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    Posted by Darth Phantom on 12-09-2002 06:03 PM:
    New Era: The Hunt

    OOC: Closed to all, but tomduo and Nikka DarkStorm. If you'd like to join send me a PM or an E-mail.

    :: It was a Dark moonless night, a foul wind blew heavily from the East. A light sprinkle was felt as lightning flashed in the near distance, soon followed the thunder, shaking the ground below.

    A Sinister and Evil creature moved silently through the city, his body was was unseen as it was clad in all black and covered by a thick pitch black cloak. The only way anyone was to know he was lurking about was to see his blood red eye's peering out from under his black hood, though you wouldn't have lived much longer after seeing them.

    A whicked grin brushed pass the Dark Lord's lips as he felt the one he was hunting, his blood red eye's turned a darker crimson color for a moment as he thought ::

    " Salen ... "

    :: The Sith Lord whispered to himself. His eye's died down to their natural color as he ran swiftly towards his ship 'Hell Raiser'.
    As he neared his cloaked vessel he pressed the small green button that sat on a tiny control panel on his wrist. There was a light beeping sound as his ship decloaked, pressing a small blue button the rear ramp opened. Large amounts of steam swirled about as the ramp slowly lowered.

    As he took his first step on the lowered ramp he stopped for a moment, turning he looked to the trees that surrounded his landing place, a small smile flashed on his shadowed face as he darted up the ramp towards the cockpit.

    Pressing the small red button his his wrist panel 'Hell Raiser' gave a low rumble as it's engines were coming online and preparing for dust off. Seconds later the low rumble turned into a steady hum as the vessel lifted off the ground ::

    Posted by tomduo on 12-09-2002 06:35 PM:

    OOC: My characters name is Thomas(Tom) Salen.


    Tom walked silently along the streets past the various might. This was his first venture since Mistress Amalia departed, and he became a Jedi. Teaching the padawans taught him many tricks from his studying. He felt more at peace.

    He knew love was against the code, in a way, but he still sought his love. She left him on Corellia because of her education, much to thier heart ache.

    The hair on the back of his neck stood up. He felt this before. He turned around, brushing into several people.


    He narrowed his eyes as he looked around. Where was it, it was cloudy, and hazy, but there.

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 12-09-2002 06:35 PM:

    Another dark presence followed in the night throughout the city, shrouded by an ebony cloak that billowed as she strode down the alleyway. She hadn't followed the Sith Lord very closely, but made sure she wouldn't lose him, since she was following someone that was one with the Darkness. All she could do was lock in on his presence the best she could. He still had that staggering feeling, one that she couldn't let go of ever since their ordeal. It had been many months since she had even spoken to him, except of course the many tongue lashings they had shared. Somehow, something was still there. Nikka still shared a respect for the Sith Lord, even though he probably didn't know it.

    Hearing the distant humming of an engine firing up, she began a force sprint toward the location of the sound, which was obscured by a forest in the distance. The force sprint was one of the most exhilirating experinces Nikka had ever had. Allowing the Darkness to engulf her entire physical form was truly a rush for her entired senses. She held onto that sense until she found it, the ship that was about to take off. The ramp was still down but close by stood Phantom, he almost seemed to sense her nearby as he looked directly at the tree she was hiding behind, but thought it to be sheerly coincidental. Watching, she waited for the precise moment to make a run for it. She knew he would not be pleased that she followed him, but would have to wait and see what his reaction was.

    The thought then passed as she watched him dash up the ramp and fade into the darkness. Then she made her run for it, doing the same just as the ship began to lift from the ground. She had to make a very daring leap, but barely made it, panting out of breath as she rolled over onto her back.

    "I.." She panted again. "I'll never ever do that again." Nikka commented to herself and laid there just in time to watch the ramp close behind her. Finding a dark, obscured area, Nikka quickly made her way there, waiting, wondering when he would find her.


    .:Bio Page:.

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 12-10-2002 05:26 PM:

    " Interesting ... Mmmmmm ... Yes Indeed ... "

    :: The Sith Lord said softly to himself as he pressed the button that opened the blast doors to the cockpit. Before entering he turned slightly, looking down the dark corridor where he had just come. The dark posed no problem to the Dark Lord, he could see better in complete darkness then humans could in the day.

    An evil grin tugged at the corners of the Sith's lips as he thought a moment ... she was here ... Had she come to kill him? ... No ... It was somethingg else ... Something he was unable to think of at the moment ::

    " Damn. "

    :: He said aloud as he turned to enter the cockpit, taking a seat he turned to face the large control panel that controlled every function on the YT-2400 known simply as 'Hell Raiser', pressing the launch button the vessel soared into the heavens above ::

    " Your death is at hand ... Jedi. "

    :: The frown he often worn upon his face turned into a blood thirsty grin as his ship touched down on it's mark. He hadn't traveled far, only a few hundred miles to the other side of the same planet. Pressing a few buttons the ship's engins shut off and the hum began to die down. Opening the cockpit blast doors the Sith Lord began to walk towards the lowering rear ramp.

    The presence of the Dark Lord was growing quickly, he was here for one reason and one reason only ... to kill a Jedi ... No one could stop him from what he was about to do and anyone who tryed would end up with the same fate as the hunted Jedi ::

    Posted by tomduo on 12-10-2002 08:34 PM:

    He walked toward the increasing darkness until he saw a ship landing. He walked directly to the ramp, standing several meters away, as it lowers. His tongue roamed his mouth as he wet his lips.

    His breathing was calm as he stood there. His emotions, cool and calm. He had not an ounce of fear or anger on his face. Rather interest. He knew something had hunted him, and he knew it was time to confront it.

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 12-10-2002 09:10 PM:

    Nikka had been taken by a light slumber, resting her head against the bulkhead and was unaware that the ship hand taken off. The Force Sprint had drained a lot of energy from her, muchless the daring leap that she had to make to get on board. Her face wasn't exactly restful as she winced slightly, a gasp and groan echoed through the narrow halls. Nikka's dreams were far from peaceful, which was probably a factor in why she didn't sleep most of the time, thought there were times when she had to catch a rest or two. But this one was about to be cut off short

    Her eyes snapped open as she felt the jolt of the ship landing, and then seconds later heard footsteps echoing through the corridor. Beads of sweat had formed on her face from the disturbance. She soon wiped her face off on her sleeve and stood up, silently peering out into the hall.

    Darkness. Emptiness.

    Nobody was there... at the moment. She suddenly felt sick to her stomach, like this had turned into a bad idea, but she stepped out into the hall from her hiding place to find out what was going on and what he was after.

    Soon it dawned on her. The Light. A presence of the Light was near. Nikka then realized what Phantom was after and grinned. She would not approach him just yet, but wait for the right moment.

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 12-13-2002 04:47 PM:

    :: The Dark Lord chuckled lightly to himself as he felt the presence of the Jedi near his location ::

    " It would seem he has come to meet his fate ... Excellent. "

    :: The Sith Lord spoke aloud. As the ramp lowered a whicked and blood thisrty grin graced the Shadow Lords lips, slowly his hand slid into the many folds of his pitch black cloak, resting his hand upon 'Death's' hilt, his most prized lightsaber.

    As the ramp touched down the Dark Lords eyes grew a dark crmson color as his pray stood before him. Slowly the mighty Sith walked gracfully down the ramp until he stood nearly toe to toe with the hunted ::

    " Greetings Jedi Salen. I am Dark Lord Darth Phantom. "

    Posted by tomduo on 12-13-2002 05:18 PM:

    "Hello." His guise did not shift. "If you wish to start trouble, I'd warn you against it. It would be ill advised to fight, dark one."

    He smiled. "But then your kind are never... Your thoughts are on another. Would you really try to kill me while you are distracted?"

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 12-13-2002 06:46 PM:

    Watching from the shadows of the exit/ramp, Nikka eyed the Jedi that approached. She felt that it wasn't quite time to reveal herself just yet and remained there for the time being. The darkest of smiles grazed on her lips as she watched the two converse.

    "Heh.." She mused quietly to herself while chuckling under her breath, "How they seem to talk their way out of a battle, the Jedi."

    Nikka knew there was going to be a fight no matter how much he seemed to talk. To her, talk was a cheap way to get out of a fight.

    Grazing a hand to her chrome plated saber hilt, Nikka continued to watch, waiting... her patience was wearing thing.


    Posted by Darth Phantom on 12-13-2002 07:36 PM:

    :: A sinister grin flashed on the Dark Lords lips as the Jedi mentioned 'another' The Sith nodded slowly impressed somewhat at the Jedis comments and how intune with the Force he is, but that alone would not be enough to keep the Dark Sith from attacking. His mind was made up and nothing would stop him ::

    " Very good Jedi ... I see you have kept up on your studies, you are much more intune with the Force then others of your kind. Many would not have been able to tell that. "

    :: The Sith Lord chuckled lightly to himself again before continuing to speak in his usual menacing tone ::

    " I thank you for your concern Jedi, but it is unneeded. My mind will be set souly upon you once the battle begins and I will be distracted no longer. "

    :: The Dark Sith turned slightly looking back to the 'Hell Raiser' with a smirk upon his face he turned his full attention back to the young Jedi Knight ::

    Posted by tomduo on 12-13-2002 07:58 PM:

    "It was cloudy, however I sensed her here first. Then you came from else where, hunting me I gather. Nice that you waited for me to leave the Temple."

    He closed his eyes.

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 12-14-2002 02:26 AM:

    Footsteps where heard echoing down the metallic ramp. A second cloaked figure came into view and out of the shadows. From under the cowled hood, shone the jade green eyes of the young Sith Warrior as she came more into view. Removing the hood from her head, her fiery locks framed her face and cascaded down her shoulders. She appeared as an angel of darkness, cold and menacing. Although she tagged along with the Sith Lord to observe, she would be ready for anything.

    "I apologize for sneaking aboard your vessel, Lord Phantom." She eyed the Jedi Knight up and down as she spoke. "I thought I would come along and share your victory."

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 12-17-2002 11:20 PM:

    " Indeed I was hunting you, just as I have always hunted your kind and I will continue to do so even after this battle. Your thanks are not needed ... Your screams would do nicely though. "

    :: The Siths eyebrow raised as he heard the voice of Nikka ring out, with a small grin he turned slightly not shifting his gaze off the Jedi ::

    " No need to apoligize my dear Nikka, for I knew your intentions just as I knew you were following me ... Remember the Shadows are my territory and I know all that happens within them. "

    :: Once again the Sith turned his full attention back to the awaiting Jedi Knight that stood before him. The Sith Lord grinned slightly to the Jedi as he struck him with speeds unmatched, with the strength of his own hatred for the Jedis and the Power of the darkside the Jedi stumbled backwards off balance from the sudden blow.

    with the aid of the Force the Sith ran at the stumbling Jedi Knight, as he reached him the Sith struck him hard in the throat, bringing his hand back the Sith backhanded the Jedi, spinning him to the ground ::

    Posted by tomduo on 12-18-2002 09:28 AM:

    OOC: Please don't mod me, that means do not control my characters movements and actions.

    IC: The Blow knocked the Jedi back, but Thomas's control over his own body kept his balance landing on his feet. With a flash as the Sith Charged at him, the light from his lightsaber erupted up as the Sith charged at his throat.

    The blow skimmed by, barely missing as Tom swept his left arm up to knock the punching hand back, stabbing forward with the right arm holding the saber.

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 12-24-2002 11:49 AM:

    A light smirk crossed the face of the Warrior as the Sith Lord spoke. Indeed, she knew the shadows were his domain, which was one of the reasons she followed him, but one of the main reasons was to focus more on dwelling within the shrouded territory.

    Watching as he unleashed his attack on the Jedi, Nikka withdrew her saber hilt and ignited it, the hypnotizing but deadly hum sang in her ears, the luminating blade shone upon her face. She was ready if more were to know of the battle and make their presence known.