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Another Day, Another Credit

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  • Another Day, Another Credit

    The twin suns were about to set on another uneventful day on Tatooine for Dekar Janrenk. After a failed mission out of Bestine, he decided to relocate to Anchorhead to start over. He had heard that the city was a fairly small, run down outpost and that made him think that it might be a good place to blend in and learn about his surroundings. It reminded him of his days on the streets when he was young. Watching, waiting, and learning. Maybe he could fit in here after all. It was worth a shot. It’s not like he had anything else to lose. He had nothing. As he approached the ticket droid, he grabbed one of the last few credits he had to his name and paid for his fare, taking a seat by himself at the back of the shuttle.

    He was going to have to come up with some way to make some credits though after his bounty mark overpowered him, stole his weapons as well as what little money he had. Luckily, he had put some credits in a small hole in his boot for emergencies. Yeah, this definitely qualified as that, which made him smile faintly. As he got off the shuttle transport, he dusted himself off and walked toward what looked like a cantina. He saw a drunk guy laying passed out next to the door, so yep, he was at the right place. Time to get a drink and figure out what he was going to do with his life.

    Dekar walked down the steps into the darkened room, smoke lingering in the air as the laughter of a few bar patrons broke the silence. No one looked up or bothered to take notice of him, which he was more than fine with. He dropped a coin on the bar top and pointed to a familiar beverage behind the bartender. After he retrieved his drink, Dekar made his way over to a booth and sat down, determined to not let his past mistakes determine his future.