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    Posted by Loki on 09-23-2002 11:57 PM:
    Hells Over-rated...

    I shouldn't be doing this, It isn't my place, I am the Crown Prince of....

    Crown-Prince of what? You gave that title and life up long ago, remember Vincent?

    I told you to never call me by that name again... Damn you, Vincent died long ago....

    [I]Yes he did and none save I know what became of him, no one knows of your exsistence. You are now simply Loki, Angel of Anarchy....

    I thought I told you to stay out of my head, when I am around others....

    What other's? Look around you, there is no one save I that know of your exsistence, Anarch Angel.....

    "Silence!" Growled the tall, thin, dirty blonde boy, as his icy cool blue eyes blazed for a brief moment in the twilight. He stood there for a second collecting his thoughts, his long, unkept hair waving in the breeze. He was a sight to behold, as he stood his head ever hung in sober thought, his posture however was that of noble birth, he walked with a ruler's gait, firmly and confidently. His attire consisted of an oversized, long, weathered, black petty-coat with a patch on the left shoulder, of an upside down A loosely outlined with a red circle. Under his coat he wore a long sleeved, white cotton shirt, which was strangely unwrinkled and unblemished. He kept the collar of it turned up so that it framed his thin long neck and seemingly supported his square jaw. The shirt was tucked into a pair of gray corderoie pants that fit loosely and were tattered at the cuff because they had been too long and walked on for many a mile. His shoes, were black jack boots, he had lifted off a dead soldier he had encountered along his journies, they were caked in mud and soil. He looked like a pauper, but the only thing that betrayed his wandering vagabond appearence was a gold band worn on his right hand's littlest finger. There was a strange ensignia on the crest of the ring and a bright green stone in the center.

    As the man began to approach the gates of the manor, more of his features became visible. His young boyish face hid his true age, but his eyes betrayed him. Those cold blue orbs, told a story of a long and terrible journey faced with hardships and many horrors. His face was pale although and seemingly unblemished by the elements that his wardrobe so obviously showed he was victim too. But there was something else odd about this seemingly young man. As he walked an unnatural shadow followed him. Seemingly trying and failing to mimic the shade a true shadwo would cast, it never seemed to mirror his actions perfectly. And no matter the amount of light, never seemed to completely fade from him.

    Slowly yet surely the drifter approached the entrance to the Castle, he passed the Gargoyles and statues that kept enternal guard of the gateway. Reaching the top of the stairs he took hold of the knocker in his strong right hand and let it rap against the door;

    BOOM!... BOOM!... BOOM!... The door seemed to groan against the force of the knock. Once he had knocked the doors he called out in a soft, alto voice; "Hello, is anyone there? My name is Loki, I am a wanderer in need of a hospitable place to stay the night..." It seemed his voice was so quiet than none should be able to hear him, but on the contrary all within the house, were treated to his query for lodging as if the words had been whispered directly into their ears.

    A bed will do for tonight, but my true request will be voiced soon enough...

    Posted by Nathanial K'cansce on 09-25-2002 04:03 PM:

    Nobody's home.

    *Nathan said aloud to the man standing in front of the doors. He walked up from behind him and pressed both hands against the double doors. He pushed, grunting, to open the doors to show off the foyer of the manor.*

    Until now. Enter.

    *He had heard the words of the stranger, both silent and ..not so silent. Stepping into the large room, Nate made room for the other to enter before he shut the doors. They closed with a louder echoing bang.*

    I'm your Housekeep, Nate, for the night. Rooms are 5,000 credits. Cash. Upfront.

    *Glancing at the man, Nathan smirked.*

    That is if you want one of the better rooms. They range from 100 to 10,000 creds. Your chioce, of course.

    Posted by Loki on 09-25-2002 05:40 PM:

    Loki glanced casually over the doorman. There was no expression in his movements or face, but his eyes, beamed of curiousity.

    He followed the man, who called himself Nate, into the foyer. Slowly he reached into his large black coat and withdrew a cred-card, handing it to the man, he spoke somewhat cotemptously.

    "Never heard of a Noble house charging for their hosipitality? But, it is no matter, there should be suffiecent funds for me to have a week's stay in your best room, on that card, although I'll take something a bit more modest."

    As he waited for the man to scan the card, which would reveal somewhere around the sum of 750,000 creds on it, he asked him a question.

    "Are you the lord of this manor or a hired hand?" His words were spoken with the contempt of a blue blood, spoken to one of lesser birth.

    Posted by Nathanial K'cansce on 09-25-2002 06:03 PM:

    We're all hired help, if you think about it.

    *Smirking, Nate took the card. He glanced it over, flipped it over with use of his fingers a few times, and then proceeded to pocket the card within a pocket inside his outer 'cape'. His first con in a long while. Good.*

    I'll take care of your payment soon. You plan to stay the whole week?

    Posted by Loki on 09-25-2002 08:12 PM:

    "Until my business here on Rannon is completed, if that suits the lord of this estate..." The young man was not about to tell the two-bit con man any more than necessary, it wasn't that he cared about the money, he had infinitesmal amounts more from were that came from, he just didn't like people thinking that they could take advantage of him, another one of his higher breeding traits.

    "Is that all that is needed, I would like to get something to eat and sleep a bit... It has been a long journey, but if there is something else that needs my attention before I can go to my quarters I'd like to have all my responsibilites taken care of first."

    There will be more, there always is...

    The shade that followed Loki seemed to grow increasingly more menacing with his aggitation with "Nate".

    Posted by Nathanial K'cansce on 09-28-2002 09:44 AM:

    In time, you'll be able to eat and rest.

    *Nate said as he turned on a dime and began to walk towards one of the smaller side doors.*

    Wait here.

    *He opened the door and closed it behind him. Within the room was a banking machine. He swiped the card through, taking out enough to cover a week and one day's fair for any normal hotel for a 7,000 cred room: 56,000 creds. Pressing a few buttons, the transaction occured, transfering the allowed 56 thousand creds into his own account, and from there into the House's account. A nice contribution.

    Nate then proceeded to look into the card, checking out how much this guy was actually worth. To his surprise, quite a bit. So he would not miss the small amount he took out. Even better.

    Exiting the small room, Nate flipped the card back to Loki.*

    That should take care of that. So what business brings you to these parts?

    Posted by Loki on 09-29-2002 09:13 AM:

    As the card floated through the air towards Loki, it seemed to flatten out in trajectory and slip, smoothly between his index and middle fingers. The shadow behind him enacted the same movement but seemingly moved even before Loki did.

    Tell him nothing! Your business is none of his concern....

    Silence! I will not have a shade dictate terms of existence to me...

    Loki's expression twisted into a brief flash of anger and his eyes grew dark and infuriated. Then as quickly as it happened his emotionless visage returned and there was no hint of the mental anguish he was enduring. Looking at Nate, with his icy blue eyes, Loki answered his question;

    "I'm... just a lost soul seeking refuge..." Loki's voice trailed off as he answered the question as vaguely as possible. There were questions of which the answers had long eluded him and now they would escape him no longer.

    Posted by Nathanial K'cansce on 09-29-2002 12:07 PM:

    I ....see...

    *The small touch of anger that flushed itself over Loki's face was subtle enough to pass off as a bit of gas to the untrained eye, but Nate coudl sense something when it was there. His eyes were more than trained.*

    You're of royal blood, aren't you?

    Posted by Loki on 09-29-2002 01:42 PM:

    "Does it matter, if I was, I no longer am, and if I wasn't then it wouldn't matter that I am now a wanderer." There was contempt in his voice, betraying his words, his arrogance and monetary funds and composure all clearly showed he was from noble blood, but he would rather that not be disclosed.

    Leave, kill him where he stands and leave, none need to know we were here...

    Since when is it "we" you follow me around and interfer in my thoughts, now silence....

    Loki's eyes flashed again, he was beginning to lose a bit of his composure from the constant interuptions in his mind. This would have to be done soon, before the other entity in his head took control, he needed his rest to stifle it.

    Posted by Nathanial K'cansce on 09-29-2002 06:16 PM:


    *Another flash of anger passed over Loki's face. Something was up with this kid. But it was not any of Nate's business to be snooping ... just yet.*

    Follow me.

    *Motioning for the other to follow, Nate turned on his feet once more and made his way to another huge set of old-style doors. He psuhed them open, and walking into the Ceremony room.*

    We have a visitor!

    Posted by Loki on 09-29-2002 07:58 PM:

    Loki began to follow Nate into the hall, but his shadow hesistated, suddenly Loki stopped as well;

    This is still my body and my mind and I will do what I please...

    Not for long Vincent...

    Silence shade...

    Vincent resumed his stride and caught up with Nate as he announced him before whomever it was that was in the seemingly empty hall.

    What's next?

    Posted by Frost on 09-30-2002 02:54 PM:

    Leaning the large window's frame, Frost looked at Nate from the corner of his blue eyes, and slowly turned around to present himself. He cocked his head to the side, for a long silent moment, before speaking.

    "Who might this be ?"

    Posted by Loki on 10-01-2002 12:35 PM:

    "I am Loki, a traveler, who has sought refuge in the Royal House of Rannon and you might be?"

    Loki's voice went from soft and quiet to loud and noble in a breathe. He stood his full height of 6'1", his square jaw raised haughtily into the sky and his shoulders were squared and broad. His frame now resembled more of the noble blood that ran through his body, than the poor wanderer his appeareance often portrayed.

    Posted by Frost on 10-01-2002 02:21 PM:

    The man's empty blue eyes studied Loki silently, without answering his questions immediately. He then motioned the man to approach one step. As Loki did so, Frost walked in circles around him slowly and still as silent and his gaze locked on him.

    "What are you doing here ?" A low monotone voice escaped his mouth.

    Posted by Loki on 10-02-2002 11:27 AM:

    "I do not see how it is a stranger's concern, sir..." Loki hissed, he did not appreciate having his questions ignored. He peered over his shoulder scouting out Nate's location.

    Loki's face contorted a bit as the entity accompanying him began to speak to his mind again.

    Do not tell them anything, let the fools taste a bit of your power and leave they are nothing to you...

    And I told you to be still shade!

    Looking at Frost after he had regained control he spoke again in his alto voice; "Now if you'd be so kind as to answer my question, I'll be more than happy to answer yours."

    Posted by Frost on 10-02-2002 05:29 PM:

    "You refuse to answer ?"

    Frost stopped in his tracks, and looked at Nate. He then shook his head, going back to his previous position, at the windows, staring down.

    "Very well. Leave." He said, adding a little hint or arrogance to his voice.

    Posted by Nathanial K'cansce on 10-02-2002 05:43 PM:

    *Looking on, Nate crossed his arms over his chest. He was very comfortable in his silent position leaning against the cold wall, and wished upon all hopes that he did not have to move.

    Though if he had to, it would all be good. At least for him. He returned the look back at Frost, and then set his sights on Loki. He kept his visage void, and his voice non-exsistent.*

    Posted by Loki on 10-02-2002 06:00 PM:

    "Nay, I did not refuse to answer, I simply refused to answer one that I am not sure has the authority to ask. Would you not do the same?" Loki's voice was confident, not at all rattled by the abruptness of Frost's response.

    The unnatural shadow that followed him slowly seemed to position itself between Loki and Nate, as if it were taking the position of van-guard. Loki then spoke again, this time his voice was a bit deeper and more commanding.

    "I ask you again, who are you, to have the authority to ask questions of me? I have named myself and my station in life, now show me the same courteousy."

    Posted by Frost on 10-04-2002 09:05 AM:

    "No." Frost replied coldly. "I am not the stranger here ... You are."

    Without turning around, Frost continued speaking monotonely.

    "You are surrounded by people of the same empire - It is much wiser to answer our questions, rather than rebel and try to look confident."

    He took a slight pause.

    "See, now, you do not look confident, brave or couragous ... You look ridiculous."

    Posted by Loki on 10-04-2002 09:55 AM:

    "Very well, I'm sorry that you have such an embarrassing name that you can not bear to utter it. I am a wanderer who is tired of wanderering. I wish to find a place to rest for a while, perhaps a position in your court, to keep myself occupied, I wish to learn from your teachers, new ideas and new forms of rule. I wish to hone my skills in the noble art of duelling. I wish to do many things. But for now I think these reasons should suffice."

    Loki was smiling, something he hadn't done yet, a battle of wits always put him in a good mood.

    Posted by Frost on 10-04-2002 12:51 PM:

    Still going on as if he wasn't paying attention, Frost's back was still turned to the man. He looked outside at the blue moon and tilted his head lightly. He remained silent, as if what the man had to say was really not important to him and exhaled shortly, beginning to get bored.

    "Tell me about your past."

    Posted by Loki on 10-05-2002 09:21 AM:

    End this now, you've gone to far already, I will not allow it!

    Get out of my head! Loki's face twisted, his eyes had erupted into flames, his face was beet red, body twitching and his hands clinched in fists. He then looked down and breathed heavily pressing his clothes down straightening them.

    He looked up at Frost and spoke cooly, his voice and demeanor changed again, it seemed as if two people were speaking; "Which past would you like to hear about?"

    Posted by Frost on 10-07-2002 08:41 AM:

    "The shortest. I don't have much time for you."

    Still, Frost's eyes stayed locked on the world underneath him, still looking out of the large window as it started to get windy. Little sounds of swift high winds could be heard.

    Posted by Loki on 10-07-2002 10:08 AM:

    "So be it." Loki spoke softly. "I used to be someone of importance in the galaxy, my title and priveledges were something most people only dreamed of attaining, but I despised it, I hated having to do what was in the best interests of my people instead of what I desired. I abandoned my post and abidicated my birth-rights, I felt that they were to constrainig to me and I faded away. I have wondered the galaxy, learning new skills and talents as I went along, studying under various instructors. I learned a great many things about the universe and the way it works and I learned a great deal about myself. But now I am tired of wandering and I am ready to assume my responsibilities, but not under the laws and expectations of those before me but rather by my own means and goals. I wish to bring order, out of this chaos that now rules supreme, but I wish it to be an order of my design not that which is expected. I have heard of the Royal House of Rannon and it's goals and objectives suit my own desires, and so I wish to study under you until I am ready to assume my destiny."

    Loki stopped speaking and awaited Frost's reply, he was tired of beating around the bush and simply tired. A direct response to a question, albeit not a complete one was the best way of achieving what he desired, rest.

    Posted by Frost on 10-11-2002 08:44 AM:

    "I see." Frost just murmured.

    He finally turned around, crossing his arms over his chest. He looked at the man for a long moment, studying his physical and to see if he had brought anything precious with him. After a long moment of silence, he finally spoke, still in a monotone voice.

    "What is the most precious object that you possess, from your past ?"

    Posted by Loki on 10-11-2002 01:43 PM:

    "This..." Loki said as he displayed his golden insignia ring.

    "It is all I have to remind me of who I once was..."

    Posted by Frost on 10-14-2002 09:19 AM:

    "Good." Frost murmured as he grabbed the ring suddendly.

    "So, I am assuming that if Sir K'cansce brought you here to me, it would mean that you would like to stay at our Royal House of Rannon ... Permanently ?"

    While talking, the man walked across the room to reach a door, that seemed to have high security. He identified himself to a small metal box with his voice, then a sort of blue X-Ray light came out, identifying the man physically. It beeped then the door opened.

    Posted by Loki on 10-14-2002 09:56 AM:

    What are you doing? Don't allow that peasant to take what is yours...

    I know what I am doing, be still Loki... I haven't the time to fight with you now...

    The young man stood there and watched but the shadow seemed to move towards the holder of the ring.

    "Yes, at least on a more permenant basis than anything I'm doing now."

    For the first time during the entire question the man looked in charge, slowly the shadow slinked back into its place. Loki had a look of fierce determination on his face, much different than the apathy he'd had across his visage earlier.

    Posted by Frost on 10-15-2002 05:25 AM:

    Frost opened a small box and put the ring in. He closed the box and opened a slightly bigger box to put that one in it, and another bigger box to put that one in it and another bigger box to put that one it. Finally, he stepped out of the room where a lot of antique objects were hanging and closed it. He then turned towards the stranger. At first, he wasn't sure, but now he can affirm that there was someone in his head ... But this was not important for now.

    "Alright, well, riddle me this. 'Once I was water, full of scaly fish; But, by a new decision, Fate has changed my nature: having suffered fiery pangs, I now gleam white, like ashes or bright snow.'" He spoke, still in a monotone voice.

    Posted by Loki on 10-15-2002 08:10 AM:

    "Salt. Are we playing a riddle game now?" Loki asked the man, slightly put off by the oddness of the ceremony. He took a step back from the man though, he didn't know what was next, everything that happpened seemed so random.

    Posted by Frost on 10-17-2002 09:00 AM:

    "Smart." Frost comment silently.

    Keeping his arms crossed over his chest, Frost locked on his gaze. After another long moment of mortal silence, Frost motioned for Loki to follow him in the next room. There was a small room, with nothing but a metal chair in the center and a tattoo kit on the side. He pointed at the chair, motioning for the man to sit down. When he did so, he invited Nathanial in then closed the door.

    "... Well, wanderer, do you swear true loyalty and fidelity towards the Royal House of Rannon ? You'll defend its beliefs and values, no matter that people say ? You'll stay true to it, no matter how conflicted your heart and mind are ?"

    Posted by Loki on 10-17-2002 01:05 PM:

    "I do." His answer was short and to the point. A speech about his undying loyalty would not make what he said any more true.

    Slowly he removed his coat from his frame, and unbuttoned his shirt, he knew what was next, why else would there be a chair and a tatoo kit in the middle of an empty room, he was to be branded.

    Don't let them mark your body! It is not yours to give!

    Ahh but for the first time since I met you Loki, it is and soon you will be mine to control as well.

    Posted by Frost on 10-19-2002 06:33 AM:

    Frost was never one to approach someone else physically. He stared at the tattoo kit, then suddendly a female figured transparent shadow took the kit and stared at Loki. Her hair flowed, even though there was no wind. She smiled, but her eyes were as empty as Frost's.

    "Where do you want it ?"

    He paused.

    "And while she's working on you, mind telling me who's that person in your head ?"

    Posted by Loki on 10-20-2002 11:02 PM:

    The shadow shrunk back at the mention of it's presence inside Loki's head, but Loki's expression remained calm.

    "The right arm, on the shoulder..." Loki said cooly. Then looking at Frost he smiled. "Whoever said he was inside my head, he just talks to me there..."

    Slowly he gripped the table and awaited the sting of the needle.

    Posted by Frost on 10-21-2002 08:54 AM:

    The second he answered Frost's first question, the shadow woman started working on Loki. It showed that she had done it a lot of times before, since it was going very fast.

    "...." He stood silent for a moment before speaking again. "Talks ? More like bossing."

    Posted by Loki on 10-23-2002 09:37 PM:

    Loki ginned and grimaced at the same time. He hated needles, the last time he'd been tatooed it was the royal emblem of his home world, over his heart, he had burned that off long ago though. He looked at Frost and spoke; "Perhaps, but I am still in control of my choices, he will never take that from me."

    He looked at his right shoulder as the translucent female figure continued her work, he was impressed at the speed and relative lack of pain she worked with.

    Looking back at Frost, he spoke again; "Who is to be my mentor?"

    Posted by Frost on 10-24-2002 05:53 AM:

    "You may pick between the Lords Nathanial K'cansce, Liam Jinn and Lordess Nya Halcyon."

    Soon enough, it was finished. With a motion of his hand, he made his female slave vanish then went back to crossing his arms over his chest.

    "Welcome to the Royal House of Rannon. Though you've already swore on loyalty and to defend our values and beliefs, you must also swear to keep our identity secret, even if it cost your own life. Now, you wear the symbol of the House - If you fail to what you have swore, you will be severely punished."

    Posted by Loki on 10-24-2002 05:31 PM:

    "I swear to uphold these rules and laws and will serve the House of Rannon with my dying breath." Loki then rose and looked at the silent man in the corner.

    "The ones who say the least are normally the ones with the most to teach. Would you serve as my mentor, Lord K'canse?"

    Posted by Nathanial K'cansce on 10-26-2002 08:48 AM:

    Lesson number one: Whoever told you that should be dragged out into the street and shot right there on the spot.

    *Nathan said, pushing off the wall where he was leaning.*

    I'll be your mentor. Your new place of residence, as well as where you'll have most of your training, will be on my manor. I'll give you directions soon.

    Posted by Loki on 10-27-2002 08:37 AM:

    "Perhaps m'lord.." He spoke and kneeled at the same time, showing that he knew how he was to react in the prescense of a Lord, he had once been the subject of such worship, until he left his home.

    "But tell me m'lord, do you not have much to teach me?" He smiled as he spoke and waited for his master's directions and response.