrial, senatorial, and residential and they were all busy, all the time. The transparisteel buildings glistened with the reflections of multicolor lights as the older duracrete structures held stories untold. Tourists were abundant and businesses thrived.

      Rax had learned to be careful traveling in the city as he was growing up though. One wrong turn down an alley and you could find yourself in a world of trouble with the local underworld denizens. The Padawan had travelled this path many times and arrived at Tobbi's Treats and Sweets without any unexpected detours. Tobbi always knew exactly what Rax wanted. Probably because Rax was such a good customer. The young boy smiled at Tobbi as the merchant handed him the bag of goodies. Tossing some credits on the counter, Rax dashed out and hurried back to his quarters to enjoy the morsels before TC-15 noticed. He ran in the door, tossed his jacket on the chair, and turned on the holochannel just in time to see another gungan wrestling match.