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And You Shall Know Me By The Trail Of Dead...

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  • And You Shall Know Me By The Trail Of Dead...

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 11-05-2002 03:33 PM:
    And You Shall Know Me By The Trail Of Dead...

    OOC: Open to any number of Jedi who wish to Battle.

    :: Silently in the Shadows of a Moonless Night a Dark and Evil Figrue lurkes unknown. It had been sometime since the Shadow Lord spilled the blood of the innocent, though he hardly belived anyony to be truly inoccent ... only the foolish belived such things. Now it was time to inact their judgment. Secretly he hoped for a Jedi of equal strength, power and skill to stand before the Sith and test him.

    Slowly the Dark Lord emerged from the Shadows, his blood red eye's peering through the blackness of his hood and the vale of darkness he creates for himself.

    Levitating just a few inches off the ground the Sith Lord looked around at his surroundings. It was just a week before the major holiday and the streets were lined with last minute shoppers. A whicked grin tugged on the corners of his lips as he knew soon the joy they felt in their hearts would cease as he would be holding them.

    The Phantom reached into his cloak and removed a small metalic device, pressing the small red button he rolled it into the crowd. Seconds later an explosion tears through the city sending people and body parts everywhere. The Sith Lord ignites his saber ' Death ' it's black/gray hue gives off little light as he charges into the scattering crowd.

    Hacking and Slashing, Phantom kills hundreds in his act of Judgment and Terror. Bodies continue to fall as he attacks without merce, stopping a moment he finds himself standing in a pool of Carnage. A termendous disturbence in the force is felt at this sudden lose of live, he grins as he wishes for someone to challange him ::

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 11-25-2002 05:14 PM:

    . . ."I am too late.". . .The Jedi Master spoke through words drenched with grief for the fallen, surveying the dissolution and horror circumventing the street. Unhooking two hilts from her belt, the ignition switches in her light sabers gave birth to a neon yellow lance and a crystal blue beam as Aura followed the trail of the butcher behind the merciless atrocities.

    Finally. . . the cryptic assassin was revealed as he showed himself; the executioner of the unarmed.

    "You need not have troubled yourself on inflicting such a wasted calamity if you had the itch to face one of my kind, Sith Lord. Now I must stave future efforts on your part from delivering further obliteration. For those whom do not respect life shall fall prey to its foundation of righteousness." Resplendent emerald eyes born of the Lightside, beheld the corrupt Sith whose guilt was foretold.

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 12-03-2002 04:22 PM:

    " Jedi ... "

    :: The Sith Lord said softly to himself as he felt her presence come forth. A whicked and Sinister grin graced the Siths lips as a light chuckle escaped them. Turning to face his enemy his blood red eyes glowed brightly from under the darkness of his hood.

    As he fully turned toward the young Jedi he tossed a severed head to her feet. The Dark Lord laughed with an evil tone as he watched the head roll around. The Sith leapt high into the air, landing several yeards for the Jedi in a crouching position with his hand on the ground for balance ::

    " Oh but I did, for your kind are nothing but cowards. Hiding in shame on some forsaken planet in the arm pit of the universe, while the people your kind is supposed to be protecting get slaughtered everyday. Only once in awhile do you rear your ugly heads and it always something as dramatic as this to flush you out. "

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 12-04-2002 08:04 AM:

    Casting a cursory glance down at the gore of the bodiless head had not stirred a single nerve, as the Jedi Master was used to the graphic wounds battles invoked. Stepping to a side of it she met with the Darksider, closing the distance between them to a mere two meters.


    "How ironic it is that I find time after time you followers of the Darkside feel this word posing dishonor agitates us. Let me assure you it does not. We follow the code of the Jedi. If it is interpreted as cowardice, be it. It matters not. Tell me Sith Lord, how would it be possible to follow every Sith or Dark Jedi about to slap his or her hand at the thought of delivering a murderous act? We have not the resources, let alone the quantity of Jedi to level a discerning eye on the lot of you. Yet when the voices of the dying reach us through the Force, we gather at the scene of mayhem to face the culprit, or whomever else is responsible."

    Aura stood motioness, a noble warrior of honor, readying herself for any offensive assualt.

    "The Jedi code prevents me from attacking you, as by doing so would only summon more violence; howsoever, I shall stand here to stop you from rendering further damage, and course to defend myself. Of this I can assure you."

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 12-17-2002 10:47 PM:

    :: The Dark Lord chuckled lightly to himself as the Jedi Master spoke. Slowly the Sith rose to his full height, with his gaze never straying from his enemy ::

    " The word Coward suits you and your kind, it was never meant to agitate. So you admit it, you are cowards. Your kind will not survive for the simple reason of you won't strike first, the element of suprise is a great ally and would surve you well ... Too bad your code forbids you to use it ... "

    :: The Dark Lords voice trailed off as he paused for a moment ::

    " What does your kind not find it important to try and stop the Sith, if it was I I might ask for help, perhapes the new found Republic. Enough with tips and advice. I called you here for a reason, your kind has yet to offer me a real battle ... Shall we? "

    :: Before the last word even left his lips the Siths left arm shot towards the awaiting Jedi Master with speeds unmatched, with the power of the darkside the Jedi was hurled backwards into one of the many burning buildings.

    With a blood thirty grin upon his face the Dark Lords eyes glowed crimson as he used the force to destroy the supports of the burning building ... causing it to calapse upon the Jedi Master crushing her ::

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    .."I admit to nothing but the Lightside of truth and compassion,"..she had managed to blurt out before her body was launched against the damaged structure, now ravaged and weakened in an inferno of fire.

    The figmental image of being compressed, so the Sith Lord had prematurely deduced. Yet the shrapnel from the support beams were deflected in transit, as the building was suspended mere millimeters over the Jedi Master, the Force providing a cushion of air rendering her free from its crushing weight. Aura then pushed it further away from her with an outstretched palm, and slid from beneath its cryptic-like tomb as it crashed in a heap of rubble.

    "Wretched entity...You shall be quelled," she had uttered in a flat tone bearing heed, jade optics trained on her assailant with the precision of the crosshairs of a sniper's rifle.

    "We have the code as a foundation of justice, so we never lower ourselves to your immorality. Never to find disdain for all that is not Sith. I pity you and your kind. You shall never know the truth of life, only the existence of fabricated lies of which you trespass upon..

    In a blur of speed she was upon Phantom like a striking laser beam, her right blue saber targeting his left lower ribs as she then, with a flick of a trained wrist, attempted to gain entry to his defouled black heart, with her yellow saber blade positioned before her torso in a defensive measure.
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