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Massacre of Duro

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  • Massacre of Duro

    Posted by Lasitus on 12-04-2002 08:25 PM:
    Massacre of Duro

    The Sovereign Galactic Empire demands your complete and immediate subservience. You have forty-eight hours to hand complete control of all nations and factions to me.
    -Admiral of the Fleet Lasitus

    With a click, the message was dispatched. Simple, short, concise, rude. An Imperial, he did not favor aliens. Forty-eight hours seemed like a long time. Not that he didn’t have anything to do. He moved out of the room to prepare the simple, short, concise, and rude massacre of Duros. He had little interest in the planet, but it would prove an adequate demonstration, and a simple way of announcing that, in many policies, the Empire remained firm. The waste-laden planet held little material goods, but the Duros themselves would be worth their keep – barely. The scrawny humanoids would soon break under hard labor.

    The ISD III Pride of Mamaluk slowly circled the planet that looked normal from space. On the surface, one ran into heaps of antiquitated ships, from millennia come and gone. Besides the relatively impressive Valley of Royalty, there was an Imperial corrections center and a dam. Imperial mines were long dry, the reprogramming facility had no charges, and the dam reaped no energy, its control panels untouched for years.

    Followed in a rather staggered V-pattern by two Victory Star Destroyers, the Pride of Mamaluk plodded onward. Lasitus had long since planned where to strike, should the Duros fail to comply. He knew they would.

    Posted by Telan Desaria on 12-05-2002 07:45 AM:

    " Do you know the meaining of the term Imperial, Captain?"

    Desaria sat behind his obsidian desk, toying with a shakpen in his right hand. His feet were elevated, and he spoke with an almost lofty air to his voice. His eyes wondered between the transparisteel port to his right and the officer seated rigidly ahead of his desk.

    " Roughly, sir. The doctrine of the Empire states..."

    Desaria cut off his flag captain with a wave of his pen.

    " The term Imperials has meaned the acquisition of territory through force. It still does. And it is by definition what we are. Imperials. We have all sworn to uphold the Honour of the Empire and help it to survive, which must be done through expansion.

    " In decades past, before your birth or mine, our not-too-distant ancestors tried to maintain the Empire within its borders. That lead to a complete ignorance of occurances outside its borders, and eventually to the downfall of the last Imperial citadel.

    " I will not let that happen. The Imperial Fleet shall be victorious and our protraits shall adorn the halls of the Imperial Palace with our visages over the shattered hulks of vanquished foes.

    " Our survival depends on our victory. Do yuo believe that, captain?"

    " Yes sir. Permission to speak candidly?"

    The Grand Admirla nodded.

    " Sir, without introspection, everything we take can be dissolved from within."

    The Grand Admiral smiled, considering seriously taking this man on as his personal flagship commander.

    " That is why we have Minsitries and Internal Departments. But the Fleet shall expand our Empire. We must remain Imperials, in that we must always look outwards and forwards. I will die, however, before I repeat the mistakes of the Admirals before me."

    At that, silence reigned in the room. The barely audible click of the shakpen could be heard as it moved through the Admiral's hands. The low thrum of the ionization reactor and drive engines could be heard and just felt, enough to assure one that all was in working order.

    " Corellia will be among the first to fall. And then our march on the galaxy will be in earest."

    Grand Admiral Telan Desaria
    Commander of the Empire

    Do not dare act Contrite,
    for soon you shall see the Light....

    The Light of Imperial Might

    Posted by Lasitus on 12-08-2002 09:32 AM:

    “Sir, a number of vessels have exited hyperspace and are moving in this direction.”

    Lasitus was not surprised. They were likely a small contingent of Durosian vessels, called home to defend. More were to come, since Duros interested in protecting their homeworld would be spread throughout the galaxy.

    A small map of the system with enemy ships marked as red pyramids was projected. Each of the red pyramids listed ship type and a few basic default statistics for that class. As the high-end Imperial scanners scoured the ships, more information about upgrades, legal and no, was added. The largest ship, a Carrack, had replaced her ten turbolasers with ten double turbolasers, and given the ion cannons a lot more kick. Her external TIE mountings were replaced to hold a set of five upgrade Howlrunners. Engine bolstered, the Carrack was faster than any of Lasitus’ light cruisers. Heavy shields protected her power generators. All at the cost of the compartmentalization system that must have been absolutely wretched and complex to remove.

    Other ships included six YT and a two YV frigates. Various fighters spotted the map. Impressed with the prompt response, he hailed the small fleet before opening fire. His fleet optimized for the conflict, moving the heavily shielded Star Destroyers to the front of the line. The opposing ships’ firepower would scratch at the shields, which would be regenerated in a matter of twenty or so minutes. In mid lumber, the captain of the Carrack responded to his hail. A lieutenant whispered to him that the captains of four of the freighters also wanted individual conversations with him. He turned down the requests, allowing only the Carrack the respect of a brief conversation.

    The green-skinned Durosian male was typical for his race, though he breathed rather heavily. The Admiral attributed this not to fright, but to a few minutes exposure to the deadly fumes engines produced. He likely would have been fine if they hadn’t gotten rid of their compartmentalization system.

    “Durosian ship, you are ordered to exit the system. You may return in one week.”

    “We will remain in the system until you leave,” said the captain of the Carrack as one of the YT freighters zipped out of the system into hyperspace. He grimaced. Lasitus grinned.

    Posted by Telan Desaria on 12-08-2002 10:24 AM:

    In the wardroom of the Imperial V-class Star Destroyer Interrogator had been assembled some of the finest in the galaxy. Field Marshal Alder von Laang, the Command of the Imperial Fighter Corps was hovering over a small holotable with a three dimensional projection of a planet below. Through the simulated air scurried some of his prize fighters. His bluish skin and long single strand hair contrasted sharply with his olive uniform, his Falleen ancestry no bother to the Imperials, though. Humanoids were as good, if not better, than humans.

    Next to him was Field Marshal Der'romm, Commander of the Imperial Army. Under his command were millions of surface troops and true force behind the Empire. The Fleet cold take them, but it was the Army's duty to hold them.

    Scattered about the four level room with an open centre for briefings like a hole in each floor were officers in every branch from the Inquisitoriate to Intelligence, and the Stormtroopers to Supply. Missing was their Supreme Commander, the Grand Admiral, himself detained on the bridge.

    He arrived in good time, however, to what some would have called fashionably late.

    With every almost every officer in the room holding a rank of substantial command, and every man in the room above the rank of Captain, the Grand Admiral acted less stern than normal, most of the congregation his friends from work as he described them.

    " Gentlemen," he said, stretching his fingers through his black leather gloves. " Good of you to come."

    Field Marshal von Laang looked up from his display. " You outrank us all. We did not have a choice."

    Many laughed, the Falleen having grasped a human sense of humor many decades before.

    Desaria smiled. " True."

    The Supreme Commander strode over to a large holotable adjacent to the one his fighter commander was musing above, and clicked it on. Above them whirred a visage of a grey and tan planet, evenly collored to be inviting in its mystique and ominious in its appearence. Barely viewable but just so that their presence was not unnoticed were four moons.

    " This is a world that has fallen ahead of our sights. I will not reveal to you the name, but suffice it to say, you will all know it as I go on. Call it a test.

    " The world itself is on the border of a popular system, its roots in most of us and its ale in every one of us. This world lies just next to the system only two minutes away by sublight between system boundaries. This world is known as Padrell. I believe you know where this is heading."

    The planet was replaced with a larger view of the Padrell system and those that surrounded it. Running next to it was the nexus of two major shipping routes and three other not so publicized but just as popular ones.

    " We shall occupy this system, putting men on every planet. every moon and spare rock will be brought under the Imperial banner one way or another. General Rell!"

    A thin and almost lanky engineer chirped up. " Yes, sir?"

    " Yours is to be the momentous task. On the planet of only ten million you must make room for fifty. There must be star bases, defense stations, repair yards, and orbital as well as surface defenses. If there is a mountain, move it. Take the debris and excess, and throw them in sandbags and line the fortresses you must create. More importantly, housing acilities must be built for the 17th, 16th, 23rd, 45th and 71st Armies. The organization of those units are on their way to your office. Their equipment must be housed and repair yards for them constructed as well."

    The gifted general was about to voice an opinion, undoubtedly due to the shortage of Engineers at his disposal, since most had been transferred to Carida on a mission to create shipyards there.

    The Grand Admiral interdicted the general's unasked question. " I know you are concerned about manpower, and that is why I have procured you several million workers. They are being rounded up as we speak. They are not all as gifted as your standard Engineer, but they will serve your purposes.

    " I want this world taken, and held. I have drawn up plans for the 15th Destroyer Flotilla to lead the assault. Therein are twelve ISDs and as many VSDs. Three dozen support ships will aid us. I expect little if any resistance from the planet. The population has almost always been independent, under either NR or Imperial rule. The Fleet is there to...deter..any interference.

    " Let the planning begin."

    Posted by Lasitus on 12-10-2002 07:39 PM:

    As another Durosian ship lurched into subspace, a Nebulon B frigate, Lasitus spoke again.

    “You will die.”

    With a subtle flip of his wrist, the comm. Officer cut off the transmission. “Fire control, lock onto the freighters and fire at your convenience.”

    Somewhat staggered, the shots ripped out of their respective laser barrels. The first of the fired shots connected with a YV-666 freighter, causing it to implode. The blast sent chunks of durosteel a few kilometers in each direction. The other shots hit empty space that would have been occupied, has the ships not quickly moved out. The Carrack released her Howlrunners and her cannons began to blare.

    Several of the shots slammed into the shielding of the Star Destroyer, sending small jerks of impact throughout the ship. The fighters, moving with the YTs directly towards the Pride of Mamaluk. Evading turbolaser and laser fire alike, they worked their way above the hull of the ship towards the shield generators. As the ships launched their entire cache of onboard missiles, a burst of laser fire skewered one of the I-7 Howlrunners that had slowed to fire an unorthodox, externally mounted concussion missile. Countermeasures burst up from concealed chutes, detonating all but one of the missiles prematurely. A laser scored a hit on that missile, which in turn exploded a yard from a shield generator dome, doing minimal damage.

    The Carrack and the Neb-B moved forward, continuing to rake the Pride of Mamaluk with their most powerful cannons. As the shields inched towards 90% efficiency, he nodded towards the Pride’s Fighter Corps Commander. He whispered something to his attendant, who briskly walked off. In their respective bays, fighter pilots jumped into their craft. Lasitus, holding a soft spot for Gamma Missile Boats, had replaced two of the ships six fighter squads with them. He had four squads of TIE Defenders, but the remaining two squads were Interceptors.

    A flight group of four Gammas pulled out of their fighter bay, accompanied by two squads of Defenders. They buzzed right past the Durosian freighters and Howlrunners, towards the lager craft. As they neared, two more ships pulled out of hyperspace- a Lancer Frigate and an antiquitated Dreadnaught. The fighters immediately altered course and headed for the Lancer. Her crew surprised at being attacked directly after entry, a few Concussion missiles hit the surface, damning the shields to nothingness. Counter-fire burst from the well-upkept laser cannons. Tearing off into SLAM, the Missile Boats were untouchable. A minor hit scored a Defender on the lower solar panel, and a follow-up forced the pilot to limp home. The Gammas circled the ship twice. Knowledgable about ships in general, the pilots knew where the bridge was, and promptly dispatched the captain of the lancer via missile.

    Posted by Telan Desaria on 12-10-2002 09:17 PM:

    The Imperial-class Star Destroyer Interrogator had been removed of all excess personnel, the various staff officers and commanders returned or returning to their posts. Some would remain with the fleet, but theirs would be a dispersed setting, the Grand Admiral not wanting to see a Destroyer go down with several Admirals on it, as the Death Star itself had taken four Grand Admirals with it above Endor.

    Around the temporary flagship sat five other Star Destroyers and a dozen smaller cruisers. The fleet that was amassing had taken on the name of the 2nd Flotilla, composed of the 13th Destroyer and 17th Support Squadrons. Both had their unit histories dating back to Endor, and had been reconstituted for the pride of the men who served in them. One of the ships, the Lancer Frigate Iadrell, though it had endured countless modifications and refits, was one of the original craft.

    " Report?" Desaria asked, loking out over the fleet from a vantage point on the starboard observation deck. He had a direct link to the bridge view audio receptor, and wanted to remain there until the fleet was assembled.

    " We are waiting for the arrival of the 71st Army. They were delayed by a fueling accident."

    " ETA, captain?"

    " One hour, sir."

    " Good. Any report from Admiral Lasitus?"

    " None sir. He arrived in system only thirty minutes ago."

    " Inform me when he has signaled. I wish to speak with him. Captain, send the signal to the Fleet we are moving up the jump for three hours."

    " Yes sir."

    Desaria looked out at Carida below, its swirling mass of clouds and continents pleasing to the eye. The massive battlestations and orbital platforms created a serene scene of technological advancement and metropolitan sophistication. With fifty Destroyers repaired and fully operational, a hundred undergoing repairs, and a thousand support ships and cruisers of all kinds now strethcing across the new Empire, the Grand Admiral felt very sure of his men and their commanders. The Republic would fall, the Jedi would crumble, and the Empire would again reign supreme.

    Grand Admiral Telan Desaria
    Commander of the Empire

    Do not dare act Contrite,
    for soon you shall see the Light....

    The Light of Imperial Might

    Posted by Lasitus on 12-10-2002 09:40 PM:

    With a graceful arc, the twenty-seven fighters spun about to head for the Dreadnaught. Though positively ancient, it posed the largest threat of the bunch. As per his order, the Victory III-class Star Destroyer Boatswain lurched forward towards the enemy ships. The Pride and the rest of the small fleet remained adamant in their position. Jetting off to aid the newcomer, the freighters and the four Howlrunners left the Pride alone. They soon caught up with the Boatswain. The ship’s aft gunners prepared, green bolts tore apart half of the YTs and three Howlrunners. One of the remaining three YTs, a 2400, sped away to exit the system. A 1600 moved to follow suit. When the Defenders began to pursue, Lasitus sent a brief order.

    “Fighter pilots. Let them escape. No harm in letting them get the word out. They won’t have the chance to tell anyone before we’re out of the system.”

    Lasitus thought. He supposed it wasn’t too late to begin jamming their communications. They’d sent out a distress call, but it wasn’t aimed towards, say, the New Republic. He whispered to an attendant to see that it was done. He then turned his attention back to the battle.

    Among the smaller craft, only a Howlrunner and a TY-1860 remained. Both of them were parted from their missiles. They presented no real threat. His own fighters began to harass the Dreadnaught. Scraping at the hull with their cannons, the twenty-three Defenders didn’t do nearly as much damage as the four Gammas, who were now running out of missiles. As procedure dictated, they returned at this point to be replaced by another four pilots. The exchange took a minute or so.

    The Dreadnaught was beginning to give way, and the Boatswain was nearly close enough to begin firing her powerful turbolasers. The Carrack, Neb-B, and Dreadnaught seemed to decide amongst themselves that their best chance to at least leave a mark was to destroy this VSD, which they thought they had a decent chance of doing. Seeing that the ships wouldn’t be in range of each other for at least five minutes, Lasitus turned to the Lieutenant in charge of communications.

    “Lieutenant, open a channel with Grand Admiral Desaria on Carida.”

    Posted by Telan Desaria on 12-10-2002 09:52 PM:

    How awful! the Grand Admiral thought, watching a holodocumentary on the second Death Star and the Battle of Endor. In purely military terms, Endor was an engagement, a mere skirmish. The action had no parts; the Fleets met, battled, and parted. Battles, by definition, were a series of engagements in one area that come to a conclusion, either successful or defeatist.

    The toll of lives suffered by the Empire, however, allowed this nuance to pass by the historians and officer who learned from their predecessor's mistakes.

    If I ever obtain a superlaser, it shall be much better guarded, and there shall be no traps to set. The enemy shall merely arrive, and be dispatched.

    His back to Carida and his body facing towards an elevated section of the room, the comm chirped, having since been closed to the bridge.

    " Admiral?"

    " Yes, captain."

    " Admiral Lasitus has raised us. He is waiting for you on channel eleven."

    " Put him through."

    The Admiral adjusted his tunic, and stood before the holorecorder. Lasitus' visage appeared before him. " Yes?"

    Grand Admiral Telan Desaria
    Commander of the Empire

    Do not dare act Contrite,
    for soon you shall see the Light....

    The Light of Imperial Might

    Posted by Dak Blackblade on 12-10-2002 10:21 PM:

    IMS Conquerer, Flagship of the 4th Tactical Assault Floatilla.

    The luxurious interior of the immense warship was of such beauty, it nearly brought a tear to the Admirals eye. As he walked briskly along the corridors, he saw man after man break from his duties to salute him, he would had happily rejoined what would be the final and most absolute incarnation of the Empire ever formed. Their brisk salutes and replys showed the discipline in this Empire would never fail, especially in times of need.

    He had been but a babe in arms when the Emperor had been struck down, the Imperial Fleets dashed and destroyed against the rock of the Death Star and Rebel treachery. But now, now the time of reckoning would come. The 3rd incarnation of the Empire would rise from the ashes of the Imperial Remnenant and crush the petty Rebellion once and for all.

    As his musings continued, he reached the dark halls of the High Command Briefing Room, a spectacular construction of marble and Onyx, Alabaster and Platinum. Inside sat 20 men, Military leaders in their own right. 10 Line Captains and Commodores, and 10 Colonels of the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps, and the Imperial Army. Behind them lay the panoramic veiw of the glorious 4th Floatilla, whos tactical name belyed the strategic nature of its mission. The men rose as the Admiral entered, who nodded them down. He cleared his throat before begining the procedings.

    "I assume you have all read my mission briefing."

    The men nodded their heads in agreement, not a word spoken.

    "Excellent, you know your duties then. The Conquerer side by side with the Victory and the Empires Might will jump right in and begin bombardment. The Celebration and the Coronation will jump in tight formation and be pulled out by the gravity of Orlias. As our fighters are launched, they will enter the atmoshpere with our fighters as backup, and begin bombarding their cities. As they do, our two Kuati Super Transports will land to the east in this empty area, and set up an HQ, 2 Regiments holding the HQ for the battlegroup, the rest of the troops landing to seize the outer reachs of the city while our VSDs cripple the centre.

    Our Compatriots in the Imperial Army will be landing in small parties around the city, with full armour support since most of our airpower will be concentrated around Aduamr. There are nearly twelve unalligned factions on this planet, and each Legion commander has the authorisation to call on their tasks surrender once all key facilities have been contained. Also, air support can be called upon, should it be needed. Any questions?"

    A Commodore looked up, thinking before replying.

    "Sir, what about enemy air and Naval power?"

    Dakkon nodded.

    "It has been accounted for. If anything, it is a few old Archaic Invincible Class Dreadnoughts, nothing specactular. We have II strike teams on the ground now, ready to assault as needed and seize them in their docking ports. Also, Captain Ridgeway of the Imperial Spacetrooper Corps has been tasked with spaceborne assault of any engaging fleet units. We have 3 Wings of latest Model TIE Defenders ready to move from their reserve position should our assault be threatened. Also, our Interdictors should prevent any escape. Anything more?"

    The men sat quietly, knowing the full details of the plan. As they sat quietly, Dakkon rose.

    "You are dismissed. Return to your ships and prepare for the jump."

    They rose collectively, saluted and left. Dakkon returned to the bridge, and watched as 20 transports returned to their motherships. With a slight smile, Dakkon sat and waited.

    Soon it would be time to show the true colours of Imperial Might.

    Posted by Lasitus on 12-11-2002 02:14 PM:

    "Grand Admiral Desaria. This is Lasitus. We've met slight resistance. A dreadnaught, a Nebulon-B, a Lancer, and a Carrack, along with a few smaller ships. We've destroyed the Lancer, and as I speak one of our Victory-class is stepping into range to fire on the Dreadnaught."

    It was. The Boatswain's cannons were charging for the soon-to-come laser exchange. Just as they were close enough, thick green bolts burst out in unison. The Dreadnaught managed to withstand the first wave, but visible chunks of metal were torn off when the second volley connected. Her cannons desperately returned fire, accompanied by the other ships. As she saw she was doomed, she began picking up speed, preparing to ram the Boatswain.

    Posted by Telan Desaria on 12-11-2002 02:17 PM:

    Admiral Desaria allowed a smile to cross his face, a rare occassion in the presence of others. Admiral Lasitus was a dear friend, but the dozens of crewmen on the bridge were not.

    " Good, Admiral. You have done well. My reports indicate you have two full Divisions of Imperial troops, one Fleet and one Stromtrooper. Do you require anything else for the...Duro Operation?"

    Grand Admiral Telan Desaria
    Commander of the Empire

    Do not dare act Contrite,
    for soon you shall see the Light....

    The Light of Imperial Might

    Posted by Lasitus on 12-11-2002 02:27 PM:

    "Whatever transports you can supply. Otherwise, I'm sure I can deal with whatever feeble resistance they put up. Also, I may need some backup if the New Republic decides to intervene. My fleet isn't as impressive as it was in days past."

    Lasitus looked away, towards the battle. The Boatswain and the starfighters harassed the Dreadnaught. The former Warlord beleived the Dreadnaught's crew was already dead, the empty hull moving on momentum alone. It wouldn't be long, and then the doomed ship would implode.

    Returning his gaze to the Grand Admiral's hologram, Lasitus grinned.

    "We'll get attention for this, we will."

    Posted by Telan Desaria on 12-11-2002 02:34 PM:

    " Indeed."

    The Grand Admiral could see through another holomonitor directly connected to the external recorder the Dreadnaught on its death course for the Victory-class Star Destroyer.

    " The Fourth Transit Flotilla will de dispatched. It's a disparate formation, but should be able to move a million beings in one haul. My Kuati SuperTransports that have been accumulated have yet to finish refitting.

    " See to that problem, would you? And best of luck on Duro. When your men have landed and you consider the planet secure, bring yourself to Padrell. We have much to do. Two Auroras shall be sent to aide you. Good day, Admiral."

    Desaria could see that Lasitus blustered at his superior's notice of the ramming Dreadnaught, but the Grand Admiral prided himself on his commanding presence, which, to be successful, required a sense of omnisceience.

    Even if it was feigned.

    The Grand Admiral, Lasitus given his orders, proceeded to gather his things and set off for the bridge. In less than an hour, battle would be joined.

    Grand Admiral Telan Desaria
    Commander of the Empire

    Do not dare act Contrite,
    for soon you shall see the Light....

    The Light of Imperial Might

    Posted by Lasitus on 12-11-2002 03:15 PM:

    "Of course, Grand Admiral. I have not yet showed full muscle. Blaster gas doesn't produce at itself, and at times Warlords find it prudent to use their force in moderation. I look forward to days of extravagence."

    He beleived he would not change his approach even if he had all the Concussion misiles and blaster gas in the Galaxy.

    "For now, I'll tend to the battle. Grand Admiral." Lasitus saluted and broke the connection.

    The Gammas swept down on the Dreadnaught again, releasing a group of Concussion missiles. They proved to be the finishing touch, knocking apart the Dreadnaught. The fightercraft triumphantly did a lap around the wreck. The Gammas returned to the Pride as a replacement flight group left the bay.

    Posted by Aegis Du' Caat on 12-11-2002 05:05 PM:

    ::NR Intelligence Probe Orbitting Duro::


    Scanning sector 424, Mark 411...Density: Nominal, Ion Displacement: Nominal, Real Space Continum: Nominal

    Scanning sector 425, Mark 411... Density: Nominal, Ion Displacement: Nominal, Real Space Continum: Irregular... Determing cause... Hyperspace fluctuations detected... Signatures likely that of Class 1 hyperdrive system

    Scanning sector 426, Mark 411... Desisty: Abnormal, Ion Displacement: Abnormal. Real Space Continum: Nomial...Determing Cause... Density Displacement relative to that of ISD Mk III, Ion Displacement relative to KDY-400 Ion Engines... Switching to Visual... Transmitting to New Republic Defense Forces HQ...

    ::NRDF Space Station: Citadel::

    The image on the screen of the High Command was that of the Imperial Star Destroyer Pride of Malmaluk, Du' Caat recognized it as Admiral of the Fleet Lasitus' flag vessel.

    "It's begun. I told those fools that it would and yet they still debate the budget proposal for the Defense Forces. There'll be no Damned Republic to defend if Desaria is not stopped!" Du' Caat's voice was filled with rage as he slammed his fist onto the table.

    "Grand Admiral Rath, allow me to move my fleet into the Duros sector and engage the Imperials, we must not allow them to have the planet, you can not understand the horrors they will inflict on the indigenous races there."

    Supreme Commander Rath raised his hand; "I can imagine the horros Du' Caat, but we do not have the resources to allow your fleet to deploy. We must wait and be ready, it isn't Duros that they want, it is Corellia and we will need your forces for the battle there."

    Du' Caat lowered his head, he knew the Grand Admiral to be correct, he would have given the same command to his subordinates had he been in charge as well. For now all he could do is sit and watch the Duros Star Force be decimated by the superior Imperial technology and leadership.

    Posted by Telan Desaria on 12-11-2002 08:32 PM:

    One hour later

    The Imperial battle formation had come to full strength, the late arriving troop transports joing the flotilla as it lined up for the hyperjump. Together they made the twenty minute leap into hyperspace.

    Together they exited it. Together they would wreak havoc outside of it.

    " All ships report ready," Desaria ordered, his sense pleased as the bridge lights dimmed to battle illumination.

    " All Second ships report full battle readiness," replied the Aradinnian Fleet liaison officer, his fully black eyes eerie yet inviting.

    " Fighter Command: status."

    " All wings have reported in. 1st Fighter Assault Wing is deployed and in picket formation. 2nd, 3rd, and 5th are on standby. 10th Scimitar reports fully operational."

    " Support Command." Desaria adjusted in his seat, leaning forward and feeling the comfortable imprint of his side arm on his waist.

    " All gunboats, missile boats, and assault shuttles ready for deployment. Blast Squads 2 and 4 have been readied and are awiting launch authorization."

    " Granted. Launch."

    " Fleet Ops is ready."

    " SurfOps?"

    " All units have been signed in and are in full communications with the flagship."

    " Excellent. Captain!"

    The Interrogator's commander looked up from the crew pit.

    " Take us in system."

    " Aye sir. Engines, give me one quarter to flank. Fleet maintain station keeping and match. Raise shields, angle off the bays, we may need to deploy in a hurry."

    " Fleet: Fan out the Supports and dispatch the 'boats to system patrol."

    " As ordered, Grand Admiral."

    The bridge was quite an interchange, officers attempting to do the Captain's bidding in maintaining the ship, and the Grand Admiral in commanding the fleet. It was known that with a flag rank on the bridge, the command crewers had a more difficult job than the Admirals the served. Such was why their pay was higher than normal.

    Ahead of the half dozen Destroyers sat the Padrell System, four planets in it, all massive in size and stance. Each planet had the unique trait of possessing rings of rock and debirs. Padrell Prime, the site of the Imperial hammerblow was the most beautiful, with two sets of rings perpendicular to each other. Underneath the rings and the atmosphere sat a blissful population on a barren world of rock, canyon, desert, and savannah.

    " All ships: raise shields. Push the sensor envelope out to full. Deploy probe droids: I want a view of everything in and out of this system."

    " Aye sir."

    " Make ready."

    " Time to target, twenty minutes sublight standing."

    " Batton down the hatches, Captain. These minutes may be long."

    Posted by Telan Desaria on 12-13-2002 07:23 PM:

    The scene was horrid above the semi arid world of Padrell. Not many men in their entire lives, no matter how long, had ever seen such a thing. From afar, or up close. Floating above the planet were horrors and terror no man wanted to see.

    The Imperial Fleet had made its galactic debut as a fighting machine. More importantly, it had displayed its ruthlessness in its pursuit of ultimate victory, a task who's only successful conclusion could be the complete annihilation of any and all decreed enemies of the New Order.

    And so it sat, an Imperial flotilla orbiting an otherwise serene world.

    Before it sat the twisted and charred remains of a small task force sent not to engage the Empire, but merely observe its actions. Four corvettes and a pair of Corellian gunships had been sent by what was forming again into the New Republic as a scouting party in the Padrell System. Close to their primary world of Corellia, they had a great stake in its security.

    The force, however, had gotten too close. To get a better picture of what was transpiring of the arrived Imperial Fleet, they had placed themselves in its path to take readings, thinking they would leap from the system before the mammoth Destroyers overtook them.

    What they did not expect to see they saw: an Imperial Interdictor-class Cruiser bringing up the rear of the attack echelons. Its globes activated, they stood no chance. Imperial picket vessels chased the small craft and engaged them, slowing their sublight retreat. As they become bogged down in combat, the Destroyers came into range and eliminated all of them in one swoop. Blackened hulls and chunks of debris stood where there had been a half dozen small vessels.

    Shortly after the brief but violent defilade, small escape pods were jettisoned and the one shuttle that survived started moving away from the wreckage.

    They joined that category when they had all been launched, each and every one laid to waste by the superior gunners manning Imperial Taim and Bakk Turbolaser batteries.

    The way to Padrell was now open, the four ships thought to have been defending her in some capacity departed without a shot fired.

    Imperial Vengeance had been wrought.

    But it had only begun...

    Posted by Lasitus on 12-14-2002 10:56 PM:

    "Sir, two Aurora-class Star Destroyers have entered the system. They're hailing us."

    "Open a comm frequency."

    These were the reinforcements Telan had sent, he beleived. They would likely not be needed.



    "This is Flag Captain Wallace."

    "Move to engage the Nebulon-B and the Carrack, Captain." Lasitus appreciated the help. Things would certainly be speeded up by their partaking in the battle.

    He turned to his aide, a Commander. "Order the VSDs to enter atmosphere. Open fire only on hostiles." Upon an 'Aye' of confirmation, Lasitus motioned for him to see to it.

    As Lasitus directed them, the fighters began to ravage the Carrack. Her modified shields around her power generators turned the ship's Achilles Heel into the strongpoint. As per his orders, they focused on the bridge. Missile after missile slammed into the Carrack as his ships evaded fire.

    The Duros knew they were in trouble. They had inflicted next to no harm, and needlessly so. Lasitus did not pity them. He despised them for their blatant ignorance. At least all of the small craft had now fled, or been destroyed. He was positive the Neb-B would also leave soon. They were only very hesitantly firing at his fighters. In fact, she had moved to a position that would be ideal for jumping into hyperspace towards Correlia.

    The Carrack had no chance of escaping. She would be long dead before she could move two hundred meters.

    Posted by Dak Blackblade on 12-16-2002 07:14 AM:

    Bridge of the IMS Conquerer, jump point 189AX83.

    The line of Star Destroyers was impressive to say the least. The destroyer floatilla was in a commanding position, it had avoided all of the planets early warning systems and was at the final jump point before what could have been considered a massacre. While the fleet had reached its 3rd key jump point, it had recieved word from the Imperial Intelligence strike teams on planet that the full fleet manifest of the planets defences ammounted to no more than one twentieth of the power brought forward by the tactical reponse floatilla. In fact, all bar 2 Carrack Cruisers and one Invincible class Dreadnought were within reach of the strike teams themselves, and would be rendered useless before the attack itself was launched. All that was needed was a signal. As the floatilla lined themselves up for the final jump, Dakkon nodded to himself, and called on his comms officer.

    "Ensign, transmit a single message on all frequincies to our target. The message is as follows.

    Calypso Conquest."

    The Ensign looked momentarily confused, but took it in his stride. He immediatly went about his task.

    "Message sent sir."

    A thin smile crossed Dakkons face, a sign that everything was in order.

    "Thank you Ensign. Transmit jump coordinates to all our ships."

    Dakkon rose and placed his hand to his heart.

    "Long live the Empire gentlemen."

    The rest of the bridge crew repeated the phase as if it was a mantra of equal importance to that of your brain telling your lungs to breathe in, breathe out. And as the other ships received their coordinates, they replied with that same mantra.

    Long Live the Empire.

    With a nod to the helmsman, the ship was propelled into Hyperspace, its destination as good as theirs.

    Orlias, Jutraal national military command bunker.

    "Yo Sarge? Whadda say to us grabbin a beer at the PX once we get relieved?"

    The grizzled sergeant looked over to the lanky private who sat lazily near the door. The disturbance was an annoyance, and directly contravened the military code of conduct in regards to rank, but they were in a war. Jutraalia was the largest country on Orlias, its military being the sole equal of almost the rest of the planet combined. They had a space force, while their neighbours did not, or did barely. Jutraalia had risen to prominence due to a single man, a trader with excellent black market arms contacts. He had supplied the arms buildup out of the massive sales of shipping as the galactic powers of the Empire then the New Republic broke down. The nation now maintained a fleet which would have been considered adaquite during the galactic civil war. Now they were being raided almost universally from all sides. Naval incursions by guerilla forces had crippled their seaports, and small province sized attacks were being used to stymie any effort with which the powerful Jutraal could fight back. Still, at least he'd get a free beer, screw the war.

    "Yeah sure, but its your shout for me not ratting you in to the CO for misconduct!"

    The private grinned and left to continue his rounds while the sergeant went back to his monitering station. That station held the status of every ship in the Jutraalian Fleet. Bored, the sergeant picked up his radio and began trying to find some music. As he found his station of choice, it was momentarily drowned out. He could barely make out the words.

    Calypso Conquest...

    And it was gone. He sat there for a few moments, tossing up whether he should report it, before putting his legs up on the moniter and deciding against it. With a frown, he closed his eyes and tried to catch some sleep. Suddenly, after what seemed like seconds, but was really almost an hour gone, the sergeant was startled awake by another sergeant.

    "Hey man, its my shift, and you better be glad it was me who found you!"

    The first sergeant grunted and rose, making his way to the door. As he reached it he stopped, thinking. There was something at the back of his mind that he thought he should tell the new duty NCO. It was just about to appear when the private did.

    "Comeon, the PX is almost closed, lets get some beer!"

    Mentally shrugging his shoulders, the sergeant grinned and left the building. He would go on to drink the night away, totally out of contact with his superiors.

    Ten minutes later.

    The new duty NCO yawned, his hand barely disguising the monotony of his task. Looking at the board and seeing all status indicators in the green, his own legs rose up and he assumed a near perfect clone position of the previous sergeant. His eyes drifted shut and the boredom was gone, the sergeant finding solace in the arms of Laksii Noom, the most beautiful dancer in Jutraal...


    He was startled awake as the warning sirens on his station sounded. Moving his legs back to siting position, he looked momentarily confused as one of the ships indicators, which showed the ship to be docked in its planetside compound JSCC324, flashed red. Suddenly regaining his sense of urgency, he picked up his commlink.

    "Colonel? Sir? The Emperor of Jutraal was just flatlined. I think it might be an error of som...."

    The words barely escaped his mouth as another ship from JSCC324 flashed red, then another and another. In ten seconds, all ships at the Jutraalian Space Corps Compound number 324 were offline.

    "Uhh, everything at the 3-2-4 has gone off..."

    Suddenly more ships began dropping offline, until a total of 32 ships were read as out of commission.

    "Sir, we've lost everything thats docked!

    All that remains is a Dreadnought and two carracks that were on piracy patrols!"

    As the hysterical sergeant ran through his problems, next door was in chaos. Radar tactical command indicated at least 10 massive ships appearing as if out of knowhere. They must have tried to jump through the planet, because they had been dragged out by Orlias' gravitational pull. Already, two Victory Class Star Destroyers with heavy fighter support were dropping into the atmosphere, some transports landing disgorging thousands of leathally trained troops. And meanwhile, on the bridge of one of the ISDs, someone was smiling.

    Posted by Telan Desaria on 12-17-2002 05:04 PM:

    " Bring the Animostiy, Descrepant, and Velitation into range of the planet surface. When within torpedo range, they are to commence a full bombardment of all capital cities, starports, and any military or security installations. Intelligence is, unfortunate but expectedly, sketchy. As such, targets are up to the discretion of battery commanders."

    " Aye sir," replied the Fleet liaison officer, transmitting the Admiral's orders to the Victory-class Star Destroyers assigned as orbital support. Built for the purposes of siege warfare, the battleships would aide the Imperial domination and destruction of Padrell.

    Imperial Army transports holding the 71st Army moved into echelon formation. Upon orders, the massive Kuati Supertransports, the only complete formation of them in the Empire not undergoing extensive repairs, would begin descending into the planetary atmosphere. There, they would deploy five armored divisions and seven infantry divisions, with attached brigades and battalions of heavy artillery, siege weapons, and fast attack vehicles.

    While the Fleet had decayed over the years of the Fragmentation, the Army, in fact all surface troops, had not retrogressed at all. Advances in training had abounded, as had refined weapons and vehciles. It was, after all, where the tattered remains had been based: not on battlestations and warships, but on the soil of fortress worlds. The Army now had the time tested and experience gleaned ability to withstand an orbital bombardment.

    The Fleet, however, had as well learned. Leanred to give them.

    The VSDs fanned out , almost a delta from the pole to the equatorial line, and commenced their rain of blue-flamed projectiles.

    Grand Admiral Telan Desaria
    Commander of the Empire

    Do not dare act Contrite,
    for soon you shall see the Light....

    The Light of Imperial Might

    Posted by Lasitus on 12-17-2002 06:00 PM:

    “Admiral, one of the Aurora-class can now fire upon the Carrack.”

    “Tell her to do so.” Lasitus glanced out the viewport. “At the power generators,” he added.

    Lasitus gazed out the viewport. The Carrack was doomed. Her bridge showed signs of breaking down.

    His head hurt. Directly behind his right eye a splitting pain erupted. He smothered his right cheek with his palm and rested his fingertips on his forehead, breathing heavily. Headaches plagued a great many men of importance. Stress.

    At least he didn’t have a super-imposing Sith like Vader breathing down his neck. Yet.

    A new entry to the Sovereign Galactic Empire, Lasitus did not know the complete inner-workings of the group. In due time he would see to that.

    He looked up to see that the Carrack was no more. Fragments of her hull were flying through space, propelled by an explosion. The Admiral ran his fingers through his hair, mentally exorcising the pain.

    “Threat eliminated,” a smiling officer announced. “And the Nebulon-B had fled.”

    “I want the Valley of Royalty slagged. Every statue of those skinny, ******* kings and queens. Order the Boatswain to load her transports full of troopers after entering atmosphere, and release those transports. They will slag the Valley and seize the reclamation towns. We will be boarding the orbital cities.”

    “And the Dread Sport?” inquired the officer, speaking of the other VSD. “What of her?”

    “All ships are to prepare boarding parties. Dread Sport and the Auroras will go to the other side of the planet and take the Orbital cities there. I have the particulars for each ship’s agenda. Relay them,” he finished, handing the officer a small disk.

    In the next few minutes, his plans began to yield action. Ships set out and troops rushed to their transports. It was time.

    “Open a channel with the Durosian cities.” The communication officer nodded when it was done. “People of Duro,” he belted, “You are about to be boarded. I will not tolerate resistance. If you value your lives, you will gather in the center of your city.”

    “We are a noble people,” one faceless voice responded. “We will not be ruled.”

    “Lock onto the nearest city with out turbolasers and fire until she is no more.”

    A chorus of pleas and objections screamed from the transmitter. He smiled to himself. “Stop, lieutenant.” He was speaking to the Master Gunner. Audible, relieved sighs replaced the insults and requests. “Rupture the hull.”

    Brilliant green spears crashed into the city, tearing a visible hole in the durosteel sheath. “Scan for life. Inform me of dramatic changes.”

    “Four percent of the population died in the initial blast. Figures are dropping, but not dramatically.” That was understandable. Suffocation took time.

    The archaic cities could not lock off portions of themselves. In fifteen minutes, everyone would be dead.

    “You now see that I am not a merciful person. You will prepare to be boarded.”

    Posted by Telan Desaria on 12-19-2002 09:29 AM:


    The view from the Imperial Fleet was awesome, bright flashes and incandescent flares dotting the planet surface as every living thing was slagged into complete submission. The planet had been divided into grids, which turbolaser batteries and torpedo octets concetrated on, levelling one and moving to another. Hundreds of square kilometers were ablaze or completely scorched beyond repair. The Empire had no colonial interest in the planet, and it wanted not to house its own civilians on it, only military personnel.

    The inhabitants were mainly human, though there were some aliens; the Empire's motives for the barrage was preventative. Not only was it to clear space for facilities, it would serve as an example of what the Imperial Fleet would do if they resisted further. The cost and time it would take to pacify a planet did not interest Grand Admiral Desaria. He would allow one half of the world to live in peace, un bothered by the Empire, so long as they remained where they were. They would never see an Imperial soldier.

    The barrage was making sure of that.


    Two hours later


    " Report?"

    " Fifteen percent of mapped terrain available now. An era has been cleared, enough for the Army."

    " Good, send them down."

    Posted by Lasitus on 12-29-2002 01:49 PM:

    With a soft thump, Lasitus stepped onto the Durosian city. About a thousand Duros had gathered to see his arrival. He was not the first Imperial to step onto the ship. About a hundred and fifty naval troopers formed a thin barrier between him and the people.

    "Major, split the group. I want the capable males to the left, and the females and children to the right. Keep your group together. If we lose one man, I will not be happy with you."

    Major Nenen Rosor, the commander of Lasitus' personal military, nodded, jogging off to see to it. In short time, cries of resistance rose. A mob began advancing on the one-hundred and forty-four troops.

    "Slaughter them, Major. Every single one," Lasitus murmered into his commlink. Seconds later the troops poured fire into the crowd. Screams and shouts of surprise made clear the Duros' shock. Women, children, elders and the men fell dead, meters away from Lasitus' men. He chuckled. There were more than a million other Duros on the space-city, and the Admiral could spare the four-hundred slaves this group would have yielded.

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