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    Posted by Drako on 09-20-2002 02:36 PM:
    Echo's of the future (what if)

    Twenty years had passed since the destruction of TSE, twenty years since an army of Jedi they hadn't even known existed had decended upon them out of the darkness without a warning. What ever galactic power that had backed them up had done its background work well, even after all this time, no one knew who had helped the Jedi.

    The witch hunt that had followed resembled the Empire's Jedi purge, on this time, it was the DarkSide users on the recieving end of Jedi sabres, rather than the other way round. They had been merciless in their hunt. Most of those who had survived the attack on TSE were gone now, hunted down and killed.

    There hadn't been time to train many more apprentices, the Jedi were everywhere, every planet seemed to have a Jedi on it, and the Dark hunter squads were very good at what they did, hunt DarkSide users.

    Dagger didn't know how many Darksiders had escaped TSE, or how many were left now, the only person he really cared that had survived was Dara. The pair had wandered the galaxy together for twenty years now.

    Things had changed in that time though, DarkStar was no long a Sith Lord, nor even DarkStar any more. The Dark Jedi master known as Dagger was perhaps more at peace with himself than he had been at any other time in his life.

    When TSE had gone, he had released the chains of anger that bound him, he had found his inner peace, then he had realised he was not a Sith. The dark robes of a fallen jedi had sat well on his ancient shoulders.

    They had visited planet after planet, always on the run from the Jedi, always one step ahead of their persuers, always searching for other Darksiders, there was strength in numbers in the hostile galaxy, but till now they had found no one.

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 09-20-2002 02:53 PM:

    Gideon had just escaped the group of 20 Jedi that had chased him for days on in after he killed 7 of them in there own camp. Gideon didn't know how long he could go on, a slash across the chest and only one him agenst all of them, he wasn't 20 anymore.

    It was a dark and gloomy day, Gideon used to live for days like this but now all he lived for was to find others. He knew couldn't have been the only one to live through the Jedi crusades, could he? He thought back to what his soul wouldn't let him forget.

    It was 20 years ago when it happened, Gideon had left just hours before the Jedi attacked. He was on his revenge mission finally but it came at a price, the price was ALL of TSE. They came out of the shadows so he heard, so many all at once it was like a swarm of ants on honey. they rushed in and caught everyone off gaurd and it was no hourly fight, it was day or two before they killed the last Sith on the blood stained ground. He knew many where gone at the time of the attack, but so did the Jedi. That's what he just barly escaped from a group of Sith hunters made of all Jedi, they were every where now hunting down the last of the darksiders.

    Gideon knew he was alive and maybe a few others that the Jedi hadn't killed yet but he was afraid the numbers where few, so few he would never so another Sith as long as he lived.

    All of the sudden off in the distance Gideon felt something, something he hadn't felt for 20 years. Lord Dagger? Gideon ran so fast it was a blur even to him and his trained body; Gideon was now 10 feet behind them when he knelt and said,

    :Mistress Shadowtide, Lord Darkstar, is it you?

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 09-20-2002 07:26 PM:

    "No it can't be....There is no way.... We destroyed the Sith 20 years ago! You're not real....You're just a spectre....Stay back....stay!!!!!"



    It was over quickly. The young Jedi Knight lay in two uneven halves on the ground. His comrades lay dead on the ground around him, slaughtered like cattle. The purveyor of such violence and destruction, a tall, dark, muscular man, clad in a long black coat, and a simple black hat. A dark aura flowed from his body and as some of the Jedi had found out, so did electricity. All in all the lone dark warrior had slain 15 Jedi knights in combat.

    This is only the beginning... He broadcast this thought via the force to any Jedi who happened to be in the same solar system as him. The Empire might have falled 20 years ago, but a new Dark Lord of the Sith had arisen from the ashes of the Sith Empire. A terrible force to be reckoned with, he would bring the war to the Jedi and avenge his clan.

    He had seen his only son, a mere boy of 10 fall at the hands of the Jedi, he watched as they cut him off from his family and master, he felt the pain as the attempted to strip him of his connection to the force, but some how in that moment, when it must have seemed that he was doomed to fall at thier hands, a new power infused him, the oblivion itself had attempted to absorb him and instead he pulled the void itself into him and used it to destroy the Jedi attacking him. By sheer luck, this absorption of the void allowed him to hide himself from the lightside of the force and hide himself from the Jedi as he recupriated and healed.

    When he was able he attempted to return to the headquarters and found it in ruins, over ran by the Jedi and a strange group of angelic warriors even more powerful than the Jedi. Not many had seen the feroicity of these winged knights and lived, however he had and he wouldn't forget the serene look on their faces as they wiped out Sith after Sith, it was then he realized that the Jedi were as cold-blodded as the Sith, just that they told themselves they only killed to preserve life and it was then that his true awakening to the Darkside had begun.

    As the black figure moved across the battlefield he looked out and saw more Jedi standing ready to face him and ready to die. His name was becoming more well-know throughout the galaxy as the single largest threat to the peace the Jedi had created with their inquisistion. As glided toward an assembled group of knights and padawans, sent by their cowering Jedi Masters to face him, he heard them cry out in terror.

    "We cannot defeat him, he is too powerful, we will all die!"

    "Silence young one stand your ground, the council would have not sent us against him if they did not think we could defeat him.

    "Yes, he's been fighting all day with no help or rest, he must be exhausted, he will fall before us in combat."

    As the last fool spoke those words, he was lifted off of his feet and his neck twisted unnaturally, silenced the now dead jedi fell lifeless to the ground.

    snap-hiss, snap-hiss

    Two crimson dragon sabers ignited, each with a blade well over a meter. The tips drug the ground behind him as he walked towards them, sparks cracking wickedly into the air. The young padawan who was afraid fled and as he did the dark one sent him a message via the force.

    You are wise to flee, run back to the council. Tell them that their Knights and Padawans are all dead, you will be the only survivor. Tell them that the Sith are rising again and that Darth Invictus will avenge the Empire.

    As he finished with the message the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Invictus, rushed head long into the group of jedi with both blades slicing through the cold air. In a few moments none but the tall dark figure stood on the field. He deactivated both blades and placed them on his hip. Reaching into his jacket he pulled out a small remote and activated it. A customize Sith Infiltratror arrived a few moments afterwards. Darth Invictus boarded the vessel and set in co-ordinates, he had another planet to wipe clean of the Jedi and theire angelic comrades.

    Joseph,Nikka, Master Dagger, Mistress Shadowtide I will avenge you. I will rebuild the Sith Empire. And I will do it on the carcasses of the accursed Jedi....

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 09-20-2002 10:09 PM:

    **There were so many things that could have been said about the people who survived the initial attack from the Jedi. Some would say the ones who survived were lucky, and those that survived would say the same about those who died. After all, the Jedi didn't take prisoners.... Or did they?

    In a dark cell on one Jedi outpost a young woman lay on the floor. A strange young woman, she hadn't aged a day since when they had found her 20 years ago. This one, they had kept. There was something "special" about this one. Maybe it was her visions. Visions of the past, of the present, and most importantly, the future. This gift had gone fairly unnoticed by her kind, even when she had tried to warn them of the coming attack. Then there was her ability to read and speak ancient texts. This is why the Jedi mainly kept her around. They would force her to read them things out of books they had found in the libraries. Normally she wouldn't have budged, but after endless hours of torture and many nights and days spent alone, without food, locked alone in a room with several Ysalamiri to keep her void of the force...she finally had cracked.
    It wasn't too hard getting the information you wanted out of a submissive, frightened, madwoman.

    But was it all worth it? Some Jedi questioned the fact of why they kept her around. After all, lately she had become increasingly violent towards her guards, sometimes using the heavy chains they bound her with to choke them. Not to mention she had become harder to get information out of, harder to understand, and had started to attempt suicide at random times.

    That evening, while she lay on the floor in the room, completely sedated by a strong drug, several members of this new Jedi Order began to discuss the whereabouts of some of the Sith that remained and how to destroy them. During the discussion it was decided that the young woman known as Takai Rei was to be executed a few days from now, seeing as how she had outdone her purpose. She was nothing more now than an inconvenience and a psychopath than the strong Prophetess and Sith Witch she once had been. **

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 09-20-2002 10:14 PM:

    :: The dream or rather nightmare was much the same everynight since that day of the infamous 'Sith Purge', not in a million years did the Sith expect for the Jedi to strike first it seemed it wasn't in their nature, but that was a mistake, the last mistake the Sith would ever make it seemed. The future for the Darksiders was dark and most uncertine. It looked as though they wouldn't live long, but Phantom always liked a fight ::

    " Nooooooooooo!! "

    :: Phantom's eye's snapped open as he leapt from bed with saber in hand, he found himself breathing heavily and soaking wet with sweat and his covers in shreads at his feet ::

    " Not again. "

    :: Phantom's eye's blazed with fury as the true reality came into focus ::

    " Ahhhhhhhh!! "

    :: He roared in anger. Taking a deep breath he tosses his saber onto the bed and rubs his face before turning and slams his fist into the closed bathroom door which on impact shatters. He leans over grabs both halves of the door and throws them into the room ::

    " Damn It! "

    :: Phantom lets out a small sigh, before he walks into the bathroom. Grabbing a towel he turns on the shower and jumps in ::

    Posted by Nikka on 09-20-2002 11:10 PM:

    *On the far side of the planet, an abandonded structure lies deep within a now grown up forest. Vines and trees grown all around it. Completely secluded from any walks of life. Even the Jedi that now rule over the planet never knew of its whereabouts. The Sith known as Nikka had a good way of making sure it stayed that way too. Only select few knew of its existence.*

    *Nikka remained behind after the purge of the Sith Empire. Nobody knew that she survived, not even her true love on the Dark Side, Talus. On that day, she felt he was gone since the connection in her heart was abruptly cut off. It may as well had been a saber stabbed into her chest since it was painful enough. She also thought of their son, who had fallen at the hands of the Jedi. That too broke her heart into a million pieces. Her family, friends, and everything she spent her life building was now gone. Nikka contemplated joining them in the shadow of death, but that was not the answer. She found ways of going on, even in solitude. She only had her memories. But out of the ashes of his death did she feel his presence and aura and it was strong and dark, but in Nikka's heart, she knew it was only an illusion. Her broken and hardened heart still longed for him. She knew he was laughing in the face of death.*

    One day shall I make them pay for what they done. I will destroy them if I have to do it myself!

    *The words echoed inside her mind, hoping wherever he was, he would hear her.*

    *Twenty years gone by and so had Nikka's original look. Her hair was as black as the midnight sky and her eyes a darker green, but flashed from red to an ominous black. It was evident that the dark side had grown powerful in her being. Nothing could stand in her way. Not even an army of Jedi.*

    *As she sat alone in the darkness, her hand grazed over the chrome hilt of her twin lightsabers. A surge of darkness flowed through her as she thought of the past, which was all she could do in solitary. She walked over to a window and peered out into the dark forest now called her home. Lightning flashed and then the thunder cried out to her. She roared with laughter as the lightning grew more and more ominous and bright.*

    "Prepare yourselves, Lightsiders. For the time for you to die is upon you and nearing... Yes I can feel it... I can see it! Can you?" She echoed with more laughter. "You will.. soon enough."

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 09-20-2002 11:30 PM:

    Darth Invictus sneered, the Jedi seemed to be waiting on him on each planet he arrived at, not that it mattered, he had slaughtered as many as 45 in one day and not weakened a bit. His new powers were something of an anomaly, he was not only strong in the physical aspects of the force but in the mental/metaphyscial force as well.

    How do you fools know where I will be next, there must be something tipping you off as I do not even choose my next destination until I board my ship....

    Talus began to think of who would have such a strong power of divining his own random attacks. None were alive that had the deep connection with him to be able to create a link, none at least that could be broken. Nikka he would have felt and done everything in his power to save had she been tortured, Master Dagger would have died from lack of midi chloreans from which to feed and Mistress Shadowtide would have certainly been executed as a leader of the Sith Empire. No there had to be someone else connected to him, able to read his mind, then it came to him; Takai! What had those ******* Jedi none to the poor girl, although she was no longer anything resembling a child, he still thought of her as such, the connection between them had been formed many years ago in Rama's when Darth Invictus attempted to ease her mental suffering by pouring it into himself. She had the visions, she could see his thoughts and the Jedi were using her. He had to connect with her, find out were they were keeping her and either save her or put her out of her misery.

    Takai, a planet, I can find you once I'm there, Hold out until then... you must not tell them I am coming for you. Talus broadcast this message as far as his powers would allow him and waited, if she replied he would change course otherwise he would wipe out another planet of the Jedi...

    Posted by Nathanial K'cansce on 09-21-2002 09:59 AM:

    *It had been twenty years. Twenty long years. Long years since he was one of thousands of ground troops to attack the long dead Sith Empire. A Jedi Knight at the time, Nathanial had disguissed himself as a foot soldier and was among one of the first ranks to infiltrate the Sith Headquarters. His main goal that day was to completely knock out transmissions and to knock out any defensive counter-strikes the Sith would have used.

    He succeed.

    His infiltration had allowed the main Jedi task force to land on the planet without trouble from any planetary defenses. His saber met with many Sith personal who tried to stop him. They all failed. Even the Sith he had faced met their demise at the orange colored blade of Nate's lightsaber.

    It was the best move the Jedi have done in history. Taking out the threat of the galaxy before the threat could gain any more power. That day, the Darkside had weakened and all but died. The Jedi were victorious.

    Now, at age forty five, Nathanial was a Jedi Master. He had overseen the clean up of the Sith Empire for at least a decade now, dispatching Jedi Knights to where rumored Sith hid. But recently, his Jedi Knights stopped returning, save a handful here and there.

    Long nights of calm meditation yielded no results, only a black void. His mind was clouded.

    The Dark Side clouds everything... Words from his long dead Master reverberated in his mind. The rumors of the re-emergence of the Sith were beginning to spread like a wild fire; and there were more reports of a tall dark man standing admist a pool of blood. Troubling, this was.

    Nate found himself in the detatched section of the catacombs underneith a Long standing Jedi Temple: the prision section. He walked up to one of the cells, and peered in. What he saw was a young girl, who just never seemed to age. Though her state of mind had begun to deteriorate, she was still very useful in finding these hidden Sith that plagued the Galaxy. Her eyes had become distant from her body, and she had become less agreeable in recent years. Her will, which was once broken, was gorwing again. Her essence of the Darkside was growing.

    Perhaps it was her that was leading the re-emergence of the Sith. Pulling the strings and using a form of Sith Magic to rally those not caught by the Great Sith Purge.*

    We shouldn't have kept you alive for all these years, Takai.

    *Nate said, his voice calm. Much like a true Jedi Master's would be.*

    Posted by Azrael Seraphim on 09-21-2002 03:33 PM:

    Twenty years had passed. Twenty glorious years of peace and order throughout the galaxy. Twenty years since the arrival of the entirity of the Order of Light, the holy army of the Hosts of Angels, had returned to the galaxy and been reunited with their children, the Jedi. Twenty years had passed since they led the Students of the Light and all other rogue Jedi in battle against the power hungry Darksiders. Twenty years since the destruction of the Sith Empire, the symbol of Darkness and disorder among the universe. But now something was threatening all that they had strived and sacrafice for, a survivor of the Crusade and lone shadow withstanding the blinding wonder of the light. Something must be done.

    A wonderous being moved silently down the halls of the Jedi Temple, his broad wings were tucked solemly behind his back. There was a look of concern on his bright face, a visage that never seemed to dull or age. His blond hair was grown out and framed his face perfectly. Though his thoughs were far away, he could hear the Choir of Elysiums beautiful psalm ringing throught the hall. His mind did not translate the sounds, they were his natural tongue. The figure stopped at a door at the far end of the corridor, it was his quarters, the solem abode of the Jedi Master and Arch-Regent of the Order of Light.

    As he entered the room, he looked about there at the Shrine of his Ancestors lay the sacred weapon, The Hand of Wrath. It had been nearly twenty years since that weapon had banished it's last Sith to the void. Beside it lay his armor, the pale blue and purple colors of his Clan stood out as the only bit of color in the room. Next to it a liquid looking metal orb that hovered in a stasis field. It was his wing guards, an ancient technology that allowed his precious wings to be covered in a nearly impenetrable armor and still allowed him to use them to fly. He began to take the robes of his order off and place his the padded undergarments of his armor on. He then placed the body suit on and the armor on top of it. It was seamless, as if it was not even a seperate part of his body. Next he pulled his helmet on he covered all but the bare essentials of his face. Finally he walked towards the floating orb, lifting it via the foce he placed in inbetween his shoulder blades and then released his force control of it. It began to seep over the contours of his wings covering them entirely in the shiny metallic substance. He would not remove this armor until his mission was complete. Reaching out he called, The Hand of Wrath to him and placed it on his him, it held seemingly without any clip or holster.

    The winged warrior moved slowly out the hall, there was a ship waiting for him to take him to a little known planet, where the only known Sith captive was held, awaiting execution. He would question her find out about this Dark Lord who was destroying entire clan's of Jedi Knights and even a few of the Angels who stood with them. He would use this information to hunt down this lone rebel and then when he was done with him. He would go after his only remainig enemy. The last Force Vampyre, his honor as the Arch-Regent of the Order of Light demanded that he extinquish this last member of the race who had perpetrated the Massacre of Terra. Then at last Order would be restored completely. The Sith gone, the Force Vampyre's gone, the Angels returned, yes glorious days were ahead, and the Arch-Angel Azrael Seraphim would guarantee nothing could threaten them.

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 09-21-2002 05:17 PM:

    After the fall of the mighty Empire, amny were dead, or dying. Some had escaped, some had not.

    Tempist was not fortunate though. He was left to die, he'd been stabbed repeatedly, each time barely missing a vital organ or artery. Stupid mercanaries, no aim. Their training was lacking, but nothing their numbers couldn't fix. At one point, the Sith Lord had gone into an enhanced hibernation, through the aid of both Sith Sorcery and his own unique genetic makeup.

    Twenty years of slumber should have left him refreshed when he woke up, to say the very least, but instead, he seemed only more angry than before. The anger consumed him, and he soon became more powerful than he'd ever imagined, and declared himself a god. Excerting his power on the planet he'd slept on, he quickly grew a band of followers, and people who were generally just afraid of him. Good for them, let them fear him.

    They all had good reason to.

    He sat on a throne, made up of a mish mosh of steel and living wood, with legs wrapped in barbed wire. He no longer posessed the human form he once took on to fit in with his Empire, and attract women to hopefully find a soul mate. Instead, his vissage grew twisted, and horrifying.

    Even his 'preists' were afraid of seeing him.

    He sat and stewed, thinking up ways to cripple the jedi, through both corruption and death.

    He would have his revenge.

    Posted by Callista on 09-21-2002 08:47 PM:

    The sudden jarring motion of the bed brought Callista out of her dreamless slumber…as it had every night at this time. She felt no need to arouse, knowing quite well who had made the sudden outburst. Every night the same dream had plagued him and every night it had ended in the same fit of rage leaving something broken, torn, and/or disheveled in the bedroom. There was nothing she could do to ease his turmoil and she had given up such trivial actions years ago. He would continue to be haunted until what had caused such disturbance was completely annihilated.

    Pulling the now tattered sheet up under her chin she stared out at the darkness that enfolded the periphery of the room, knowing she wouldn’t be returning to sleep while he remained astir.

    Reflection beset her mind; thoughts that could not no matter how hard she envisioned change the past that had occurred, what now tormented and bedeviled them. The ill-fated day of destruction for the once thought indestructible Sith Empire had been dealt a swift judgement by the most unlikely power in the galaxy…The Jedi.

    …But their time would come…they would soon realize that darkness could never be fully vanquished. Like a shadow, it lurked… They would rise again…snuff the light and take back what was rightfully theirs.

    Although contact had not been made with any survivors, Callista knew they were there, scattered across the cold vastness of space…waiting. They would reunite, rise above and destroy that which had descended upon them twenty years before. They would ban together…soon.

    She could feel it…

    Until that day, however, she would hunt, feed, purge the galaxy of the light goers one at a time. All alongside her soul mate in darkness: Darth Phantom.

    A coy smile split her lips, baring a set of coruscate fangs, as she pulled the sheet up and over her head, her body twisting to plunge her face in the pillow. For now she would wait, rest up for the morning when they would hunt their prey…

    Posted by Raine Sarin on 09-21-2002 09:45 PM:

    *Coruscant...probably the one place no one would expect to find anyone with a dark signature anymore. And there wasn't any to be truly felt. Those that survived here hid their force signatures well, and they had been able to survive these past years in this manner.
    However, in one area, in one of the slums of the vast city planet, not far from the old, broken down and abandoned Maison des Lunes, the people had lived in a quiet fear. They did not like to go out at night, and they avoided the darkened alleyways as much as possible. A killer was on the loose there, and the person had the authorities perplexed and rather disturbed at the way the murders were always carried out. People had been found literally torn into pieces. Sometimes their flesh was charred as if they had been struck by lightening, but always it was hard to tell who the victim had been, due to the fact that many of their pieces would be...missing. Some spoke of the being as a Sith, and so the hunters had come in and searched for several months some years ago but found nothing and never returned.
    Most everyone knew that whoever it was that did the gruesome murders lived within the abandoned prison-asylum, but it was far too vast to search out a single person in. Especially a person that had been there for many years and knew all the secrets of the buildings that made up Maison des Lunes.

    How ironic, that such a madman would choose a place where men like him were once locked away to use as his sanctuary. Of course, anyone who had known the man would have told you that it was perfectly normal of him. After all, most believed the place to be haunted, so none went near.

    Living there had been one of the wiser decisions in the Sith Master's life. After all, if the Zabrak had returned to Iridonia he would have been hunted down and destroyed quickly.
    But for the past twenty years he had lived fairly peacefully. Well, as peacefully as a man obsessed with the destruction of others could be. And he had his own strange little company of course! The paintings on the walls...ones that had been made out of his victims' blood gave him a reminder as to why he continued to do the things he did. If anyone ever caught on to where he was and who he was, he no longer cared. He was getting a tad bit bored of the usual prey, anyway. Besides, maybe he'd get lucky and another survivor would hear of his deeds in the small town and know who it was and come for a visit.
    Maybe they would bring him some absinthe.... rats and water was becoming a rather dull taste in his mouth.**

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 09-21-2002 11:55 PM:

    :: Twenty years.. how they had passed so quickly. It was as if her life had started to accelerate and all that she once knew had simply vanished in the blink of an eye. The Empire gone.. her apprentices scattered to the galaxy.. yet she did have Dagger by her side as her fighting partner and companion all this time.

    The two of them had gained quite a reputation as he had forged himself into the brutal combat warrior as she poised herself in the background wielding only the purest forms of the Dark Side due to her dabblings in sith sorcery and alchemy. No longer did she choose to wield a lightsaber or other traditional combat weapon.. there was only the Dark Side for her now. Her proficiency in the darkness had magnified to an immense level, yet this kind of power was taxing. Dara had to rest after long bouts of expending such tremendous energy levels, however the euphoria afterwards was almost a sufficient trade off for the drain she endured.

    Her loyal Corellian Sand Panther Hadrian still remained at her side, ever watchful with predatorial instincts to quench his thirst for vengeance. Although their nomadic like existence had yielded no results in reuniting them with former members of the once powerful Sith regime, it would not stop them from continuing the search for those who were lost to them. It was a shame that those who wielded the true power of the force had been scattered throughout the galaxy, yet Dara felt that the genesis of the Dark Side had begun again at last ::

    Dara Shadowtide Daragon

    Rank: Rogue Sith Master/Sorceror

    Companion to Lord Dagger

    Wields: Pure Dark Side energy

    Animal companion: Hadrian

    "Do not talk about what you have done
    or what you are going to do...
    do it, and let it speak for itself."

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 09-22-2002 02:44 AM:


    :: The Sith Lord leapt to his feet from his previous meditaion state, slicing a well armed droid in two. As the two halves crashed to the floor he noticed four other well armed droids standing near by taking aim at the Sith ::

    " Jedah ... He must be cloaking them ... "

    :: Phantom said to himself. Jedah had been training Phantom hard all that week, but this was the first time Phantom had let something slip pass him. A small grin ceased his lips as they open fired, with a quick flick of his wrist he deflected a laser bolt to the midsection of another.

    With lightning speed he ran towards them deflecting laser bolts or dodging them all together. As he neared them he leapt into the air and landed behind them, with saber in hand he plunged it into the chest of the nearest droid while at the sametime using the force to push the other two back and to the ground. Phantom yanked his saber from the droid, turned in place and decapitated it.

    The Sith turned to the last two, leaping high into the air he landed on ones head, unable to move he crushed it upon impact. Phantom looked at the other and laughed, clinching his fist the last droid ceased to move as it's insides had been destroyed ::

    " BOOM!! "

    :: The entire Empire shook on it's fondation as the first of the bombs were droped. Sirens throughout the Empire sounded telling all Sith we were under attack. At that moment Dara's voice came over the innercom ::

    " Battle Stations. The Jedi have payed us a suprise visit, I repeat we are under .... "

    :: Dara's voice cut out before she could finish. Phantom grabbed his gear and dashed for the door, as he opened the door his eye's widen as he could not belive what he saw. A huge clone army had landed on the planet, the Sith were out numbered four to one it seemed, buildings already lay in ruin as the Jedi and their army advanced.

    Phantom reached into his cloak and removed two sabers which he ignited. He roared like an animal as he charged into battle, if he was going to die, he was going to die fighting and take as many with him as he could. Hours passed and he found himself fighting side by side with his own Master, Jedah Lynch. More time had passed, Phantom and his Master had killed hundreds upon hundreds.

    In the midst of Battle three Jedi Master's emerged hunting the most powerful of the Sith, they had already killed many and looked to eliminate the Lord of Darkness. The fight four fought for hours on end with none giving up their ground. As the fight ended two of the three Jedi lie dead and the other was missing his left arm, but Phantom had not escaped without injury. He had been impaled twice by a lightsaber as well having many broken and shattered bones.

    He fought all that night killing thousands. It was early morning now and he had little rest Phantom slowly sat down on a pile of rubble, his blood soaked cloak flapped in the wind behind him, suddenly he leapt to his feet to find Callista standing behind him ::

    " Callista? I'm glad to see you made, for awhile there I wasn't sure if anyone else was alive. "

    " It's good to see you too. Come on DarkStar just told me the Jedi have taken over and all Sith need to escape while they can. "

    :: Phantom nodded slowly as a look of defeat consumed his face. He let out a sigh and motioned for Callista to follow, making it to the 'Hell Raiser' the two of them escaped into space ::

    :: Phantom got out of the shower and dried off. Walking back into the room with the towel around his waist he sat on the edge of the bed. He turned to Callista and smiled ::

    Posted by Drako on 09-22-2002 05:43 AM:

    Dagger's sabre nearly took Gideons head off as he spun round, his usual reaction to Force signatures not belonging to his beloved Dara was to decapitate them. At the last instant he decativated the Dragon sabre, alowing it to pass, harmlessly past Gideon.

    Dagger regarded the man knelt before him, it had been twenty years since he had seen him and time had not been kind, wearing away at him as it had worn at all save the Dark Jedi, practially immortal Dagger did not feel the passage of time over him. He did remember him though, his ancient mind dredged a name from the past. Gideon.

    "Rise fellow Darksider,"

    Dagger's voice was quiet but strong, he rarely spoke at all anymore, he and Dara comunicated through the Force, or simply knew each other so well that words were not important.

    He glanced over at Dara, the winds of change were beginning to blow now, he could feel it, that they had found another surviver of TSE was evidence enough of that. Perhaps the time was drawing near when they could repay what had been done to them.

    The faintest hint of a smile touched the Dark Jedi's lips, one of the first to do so in twenty long years, Gideon was more than just a fellow Darksider to Dagger, he was a symbol of Hope in for an empire he though had been toppled forever.

    "Yes Gideon, it is us, we are alive,"

    Dagger streached out his power, the possibility of detection was irrelivant to him, he had to know, he reached out, encompassing the entire galaxy in his sense. Scattered and well hidden they were, but Dagger though he could feel other Dark presences. Perhaps, just perhaps, they had a chance yet, if only he could find them.

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 09-22-2002 08:39 AM:

    Sitting on his throne of barbs, Tempist closed his eyes. A cold shudder was sent down his spine, as he felt an old, familiar presence. One he hadn't actually interacted with, but recodnized.


    Tempist wraped his mind around this discovery for a moment, and grinned. If he were alive, then others must be as well. Perhaps revenge was well within their grasp after all...

    The demi-god rose from his seat, and walked out of his cavern pallace, gorged into the earth. His preists along the walls shuddered to see him moving, and then rescessed in fear of seeing him seem to... change. His form liquified as he moved, still remaining solid. It turned into one that looked like a man, with the exception of dark eyes. Darker than anything natural.

    He strode out to an ancient and abandoned building, outside of the closest city. He pressed a quick series of buttons on the control pannel, and the roof split in two. The halves slid down into the walls, and then into the ground, revealing an old freight vessel...

    "Morphling." Tempist said, with a smile.

    After a few minites of checking the controls and whatnot, the vessel and it's owner rose into the air, and flew off twards where he'd sensed Master Dagger. He focused a powerfully sent force message to everyone that could ever hear it.

    Here's the storm.

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 09-22-2002 11:26 AM:

    Gideon was in shock; he had found others that had survived. Gideon rose at DS request but fell to one knee and grabbed his chest in pain,

    :Sorry Lord Dagger but i was recently wounded in a fight:

    Gideon fought through the pain and rose to his feet,

    :I never thought i would find another survivor, I knew i wasn't the only one but I thought it was hopeless going around looking for others:

    Gideon fell back to his knees and said,

    S I’ve been feeling the cries of Jedi in another solar systems, have you felt it? It feels as if someone is trying to bring the empire back:

    Posted by Xam Feldek on 09-22-2002 11:41 AM:

    Xam's ship was being purchased by Jedi's, it had been twenty long years since he had fought to save his life at the side of his master, Lord Darkstar. He had to be dead now... All of his friends were.. The Jedi ships fired and hit Xam's ship, his motors went off and his only chance of surviving was hand to hand fight. He tried to land on a planet he did not know, he could not go slower and his ship was going full speed to the ground, this was it, this would be the end..


    The ship crashed.. Everything was black but Xam knew he wasn't dead, he could move everything and had vision again. He had to act quickly because the Jedi ships would not wait to arrive. He took his two Lightsabres, Sith-blade and daggers.
    He left the ship which he probably would never use again and hoped this planet had some civilised people who could sell some parts to repear it or complete ships.

    He ran, ran with force enchanced speed but knew the Jedi's were after him at the same speed, they were with at least 5, Xam had killed 5 of them on another planet.. Suddenly he felt a strange presence.. A presence he had not felt for ages..


    He changed direction towards the force signature and saw him with Dara Shadowtide and another person he didn't recognize. He ignited his both lightsabres to make his presence clear and the two Crimson blades could show it was a Sith..

    He stopped in front of all and fell down, he was tired, tired of running, he was breathing heavily but after a few second he stood up again.

    "Lord Darkstar, It's me, Xam Feldek!"

    He had no time to say hello because the 5 Jedi were storming in their way, he took the two sabres, and was ready to kick some Jedi ***.

    "If someone wants some action just look at 3 o'clock, they come at full speed, be on your guards."

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 09-22-2002 12:05 PM:

    Gideon still fighting the pain and ignited his two blades and stood next to Xam,

    :Xam I don't know if you remember me But it's me Gideon, Gideon Desdemona:

    Gideon next to his old friend waiting for there arrival.

    As the Jedi rushed in Gideon started forward and met the First Jedi Head on. Gideon met his one Saber at the top and spun his seconded through the Jedi cutting him in two at the waist. Gideon turned and stabbed one of three rushing at Xam in the back and drug it up off the top of his head, Gideon hoped Xam could take the two of them. Gideon remembered that Xam said five and Gideon turned and saw the fifth behind Dagger and Dara and Gideon yelled,

    S, Dara behind you look out:

    Gideon ran at full speed hoping he would be there in time.

    Posted by Count Alamar on 09-22-2002 01:54 PM:

    When the Jedi had taken over, each planet had been assigned a Jedi 'Protector,' several of the masters who had led the attack on TSE were then made 'System Lords', the Protecters reported to the System Lords.

    Count Alamar was one such system lord, presiding over the area Dagger and Dara no resided in. He felt Dagger's rash action, his sightless eyes opened and a smile played across his lips.

    "At last Dark one, you have revealed yourself to you will die,"

    Alamar stood slowly, his white cape falling around him, it was creased and a layer of dust fell from his silver armour as he did. He had sat along time waiting for one such as Dagger to reveal himself, now was time to act.

    He streached out with the Force to his fellow system lord Azrael Seraphim, they had become good friends since the fall of TSE, their possitions dictated they maintain regualar contact, not that that bothered the count.

    Azrael, I have found that infernal Vampyre who has been hunting those I protect, come, we will hunt him together!

    Clicking open a comm unit in his throne, transfering the co-ordinates of the planet to the Jedi protectors in his system and also to the nearest Dark hunters, he would destroy this infestation in his system once and for all.

    He reached down and touched the sabre hilt at his waist, it had been nearly two decades since he had been forced to use it, it would end darkside life again before the week was out.

    As Alamar stepped down the steps from his throne, two Jedi Knights flanked him, his honor guard, they would stay by his side until they died, that he would die first was out of the question, they would lay down their lives to preserve his.

    A shuttle would be waiting to take him to an orbiting ISD, of that he was sure, they would be above the planet in a couple of hours, then the screams of dying Sith would fill the ears of the blind Jedi.

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 09-22-2002 05:35 PM:


    **The scream came from inside her cell and was then followed by yelling in some ancient tongue. Tears streamed down her cheeks as the message from Talus had sent her mind spiraling somewhere between the past, present and future. She could see the Sith that were about the face the Jedi once again on the battlefield, but it was blurred with images of the boy with the dark blue hair and contacts that would make his eyes pure black; the boy that had died doing what he had pledged his life to...protecting her. This blurred with images of herself dying at the hands of a Jedi...before other Jedi.
    The lights outside her cell started to shake and threaten to shatter. The usual guards were there, they were ignoring the outburst until the door started to warp and pull itself from the wall.

    The girl stood up, still speaking in the language...but it had changed. It was no longer just random mindless ranting. It was far more focused, and her eyes burned with an incurable rage as she began to chant the workings of a spell that she had once read in a book. Normally the attack would have been focused on the guards outside the door, but there was someone else standing there.... Nathanial.
    Doomed to die anyway, Takai was planning on at least taking out one last of their kind before they tore her away from this world.**

    Posted by Nikka on 09-22-2002 06:09 PM:

    "I pledge myself to you, now and forever, forsaking all others. For you, Nikka are the one. You are the only one that completes my dark soul..."

    *As the words echoed in Nikka's dream in her deep slumber, a small smile formed upon her lips. She always dreamed about the day she and Talus bonded in Dark Unity. After all these years, she still felt his presence in her heart, the dream being the only part of him she had left. True, there were holophotos of him everywhere in her room, but the only true photograph of him was the one in her memory. Those soft, ebony eyes, how they drove her insane every time she looked into them. His mischievous smile and the way his perfectly trimmed goatee and beard framed his lips and jawline. Nikka would weaken every time he smiled at her and he knew it just by the way she looked at him when he did so. He was perfect in so many ways.*

    "And I forever pledge my heart and soul to you, forsaking all others. It is you Talus, that completes my dark soul. Nobody else will ever compare."

    *The words were spoke softly as she rested, seeing the event occur in her subconscious. It was like she had drifted back in time to the day they married. She rolled to her side, grasping a large pillow in her arms and pulled it close to her, as it if were him lying next to her, even though he hadn't in such a long time.*

    "I love you Talus..."

    *She murmured softly in her sleep, but then it happened.*

    I love you, Nikka...

    *The deep voice was heard in her mind, so plain and clear, he could have been standing over her or lying next to her. She immediately snapped into a sitting position, looking around the room to see if someone was there.*

    "What the f-..? Hello?" She gasped for breath. She felt something, something like she never felt before. He was close... somewhere. But was it him, or just his dark spirit wandering about her room watching over her? That was her immediate thought as she switched on the light beside her. There was nothing. Desolate. The room was so cold and empty as it had been for so many years. She sighed and held her pillow close to her, tears welling up in her eyes.*

    But then she heard it again:

    "I'll see you soon. We shall be together again. I promise you, my love. I cannot wait to hold you in my arms again."

    "Talus?" She whispered. This had to be another one of her illusions. She shook her head. "It can't be.. you're dead..." But then she suddenly closed her eyes, and focused in meditation. Her mind expanding every star of the galaxy, but she had to remain focused and not let anyone that wasn't supposed to feel it. After a few moments passed, something overwhelmed her. A new feeling of darkness and evil that expanded across the galaxy. Her eyes snapped open and glowed as crimson as the sunset then as black as the midnight sky. Her bond with the Dark Lord of the Sith had been reattached. She knew... she hoped with every fiber in her black soul it was him.

    *But then, others were near. Nikka sprang out of the bed and slipped a red jumpsuit over her body. She looked in the mirror and sneered as she tied a red scarf around her forehead before grabbing her utility belt off of the bedside table and clipping it around her waist. Hanging from each side were two 4 foot long sais that she crafted herself to prepare for her next battle. Hanging next to them were her twin lightsabers that she kept all these years. As Nikka slipped her legs into her knee-high scarlet boots, she adjusted the daggers that hung on each side of them, grinning. She knew she'd be needing them soon enough. Revenge was all that she had on her mind now.*


    *Nikka Invictus began her trek into the dark forest around her domain known as Thunder Ridge. The presence of the ones that neared her were growing stronger with each passing step. They felt very familiar, but Nikka had to keep her guard up. She could walk into a trap at any second. The voices were now being heard further into the distance, mostly mens' voices and one woman. Could have been the Jedi, but Nikka immediately dismissed that thought. She knew they would know better than to wander out into the darkness and the unknown.*

    *As she made her way closer to the open field, their voices grew louder and then she felt the familiar presence of her master, Dara Shadowtide. The now rogue Sith Lordess paused in her tracks. She was stunned. Her master was thought to have been killed in the ambush. She remembered running out of TSE headquarters after breaking away from four Jedi Knights as a ground breaking explosion hit and many connections were lost, including Dara's, Darkstar's, and her closest friends of the Empire. As the connections grew stronger, she began to run now, as fast as her feet would take her and then it developed into a Force sprint as she locked in on their location. She didn't want to make a surprising entrance, but would rather stay hidden until they noticed who she was. Nikka's dramatic change in appearance would most likely throw them off if they saw her just walk up to them like it was 20 years ago. No, she had to take a more obscure way to approach them, maybe expand her Force signature so that they would know it was her...*

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 09-22-2002 06:12 PM:

    Talus Invictus, an ambitious Sith Knight at the time of the attacks, cold and calm as the night. He was powerful, strong, arrogant. He charged head long into the battle against the Jedi, the dual dragon sabers he had used since his master had taught him how to forge him, sending many Jedi Knights, Padawans, and ground troops to their death. His skill was extrodinary, so extrodinary that during a break in the fighting his master elevated him to the lever of Sith Lord, the first of his master's apprentices and the only of his master's apprentices to be elevated to that rank by Lord Dagger himself. When the fighting resumed he stood by his master in battle and they drove the light from the field.

    Talus' wife Nikka and his son Joseph fought with them as it seemed that the Sith would drive back this accursed invasion, but something happened, a new and strange prescence had entered the fray. Winged Warriors fighting with the ferocity of Jedi Master's swooped upon them. Their attack scattered the Sith. Talus and Joseph were seperated from Dagger and Nikka. They fought on, his son only a Disciple had struck down whomever he had faced on the field of battle, but the winged ones were to much for them. Talus watched as a Winged Warrior with the rank of Jedi Knight ran his son through with his cold torquoise light saber. The purple and blue armor of the warrior seemed to glow. Talus lashed out using all the power of the force he knew, the Angel tossed him aside as if he was a plaything as Jedi Knights surrounded him. They were attempting to strip him of his force abilities before they struck him down.

    They failed....

    Talus died that day though, everything he loved and held dear was destroyed. His master seperated from him in battle was seemingly and hopelessly outnumbered. His beloved wife fell to her knees screaming as the Jedi struck down their son. Talus' son, his only connection to the light, the only thing that could have possibly saved him from himself and his ambition. Killed in front of his eyes, and so Talus' humanity died there as well and all that was left was Darth Invictus. The unbeatable night.

    As he sat in his Sith Infiltrator meditating, hoping for a message from Takai he recieved a different message, one that filled him with anger and rage. Lord Dagger! He sat up, dark energy surged through him. He was alive... Darth Invictus had mourned for his fallen master and given him the due right's of Death that all Sith Master's are entitled to, and now he was alive. He burned with anger and hate. Too many questions now were unanswered. Lord Dagger's aura was not the same as it had before, where there once was darkness swirling tempest tossed, was a seren fog of grey and Invictus was disgusted by it. Darth Invictus had been scouring the galaxy with but one goal, to kill the Jedi and the winged warriors that destroyed all he held dear. He had not hidden his force signature nor covered his tracks, not that he left tracks other than dead jedi on the ground, but he had never heard of any others scorching planets trying to rebuild. It seemed as if all the darkness was hiding in fear. The Sith afraid, this disgusted him as well.

    Then Invictus felt another aura, this one a message. It seemed as though someone was mocking his loss, a message from Nikka, he would not believe that she too was still alive and hiding, no the fire in her was too great to be hidden. His wife would have not deserted his body on the battlefield and she would have known if he were dead. His rage was beginning to burn out of control, his aura was spreading throught the galaxy shaking it at its very metaphysical core, taking a deep breath he focused, something he hadn't done since his old self had died. He stopped the ship with but a thought and contemplated searching out the planet that this message had come from, but what of Takai?

    That question was answered and answered violently. A message screamed across the universe; NO!.

    She was alive and Invictus could feel it. He also saw her thoughts again for one brief moment. She did not want nor need saving she had other plans for the Jedi. The tall Sith Lord set in the co-ordinates for his master, he knew the Jedi would be on their way as well, at least one good thing would come from this reunion. More dead Jedi...

    Posted by Azrael Seraphim on 09-22-2002 07:00 PM:

    Azrael felt the cold chill of the precsence of the infernal Force Vampyre, the fool had finally made a mistake and now he would pay. The last of the only race to ever defeat the Angels in battle was now going to be eliminated. The race forever exterminated from the galaxy. A smile crossed Azraels face, finally his ancestors souls could rest.

    Azrael, I have found that infernal Vampyre who has been hunting those I protect, come, we will hunt him together!

    I am on my way old friend...

    Count Alamar, Azrael's dearest friend in the galaxy, a being of benevolent power and grace, nearly as pure as Azrael's own kind. Though Alamar was quite blind, he saw with more clarity the means that it took to destroy the Sith, he argued the case alongside Azrael before the council and convinced them to do something that would forever change the galaxy, purge the Sith.

    Azrael boarded his ship and nodded to the captain, speaking in his sacred voice he instructed him to meet up with Count Alamar's ship immediately and to inform Jedi Master K'cansce that he would not be present for the execution, that he had more pressing matters at hand. I am on my way old friend...

    Posted by Xenodoros Stormrider on 09-22-2002 07:35 PM:

    Seiryoku sat in the seat designated to him in the Council Room. He had earned his place in the council room for the major act that changed the entire universe.


    "I can help you.", Xenodoros told the council as he asked them to become a Jedi Padawan.

    "How can you help us?", one of the council members asked.

    "I was part of The Sith Empire, but I resigned because I found that the Dark Side was too much torment for me. I have a plan that can bring the Sith down", Xenodoros was honest and he would do anything at that point to stop the Sith.


    Xenodoros went as an alias named Seiryoku. He was too afraid that the remaining Sith would track him down with his original name. Twenty years had passed, and everything was peaceful. Before the fall fo the Empire, Xenodoros joined the Students of The Light and focused on the light side of the Force. Seiryoku was the head of the plan that brought the Empire down. He had been the mole of the operation the whole time.

    Seiryoku had told them how the defenses of The Sith Empire worked. Seiryoku controlled everything and destroyed the Empire with tactics that nobody would have guessed possible


    "There's no way in, Seiryoku. There are guards surrounding the place.", a Jedi Knight said through the communications link.

    "Those are not guards, those are droids, they shouldn't be hard to destroy. Don't worry, the council has sent other Jedi to attack from the other side.", Seiryoku said calmly.


    The plan had worked, and Seiryoku was promoted to Jedi Knight and earned a place in the council. He was an honor to the Jedi, and everything remained peaceful for twenty years.

    Seiryoku had become the head of the defenses, and he would be the one who would plan and/or confirm any war tactic.

    Receiving a transmission from a Padawan, Seiryoku said:

    "Did you record what he said?"

    "Yes Master Seiryoku. Let me send you the recording.", the young Padawan said, a bit scared.

    You are wise to flee, run back to the council. Tell them that their Knights and Padawans are all dead, you will be the only survivor. Tell them that the Sith are rising again and that Darth Invictus will avenge the Empire.

    Seiryoku got up immediatly from his chair.

    "He killed that many?", Seiryoku asked.

    "Yes, Master", the Padawan confirmed.

    Seiryoku had known Darth Invictus. Seiryoku was not surprised that Darth Invictus had survived the attack. He was one of the strong ones. Seiryoku turned to his fellow council members and said:

    "We cannot sacrifice Jedi after Jedi. It seems that we keep losing more and more Jedi day after day. It is time for us to act. These Sith... I know who they are. They are too powerful for our Padawan and Knights to handle."

    Seiryoku walked up, and opened a small locker. Inside there was a light saber that he had held for emergencies. Seiryoku had gained a lot of power in the Light Side of the Force. Seiryoku was a Jedi Knight, but was awaiting his trials to become a Jedi Master.

    "We must act now, I hope you trust my words because what has happened in the past must not occur again.", Seiryoku said.

    The council agreed and many of them spread out in many parts of the universe. Seiroyoku's objective was to get rid of all Sith in this universe.

    Posted by Callista on 09-23-2002 01:13 AM:

    The wine of engines powering down was the last discreet memory she had of that infamous Sith Purge…the rest was all a haze...


    She was finally returning planet side after several days of wearisome meetings aboard her entertainment vessel, Drifter’s Paradise. In her mind it was about time she returned to training with Master Shadowtide. Business seemed to have fully taken control of her life.

    A soft touchdown from her ship the Snakes Eye, the hum of hydraulics folding the ramp up, a click of its seal and lock, then she was off through the night, heading to Headquarters for some much needed r-and-r.

    She didn’t so much make it that far when an increasing pitch of a whistle brought her feet to a standstill. She whirled around to look back…just as a ray of green energy lanced out from the folds of darkness and struck the engine manifold of the craft.

    Before she realized, she was on her back, knocked backwards by the explosion that ripped through the entire vessel leaving nothing in its wake. Instinctively she had thrown up a Force shield, deflecting the rain of metal plated chunks and heat-seared debris. She had had no idea what was happening, her mind racing with imperceptible thoughts.

    The landing pad was in ruins, several portions still aflame, when she finally opened her eyes, uncurling from her protective fetal position. Blazing, sections still sparking, the pad flickering with the eerie glow of the flames…and then she saw it. She heard nothing, but she could see the battle…feel the struggle that raged in the distance. Comrades were falling and with each death pain seized her, her lunges stopped drawing in air... This was all too familiar to the ambush of her Smuggling Ring…the same glow of righteous energy… indisputably Jedi…

    She had scrambled to her feet, sprinting to join the fight; to help save her beloved Empire…but it was a futile attempt. The ratio didn’t match up. They were scattered to the four winds. An event she never thought possible and one she surely hadn’t been prepared for.


    Her eyes snapped open with a flinch of her head at the vivid reminiscence. Time had elapsed, twenty years to be exact, and she would have thought the images to have faded. But the style of the life she now led was an agonizing reminder of those days…of the Jedi that still hunted them. Those dwellings in the past boiled her blood, made her want to take on the order of Jedi all at that moment…however she always seemed to realize in the end that such action was not possible. She would need more than herself to eradicate the fiends.

    Cycling over on her back, she pulled down the sheet veil, peering up at the ceiling. Her day would come…

    Unexpected movement out of the corner of her eye caught her wakefulness. Her gaze snaked a trail down till it met a pleasurable smile resting on the face of the man she had come to know in so many different ways over the years.

    Her head lolled against the pillow, a grin of her own pulling at the edges of her lips. “Feel better now?”

    Posted by Xam Feldek on 09-23-2002 07:05 AM:

    Gideon hadn't seen that Xam already was attacking the Foolish Jedi whom attacked the two Sith from their backs. He stopped the Jedi with pure dark force and stepped towards him, Gideon had stopped his run by now and Xam was standing in front of the Jedi who tried to deliver himself from the Force grip. Xam sent him a short message with the force and locked his eyes on the Jedi's. This would be the last thing that this scum would hear.


    Xam took the Jedi's head and crushed it with his hand. He smiled and turned back, loosening the Force grip, the body fell on the ground.

    "So stupid, so uninteresting.. But I am glad to see you all again, long time."

    He looked at Gideon, thanking him for saving his back, then turned to the rest. Xam was tired, the Jedi only sent their Padawans to meet their death..

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 09-23-2002 01:31 PM:

    Within the span of a few hours, Tempist found himself landed on the planet he'd sensed the searching emitting from. The darkness here was indeed strong, stronger than he'd felt in a long, long time. He parked Morphling a few miles away from where he sensed others like him, other dark ones. As he left his ship, he called two items to his hands through the force, two items of exceptional intrest.

    He made his way twards where he sensed the greatest gathering of Darkside energies, and eventually found a select few of the remaining Sith. Dara, Dagger, Xam, and Gideon were standing together, and Tempist couldn't help but smile. He almost felt at home again... almost. He walked out from the shadows that seemed to lurk along the edges of wherever he went, with a broad, genuine smile plastered on his face.

    "...hello everyone, hope I'm not too late."

    Posted by Drako on 09-23-2002 02:04 PM:

    Dagger didn't notice Tempist or Nikka, he was too concerned with event further a field, he knew his action would lead the Jedi straight to them but he didn't care anymore, he would have his vengence.

    "Come then, I am waiting, you all know where I am, bring as many as you wish, I will kill them all,"

    Dagger's voice was quiet yet every Force sensitive everywhere in the galaxy heard him and knew where he was, the time for hiding was over, the time for battle was now.

    The Sith of old were coming out of their hidings, he didn't know who was left, he didn't have time to analize all the Force signatures, and to be honest he didn't care, so long as they came, this would be the final stand of the Darkness against the light and this time, they would not loose.

    He turned around, nodding to Tempist, acknologing Xam, finally his gaze settled on Nikka's hiding place, a gentle expression settled on his kindly face.

    Come out Nikka, daughter-in-law, time changes all things, even me, I know you have changed, I can feel it, but we are, as we always were, family, and you are welcome back into the fold

    Dagger's eyes never left Nikka's hiding place, his cold green eyes seemed to be centred on her as he waited for her to emurge.

    Posted by jenobi on 09-23-2002 03:02 PM:

    "no " a stern voice said " we will kill them together as it is meant to be" all turned around to see a person who just arrived masking his force signature very well, he did have twenty years to develop it.

    "how are you all?" they looked puzzled as to who this mysterious man was, all but Dagger. the man before them, had gray hair cut in a paritcular fashion, but had a cut down the rightside of his face. Twenty years, i've been searching, wandering space, looking for answers to question we still wonder about today. "who did it and why?"

    ran into trouble with a couple of jedi, and got this scar*points to it*, i might be better with a lightsaber than before but fighting three jedi knights at once does have some minor set-backs at times. two died one got away with one arm.

    the man lookedaround and saw that they still didn't recognize him, so he pulled out something that he always kept with him, the coin Master Dagger gave him. he fell to a one knee bow, and said out loud " I'm Jenobi the Manslayer, now sith knight, but forever your apprentice. if there is to be a on coming battle i want to be at your side when it happens."

    Posted by Nathanial K'cansce on 09-23-2002 03:54 PM:

    *She began to chant in Sith Tongue after an abrupt outburst. Whatever it was, it must have been what had been killing off the guards down here... some sort of Sith Magic.

    It was in the old books in the Temple's library; the ones written in an ancient Sith language. For centuries, those books had gone unread and un interpreted. But when the Jedi Order had acquired Takai as their Sith captive, most if nto all ancient Sith books and holocrons had been broken: their dark words and stories revealed.

    Many were on Sith Magic. Said books' contents were taught to new and old Jedi alike, so they could learn how defend against Sith Magics. Though in reality, there was no stop to the conjuration of the Dark Side. Unless one counted stripping someone of their Force awareness...

    No, there was another way. One that a few could learn, and an even smaller amount could master. A wall of Light, created around the Jedi to protect his form of even the most powerful Dark Side attacks. Nathanial had used it once... and he was drained for a week afterwards. Of course, that was a long time ago...

    He kept his senses on high alert, ready for whatever Takai had planned. But in doing this, caught the feeling of an officer on route to deliver the Jedi Master a message from Azrael... a Jedi Angel type creature.*

    Stay back!

    *Nate's still calm voice echoed out. His eyes were glued on the Sith's in the pen, a hand next to his saber, and another across his chest.*

    Posted by Nikka on 09-23-2002 05:06 PM:

    *Nikka began to peer out from behind the large tree she was leaned against and was about to say something in return as she heard Lord Dagger's voice, but then it happened. Three screaming blades were flashing in her face, one of a different color-- orange, blue, and green. Before they could touch her, Nikka's twin sabers snapped into her hands and the crimson-hued blades screamed back to life from their slumber. Her cries were heard as she batted each away when they nearly grazed her body--two nearing each side of her body near her ribs, the other attempting across her abdomen.*

    *As one of them approached her right side again, a male, Nikka gathered all of the Dark Side energy she could harness inside the blade of the lightsaber she held in her right hand and cried out again as a bolt of energy lightning blasted the Jedi warrior away from her. Thunder shook the ground around his comrades. His scream was heard in the darkness as his body slammed into the nearest tree. Then another approached her from the side, slashing his blade near her left side, barely missing her hip. Nikka's left blade met with his as it slashed downward and she pushed it all the way to the ground and away from her foe's body, while moving forward with her right blade, thrusting it forth into the wretched Jedi's chest. Another one down... and then, two more of them were heard approaching her just a few yards away. Nikka held the other one off and began to sprint toward the location of Dagger and the others, the rest of the Jedi in full pursuit.*

    "I would suggest we save the family reuinion for another time, Lord Dagger. They're coming. I held them off for as long as I could."

    *Turning to the Dark Presence of her long time Master and Mentor, Dara Shadowtide, Nikka bowed her head and sank to one knee before the Sith Master. After she motions for Nikka to rise, Nikka raised her blades ignited and awaited them to approach, thus stepping into a defensive stance. She had been waiting for this for so many years, to be forged in the heat of battle once again. She could already smell the blood of the Jedi being spilled.*

    "It has been a long time, Master Shadowtide. It's good to see you after all this time. It's good to see all of you." She continued, while taking the battle stance.

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 09-24-2002 01:26 AM:

    :: Dara's eyes travelled over to Gideon and Xam as she nodded a greeting to them both ::

    "Yes it is I, Sith Master Dara Shadowtide."

    :: She listened as Gideon told of his travels in the galaxy to Dagger. Tales which were all too familiar. Suddenly Xam and Gideon engaged a lone Jedi and dispatched the padawan quickly. Looking around for more Jedi and not seeing any, the Sith Master's ever watchful gaze remained focused on their surroundings. She saw Tempist approach and thought it was a dream.. he was alive after all. The shroud of darkness around them was growing stronger for the first time in years. Dara smiled and greeted him with a handshake ::

    "Hello Tempist, you are a sight for sore eyes. It is good to see one of the Empire's finest still among us in the galaxy."

    :: Sensing one of her apprentices near and then hearing Dagger call Nikka by name, she saw her longtime apprentice emerge valiantly against the Jedi who were pursuing her. Calling upon the darkness within, a gust of wind blasted across the ground toward the Jedi from the Sith Master's direction. Looking over to her companion with a smile, she gave a slight gesture toward their natural born enemies as trickles of electricity danced on her fingertips ::

    "It has been too long, my dear Dagger. Let us reveal the true power of the force as we remind them of what once was.. and what shall be once again."

    Posted by Drako on 09-24-2002 01:44 AM:

    Dagger bowed low to Dara, Widowmaker was in his hand now though still unlit. He seemed to block out everyone else in the clearing. There was only Dara, the Jedi, and him.

    The Jedi, stunned by Dara's out of no where attack suddenly found themselves facing the Dark Jedi and his wife, the powerful Sith Master,

    "For you my darling,"

    Dagger spoke quietly but the words were for his wife alone, everything he did was for his wife. Widowmaker came to life in his hand, a crimson silloet of death for the Jedi.

    The Dark Jedi stepped forward, his Dragon sabre ready for the Jedi attack, his body ready for the slaughter that would soon follow. He was here for his amusement, Dara could have destroyed them with a gesture if she had choosen, she was still looking after him, one of the many reasons he loved her.

    Posted by eva neobis on 09-24-2002 11:16 AM:

    Eva felt the battle near her. Many jedi would be killed today, and less sith she imagned. Eva wasn't a member of the main group of jedi.
    It was 20 years ago, while the jedi planned their attack on the sith, Eva knew inside of her, that it was wrong. It was against the jedi principals. But the councel didn't agree, so she left. Torned from her friends, and her master, she was in pain and confused, finally she dicided not to warn the sith, she was still a jedi, even if she haden't got the councel. The jedi were foolish, through the years, they sended their padawans to take on sith knight's and masters.
    In those years, Eva learned much, she know that their was more to sith than was said by the jedi. For though sith are consumed with hatred, they're also consumed by love, for it's love that makes the anger that floes through the darkside.

    Eva was now a master, and the force trembeld around her, the force wasn't dark nor light, it simply was and that was what made it possible.
    While walking to the battlefield, to watch the fight, she felt a presence she didn't felt a long time ago, longer than 20 year, it was her brother.

    Posted by jenobi on 09-24-2002 12:51 PM:

    "oh this will be fun" jenobi said to himself as he, pulled out and ingited his double edged lightsaber. he walked behind a jedi, who was right in front of his little spot, he knew that they would watch the fight from a distance then decide to join in or not.

    jenobi had maksed his signature and presense, but the jedi heard the hum of his sabers and spun around. but it was already in motion, jenobi had aimed a strike at her, right leg with his left blade, and for her neck with the other.

    Posted by Count Alamar on 09-24-2002 03:33 PM:

    As Dara used her power a smile spread across the lips of the blind Jedi. Azrael may be intrested in Dagger, but it was the sorceress Dara that captivated the Jedi master's attention. She was a blight upon the landscape of the Force, one he intended to clense. In using her powers she had revealed herself to her antagonist, this was a chance he would not miss up.

    At a command from him the ISD increased speed, he wanted to be there as fast as possible, before they had a chance to escape, he couldn't wait for Azrael, his fellow System Lord would have to catch up.

    Alamar sat, silent, waiting, his patience was virtually unlimited but this was a time for haste. Even at this great range he could sense the battle raging down on the planet, his fellow Jedi were going to die of that he had no doubt. When he and Azrael arrived the odds would be more to his liking though.

    He relished the prospect of another battle with Dagger and Dara, the two had faught back to back against Alamar and Azrael in the fall of TSE but the two Jedi were stronger now, they were masters where before they had been knights. This time the Darksiders would not escape his cleansing fire.

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 09-24-2002 04:15 PM:

    A few more padiwans ran twards the group of force users from the edge of the clearing. Tempist turned twards them, and a sadistic, manical grin spread accross his face. He held out one open handed palm, and began to speak words he'd learned from Sith Master Jedah Lynch so long ago....

    "Yowm kal begh mostad jarroh!"

    Seemingly out of nowhere, clouds appeared over the padiwans, and several lightning bolts rained down from the sky on them, leaving nothing more than a few piles of ash and charred bone. Clouds continued to grow, but no more lightning poured down. Now only rain came.

    Tempist simply tilted his head back and let out a quick burst of insane laughter.

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 09-24-2002 11:39 PM:

    :: Dara smiled and nodded to her longtime loyal apprentice Nikka DarkStorm before turning her attention back to the Jedi. A chilling breeze gusted across the area as a tulmultous array of evil was about to befall the unsuspecting Jedi who had crossed the path of the Sith Master known as Dara Shadowtide. Summoning the archaic magicks of the Sith that she had perfected over the past twenty years, large insects began to appear from cracks in the earth which opened all around the light siders.

    Hundreds of thousands of large poisonous beetles flowed out of the earth like a living volcano as they quickly swarmed up the forms of the Jedi, shrouding them in an ebony mass of death itself. Blood curdling screams of agony filled the area all around them as the small creatures began devouring the Jedi alive. Dara watched her husband personally dispatch some of the Jedi as the eerie rumbling of thunder was heard in the distance. Tempist finished off the remainder of the Jedi in one fell swoop of dark electricity as the Sith looked upon the fallen remains of those who once stood in opposition before them ::

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 09-25-2002 01:48 PM:

    :Good to see you again Tempist:

    Gideon was in aw over the powers that the elder members of the Sith still possessed,

    :Some day I wish to be able to use the force like you three just did, those powers are extraordinary. Only if I knew the war bouts of my Master, I’m sure I would be able to do more than I could now:

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 09-25-2002 03:18 PM:

    **The door to her cell continued to warp before it was suddenly ripped from it's place as if there was a massive explosion in the room. However, only the door had been effected, the usual dust as debris of such an occurrence was simply non existent.
    Once the door was out of the way, however, the young woman made no move of advancement on the Jedi, and her words had dropped to a whisper. She was highly curious to see just how such a calm person would react. It was obvious they wouldn't kill her yet, she could just tell...There was something more they wanted from her. Probably the information she had kept from them. The locations of the stronger Sith that had survived that were not engaged in the current combat that was taking place somewhere in the universe; a conflict she was fully aware of, as if watching it like a movie in her mind’s eye.**

    Posted by Nathanial K'cansce on 09-25-2002 04:22 PM:

    *The explosion of the door from it's hinges into the wall shocked the Jedi Master, only for a moment. Instinctively, he had his lightsaber ignited and up in a defensive stance. His left hand had gone from his chest to grab onto the metallic hilt of the orange colored weapon. At least he did not need to produce a wall of light. Not yet anyway.

    Quickly, he twirled his saber using his wrists and positioned the blade so that it stretched across the new open of Takai's prison cell.*

    Been saving that one up, haven't you?

    *Nathan's still calm voice asked, rhetorically. He kept an eye on the Sith Which, waiting for her to make any unsmart moves. True, she had been useful in the past, but her uses were running dry.*

    We know where they are. This unbalancing of the Force won't last long, surely you can see that. It's only a hiccough of a bad memory. One that can no longer plague the galaxy. What ever games you are trying to play... You've lost.

    Posted by Xenodoros Stormrider on 09-25-2002 06:34 PM:

    Master Nathanial, Seiryoku spoke through the Force to the person who had helped him greatly in the fall of the Empire, Do you feel it?, Seiryoku asked, knowing that Nathanial knew that Seiryoku was talking about the Dark Side elevating quicker and quicker.

    I am going after one they call Darth Invictus, I'm sure you might have known him as Talus... I am afraid that the Sith have popped out and they're back with more power than we would have expected. I am going to research on this.

    Seiryoku thought it was best to tell Nathanial because of the knowledge they both had about Sith. Especially because they were Sith before. Seiryoku's mind was fixed on Darth Invictus. Where had he come from? Why hadn't they heard his name before this chaos? Why does the Dark Side of the Force seem to be rising?

    These were all unanswered questions, but Seiryoku knew who was behind this: The Sith.

    Seiryoku approached the dock to get to the destination where Darth Invictus was, but as he got there, there was an explosion heard inside.

    "What the...?", Seiryoku asked, concerned.

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 09-25-2002 07:15 PM:

    The force was as awash with disturbances. It seemed that it had started after he, proclaimed the return of the Empire throughout the force just a few days ago. Darth Invictus, was still on his ship as it moved towards a small planet in a dark corner of the galaxy. One that he had never bothered with because the Jedi had let it be, the dark side was ripe on this unnamed world.

    Suddenly the force ripped through his mind, the energy signatures of his master and Mistress Shadowtide were blatantly clear. There was another force that he had been familiar with that was raging as well. But that was not what concerned him. The prescence that raised his eyebrow was that of calm and serene power.

    "Jedi..." He hissed to himself. As soon as he said the words the sensors in his modified Sith Infiltrator went off the chart. A Jedi OrderKeeper (ISD) not but 100 Klics away. He may have been a Dread Lord of the Sith, but his Infiltrator was no match for a ship of that size. He began to flail at the controls scanning for another planet to land his vessel. He would fight the Jedi Master, but only hand to hand, his force abilities were useless in a ship battle of this magnitude.

    I see you Jedi, looks like I get to hunt a Master this time... Darth Invictus sent this thought to the Jedi Master onboard the large ship and then fired a full salvo of proton torpedos and concusion missles at the ship and set coordinates for a planet just a ways away from his old Master's world.

    Posted by eva neobis on 09-26-2002 07:08 AM:

    Eva spun around, a sith was attacking her. She gave him a force-push and he flew a few feet back. Her right leg was open, but it wasn't that serious. She knew, he was strong; so she had to be carefull. While he was getting up, she send a message to him through the force.

    I'm not a jedi nor a sith, i mean you no harm. Let me be, and i'll let you be. Go fight your enemy's.

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 09-26-2002 10:48 AM:

    "No games, K'cansce..only the end of the perfect deception..."

    **Her voice was haunting, yet soft, far different from the normal tortured cries that would scream out information. Her gaze lowered to the ground and the two guards that stood near her door suddenly started to make sickening gurgling noises as they began to drown in their own blood as their inner organs were crushed. As the guards fell to the ground, dead, the darkside energy in the area suddenly dropped.**

    "Put the weapon, away, Nate, you know damn well you won't have to use it..If I had wanted to kill you I would have already."

    **It was strange, her tone. It was...calming, a slight hint of annoyance was there, but the rage had faded from her eyes and her voice completely reflected it.**

    Posted by jenobi on 09-26-2002 02:01 PM:

    "ggrrrr" has the sound that came from jenobi after that attack that this one had performed on him. he saw the wound he had had and was about to attack again when he heard this...force user.

    jenobi then said to her " not jedi or sith hmmm. well, you sure do your the force like one." *wanting to find the truth her probed her mind, and quickly exited* "consider yourself extremely lucky, that i know who and what your brother is. if i didn't you would probably be dead right now."

    " i advise you to decide which path you walk a major battle is coming, one that will decide the fate of the universe once and for all. choose the right one and you will be okay...but choose the wrong*jenobi points to her leg* and i'll finish what i've started.

    jenobi then deactivates his lightsaber, and turns around to rejoin the others.

    Posted by Xam Feldek on 09-27-2002 04:48 AM:

    Listening to each sound and looking to the environement with his hawk eyes he heard them coming, he felt the sudden disturbence in the force and looked at a rock, Xam saw Jenobi coming, he was hurt and suddenly 2 jedi appeared behind him. Their lightsabres drawn and behaving like bloodthirsty dogs.. They didn't act like before.

    Xam took his sith blade and threw it to one of the jedi, Jenobi saw this and turned facing the jedi's. The jedi had dodged the Sith Blade but when he looked at the place Xam had been standing two second ago could he only see air.. Xam was already behind the jedi padawan it seemed, he would be easy to corrupt but this wasn't the time to do that. He lifted the blade with the force and lanced it to the Jedi's back. It had found its way to his spine and the Jedi fell dead on the ground.

    Xam looked to the other jedi whom was panicking.. yet..

    "Jenobi, he's yours.."

    Posted by eva neobis on 09-27-2002 10:34 AM:

    When Jenobi walked back to the batle, 2 jedi appear behind him. Before Eva could say anything, she heard the voice of her brother, jelling to Jenobi.
    A gentle smile apeard on her face when she saw the two sith fight. She had a chance that she shouldn't have to fight.

    Eva was distressed though, she ponderd over Jenobi's words. Was it right that she had to make a choice? For twenty years, she had developed herself in the force, a master now. but a master of what? not of the dark and not or the light. She did not now the answers.

    Her eyes followed her brother, while she reached out to everyone in the battle, nowing anything what's happening.

    Posted by jenobi on 09-27-2002 12:34 PM:

    jenobi was angered that he hadn't sensed them before, but now was not the time to dwell on that. he looked to Xam and said " thanks."

    he then turned to the remaining jedi, and detached both ends of his double edged saber and ignited them. he could see the surprise on the jedi's face, but that was a major mistake.

    jenobi used his right saber to cut off the jedi's head, but the jedi was so afraid that he did an outer ring block, but his fate was decided when he did that. for jenobi had facked that attack and brought it back around to the mid-section.

    the only sound heard was that of burning flesh because there was no time to scream. jenobi's blade had hit it's mark, this battle was over. jenobi was filled with disgust for the jedi, a training bot could put up more fight than that. but it didn't matter now, these were just warm up session to him.

    so he deavtivated his sabers, put them back together, and once walked back to the group but more aware and cautious this time.

    Posted by Xam Feldek on 09-28-2002 04:41 AM:

    Xam hadn't moved from behind the dead jedi but he felt a familiar, not dark, precense.. He turned and looked at the big rock which could be a hiding place for Jedi or other scum.

    He went over to the place, his footsteps marking in the wet sand and he saw a sort of hole. He jumped and ended on the top of the rock. The wind was coming from the West so he could distinguish things that were on the rock better.

    He lowered to look inside the rock and found a woman, she looked like someone he had known. She looked like a Jedi so Xam drew one of his lightsabres and held it just one inch from her throat. Then he sent a message to her via the force.

    Well, well, one more for my collection?

    Posted by eva neobis on 09-28-2002 06:18 AM:

    Eva was disturbed, her brother was finally near her, but he held a saber against her throat. She heard his message in her head and answerd.

    I hope not, Xam. It's been to long since we were seperated. But don't you recognize me?

    Posted by Xam Feldek on 09-28-2002 07:18 AM:

    Xam looked questioning to the Jedi, he was very confused but did not loose his control over her.
    Did he know this one? Had he met her before? He did remember the face..

    And who are you?

    He kept the lightsabre close to her neck but wanted first answers..

    Posted by eva neobis on 09-28-2002 10:04 AM:

    Eva send a image to Xam, It was an image of 2 children, a boy and a girl, walking on sand, while the sun warmed their faces, they were smiling, having fun.

    don't you remember?

    Eva looked Xam in the eye, her eyes spoke over her grief.

    don't you remember?

    Posted by Xam Feldek on 09-28-2002 04:06 PM:

    Two children.. playing in the sun.. This was impossible, or wasn't it?


    Those were the only words he could utter, he switched the lightsabre off and put it back on his belt but now he looked more surprised than hating.

    Posted by eva neobis on 09-28-2002 11:42 PM:

    Eva her eyes filled with tears, when she heard her name. she huged her brother.


    Posted by Xam Feldek on 09-29-2002 01:42 AM:

    When he saw his sister it did nothing to him, she meant nothing in his life. She had been gone for so long that he had forgotten her, so when she hugged him he pushed her against a boulder and was shutting her windpipe with an invisible hand.

    "Don't you touch me, it is not because we are family that I will have compassion, you still are a Jedi."

    Posted by Daegal Murdoch on 09-29-2002 07:58 AM:

    Moving with an uncanny speed, the Sith Knight, now over forty, sprinted across the landscape. Hurtling himself into the air, he landed near the one to whom he owed his entire existance, Sith Master Dara Shadowtide. With a nod to Lord DarkStar and his blood brother, Tempist Opps, Daegal's hand flew to his side and withdrew the ancient saber that had hung there for so long. With a flick of his wrist, the gold blade came to life.

    "Let us go hunting.."

    Posted by eva neobis on 09-29-2002 12:05 PM:

    With her windpipe shut, she couldn't say a word, so she sent a message through the force to Xam.

    I am not a jedi, I am nothing except somebody who uses the force. I left the jedi, when they were planning the attack, all those years ago. Did you realy think that a Jedi would just stand here, watching the fight, while his companions die? And if i was a Jedi, one of us would already be dead. I am not a Jedi, I am nothing.

    Posted by Nathanial K'cansce on 09-29-2002 01:07 PM:

    So i should feel thankful that you haven't killed me yet? Am I to be a chess piece in this game you are playing?

    *He asked the questions, never taking his eyes off the girl, nor his saber from the open doorway.*

    In any event, you have already played your last game. It's time for your execution.

    *Nathan doubted that the girl could out power him in Force moves. He had been around, learned what there was to learn, fought who there was to fight... He knew the insides and outsides of both Dark and Light. He knew the Dark Side moves and was able to stop a variety of them with his knowledge of how they were created. He knew a variety of Light moves that he could use. But he could never master anything. He had been tainted, and that shadow has stuck with him his whole life.

    That was his punishment.*

    Let's go.

    *A mesage came to him thruogh the Force. It was from a well respected Jedi, Seiryoku; a Jedi who was also present on the day the Sith fell. Don't get yourself killed, and may the Force be with you. His message sent back to the other Jedi through the Force.

    He looked over to Takai, a short smile starting to cross his lips.*

    Maybe not... Maybe you should watch as one of your bretheren dies in battle. Then, maybe you will understand that you cannot win this.

    Posted by Count Alamar on 09-29-2002 01:51 PM:

    The Jedi's ship delt with Talus's salvo with ease, the captain was not even slightly worried. He set an intercept course for the fleeing Sith.

    In his cambers, Alamar felt this, he streached out his Force sense. He could sense the Sith they were persuing, the Heretic Sorceress and the Vampyre could wait, this one had been causing problems lately, he would be delt with.

    Alamar headed down to the shuttle bay, ordering a shuttle be made ready to take him to the surface of whatever planet Talus would be brought to bay on. Then he contacted the bridge.

    "Bring down that Sith, use any amout of force required."

    Then he went and sat in the shuttle, waiting till he could go face Talus in battle.

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 09-29-2002 02:06 PM:

    Darth Invictus' ship continued to flee, but the Jedi ship was closing, suddenly the ship rocked from the force of turbo lasers grazing it's aft shielding. With lightning fast reflexes the Sith Lord moved all available power to protect his aft, leaving only enough energy for his atomospheric shielding as he entered the planet's atmosphere.

    Rather shoot me out of the sky than battle me on the ground? Afraid.... He sent this message to the Jedi Master following him.

    He landed without further incident on the planet, he knew the Master and his honor guard would be following him shortly and that is when the fun would start.

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 09-29-2002 04:13 PM:

    Gideon was starting to get annoyed by this Family Reunion,

    :XAM! Kill her or leave her, we don't have time for this. I don't see how she can help us any:

    Gideon turned and saw the great Sith known as Daegal Murdoch, he started getting a feeling that the gathering of Sith would lead to Jedi tracing them but he knew everyone was prepared this time, and that the Sith would rise again.

    Posted by Azrael Seraphim on 09-29-2002 11:19 PM:

    Azrael's Nabooian Royal Cruiser was entering the sector as he felt massive disturbances in the force, from the planet below it seemed that all the known Sith in the galaxy were amassing together for one last stand, but then he sensed the prescense of another.

    Invictus... His cold eyes did not change however. The emotionless being of light commanded his pilot to follow Count Alamar's peace keeper and to take them down as soon as he saw where the other Jedi master was going.

    "You have eluded us for too long dark one, today we finish what we started..." His voice was terrible and wonderous all at once, a righteous anger was burning in the core of his angelic being.

    Posted by Nikka on 09-29-2002 11:39 PM:

    *Hearing the screams in the darkness, Nikka grinned. Her revenge had partially been sealed. Wherever Talus was in the galaxy, she hoped he would feel their deaths. She turned just as another familiar face stood before her. It was Daegal. She lost contact with him as well when she fled. They rarely spoke, but she still considered him one of her greatest friends in the Empire. Nodding to him, she hoped he would recognize her since her look was so different.*

    "Greetings, Daegal. I believe you have read all of our minds." She said with a dark grin.

    Posted by Xam Feldek on 09-30-2002 07:05 AM:

    Xam listened to Gideon, he could see his sister fading away because she was missing air but then he panicked, for the first time in his life. Did he have to kill her.. No. He couldn't, this was no sign of weakness but he just couldn't.

    He loosened the force grip and let her breath again, then he said:

    "Sorry but never meet me on my path ever again."

    He kicked her head with a force push on the huge rock but not hard enough for a fracture and then hit her once on her temple so she would faint and then on her cheek. He then drew his lightsabre and switched it on, Gideon could see the top of the blade and Xam faked the attack, in place of killing his sister, he made a cut in a rock. It made the same sound so Gideon would think she's dead.
    Then he sent Eva a message via the force.

    You better leave this place and never come back! Hide your force signature when leaving. Goodbye

    He went back to his comrades and just said to Gideon:

    "It's done, she was slowing me down."

    He then switched his second lightsabre on and awaited the arrival of the Jedi.

    Posted by eva neobis on 09-30-2002 07:19 AM:

    When Xam released her, Eva took a deep breath. If it come to a battle, she would do what was nescessary, but she had lowered her defence, thinking that the blood is thicker than wich side of the force you're on.
    She wasn't completly wrong, he couldn't kill her, but he could hit her head in.
    When her mind went to a dark sleep, a voice said to her:
    You better leave this place and never come back! Hide your force signature when leaving. Goodbye

    Because of that voice, she quikly regained consious. Becouse of all the sith harasing her, she decided to obbey her brother. Their paths where divided, and soon she would had to make her choice. But what ever it was, she had to get out of there, risking hers and her brothers life, if they find out she wasn't dead. Quikly she ran up the hill, taking one last look behind, she had to sense the fight, if she wanted to know what was happening.

    farewell, Xam

    Posted by Count Alamar on 09-30-2002 02:41 PM:

    Alamar laughed out loud at Talus's message, the ignorant fool knew nothing, but soon he would know death. He could feel Azrael closing fast and called out to him with the Force.

    No. Do not follow. I can handel this one, hunt down the Vampyre and the Sorceress

    Alamar sat calmly and waited for the shuttle to launch, he had all the time in the universe, Talus had minutes left to live.

    Posted by Azrael Seraphim on 09-30-2002 02:54 PM:

    Azrael recieved his friends message and then inturn sent one back.

    Be careful old friend...

    Then the angel turned towards his pilot and instructed him via the force to come down on the planet near the location of the large disturbance in the force. The Jedi Master would soon be upon the dark siders and expell their foulness from the galaxy once and for all.

    There is no emotion, There is peace...

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 10-01-2002 10:38 PM:

    "You should know that watching them die again will have no effect on me. I am not trying to start some revolution, Nate! Do you not get it? I should be thanking your kind. You destroyed the one who hurt me as a child..."

    **Again she looked pained, sad.**

    "You all treat me like a wild animal when you don't have me restrained and drugged up. Are you all so afraid of me? I told you that your sabre would do you no good, not as a threat, but as a simply statement. You know I would not be able to defend myself against you. After all, killing someone like that can't possibly be in compliance with the Jedi code, can it? I have made no direct attack on you, Nate. Why should I?"

    **Cautiously she took a few steps towards him and then stopped when she felt that she was too close, waiting to see what his reaction would be.**

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 10-02-2002 01:28 PM:

    Tempist grinned as a jedi knight ran twards him, saber out and ready to strike. Apparently, this child had learned of one handed saber use, like a dagger. What a shame.

    With a blindingly quick flash of black light, the knight found his hand gone as soon as he was within striking distance, and his throat in the icy cold grasp of Tempist Opps. Normally his hands would be the temperature of any standard being, but not now. Now they were the hands of death himself. The jedi's neck froze straight through, in a fraction of a second. Tempist's ice abilities were now more masterful than any seen in a few hundred years, and he exploited them. He squeezed the frozen section of the knight's body, and it shattered into many frozen fragments of flesh, the body falling down in what looked like tattered and torn ends, disconnecting the head from the torso.

    Posted by Xenodoros Stormrider on 10-03-2002 06:08 PM:

    Seiryoku didn't know what the explosion was, but Nathanial seemed to get hold of the situation. Seiryoku felt familiar presences appear everywhere; Dark Forces.

    "I don't like this...", Seiryoku said in a low tone.

    He got on a ship, and made his way into hyperspace. He felt Darth Invictus' Force signature, and began to make his way toward him.

    Posted by Drako on 10-05-2002 02:16 PM:

    In the middle of slaughtering the Jedi the ancient Darkjedi stopped, he would have been decapitated if Dara hadn't killed the Jedi. Dagger knew Dara would look after him.

    He could feel the Jedi Masters on their way, he could feel his apprentice, the target of Alamar's hunt. Though he had not felt Talus's precence for twenty years that was not who intrested him at the moment. He had heard the rumours of the Dark Lord and had known he was alive. No, what intrested him was the faint flicker of a shadow, a ghost, a Phantom. He smiled.

    The beginnings of a plan were slowly forming in the DarkJedi's mind for it to work he would need the help of his old friend though. To get there he would need a ship, but he had been saving one for just such an occasion. Jet b;ack with dots of white aloud the SSD to blend perfectly with the starry space.

    The Star Slayer was already waiting above the planet, all they needed do was wait for a shuttle to come down and they could go find Phantom, then the slaughter could begin in ernest. He looked at Dara, a smile lighting up his face.

    "And so it begins my love,"

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 10-05-2002 02:31 PM:

    The time for the Sith reunion was coming close to ending, more and more Jedi where coming. Not organized like they where 20 years ago but they would be soon. Off in the distance two Jedi came running towards the group, they where here before there friends could come and where stupid enough not to wait. As they came running up Gideon drew his ever-faithful saber and ignited it, as they got closer Gideon saw the Jedi Master with his Apprentice right behind him. With a simple hand extended in front of him Gideon sent off a force push that through the padawan for a loop and on his face, With a swing of his right saber he and the Jedi Master where in battle.

    Sparks flew as the two sabers stood in a dead lock, but it wouldn't be that way for long. The padawan was back on his feet and with lightsaber ignited came running at the two. With great perfection Gideon moved the sparks fling from the two blades with the force into the Masters eye's, as the Jedi Master let off his saber Gideon swung around and met the padawan with a force enhanced blow and the Jedi’s saber flew far from the impact. As the padawan tried to escape Gideon caught him under the chin with one arm and put him in a headlock, knowing that he could snap his neck in two with one swift movement the padawan stood still and walked as he walked.

    Standing in front of the knight who's eye's still burned from the sparks Gideon in one graceful swing took off the head of the Master or so he thought. The Jedi Master was using the force as his eye's to guild him and her blocked Gideon's saber with his own and with his apprentices dropped saber which he summoned with a force pull he slashed Gideon across his already injured chest. The Master stood back up on his feet and swung one of his sabers in an attempt to cut Gideon in two and dropped the other for it fizzled out from the impact against the rocky terrain it took earlier but the Sith had other plans. Gideon pushed the padawan out of the headlock and directly into the Master's blade as a body shield. With stealth capabilities Gideon now stood behind the Jedi Master who had though he hit his target and mistoke Gideon for his apprentice. With one precise hit a loud snap echoed about and the Jedi Master fell paralyzed. Unable to move or speak the Master started sending out a message via the force,

    "Help me please someone help me, I have lost the fight of my life and am paralyzed please someone come help me, come kill the Sith"

    Gideon let the Jedi Master send his message out a couple of timed before he finished the job by beheading the Jedi Master. Gideon walked back over by the group and said,

    :There will more, lots more:

    With that said Gideon dropped to the ground and grabbed his chest, he moved over to a rock and sat up against it hoping this wouldn’t be the end, but he could barley spit out what he wanted to say,

    :For anyone.......who might want to leave and get more organized.....They probaly came down here in a shuttle:

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 10-05-2002 10:52 PM:

    " Much ... I suppose. "

    :: The Sith Master continued to smile as he looked upon his beautiful Dark Angel, Slowly and gracfully he lent over and kissed her gently upon the lips ::

    " Much Better Now. "

    :: Last night had been a long night in more ways then one, The two had killed hundreds just like they had everynight since they had arrived on the planet.

    Though this time something was different, during their killing spree they encountered hundreds of Jedi and thier Death Squads waiting for them, the two Sith barily escaped with their lives.

    During battle he felt a great power, a power that he hadn't senced since the great 'Sith Purge' had the Jedi Council finally had enough of the two, had they sent their great armies to crush the two ::

    " Come, get ready we go out again tonight ... "

    :: Phantom looked at his blood stained cloak and gave a slight smirk. Tonight was going to be twice the blood bath as the night before. Phantom slowly rose to his feet and walked to the closet, removing his towel he began to get dressed ::

    Posted by Daegal Murdoch on 10-07-2002 07:13 PM:


    Just a few moments ago, the learned Sith known as Daegal Murdoch's Force Signature was Dark and Strong, a beacon among the surrounding planets. But now, it was almost undetectable. The Sith lay on the ground, blood pouring out of his side, gasping for air. Over him stood two men, both obviously Jedi Masters. Jedi, or so they called themselves, yet they attacked him from behind. They looked down at the Sith and smiled as the older one brought his saber overhead, the faint whim buzzing in the crisp air, Daegal's neck it's target. One of the darkest flames left in the galaxy was about to be extinguished....

    Posted by Azrael Seraphim on 10-07-2002 07:26 PM:

    Azrael stepped out of the ship, his saber already in his hand, there were more Masters on this planet, the Jedi were swarming it. This was the Sith's last stand it seemed. Two other angels stepped out behind him, his honor guard in both the Order of Light and the Students of Light. All three Angel warriors spread their wings and began flying over the battlefield, they had but one goal, find the Sith Masters and kill them, the other Sith could be contained by the Knights and other masters. But Dagger and his witch would not.

    "Be prepared my brothers, the time has come for the galaxy to know the order, the Order of Light."

    Azrael spoke in his native tongue to his angelic bretheren and no one who heard his terrible voice would have been untouched.

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 10-08-2002 12:25 PM:

    Sensing power of the opposite side nearby, Tempist turned to see two strong jedi attacking his brother... and wining. The demi-god Sith ran twards them, and sent a wall of complete gibberish into the minds of the lightsiders, as he would speak through the force. That would atleast distract them for a moment. One of the two jedi ran twards him, already in the process of mainpulating the force to his own weak will. This one was an illusionist, and trying to get into Tempist's head. Feeling confident with his mental defenses, Tempist ignored this master, and instead gave a good, well aimed force push twards the shoulder of his brother's current assailent. He knew he'd probably be very injured for ignoring the mindbender, but he couldn't let his brother die. Not like this.

    Posted by Callista on 10-16-2002 06:53 PM:

    Callista smiled at the supple contact of her lover’s lips upon her own. As he moved she watched him a moment before slipping from beneath the sheets to roll from the bed and advance upon the closet.

    Her traditional garb had always been a leather cat-like suit that hugged her curves perfectly and even over the years and many changes in her life, she still fancied the thing. Her choice of weaponry had altered from its original smuggling purpose, however. The transformation to a Vampyre had given her enhanced abilities and she had no use for a blaster or daggers anymore. The violet bladed saber that still rested at her hip only occasionally was put to use, as was the leather whip that remained coiled to the belt. She much preferred the more direct route of free hand to incapacitate her foe.

    Once dressed, she snatched her violet trimmed cloak from its roost on a nearby chair and slung it around her shoulders, clasping the ends at her neck with a delicate, handcrafted, silver cuff. Turning to face her husband Callista ran her tongue across her dual fangs, then grinned as she slid her hands up to rest on her hips. “Ready, love?”

    Posted by Nikka on 10-18-2002 10:29 PM:

    She wandered away from the group alone to dwell on her thoughts. Twenty years of her life was wasted. It didn't matter since she spent most of the time alone and suffering from the loss felt in her heart. He may have been alive now, but he would never be the same. He would never kiss her, hold her or be with her in the same way again. He was really and truly gone and what was the use in hoping he would return to her? He probably thought she was dead as well. On her approach of what used to be the Sith Empire Headquarters, she slid in the doors silently. It had changed drastically. The walls were no longer the sleek black finish. It was sickening to look upon. What used to be her home was now vandalized with portraits of Jedi Masters and their comrades. Nikka just shook her head and continued on without looking to the walls. It was then that footsteps approached from behind her. Nikka halted. This was what she wanted and didn't try to evade. Turning around, she saw them facing her with their weapons drawn, but not activated. She just looked to them and smirked.

    "You will not be needing those."

    Nikka unfastened and slid her utility belt from her waist and threw it down, the weapons clattered as they hit the ground. Both of the Jedi looked to her, raising an eyebrow. Why would a Sith suddenly surrender to their worst enemy? Simple. To give him what he wanted. He would probably enjoy seeing her suffer as she did for twenty years. But was this really her intention? Nikka let a sly grin creep across her face as they led her down the hall. She focused on the utility belt held by one of the men and let one of her lightsabers ease into the grip of her palm. She glanced up to see if they noticed, but they didn't even look in her direction. Before they could sense it, Nikka's blade screamed to life with one flick of the activation button from behind her back and she spun around to her right, decapitating the two Knights in one motion. She took her utility belt from the one that carried it as their bodies fell to the ground. Nikka chuckled darkly as she looked down on their stillness before moving on. Now to find more.

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 10-23-2002 06:10 PM:

    Eight years old....

    Throw it here son......
    Try to catch this one father.......
    Good throw son......

    Ten years old, I found my calling...

    What is this you do father....
    I'm the Blacksmith for our village son.....
    Blacksmith, what does that mean.....
    It means I make things for others out of steel, Like this sword....
    Father, can I do it with you....

    Eighteen years of age when my life changed forever....

    Father, Mother....
    No, don't take our son....
    Don't worry for I shall return *whip* Shut Up Slave....
    He's used up, He wouldn't even make good food for the beast's, leave him here let him rot....
    Look there, isn't that the Desdemona boy....
    Where, where our my parents....
    They took them, after they came back and said you were dead....
    They shall all pay for what they have done....

    One year had past....

    I've come before you great leaders of the Sith to ask for entrants into the empire....
    I welcome you as a member of the Sith Empire, Sith Disciple Gideon Desdemona....
    *smack* You shall fight with honor or shall die by my hand.....
    What ever you say master.....

    The age of twenty had come upon him when the time came....

    I love you with all that I am able to love.....
    OH Gideon, Then Marry Me....
    When I return we shall have our lives joined forever....

    He was filled with high spirits only not to be welcomed....

    Mother, Father, I have found you, you are now free....
    Son please come here, what have you done, you killed them all....
    I am no longer your son, I am a Sith and if you ever see me again you will not live to tell it....

    Then it happened....

    NO!!!!!!!!!, how can this be, the empire what has happened, his true love gone....

    Gideon was now the age of forty, lying in a pool of his own blood and just have seen his life flash before his eye's he thought back to that night, The night before he left when his life was good and filled with the one he loved. This was the thing he thought about before it went black, and Sith Knight Gideon Desdemona's incomplete soul slipped away into eternal Darkness......

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    Posted by Keagle on 10-25-2002 03:49 AM:

    Deep below the grounds of the Sith Empire headquarters, there was nothing.

    Then, there was. A small thud signalled the heartbeat, of a man long dead. But then... there was nothing.

    'I must!! I must wake up!!' Thought Keagle. He could feel the Dark Side, rising again. He knew he must help Talus Invictus on his spree. He knew he haad to rise again. It is true he was dead, but his ghost had been waiting in a land he could only describe as pergutory.

    He had been there since that day, some twenty years ago. He must have been one of the first to die, and one of the only ones to know the truth.

    Keagle ran, headlong into the battle, brandishing his fathers faithful dagger in one hand, and a salvaged Jedi's blue lightsabre in the other.
    As he ran, he decapitated a young padawan. It felt good, it had been so long since his last kill.
    He ended the lives of another, then another, until he felt it.
    A burning pain, in his chest He had been stabbed, from someone inside the defense. He looked down to see something blood curdling. A red lightsaber.
    'Sith!' He screamed.
    A traitor was amidst the Sith Empire that day.

    But today, there was only one thing to concerntrate on. The Dark Side. Revenge.
    But for that, he needed a body. A ticket out of this grey room, where he had spent twenty years alone. It was like waiting for something he knew wasn't coming.

    He focused, hard. He had to live... just for a year, maybe two. He drew life, from everything around him. He stole energy, from tree roots, soil, anything near him.

    'Come on!!' He shouted!!
    'COME OOON!!!!!!!' He screamed through the Force. A million force sensitivesd must have heard it.

    Thud Yes! Finally, he had done it.
    Thud Good. a strong heart beat.

    Now he had a new objective - Reaching Talus. He could feel the strength of Invictus, the Dark Side was pouring from him like a waterfall. Keagle had to help kill the Jedi. He had to find out who killed him.

    He reached inside his cloak, where he hoped - Yes - he found his dagger. His only weapon, other than the force. When the attack happened, he was still only a disciple. He had not yet constructed a lightsaber.

    He was amazed to find his faithful weapon, but after a minute, he put two and two together.
    Someone had buried him.
    Perhaps The Traitor with a guilty consciounce, perhaps a friend. Perhaps even a guilt stricken Jedi.

    He had to dig himself out of his grave. He looked up, and the Force told him he was near the TSE building. He was roughly ten feet underground. Any other time, this would have been a sinch to get out of. But today, he had not accessed the Dark Side in over twenty years.

    He struggled to raise his dagger. He pointed it directly upwards, and concerntrated. He thought of all the death that had been experienced here. This place was extremely strong in the Force.
    He channelled it all, through his body, along his arm, and into the dagger.

    He had never used the 'Storm of the Force', Lightning, but he had to try.

    "AAAARGH!!!!!" He screamed, as thousands of volts surged from the dagger. It was incredible draining, and the dagger became white hot. It was excruciating.

    He saw the earth above him crumble, it was like ash now. He simply stood on the firm soil beneath him, and climbed his way through the burnt dirt above him.

    When he reached the surface, he opened his mouth, and took a long, deep breath of air.

    He had to contact Talus. He needed to help. He could see that Talus was being driven by a huge sense of power, but when Tom Keagle was alone in the room, he saw that the power was going to kill Talus. Maybe indirectly, he didn't know.

    He didn't know how many other survivors there were, or who had won, but by the look of the building he once worked and trained in, it looked like a huge battle had been fought.

    'Talus Invictus!! I sense you. I see what you are doing. I wish to help you. I have recently arisen from my grave. revenge is all that is on my mind, and I have important information for you. Please!! Hear my cry!!'


    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 10-27-2002 07:46 PM:

    :: The unspoken connection the two had shared for such a long time was beneficial in times like these. They communicated without words via the Dark Side as Dagger explained the first part of his plan to her. Dara wondered when the next shuttle would be landing and looked over to the Dark Jedi Master awaiting his response ::

    Posted by Talisa on 11-17-2002 06:56 PM:

    Two voices screamed in the Jedi Knight's head as she stood in the main hall. It was nearly terrifying how their voices cried as their lives were taken. There was someone near. Someone was inside the compound and Talisa was going to find whoever it was.

    Gathering her ivory polished lightsaber hilt, she began a trek down the corridor, opening her mind to the force to find the intruder. Since everyone else had been occupied with the battle going on outside the compound many miles away, she had to be the one to do the search. She felt the dark presence nearby, getting closer and closer, the presence was so dark and staggering, she could barely take another step. There was a connection somewhere to an overwhelming darkness that was looming in the shadows. She could feel it, but couldn't put a place on what it was.

    "I'm coming for you... can you feel it?"

    Talisa stopped as she heard a dark, hissing voice echoing in her head. She sighed and continued down the hall, retrieving the lightsaber hilt from her belt. She was already beginning to feel anxious as the presence neared her and always prayed that this day would never come. She remembered the day 20 years ago when the Jedi finally defeated the Sith and always hoped they would never return... but now they have. Many lives have now been lost, life forces were fading around her. She suddenly felt alone, like she was the only one left.

    Turning the corner slowly, she heard the voice again, only this time, she was laughing maniacally. It echoed so loud in her mind, she could no longer hear her own thoughts nor her footsteps falling on the floor. Whoever this was, she was trying to get her to back down and to turn away, but she never backed down and only felt peace overcome her.

    "The time to die is upon you. Come for me... I'll show you just what I can do when I hand you your very own head.

    "Get out of my head..." Talisa sighed, covering her ears as if to drive the voice out of her mind and pressed on.

    She was closing in...


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    Posted by jenobi on 11-18-2002 02:42 PM:

    " So inexperienced, so timid, so eager to wipe out the stupid."

    Jenobi stood behind this jedi who was trespassing in places she should not

    " Why go looking for one threat when a entirely new one has presented itself."

    Jenobi unhooked his double edged saber an ignited it. He aimed the left saber for her neck and the right for her legs.

    Posted by Telan Desaria on 11-23-2002 06:49 AM:

    The reflection he say in the mirror was not pleasing. It was not hideous, and was by no means unattractive, but it displeased the owner. Where there was once a cropped mane of black hair, there was now cropped black hair with a streak of grey seemingly running down from each of his ears.

    Age was catching up with the Kuati Admiral.

    The Grand Admiral Telan Desaria, Warlord of the Empire, Regent of the Galactic Community.

    Luckily for Desaria, Kuati males aged slowly. At forty eight, he appeared only thirty, save for the stray greys.

    All in all, he thought, I do look better than my peers.

    At that, the Grand Admiral shared a chuckle with the personless expanse of his cavnerous quarters. Grinning, he donned his immaculate Grand Admiral's uniform, and realized he had make.

    * * *

    " Good morning, sir," chirped the young aide-de-camp to the Grand Admiral, Major Maxim. The boy had only been a half dozen years old when the Empire was unified into the massive force it was today. Starting with less than twenty Star Destroyers, the Imperial Fleet now fielded eight thousand, supported by over half a million support ships, flung across an Empire that stretched from the Tingel Arm to the Unknown Regions, and from the Core to the Inner Rim. Twenty five sectors and over three hundred thousand inhabited worlds pledged their allegiance to the Imperial Banner.

    " Good morning, Arren. What is on my agenda today after my rendezvous?"

    " You have a meeting scheduled with Admirals Roster and Terrivette to discuss the next stages of the invasion of Sernpidal."

    " When is that?"

    " In five hours, Admiral."

    " Excellent. Until then, I am not to be disturbed."

    " Yes sir!"

    The pair continued on for the turbolifts at the aft of the flagship's command tower.

    * * *

    Major Maxim was left on Deck 43 at his office so the Grand Admiral could arrive at his appointment without any...distractions, especially the protestations of young and ignorant staff officers, who were loyal to the Empire but unsure how to execute that loyalty.

    The Grand Admiral knew how: begin executing the enemies of the Imperial way of life.

    * * *

    The lift tubes took the Admiral to a sparsely populated region of his flagship, the Monarch-class Super Star Destroyer Vengeance. The ride took just over half an hour to go from the command tower to the prow of the 18,000 meter long dagger shaped vessel.

    Th wait was worth it, however. The brig had someone the Grand Admiral wanted to see.

    The dark durasteel was far from inviting as the Grand Admiral strode down a barely lit corridor. Every ten meters was a pair of Fleet troopers, each one of them wearing a rucksack-type harness on their backs. As the Grand Admiral marched past, they fell into formation behind him. By the time he reached a large armor plated door, there were twenty guards behind him and five stormtroopers hesitant to admit him.

    " Sir, he is not safe."

    " He is, believe me. They have been in there for the last five days, and they checked in this morning, so we are in control of the situation. Your concern is noted, and appreciated. Now step aside, Sergeant."

    " Yes sir." The stormtroopers then fell in behind and with the troopers. They too had harness on their backs, but theirs matched their bone white armor.

    The near platoon sized formation passed through an antie chamber and then a sizeable room where two E-web blasters had been pointed at another armor-plated blast door. The Grand Admiral nodded to one of two red tuniced Inquisitoriate officers aside the door and it parted.

    A whoosh of air was sucked in, the room's atmosphere thin and stale. The room itself was a pale grey with white lights along the far floor-wall seam. Inside sat a computer control station and four red tuniced Inquisitoriate officers.

    At the centre of the room was a man inside a mutli barred cage that hummed with energy and life. The man, however, did not. He body had been beaten and his spirit broken. His robes had become rags and his pride deflated. His arms had been bound to a post and it was there he slumped, his arms above his head and his body seeming to dangle at their tether.

    The man was a Jedi.

    Desaria marched in, his head high and chest full or righteous arrogance. Around the walls moved the phalanx of guards that had followed him. Desaria stood, the room silent, just beyond the cage.

    The Jedi saw him and raised his beaten and bashed face to meet the Admiral's cold stare.

    " You are a Jedi," the Admiral spat, adding every ounce of disgust and contirition he felt to that last word. " You are sworn to protect the Republic. You did, as your record tells me, kill some fifty-eight Imperial soldiers during the Fourth Battle of Coruscant that had stormed the Jedi Council Building."

    The Jedi could not speak.

    Desaria continued unabated. " You failed, however, you and your...race. The Empire is powerful again, and we rule over half the galaxy now. You have failed. But not before you were successful. It as your kind and the pitiful Republic which splintered my proud Empire and kept it apart for fifty years, every attempt at unification demolished by your arrogance and wizardry.

    " You were successful for half a century. Then our will to be one overpowered your magically fantasy. And now you shall pay for your crimes of not only beginning, but maintaining the Great Regression for as long as it did."

    The Grand Admiral looked coldly at the Jedi.

    " This Force cage is all that is stopping me from killing you with my bare hands."

    The Admiral realized he was wearing a side arm, of Inquisitoriate issue, a rare disruptor pistol.

    " But then, it stops the force and people, not energy.

    " May the Force be damned."

    The Grand Admiral removed his pistol from its belt holster and in one action aimed and fired one shot into the heart of the slumped Jedi Knight. Whatever had happened to the Force user's voice was undone as he screamed in pain, the disruptor mashing and mincing his molecular structure as it tore him apart in a most painful way.

    The painwas ended, and his rags remained. The body had gone, but the echoes of his cries would forever be locked in that room....

    To be added to the few that had preceeded it, and the many that would follow.

    The Great Purge had now reached its true Zenith, the Empire now not killing blindly. It was merely exacting its own hard earned vengeance.

    The Great Imperial Crusade had already started...

    Grand Admiral Telan Desaria
    Commander of the Empire

    Do not dare act Contrite,
    for soon you shall see the Light....

    The Light of Imperial Might

    Posted by Telan Desaria on 12-07-2002 08:16 AM:

    Imperial Commander's Personal Log. 17th Day, 13th month, Year of Tryll.

    Yesterday, my Destroyer came upon a transport of civilians fleeing the planet of Mindos, just inside the former Hapes Sector. We detected four Force sensitives aboard, and I decided against a boarding party. If they were in fact full Jedi, my men would stand no chance.

    We eliminated the vessel with a defilade of concussion missiles.

    I regret something however:

    One escape pod got away.

    * * *

    " Damn!" The Grand Admiral shouted, sending the crystal sheet a thousand different places in his office, one for each piece. The explosion of the report that had been on it almost matched that of his anger.

    Admirals Terrivette and Roster remained near motionless in their seats, waiting for their Supreme Commander's outburst to end.

    " Admiral, the Tempest was overwhelmed. Seven captured Carracks! We had no idea the Republic even had that many forces in the region. Intelligence indicated they had all been called into the Colonies for our feignt at Ira-drell." Admiral Terrivette was a calm sort, having served under Desaria for frty years.

    He knew what to expect.

    Desaria did as well, and he made it known. " Seven Carracks or seventy, it does not matter. Once he knew that he could not defeat them, Captain Vost should have fought for a withdrawl and leapt from the system. The destruction of the ISD Tempest was uncalled for. From now on, scout the system before you send in your initial invasion force. Twenty thousand Fleet crewmen dead and twelve thousand Army troops dead for no reason. Do not let it happen again."

    Both Admirals nodded, the Imperial half of the Grand Admiral getting a better grasp on him than the emotional side, brought out in little frequency but violent rapidity.

    " The 188th Destroyer Squadron is attached to your assault force. They have five of the twenty Destroyers allocated to that formation. The 235th has another five, and the 237th six. I do not see why you do not corner the system. Take a squadron in through three, equidistant points of entry and surround whatever remains. You've got several dozens support ships. If they Carrakcs are still there, wonderful. Capture them, disable them, destroy them, I don't care. But that system is vital to our Rim Expansion Operation. Take it. Please."

    The two Admirals, thankful the stern, calculating Supreme Commander had returned, nodded and rose. They saluted, acknowledged their cue, and removed themselves from the room.

    Desaria adjusted his uniform and strode onto the bridge of the Imperial flagship.

    " Inform me when the Admirals have departed. Prepare to engage the fleet on my mark."

    " Aye sir," replied the flag captain.

    Desaria moved forward and stared out over his flotilla, arrayed over top of the Taraviann Nebula. The dagger shaped Vengeance surrounded by twenty Destroyers of varrying classes, and a dozen support ships made an impressive picture for the Imperial HoloNet. He hoped the small band of reports somewhere in the bowels of his flagship got an eye full. They would see the full might of their tax dollars and the veracity with which they were used.

    " Grand Admiral, all non essential personnel are disembarked and the fleet reports battle readiness. "

    Desaria grinned. " Excellent. Execute hyperspace jump for the Jedi Academy on Ossus."

    Grand Admiral Telan Desaria
    Commander of the Empire

    Do not dare act Contrite,
    for soon you shall see the Light....

    The Light of Imperial Might

    Posted by Talisa on 12-11-2002 02:55 PM:

    (OOC: It's okay. I wanted to make sure )


    .:The Knight sensed the second presence approach her just in the nick of time. Clever this Sith was, knowing when to reveal his presence. As she turned, she quickly depressed the activation button on her ivory plated hilt, the gold blade singing to life. She quickly deflected the whirling blade that came at her neck, but it wasn't enough to dodge the other sided blade coming for her legs and tried to jump back a bit. Just as she landed on her feet, the tip of the Sith's blade nicked both kneecaps, ripping the cloth of her ivory slacks. Gasping a bit for air, she gathered all concentration on the force, directing a Force blast toward him, hopefully getting him to stumble back into the wall behind him:.

    Posted by jenobi on 12-14-2002 04:50 PM:

    Jenobi smiled as he heard her gasp for air, but he didn't dwell on it.

    He sensed the force blast coming towards him, and when it got close enough to him he used one of his most powerful techniques... Absorb

    He made it look like he was knocked into the wall, but while doing so he used the energy he absorbed and channeled it back out through darkside to fling loose bricks at her

    Jenobi then came on the offense again, with one saber aimed towards her left ribcage and the other to her right shoulder

    Posted by Talisa on 12-20-2002 02:49 PM:

    .::She knew the Sith would absorb the attack and stepped back once again. As he moved one blade to her left ribcage, she deflected it with her saber blade, holding it vertically with the tip facing downward, and ducked below the blade coming at her right shoulder. After rising to her full height, several of the bricks hit her shoulders and one nearly grazed her head, so she ducked again. After standing again, she honed in on the double bladed hilt, slashing downward toward the center, slicing the hilt in half::.

    Edit: OOC: Sorry, didn't see that part.

    Posted by jenobi on 12-23-2002 01:42 PM:

    OOC: uummm...what about the bricks?

    Posted by Talisa on 12-23-2002 02:06 PM:

    OOC: Gotcha. I edited it in the post. Thanks. *bangs forehead on desk*

    Posted by jenobi on 12-24-2002 04:47 PM:

    OOC: no prob

    IC: Jenobi had a small lapse in focus as he witnessed the Jedi's speed. But when she attacked his saber he let out an evil grin, seeing as how she really did no damage to his weapon...or weapons

    " Hahahaha...Jedi, you should know that things are not always what they seem."

    Jenobi then pressed a button on each side of the hilt, and a lightsaber blade shot from each of them

    "This is a little trick I picked up, one that can turn one double-bladed saber into two individual saber...You could have destoyed one of them, but since your attack hit in the middle they were other words good for me and bad for you."

    Jenobi then ran towards her, and at the last moment jumped over her head. While doing so he aimed one of the sabers to hit her on the head

    Posted by Telan Desaria on 12-29-2002 08:23 AM:

    Ussus itself was a shimmering mass of grey, tan, and green, its once proud forests laid low centuries before by a Sith-ignited Nova flare.

    Centuries later, the New Republic that owned and the Jedi that manned it had done their utmost to reform the planet to its former glory. Now, hundeds of buildings littered the surface where cities had once grown, thousands if not tens of thousands of young Jedi training on their sorcerous techniques.

    They were blissfully ignorant in their youth of the threat of the Empire in its full fledged vengeance.

    The Empire, fifty years after its final unification, retained its deep steaed hatred of the Jedi and their Protectors for a very good reason: its military commander had served to unify the Empire, and had fought before then when the Empire was only a thousand different Admirals vying for one command.

    * * *

    " Sir!"

    " Yes?"

    " We have reached Ossus."

    " Shields."

    Above Ossus, the stars shook on their celestial rockers, an Imperial Battle Fleet exiting hyperspace between her primary moon and the world below. The mantlepiece of the formation was a fifteen thousand meter, dagger shaped craft that for ten years had carried the flag of the Empire: the Monarch-class Star Destroyer Vengeance.

    From small orbital platforms came a paltry formaton of armed freightors and corvettes: the best defense the Republic could mount, the majority of its sector defenses attempting to contain a massive diversionary assault near Ora-nierari. The world was a lynch pin on a major trade route, an assault perfectly planned to bring the Republic to it.

    The small ships came forward, bravely training their guns in the face of twenty Star Destroyers.

    Their valour was magnificent: they came on, true and steady.

    " Eliminate them," came the ominous order from the Grand Admiral's command chair.

    Several dozen heavy turbolasers blasts made quick work of the defenders, the lead warships plowing the debris aside like snow after a storm.

    " Prepare landing parties. Deploy pickets. All ships ready for orbital bombardment."

    " Fire."

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