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    Posted by Telan Desaria on 12-01-2002 09:44 PM:
    Imperial Expansion

    Efforts to fully unite the Empire could be described best as successful. There had been a small share of recalcitrant warlords, happy to take orders from ther own capricious whims and reap only the benefits of their actions.

    Most had been forcibly admitted, their loyal crews executed and commanders taken into custody by Intelligence. The ships that were useable were taken and refitted...those that had chosen the hard path to victory were scrapped and turned into materials that could feed the voracious appetite of the young Imperial War machine.

    As it stood, a hundred Destroyers flew under one Banner: the standard of the Galactic Empire. Thousands of support ships filled the rosters, but it was still a small fleet compared to the glory days of a century past. Either way, the Empire's first step towards rgeaining its place on the throne of galactic power was complete.

    Now had come the time to rebuild what was lost. To reap the fruits of the unification, territory would have to be added to the Imperial Charter. And the best way to do so would be through force, a display of power to illuminate the galaxy in the glow of Imperial Vigilance.

    * * *

    " Gentlemen," the Grand Admiral said from behind an obsidian desk that seemed to warp around him in the darkened light of the Supreme Commander's office.

    " You are the Captains of my Command Escort Squadron. And for you, I have assigned missions dear to the Imperial cause. This will result in the disbanding of this formation, but will in turn bring forth a string of promotions for you all."

    There was some near silent musings amongst the ten officers seated semi-circularly ahead of the desk.

    " Each of you will be given a small command and ordered to capture and occupy a planet close to the Kuati Sector as springboards for the First Great Expansion of the Empire. I expect the worlds to be won over and their militaries annihilated. If any person resists our entreaties, slag them all. If you must reduce all of the Kathol Sector then so be it, as long as the worlds themselves remain."

    For several hours, the Grand Admiral went on with his plan, and there were no flaws in it. The only chance for failure would be on the part of the commanders themselves.

    Most important of the assignments went to Line captain Alexander Drago, commander of the Imperial Star Destroyer Fulmenis. He was to take Commenor.

    Grand Admiral Telan Desaria
    Commander of the Empire

    Do not dare act Contrite,
    for soon you shall see the Light....

    The Light of Imperial Might

    Posted by Alexandar Drago on 12-01-2002 11:23 PM:

    "Commenor..." Drago mouthed softly, the word sliding off his tongue like a melting ice cube. The Line Captain saluted his commanding officer then waited for the other officers to disembark.

    "Grand Admiral Desaria, I request a moment of your time." The young officer said with respect.

    The Grand Admiral nodded and Drago continued; "The planet Commenor m'lord is in-part very loyal to the Empire and the concepts of which it stands, the New Republic realized this and placed a "training station" for their fighters on the moon of Folor. If can be so bold as to make a prediction, the primary resistance to an Imperial invasion would come from the base on Folor at least it would be enough to slow down an expedition fleet until New Republic Defense Fleets could come to the planets aid."

    Drago stopped for a moment and gathered his thoughts, taking a breath he began again. "If I could have a company of elite imperial commandoes and three frieghtors, we could seriously hamper the Republic base's ability to engage my task force. "

    "If it pleases the Admiral, I am requesting that Major Jevon Warrick and his company be placed under my command to execute this maneuvar."

    As Drago finished speaking he made eye contact with the Grand Admiral and locked his gaze with that of his commanding officer, awaiting his reply.

    Posted by Telan Desaria on 12-02-2002 05:52 PM:

    Desaria studied the Line Captain for a few seconds, and reached one of his own predictions rather quickly: his uniform will not be bare for much longer.

    " So be it."

    Drago saluted and had pivoted to leave when the Admiral stopped him.

    " Captain, you will have an Imperial-class as well as a Victory-class Star Destroyer for this mission. Take what you need from the mobile reserves, but no matter what, I want that planet in Imperial hands. If they welcome your army with ooen arms and a parade, than wonderful. If they shoot from the towers of Commen City, that level every last meter of duracrete."

    Grand Admiral Telan Desaria
    Commander of the Empire

    Do not dare act Contrite,
    for soon you shall see the Light....

    The Light of Imperial Might

    Posted by Alexandar Drago on 12-02-2002 11:13 PM:

    :Imperial Command HQ:

    As Drago left the room his head was clear, unlike most officers, he only kept his mind on one thing at a time and at this moment it was contacting Major Warrick and giving him his orders. The battle and strategy that laid ahead of him could be dealt with once this task was complete.

    :ISD Fulmenis:

    "Captain on the bridge!" Barked zealous Lieutenant. Immediatly all personnel in ear-shot snapped to attention and looked directly at Drago.

    Drago quickly brought his right hand up and motioned them to stand down; "As you were..." He responded calmly.

    Standing in his perfectly pressed gray service uniform, the impecably groomed Line Captain surveyed his bridge. Each officer doing exactly as they had been trained in the model of efficiency, no wasted movements or actions. Such was the way of the Empire, the way it had to be lest the ideas and concepts on which it was founded would fall into disrepair.

    "Ensign Barker, Hail the Stormtrooper base, priority response."

    "Aye Captain, channel open." The young blond communications officer replied.

    A large bald man answered the hail, by the colorations on his shoulder Drago knew the man was a Colonel. He glared at the screen and spoke crisply.

    "Colonel Grif reporting, What can I do for you Captain Drago?"

    "Colonel Grif contact Major Warrick and order him to report immediately to the ISD Fulmenis for deployment orders. This order is to be carried out immediately, tell him that I expect him here in 45 minutes."

    "Yes, Captain." The Colonel replied and snapped a salute to Drago, who returned it and then discontinued the transmission.

    "Vikov, I need you to contact the shipmasters tell them I need three non-descript frieghters prepped and ready to transport troops."

    "Yes Captain." Drago's XO replied. Vikov was a Bear of a man standing nearly 6'6" and weighing over 300lbs, but he was as nimble as a cat in the Command Pit.

    Drago sat down in his command chair and cracked his neck. He had strategy to consider now and the time to do it with.

    Posted by Jevon Warrick on 12-03-2002 10:39 AM:

    "FORE!!!" *The sound of a golfball being hit by an Iron 9 could be heard right after such words were said*

    *Major Jevon Warrick followed the trajectory of his golfball and just watched as it hit the green a few feet away from the hole*

    ' I good or what?' *Was the thought that crossed his mind, when he was interrupted by his right hand Captain Jeffrey Moss*

    "Sir, sorry to interrupt your game, but a transmission was just received and..."

    "Jeff, Jeff, Jeff...I'm in the middle of a golf game, you never make an Imperial Major lose focus on anything, that's a distraction and it could ruin my game..." *The Major interrupted his captain*

    "I'm terribly sorry Sir, I'm aware of what you're saying, however, I think there are matters that recquire more of your attention right now..."

    "A transmission from the Stormtrooper Base has just been received, I think it may be urgent as it's a message coming from Imperial Star Destroyer Fulmenis..."

    "Drago..." *Before Captain Moss could finish, Warrick knew who it was from and he need not ask if it was important for he already knew that*

    "Why didn't you tell me this before? Get my ship ready, we're on our way to the ISD Fulmenis..."

    *Captain Moss, couldn't but wonder how it was that Warrick knew he had to be there, hell, he didn't even know if Jevon knew he had to be there*

    *Dressed in full uniform, something not often seen, Major Jevon Warrick, arrived at the ISD Fulmenis*

    *Received and greeted at the docking bays by Lt. Ferdinand* "At ease gentleman.." *Those were the first words to come out of Jevon's mouth as he was saluted by the Imperials gathered there*

    *Major Warrick returned the salute to them and was on his way to meet Drago. Escorted all the way to Drago's office by Ferdinand. Jevon finally made it to his destination"

    "SIR!..." *That being said, Jevon placed his hand on his forehead, saluting Captain Drago* "Major Jevon Warrick reporting for duty..." *Formality, something not really followed by Jevon, being a commando he pretty much had his own set of rules, and was allowed to by Grand Admiral Telan Desaria, but there was just some protocol, he couldn't ignore...*

    Posted by Alexandar Drago on 12-03-2002 09:41 PM:

    Drago nearly smiled at the sight of the Stormtrooper Commando saluting him, it was due, Drago in the grand scheme of things out-ranked him, but not by much. Still it was amusing to see a Commando following protocol, they were known for being a bit loose with their regulations.

    Slowly the Line Captain rose, though not as well built as the Storm Trooper he was nearly as tall, but he still commanded respect. There was power in his gait, in his posture, in his apperance. He commanded one of the most devestating weapons in the galaxy and he was to be feared for that.

    "As you were Lt. Ferdinand, at ease Major Warrick." Drago responded calmly motioning for the Trooper to move closer to his desk and have a seat. The young Lieutenant who had escorted the trooper nodded and returned to his post. As Warrick sat down Drago returned to his chair as well.

    "I assume you know why you've been ordered to report under my command? If not you'll find all you need to know in this dossier." Drago reached across his desk and handed the Major a datapad with the specs and goals of the mission.

    "Folor is the target, Commenor will fall without much pressure so long as we destroy the Republic base on Folor. This is where you come in. I've procurred 3 light freightors that have been stripped of all Imperial insignia or Paraphenalia, intelligence is acquiring some shipping codes that you can use, there is a shipment of fuel en route to Folor for the Star Fighters, we are going to intercept this and destroy it and you will continue on in their stead."

    Drago paused for a moment to give Warrick a chance to let it all sink in.

    "Assemble a crack unit, section it into three parties and report to the Frieghtors Codename Trojan Horse. We will depart in 5 hours, you will recieve a full debriefing of your mission objectives and timeline before we depart. Am I understood?" He barked the last few sentences at the Major and rose from his chair. Looking the man directly in the eyes.


    Posted by Jevon Warrick on 12-04-2002 07:49 PM:

    '...blah...blah....blah...blah...blah...blah...blah...blah...that's all I'm listening...' *Warrick made sure to keep those thoughts for himself and no one else, but he just couldn't help to think like that. No doubt Alexander Drago, was a great Captain, and Warrick meant no disrespect, it's just that Jevon, was more a man of action, being in the line of fire, and not sitting behind a desk, or a command post, just giving orders, hence why he turned Grand Admiral Telan Desaria's offer of a promotion. There's just no way in hell, Jevon would give up the adrenalin rush he gets in that line of fire*

    *Once Drago was done, Jevon simply stood up, bowed, put his hand on the side of his forehead, turned around and left*

    *No lack of respect, no nothing, simply there was nothing that needed to be said. The orders were given, he knew his target, now he needed to focus*

    *As Warrick exited Drago's office another thought crossed his mind* 'Stuck up...always like that...since the acadeny...he's good though...he's very good...he knows his ****e...I know mine..' "HA"

    *When that slight chuckle was released from his mouth, he put his index and middle fingers in his right ear and started communication*

    "Jeffrey...get me unit JK-423...SWAT XXX023...and...THEE troopers..., need 'em here in 3 hours...over and out..." *He didn't even give time for Captain Moss to reply, there could be no replies other than "Right away" or "Yes, Sir" and Jevon knew that, that's why he need not hear an answer*

    *Focus, something he had already begun to think, even before he was dismissed from Captain Drago's presence. All that he needed now, was to think of how to assemble the three teams, and who would be the leaders for the two, he couldn't be part of*

    Posted by Alexandar Drago on 12-05-2002 11:50 AM:

    A high pitched whistle rang out over the ISD Fulmenis' intercom:

    "Now hear this...."

    "Attention all staff officers this is Captain Alexandar Drago speaking, I am requestion the prescense of all members of my general staff to report to my ready room in 15 minutes."

    The confident voice of the Line Captain rang throughout the ship and all who were requested to attend the meeting immediately dropped what they were doing and reported to the Captain's ready room.

    There was a diverse mixture of age, sex and race, though the species was fairly homogenous, outside of Lt. Commander Ssshe'duca, a Chiss female, majority of the Captains staff was human.

    "Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm sure you all know by now our orders to take the planet of Commenor for the Empire. I am here to give you all your general debriefing on your assignments. Commander Vikov..."

    "Yes, Captain?" The immense redhaird XO replied.

    "You'll be taking Command of the VSD Glorius, for this mission."

    "Sir?" Vikov managed with a look of shock on his face.

    "I want a competent officer in control of that ship, Commander Takeda, is not up to the challenge." Drago responded

    "Yes, Captain." Vikove responded

    "I want the Glorius to over shoot Folor by a few klicks and wait for my orders, you will not engage the enemy unless engaged yourself. Lt. Franklin..."

    "Yes, sir." The ebony skinned Flight Officer for the fighter squadrons replied.

    "Prepare two squadrons of scimitars with heavy space bombs and have them ready to deploy, also prep the Defender squadrons, I want them ready to engage heavy resistance from enemy starfighters."

    "Aye, sir." Franklin replied.

    "Vikov, have your fighters ready for deployment as well. You will all recieve your complete orders en-route to Commenor. Dismissed"

    The entire staff stood at attention and saluted the young Line Captain and the left for their preperations.

    These commandoes better get the job done...

    Posted by Alexandar Drago on 12-09-2002 09:58 AM:

    ::Somewhere on the Corellian Trade Spine::

    Interdictor Cruiser Grip of the Empire

    "Lt. Baker, how long 'til interception of the convoy?" Inquired a short, fat balding officer, Cmmdr Gruen, CO of the Interdictor Grip of the Empire.

    "ETA 5 minutes, sir," replied a lanky sensors operator.

    "Deploy Defender squadrons, alert Tau squadron to report to their bombers."

    "Aye, sir."

    ::5 minutes later::

    "Convoy has entered real space, shall I hail them?"

    "No, jam their communications and lock on to the lead ship and destroy her. Alert fighters to not let a single ship escape."

    "Yes, sir"

    The destruction of the fuel convoy for the Republic base was completed in less than 2 minutes, no vessel was able to get off a communication to warn the garrisoned forces on Folor, the first step to Operation Trojan Horse was successful.

    "Alert Captain Drago that the convoy has been destroyed and that no warnings were issued."

    "Yes sir"

    ::ISD Fulmenis::

    "Captain a communication for Cmmdr Gruen," The young communications officer reported.

    "What does he have to say," Drago inquired.

    "He says that he broke the eggs on the way to the market."

    Drago smiled, Gruen was an old friend from the academy and always had a way of conveying his message without actually saying anything someone listening in could use.

    "Tell him that I owe him a bottle of Alderaan Chateau '24," Drago replied. It was an inside joke, everyone knew that Alderaan had been destroyed in '10 but it had significance between the two officers.

    "Inform Major Warrick that I wish to see him in my ready room immediately."

    "Aye, Captain"

    Posted by Jevon Warrick on 12-11-2002 08:42 AM:

    "I'll lead the first group, group X. Dom can be the leader of the second frei..." "Mayor Jevon Warrick, please report immediately to Captain Drago's ready room. Major Warrick, please report immediately..." "GEE... now WHAT???"

    *Major Jevon Warrick had been focusing on the mission, concentrating on his officials, whom he'd leave in command of the freighters. Checking all the data he could find about commenor. Holopads, ancient maps, even books. His thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a voice coming out of the speaker*

    "How am I gonna do this, if all I get are interrupgions? Ah, crap..." *As quickly as he could and as unhappy as he was, Warrick made it in a heartbeat to the Captain's ready room. With no expression on his face that could denotate his emotions. He asked*

    "Sir, did you call upon me?" *Not saluting this time, only bowing his head a little bit very respectfully*

    Posted by Alexandar Drago on 12-11-2002 09:35 AM:

    Drago almost chuckled at the exsasperated look that the Major was trying to hide, the dirt crawlers normally held the Officers of Capital ships in contempt for their seeming unwillingness to stand in the line of fire and it was evident in this man's eyes.

    "The convoy was ahead of schedule, it has been intercepted and destroyed already, but that means we need to get you and your men into those frieghtors and on their way." Drago responded.

    Drago reached across the desk and handed the commando a datapad that held a file on the intelligence reports on Folor and the clearance codes that would be needed to land their vessels on the planet.

    "The shield generator and the turbo-laser batteries must be inoperative. Disable them simulteanously, place a homing becon on their power core and activate it. Once it is activated you will have 15 minutes to get you and your men out of the facility before it comes under fire from the batteries of both an ISD and a VSD. I would recommend you and your men not be at the facility when that happens. Don't worry about the hangers and the fighters once the shielding and turbo-lasers are knocked off-line the Armour plating defending the powergrid won't hold long enough for them to launch fighters. " Drago paused.

    "Do not fail, do not allow yourselves to be captured, there will be no rescue attempts you will simply die with the rest of the rebels. Just get your job done and get the hell out. Am I understood?"

    "Yes, Sir!" The commando replied sharply, turned on his heels and marched out.

    Drago then contacted Vikov who was busy assuming command of the Glorius: "Cmmdr, I hope you are ahead of schedule as usual, we are departing in 45 minutes."

    "We are ready, Captain."

    "Excellent Vikov, depart in 45 minutes and carry on with the orders I gave you. Engage the patrol and destroy it, then nano jump to these coordinates when the homing beacon is activated."

    "Aye, Sir"

    "There will be good things come from the success of this mission Vikov, I may be searching for a new XO, should you prove yourself a worthy Captain."

    "Sir..." The large red-haired man stammered.

    "Don't dwell on it Cmmdr, just do your usual efficient job and when the dust settles, worry about your new medals."

    "Yes, Sir!" The Cmmdr replied with almost a look of elation on his face.

    Drago sat down in his command chair and activated the ships intercom: "All personel report to stations, we shall be departing for Commenor in 45 minutes at which point all non-essential personnel are to report to general quarters and the rest to battle stations." His deep powerful voice rang throughout the ship and the men immediately finished what they were doing and reported to general quarters or battle stations as they had been assigned. Commenor would soon be returned to her rightful owners. The slumber giant had reawakened and was ready to claim what was rightfully his, the Empire had risen once again.

    Posted by Jevon Warrick on 12-11-2002 10:34 AM:

    *Any other Imperial Officer would've been ****** by the change of plans, Warrick on the other hand loved it. This would mean he'd go into action sooner than expected. This is what he lived for*

    "Jeffrey, are my men here?" *He asked thru the intercom, while walking to the meeting room that had been assigned to him*"Sir they are docking in the west bay, right next to where we landed, before you wanted them here.."

    'And most important the way you like it...' *That last part was only a thought that crossed Moss's head, he very well knew Jevon and had requested their pressence before the timeframe Warrick had established*

    "Excellent, tell Dom and Vince to see me immediately in room PB1, instructions for the mission will be given quickly, responsabilities and obligations assigned and we'll be leaving even more quickly, so I expect them to be there before I get there. Over and out..."

    Posted by Jevon Warrick on 12-12-2002 11:27 AM:

    SSSSSSSSSSSS *The sound of the air released when the doors to meeting room PB1, could be heard when such doors opened and Major Warrick entered the room*

    *Two men were sitting with their backs towards the door, but quickly turned their heads around, when the silence in the room was broken by the opening doors. Immediately they stood up and saluted Major Warrick, respectfully, but not as formally as Warrick had done so with Drago*

    "At ease...." *A pause for a second, a solemn greeting had just been given and then silence was broken again* " friends."

    *Warrick felt victim to a fraternal hug and handshake from his colleagues*

    "It's good to see you guys again"

    "And you..." *A 6'3" well built man, Dominique François, replied*"Couldn't be more true..." *Added a musculous man in his 6'9" frame, Vincent Æünæ*

    "Do you know why we are here?"

    "To kick some ***, what else?" *A small chuckle was released by Vincent once he was done saying this*

    "Well that is more than obvious, no one else does the dirty job around here."

    "What do you know about the planet of Commenor?"

    Posted by Alexandar Drago on 12-12-2002 11:21 PM:

    "Sir, it's time." These three words came out of Lt. Balcoer's mouth, Drago's serving XO for the mission. He was a quiet, mousey looking fellow, but he was well respected on the vessel as an officer who knew how to get things done.

    "Very good Mr. Balcoer, are the jump trajectories calculated?"

    "Yes, sir."

    "Then give the order to engage and let us be on our merry way."

    "Aye Captain." Balcoer turned to the helmsman and gave the order, the sensor technician confirmed that the Glorius and the frieghtor group Trojan Horse had too made the leap into hyperspace.

    ::2.6 Hours Later::

    The Fulmenis reentered real space just a few klicks outside of the Commenor sector, this was a dead area for New Republic probe droids and unless the Captain was incredibly unlucky, his short stay would go unnoticed.

    "Captain, the Glorius has gone ahead as scheduled, she should be exiting hyperspace and eliminating the system patrol shortly."

    "Excellent and the freightors?"

    "On schedule, ETA 15 minutes, sir."

    "Ensign Harper, turn to sub space frequency 411-A, we should be able to listen in our how Vikov fairs with his orders."

    "Yes sir captain" The young communications officer replied.

    "System Patrol in scanner range, I'm picking up a squadron of E-Wings and 1 gunship, Cmmdr"

    "Launch Defenders squadrons 3 and 4 and bring us into warhead range of that Gunship Lt." The husky voice of Drago's longtime first-officer came across the intercom.

    "1000 meters to target, Defenders engaging. 500 Meters..250 Meters..."

    "Lock on to the Gunship and fire when ready."

    "Aye, Captain. 100 meters... Torpedoes away Cmmdr. 400 Meters til turbo laser range...3000...200...100... 50....10..."

    "Lock on and destroy that ship" Vikov ordered

    "Incoming warheads, 15 seconds til impact...10...9...8...7...6...5...4..."

    "All hands brace for impact" Vikov's voice was still calm.

    A massive shudder followed by static came over the bridge's intercom for a few brief moments. Then the voice of Vikov rang out.


    "Gunship is desroyed, 2 E-wings remain, Defender casualies are nihl, the Glorius' shields are at 85% and holding."

    "Excellent, hold this position until you are otherwise ordered, we are too far to call out the star fighters garrisoned on Folor, engage only hositle forces don't worry about the rest." Vikov replied to his XO.

    "Aye Sir

    Well done old friend... Drago thought to himself. then he awaited for word from Major Warrick.

    That was all he could do...

    Posted by Jevon Warrick on 12-13-2002 10:41 AM:

    "Commenor?" *Æünæ asked* "Located in the system of the same name, just outside the Core Worlds of Corellia. Folor being the largest moon. Really not much to it..."

    "Long time ago the Rebels established a starfighter training centre there. Nothing of importance though" *François added*

    "Oh, contraire...hate to tell you this my friends, but you're both wrong....You gotta see past that....It's actually really really really important...and you Vince said it..."

    "I said it?"

    "Yes, you said, WHAT THE....??? Did you guys feel that??? We've just entered hyperspace and are on our way to Commenor."

    "Why, espionage task or something, what's the mission?"

    "No Dom, no espionage. Way bigger than that. Way bigger and rather simple....if you wanna get to the core of an apple, you have got to peel it, right? Well, if we wanna take Corellia..." "...we take its surroundings, we take Commenor."

    "Bingo...that's why you, Vin, had already said it" *Warrick then took the head seat on the table and his subordinates to his sides*

    "We get rid of the Republic Base in Folor; Commenor will be ours in no time" *That being said Warrick looked at his fellas, trying to figure out what they were thinking* "Unlikely, but as always, failure is a possibility, we fail, we die and we go unrecognized by the Empire, no link to it whatosever, we die anonimously. Also like always, you are free to decide whether you go or not. If a negative is your answer, you know there'll be no hard feelings."

    "YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME? Not go? What, are you out of your mind? Well...that you are and we know it, but I'm definitely in." *Vincent Æünæ replied entusiastically. Like Warrick, Vin lived for this stuff, and could just never ever get enough of it. Both men then turned to François, awaiting his reply. He was not as entusiastic as his peer, but he was not really one to let his emotions be seen anyway*

    *A few seconds passed before Warrick had to break the silence, for he thought his friend was giving it too much thought, and there was no time for that* "And well?"

    "Well WHAT??? I'm waiting for you to let us know the whole plan"

    *Major Jevon Warrick smiled and shared the plan with his fellow Imperials*

    "As I said it's quite simple, three freighters have been 'acquired' by the Empire, along with their clearence codes, so that we are able to land in the planet."

    "Dom, you'll be in charge of unit JK-423, you Vince, will command SWAT XXX023, THEE Troopers will be under my lead. We each go on a freighter. Once we land, we have to make sure that both, the Turbo Laser Batteries and the Shield Generator, found themselves to be inopperative. When we achieve this, we place a home becon device and activate it. Once we succeed in doing so, we got 15 minutes to get out of there before the entire facility blows up from the beconing coming from an ISD and VSD."

    "...and....that's pretty much it. Like usual no matter how we do it, we HAVE to do it. Not out of the ordinary also, all life in the planet is expandable. Any questions?"


    "None absolutely what so ever..."

    "Being that the case...LET'S ROCK!!!"

    "You guys, get ready. I'm on my way to let Drago know we're ready..."

    *That being said, both officers were dismissed by their superior and Major Jevon Warrick was on his way to meet Drago*

    Posted by Alexandar Drago on 12-14-2002 09:36 AM:

    ::ISD Fulmenis::

    Warrick did not get far as Drago was moving towards the hangar bay to meet with him. He wanted Warrick on Folor and he wanted him there as soon as possible.

    "Major Warrick" Drago called as the tall storm trooper made his way towards the Line Captain. The Major snapped a salute as was regulation, but Drago waived it off.

    "Are your men ready?

    "Yes, sir." Warrick responded.

    "Excellent, here is the clearance codes and a layout of the base. Cmmdr Vikov is drawing attention with the VSD Glorius so you should not have trouble with bored sector patrols. Get to the base and get the job done and get the hell out. Once your transports are away, return to the Glorius and assume command of the ground troops. You will be heading the occupation of Phelix, the capital city of Commenor. Intelligence says that loyalist are planning to make it quite easy for our forces to occupy the city and the planet as they are tired of New Republic bueracracy. That is all, Dismissed!"

    Drago did not even wait for the dismissal salute or acknowledge whether Warrick understood the orders, the man was a capable officer and it was expected for him to comply without hesitation.

    ::VSD Glorius::

    Vikov's ship was performing excellently, she had drawn another sector patrol and destroyed her without allowing her to get off a message to the base on Folor. Drago would be pleased.

    "Commander, I'm reading 3 frieghtors moving towards Folor, it seems that the package is on it's way."

    "Excellent, Trent, keep the comm system open and be ready to home in on that beacon."

    "Aye, Commander."

    "Also order all defender squadrons back to the ship, I don't want to have to wait for any scragglers."

    "Yes, sir."

    Now all the Commander could do was sit and wait. A much more difficult task that one would expect, especially when one has the fire-power of a VSD for the first time at their sole disposal.

    Posted by Alexandar Drago on 12-16-2002 08:04 AM:

    Drago returned to the bridge, it was bustling, he had issued an order saying that a commanding officer was not to be heralded when the ship was in a state of red alert. Imperial regulations were strict for a reason, but there was also a reason a Commanding officer could modify the regulations for battle.

    Drago stepped on the gang way over looking the command pit.

    "Lt. Cmmdr Jansen,"

    "Yes Captain?"

    "Order all fighters to be armed with Torpedoes and all Scmitars to be armed with heavy bombs. I want to make sure we level the base on Folor completely, I don't even want to see one fighter escape."

    "Yes Captain," Drago's new XO responded. Drago liked Jansen, he was a good officer, came from a fine line of Imperials, his father had been the Officer that gave Drago his first XO position and it had elevated his career. Drago intended to give the man's son the same chance the man had given Drago.

    "Helmsman, program these coordinates into the Nav computer for our next jump. Fire Control, this beam frequency will give your gunners their target. Make sure they get it."

    "Aye Captain"

    "Yes Sir"

    "Ladies and Gentlemen, we are about to fire the first shots of a war, a war that will either end with the destruction of the New Republic and the reinstatment of the Glorious Imperial Order or end with our destruction. This time there will be now stalemate. It is all our none. Gloria Imperiumi, Gloria Imperato! (Glory to the Empire, Glory to the Emperor)"

    A chorus of "Long Live the Empire was returned throughout the bridge as Drago was certain was being repeated by Imperial Vessels throughout the known galaxy.

    Posted by Jevon Warrick on 12-19-2002 10:01 AM:

    *In Major Jevon Warrick's head, images of the mission were already starting to be pictured. He hadn't seen the actual place of where the task would take place, yet his mind was already setting the stage. Not cause he could foresee the future, but because this way he'd imagine several options and situations, and the way to overcome different obstacles, deriving from those situations*

    *As he made his way into the docking area, the squads, were already in the ships, waiting for the mission to start, everything was in place and ready. Vin and Dom, were simply chit chatting, their way of relaxing before the mission*

    "Gentleman, the time has come."

    "Mine will be the leader vessel, with the clearence codes, we have nothing to worry about, a distraction has been set so that, they are too busy to uncover our lead."

    *A handshake was given in a good luck gesture and a fraternal hug took place between the comrades*

    "Live free....die well..."

    "Live free, die well..."

    "Life free, die well my brothers..."

    *That was their characteristic motto, and they would not only say it, but mean it, right before embarking themselves into a mission*

    *The men then boarded the vessels, as the steel doors shut close behind them*

    "ISD Fulmenis command center, this is Trojan Horse leader, requesting clearance for take off, over..."

    Posted by Alexandar Drago on 12-19-2002 03:34 PM:

    "Clearance granted, Long Live the Empire, Warrick," Drago himself gave the clearance to the freightor, all he could do now was sit and wait.

    ::VSD Glorius::

    "Commander Vikov, we have three squadrons of X-wings approaching from mark 2232 will be in range in 5 minutes."

    "Damnit! I didn't want to launch fighters again. Deploy Defender squadrons! Don't let those X-Wings get into range."

    "Yes Sir!"

    Vikov wanted to distract sector patrols, but not the actual fighter wings from the Republic Base on Folor. If the fighters got into space they would wreak havok with their superior numbers. Vikov had to destroy fighters and keep communication systems jammed until he recieved contact from the homing beacon.

    "Defenders away sir."

    "Keep me updated."

    "Aye, Sir."

    Posted by Jevon Warrick on 12-20-2002 10:18 AM:

    "10-4. Over and out" *A hiss of static could be heard as the transmission had ended. The vessels were on their way now, as ofthis moment, these squads were on a mission, and they were on their own. The show was about to start*

    "Testing intercoms, Dom...Vince do you copy?"

    "Loud and clear...over"

    *Three seconds had gone by. No reply was given by Æünæ*

    "I repeat...Vince do you copy? over.."

    *This time was no different than the previous one*

    "Damn it Vince do you copy???"

    *Still no success*

    "What in the blue frell..? VINCE, DAMNIT DO YOU COPY!?!?!?"

    "HAHAHA...I freakin' copy alright...just trying to get on your nerves...seems to me you're a better commandoe when you're ******...ov-er..."

    *An evil grin was drawn in the Major's face, though he wouldn't show it. It was clear this squadron leaders, were not your typical Imperial officers, but no one like them to get any job done*

    "Gentleman switch to frequency Beta-19-Gamma. From this moment forward, no communication with ISD Fulmenis nor any Imperial starship may be sent nor received. Our frequency is one they can not synthonize to, they will not know of us again, until the home beacon device is activated. Is that clear? over..."

    *At the same time, two voices, were heard as one* "Crystal clear..."

    *The wheel has now been set in motion. There is no turning back. For the elements of Trojan Horse Operation is either Victory or death*

    Posted by Jevon Warrick on 01-13-2003 10:05 AM:

    "Pilot, request permission for landing..." A commanding voice could be heard filling the vessel. Warrick had given an order and it was about to be filled. This was the true starting point of his mission, and he was not to fail.

    "This is Commenor Convoy Alfa-1526, cargo consists of supplies for the moon of Folor, we request permission for landing....over..."

    "This is Command Post 789. Please transmit clearence codes Convoy Alfa-1526...over..."

    "Starting transmission....please accept file transfer...over..."

    "Transmission accepted...transmission in progress...please await for code confirmation....over...."

    "10-4 Command Post 789..."

    As the intercom conversation was taking place, Warrick was studying the map of Folor. A small warehouse with its own docking bay was spotted by the Major, no heavy vigilance was found nearby, it seemed to fit perfectly for the mission.

    "...Clearance granted...landing confirmation is T-7569...deactivating shield...over..."

    "...Confirmation received...starting landing procedures...over and out..."

    As soon as landing permission was granted, Jevon send the coordinates to his officers, so that the 3 freighters would head in the same direction.

    Posted by Jevon Warrick on 01-13-2003 12:36 PM:

    Everything was turning out as planned it was more than perfect, could the remainder of the misson be like this? Or would it all change? Maybe minor obstacles? Squadron Alfa leader Dominique François and Squadron Gamma leader Vincent Æünæ, were very much alike, not only in their succesful careers as Imperials, but in their way of thinking. And that's what had been on their heads, things just seemed to easy, but the real fun was about to begin.

    "Vince, Dom...ready your men and yourselves, show's on it's way...."

    As Jevon was done saying this through the intercom, he started getting ready himself, while doing so, the communication was still open.

    "Two of your men, the pilot and co-pilot, will remain on their civies...uniformed still like this Commenor pilots..."

    Undressed completely, that's how Jevon now found himself, him getting ready was sure not an obstacle to continue instructing the proper orders to his Squad leaders.

    "...the rest of your teams, will be in full trooper armors, understood?"

    A static hiss from the intercoms could be heard.



    A two piece turtle neck body glove, was now on Jevon's body. He was fully covered from the tip of his toes, to the tip of his fingers. His body temprature would now be taken care of.

    "My whole crew, except for myself...will completely be in Commenor civies..."

    Twenty seven plasti-steel pieces, were laying on a table and one of its seat, once in place, they would give shape to Jevon's SWAT Stormtrooper armor.

    "This next part is critical gentlemen...while the ' civilian impostors ', distract our welcomers, your men will have to unnoticebly take places in the whole warehouse....the purpose?..."

    As he set his boots on and the rest of the leg partes, he carried on...

    "...the purpose is rather men will catch me and arrest me as a spy..."

    His chest was now in place, but before Jevon could finish he was suddenly interrupted by François


    "DOM!!! Let the man finish...and him being something we already know...he did not become Major being the most sane of us all..."

    The parts of his arms, were now in place. A bit of static could still be heard thru the intercom. That noise, would be characteristic to the conversation and remain through it.

    "Thank you I was saying, they will arrest me, since they're supposedely pilots and staff, the armed officials, will assume they are not properly instructed army or weapon wise, whatever you wanna call it...meaning..."

    His belt with his weapons was set, the armor was almost complete.

    "...meaning...they will come and aid them..."

    Jevon put his helmet on, a SWAT Stormtrooper was now where Major Warrick in his Imperial robes, once stood. With a distorted voice, but still recognizable as his, he finished.

    "...exactly and that's where you will wipe them all out..."

    Posted by Jevon Warrick on 01-31-2003 09:53 AM:

    The three ships were now on their way to the small warehouse, one after another they were all in a line, like a convoy would be, not in an Imperial formation that could blow up their cover.

    "Gentleman..." Warrick addressed the squad under his command.

    "You will all be actors for a few instants, everyone will get out of the vessel as we land and start unloading the ship..."

    The Major got a little distracted by a man who was not paying full attention to him, but tying the lace of his right boot instead. Warrick approached him and yelled in his face


    " SIR"

    "Then what in the Emperor's name are you doing? Pay attention, one of our comrade's life may lay on your hands..."

    Warrick made his way to where he first was and carried on.

    "You...when I give you the will yell intruder to catch everyone's attention..." He said pointing to the man he had previously addressed.

    "Now before I get shot it's your job gentleman to arrest me..."

    As soon as I give word the Imperials in the other vessels will open fire against our enemies.

    "ARE WE CLEAR???"

    "YES SIR" The voice of all of Warrick's subordinates sounded as one as they replied to their leader.

    "Alfa Leader...Gamma arrest will create a divertion, used by you and your men to hide throughout the warehouse...when captured once I give the word, you'll shoot everyone who's not an Imperial...clear?"


    " 10-4 Jeeves..."

    As he was done giving the instructions. The doors to the docking bay opened, the ships made their way in and a perfect smooth landing took place.

    Not many were there to welcome the recently arrived ones, which was even better for Warrick's plans.

    The ones on Warrick's vessel got off as instructed and started to unload the ship's cargo, they were being helped by some of the Commenor officers that were there.

    Not much time went by before Warrick took a peak himself of how things were going. He then got off quietly being unnoticed and gave the signal to his officer.

    "INTRUDER" Before the officer was done yelling, a perfect shot landed right in the middle of his forehead. It came from Jevon's blaster.

    Posted by Jevon Warrick on 02-03-2003 10:03 AM:

    Smoke came out Jevon's blaster, quickly the 3 of the 9 still alive disguised Imperials circled Jevon, 2 of them pointed guns at him. The rest acted as if they were afraid..

    The 7 Commenor officials that were there, quickly got to where Jevon was.

    "Put your gun on the ground..."

    Defiantly Jevon raised and was ready to look through his scoope.

    "Put your God damn gun down I'm not kidding..." The Commenor official then placed his hand on the trigger ready to open fire.

    Apparently Jevon was defeated and ready to be captured apparently.

    The real Commenor crew consisted of 13 more people, between workers, pilots, etc.

    They were all focused on Warrick's arrest, watching, being surprised, nothing like this had happened before, and their attention was caught in the incident. The divertion had worked.

    Alfa and Gamma teams were now in place, some in the upper level, some hiding behind some cargo, they had all scattered efficiently throughout the facility and were now ready to do their job.

    One of the armed Commenor officials who wasn't pointing his gun to Jevon, took out a pair of hand-cuffs and approached Major Warrick.

    He then turned the commando around and put the cuffs on him tightly, very much so. He then gave Warrick a little push. Warrick then turned his head up, instinctively, his gaze met Vin's, who was laying -belly down- in the upper level. Eventhough François couldn't see through Jevon's helmet, somehow he could look into Jevon's eyes.

    Alfa leader, Vincent Fraçois, then raised his hand. Jevon lost eye contact with him and brought his head down, facing the floor. A perfect example of non-verbal communication. Vin then lowered his hand, moving it forward as well. Fire was open, and a heavy curtain of smoke filled, pretty much, the entire room.

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