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Long awaited Enemy, Long awaited Meeting.

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  • Long awaited Enemy, Long awaited Meeting.

    Posted by Sadar on 10-22-2002 08:25 PM:
    Long awaited Enemy, Long awaited Meeting.

    ::He stood outside the floating city on Calamari, watching the water. This was one of the few cities that bad been built on the surface of the water, most were underwater but one thing Sadar did not like was a lot of water in one area. He could swim but the feel of something wet on his skin was displeasing. Water always put him into a bad mood, but he hid it behind a smile that did not betray any thoughts or dark emotions. Today would be a glorious day, today he would be rid of the last Ambrellian member of the Saihan Clan. Looking over at the woman with black eyes, and black hair he smiled. Marion, the woman of his heart and the one who had launched the attack.

    Watching the water sway in the breeze he laughed softlymerely watched with no expression, though inside he smiled. His eyes showed nothing, his body language only a vauge feel of disinterest showing through. Many a body could be lost and never recovered.::

    Water sir?

    ::The Mon Calamari female came up to him, an attentive smile on the salmon coloured face and friendly eyes that turned to fear as he gave her a dark look::

    Gave I did an order for Vodka, not a shaiensat Water.

    ::Watching her leave the warrior smiled coldly::

    Posted by Marion on 10-22-2002 08:48 PM:

    ::Marion turned and looked at Sadar in amusement::

    No need to swear, the point found she did. The water be getting at you?

    ::They spoke in the dialect spoken here for one reason, the more practise the better spoken. She wondered how Saharia had fared with the language. Saharia had always had a talent with things she didnt, but one thing she had was wings. Glorious dark brown wings that had a large span and a powerful wind force when in the air. She did not notice any response at her comment and did not expect any. He was one that showed nothing, was deadly and always knew what someone was thinging, observative to the point of extreme. Frankly, she found it intimidating but she was the leader of the people here, and him her advisor. She was in charge although at times his eyes tended to disagree. Glugging down her water she stood up::

    We both have things to do, I will look around Mon Calamari, and you will do some research as we have discussed.

    ::Walking off she laughed in assurance. He was a strong lover, a strogn warrior and he let her get away with almost anything, well almost anything. Marion knew she would be face to face with her sister, and face to face with destiny. Destiny would make her great, one clan gone, and move onto the next.::

    Posted by Sadar on 10-22-2002 10:30 PM:

    ::Sadar watched her leave and smiled softly. She thought she had the power, but she did not. She had his heart, what was left of it, but no, he held the power. She was the ruler of their clan, and him the war leader, but he would call the tune when it came to that. Rubbing his hands together as he walked towards the bar to become friendly with the people there, and get them talking. He always found talking to others and watching their reactions told more than a holopad could.::

    Very well Lady Marion, you win this time. I will win the bigger battles my love.

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 10-23-2002 07:23 AM:

    The Sith Empire...

    Revenge was ever so sweet.

    Zeta had had the taste for revenge many a time, and he had always acted on such feelings.

    He had never acted on another’s revenge, there was a first time for everything though.

    This was Saharia's time, not his.

    He would not bask in her glory....

    ...And there would be glory for her, Zeta would make sure of that.

    Saharia would take back what was rightfully hers. She would be victorious.

    Zeta would be....Well, Zeta would just be there, to land aid, perhaps he would even snatch a soul or two.

    It didn't really matter to him, so long as he was there to see Saharia get her revenge.

    He knew how much the woman wanted it.

    ...And he would do his best to make sure her quest was fulfilled.


    As the Zabrak set foot into the shipyards, only one thing crossed his mind.

    What Saharia was thinking.

    He was sure the woman had a lot on her mind. She had planned to go alone on her trip to Mon Calamari to meet up with Marion. Though the other name had gone unmentioned, Zeta had suspected that there was another.

    Marion's name had gone unmentioned for that matter as well, but Zeta knew, only for the pure simple fact that Saharia had spoken her name once before.

    The other, well Zeta had no idea who that could be. He just knew Saharia should not go alone. He had a feeling Marion was not alone...

    Four sections he'd walked, position number four, from the left side facing the door.

    A smirk formed on the Zabrak's mouth.

    It did look shabby, but looks were not always everything. The ship would fulfill its goal.

    Zeta did not see Saharia's presence, but he could feel it, nonetheless.

    I am here, Lady Saharia...

    Posted by Saharia on 10-26-2002 03:54 AM:

    :;Saharia turned around and nodded, a warmer welcome in her eyes than on her face. Her hands had grease on it, and she finished the last of the adjustments to the engine before closing the panel and putting the tools back into the box. Picking up the box and moving away from the ship and into it to put the box away she moved towards Darth Zate and bowed her head in honour of his company on this mission.::

    Come in, I need to wash my hands but other than that we are set to go. There is enough food for both of us, I am assuming you have decided to come with me. If not the food is there anyhow.
    Sedar and Marion are waiting. Sadar is quite a lot like you in some ways, so you may even get along with him.

    ::The last was a cold joke, she remembered what Sadar was capable of and that was not easy to forget. He did not scarre outwardly, he scarred the very soul as skillfully as a bird flew.
    Walking out fo the ship to clean her hands she returned a few minutes later and looked around.::

    The ship's barriers should be working now.

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 10-26-2002 06:49 AM:

    Before the Zabrak did anything else, he too took a moment to bow his head before Saharia's presence, meeting her gaze evenly afterwards.

    Being that Saharia had spoken of both Marion and Sadar before, Zeta knew something of both. Zeta remembered what Saharia had said of Sadar, he remembered it clearly.

    Zeta's eyes narrowed for a moment, an indication showing that he was not pleased, but nothing more came from him, just words.

    He kept his words through the force.

    He disturbs do I.

    He searched her eyes, looking for a reaction.

    His gaze removed itself away from hers after just a few short seconds, which could be considered rather surprising to say the least. It usually was not like Zeta to break a gaze first, if it was purposely being held...unless he was disturbed, that is...

    She left for a moment, returning a moment or so later with clean hands, and he finished answering her words.

    I am not hungry...

    Without another word, the Zabrak walked past Saharia and kept on walking, boarding the ship.

    With his back now to Saharia, his presence slipping more and more away from hers, a slightly amused yet small smile inched its way onto the Zabrak's face.

    He waited for the reaction that would come...

    Posted by Saharia on 10-27-2002 01:37 AM:

    ::Saharia watched him pass, it reminded her of how Sadar walked, of how he played with others minds. It also reminded her that Zeta was not Sadar and she had to trust him in order to communicate with him. She remembered Sadar's mind in her own, laughing. She would be doing the same to Marion, and she knew the double edge irony of it. She could almost feel the small laugh coming from Zeta, that double edged sword that was the ownership from Sadar, from Zeta, from her own mind. She knew she would answer his words, and knew he knew it too. He had that power that unsettled her when she did not know where she stood. And with people like Sadar, she had learnt, you hardly ever knew where you stood. When they had reached the cockpit she looked at him, into his eyes to show him she was not afraid, she could not afford to show she was afraid with his type. She would not be weakened, and she would deserve the respect that she had been denied with Sadar. The man who had tutored her in the art of battle so many years ago. The man that had taught her to be careful in a most ruthless way. Saharia was not weak and was not to be played with, even if it required herself being hurt. She would die for her own freedom and made no secret of it.::

    Yes, you unsettle me. Why is for my own reasons, some of which you understand, some of which you may come to understand, some of which you may never understand.
    I will not be a puppet, not by Sadar or anyone who may hold that power. I will not be read like a book willingly without feeling wary of that person or even distrustful until I know I can trust. Information is far deadlier than weapon in many case and I don't like double edged swords that may mean harm.
    I wish for a friend, not one that unsettles me, and I feel that wariness is a vile taste to you which may pass in time if trust by both parties allow it until time of true judgement does come.

    ::She did not know how that would go with him, if it would anger him or provide some very different reaction, but he wanted answers and he had them, she would not lie. Looking into his eyes, knowing he wasnt the type to break contact first, she waited for his reaction. She would not be seen as fearful of him, her backbone and pride did not allow that.::

    OOC: we'll continue with these two until we reach Mon Calamari. or when we are close to it.

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 10-27-2002 05:40 AM:

    Nothing in Zeta's eyes gave way to what he thought, but this was not unusual at all. He knew that the woman standing before him despised such a reaction, but he did not look upon her in such a way to spite her. This was who Zeta was, and this was how he reacted, though permitting time, that could change.

    He knew that his words were all she had to go by, and so he would not keep them from her.

    "I am not Sadar, I will never be Sadar. He and I, as you say, have much in common. However, there is much I'm sure, that we do not have in common. One day, you will see such things. Perhaps you will think differently of me by this missions end. My presence may very well disturb you, but I bid you no harm. This is who I am, it is the real me. To treat you any differently, well, that would be to present forth to you a lie. Lady Saharia, I am no liar. So you see, the truth is before your very eyes, it is up to you to find all of it, and not just what you wish to see. For there is a great more deal to me than what you've already discovered. See what you will, but allow time to show you the things that you do not see already."

    The way to Mon Calamari was quite a distance away, and if Saharia was wise, she would do most of her observing of Zeta when she now had the time to.

    OOC: Ok.

    Posted by Saharia on 10-28-2002 12:25 AM:

    ::Saharia watched him, his eyes told truth. Looking away she remembered trusting eyes, but knew Zeta was right. He was not Sadar, they would be meeting sadar and no matter how strong she acted or how tough a facade she put on, there was fear in her mind about that meeting. She looked at Zeta again after a long silence, taking in his words and analysing them. If you run from fear you run from life, and the opportunities it held. She needed an ally for this, and his words were right.::

    I do you a great injustice then, my apologize.

    ::She turned awya and turned on the holopad, looking at the latest news on Mon Calamari. It was cold weather and it was raining. One would have thought there would be enough water on the planet... still that would make Sadar nervous at least.
    She sat down after turning it off, the real knowledge lay with the people, such as the knowledge of Zeta lay with Darth Zeta.
    Getting out her katana and holding it in ceremonies when two warriors required to be in battle as partners. It was an old tradition in her home land, and one she wouldnt normally use, but she felt this needed to be done in order to devalop something of a trust. He was much like Sadar but he had summed it up and Saharia admitted to her wrongs. What she needed was a friend not a companion to be careful of.::

    You are much like Sadar, but as your words speak truth, you will not torture my mind. I see what is similar but not what is different because I not know of it. You see much more of me than I do, that also do make me aware. But I will not fear you, and I will not sit you beside Sadar. I give you that promise and trust for that is what will be required to hold during this mission.

    :;Putting the weapon down slowly she bowed her head. Each exchanged their fears of each other, and gave each their trust. The habit had died with the leaders of Ambrellia a few years ago due to a young ones ego. It probably did not have any holy power as it once did, it probably didnt have any holy power to begin with than the power of belief. Belief could be a very strong thing.::

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 10-28-2002 06:46 AM:

    "...And you will not fear him either."

    What Zeta had felt now, at first, confused him. He could feel her fear, plain as day, see it in her eyes. He almost mistook that fear for Saharia fearing him. He realized soon after, however, that that fear was not meant for him, but for Sadar.

    This, Zeta was sure, Sadar would expect, indeed. If Zeta had his way though, no such thing as fear would be made felt to Sadar.

    If Zeta was anything like Sadar, as Saharia had said, then he knew what the man would be looking for.

    "...He will feed off of your fear. To him, your fear will mean power to him. You must rid yourself of this fear while you still have the chance, later on, it may be too late.."

    Zeta's gaze slowly fell to look onto the weapon that Saharia had set before them. Questions arose within his mind. He bowed his head and then asked, though his attention remained on the weapon.

    "Who is he?...Sadar? If I am as much like him as you say I am, then why do you fear him?'

    Zeta already knew, she didn't trust Sadar. One did not have to trust another in order for them not to fear them. He knew there was more than just not trusting Sadar that made Saharia so fearful of this man.

    "Your fear must go. He wants you to fail, your fear can bring you failure. You must bring him the unexpected not the expected."

    Posted by Saharia on 10-28-2002 11:21 PM:

    ::Saharia looked at him for a long mement before looking out into the dark bleakness of space. He was muhc like Zeta so Zeta may know something she did not. Sitting down she began the story, knowing it was long but Darth Zeta, she had found, had patient ears. Saharia spoke for the longest she had for a long time, her eyes reflecting the memories she had left unsaid for so long. It was time to bring them out of the dust.::

    He tutored me in the art of battle for eight years. Trusted him I did as much as I distrusted my sister. Never did I notice him and her becoming more than friends. I was wrapped up in training and in another man that was to become my fiance, life was looking well.

    I was one of the council members, and during a certain summer I was chosen for warleader of a faction of the Ambrellian Army, I did not notice my masters silence...he had always taken care of that faction. He was getting too old in the armies eyes, foolish they were. He is never too old to do anything, a full thirty years ahead of my sister. He attacked the council and ran, but blood was found and we thought otherwise.
    He felt betrayed, but I will not pretend I knew him well, no one ever did, not even his own brother. Three summers later I was outcasted from the council as a rebel, too many new dangerous ideas. They lived in old times and old times brings fake securities.

    Sadar then joined ranks among our enemies those three years, along with my sister who has ever hated Ambrellians for a reason I know not of, she has ever hated being a hybrid of human and Ambrellian I believe. Marion was afraid of heights a well, but I know she glories in them now........

    I had thought them dead, but they were not.
    They organized slowly an army to attack the Ambrellian clans, but too late did I recieve news of this, and went to the council. Being an outcast they did not believe my story, so I took the army of whom I managed to convicne with much work and attacked as they came, but I was too late, they had come to the main village area of ours and killed most of the civillians and by the time our army had finished fighting they ahd gone to the capital of our clans city and started to wreck havok.

    there was bloodied wings everywhere....Ambrellians bleeding to death. i had lead the army out of the captial because of my stupid pride and let these people die. There was one body I noticed and it was of my fiance, he was dead.

    ::She was silent for a long time, reflecting on those words. So many people dead because of one mistake, it seemed so wrong but it was truth. He had died because of her. Sighing she knew she had to continue her story::

    I met with Sadar again, my master of battle and remembered the fresh anger of him attacking the council. I felt betrayed too but I still remembered my loyalty. He used that loyalty and for weeks I was lost in my own mind...mad...reduced to a raving lunetic that felt pain beyond pain. He was cruel. Cold.
    And I learnt of his true nature his mind had hidden for so long...I learnt of my own weaknesses and fears. When he finally released me after four weeks, but seemed like decades.

    Marion took the curtisy of cutting off my wings and announcing all the Ambrellians in my clan were successful wiped out and that they would move on to another...then another... I did not hear what else they said, my blood was losing and I fell unconcious and by some miracle survived. I have craved revenge ever since then, and fear, for I know Sadar could do it again. He trained me for eight years and knows my mind well, he also knows how much the sky meant to me and allowed that to be cut away from mine reach forever...that is something I will never forgive.

    :;Her voice had become emotionless, too many emotions running through her system to come out, too many images in her mind until her eyes looked longing somewhere, and simmered with rage, with pain. She felt no emotion even though they showed, only numbness and the sharp thin sound of screeching in her mind. The screeching of sharp blades connecting together slowly Sadar had relentlessly kept up for days and days.::

    That is why I fear him.

    ::Saharia said no more, felt like saying no more to tell. There was too much to tell.
    Looking at zeta she watched him for a reaction, what would he think? What advice was there for no fear? Sadar had taken away all she held dear and more. Sadar would die one day. By who's hand she did not care, it was Marion she wanted her hands on, but she wanted him to pay for his crimes as well.::

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 10-29-2002 06:50 AM:

    Zeta said nothing for a long time, letting the story that Saharia had told him, sink in.

    Already the Zabrak knew of what he would tell her, and there was truth in his words.

    "Your can let go of it, but never will it be forgot. I did not know you then, but perhaps I know you a little now. You are not the same Saharia that took lead of an army so long ago. Time changes people. Do not think my words true? Your old Master, change became a part of him. He is not as when you first met him. The same, I am sure, holds true for your own being. He may know you, but he does not know everything there is to know about you. He does not know of the changes you have gone through, and he will never know, unless you tell him. You have nothing to fear from him."

    The Zabrak paused, choosing his words carefully.

    "With growth comes change, and you have grown. Part of you is already prepared for what will come, I know this because of one simple reason.."

    The smallest of amused smiles crept onto Zeta's face, quickly falling away soon after.

    "...You were going to venture forth alone. You know what will come and so does he. You seek revenge, but something says to me that you seek greater revenge from Sadar than you do Marion. Marion is just a small piece of the situation, she just has your wings. Ah, but Sadar, he has plenty more than your wings. He took much from you, soon you will get it all back..."

    Posted by Saharia on 11-04-2002 12:02 AM:

    ::The past, the present and the future. It all melded into one and shaped you. But you changed with each shaping, and as much as she had been molded, the years would have molded them both differently. She was different and had an upper hand in one way, as Zeta had pointed out, but he also had one hand upper as well with his own differences. This was a blind battle in one way and terribly familiar in another. There was no room for cockiness, and revealing it's nature, there was no room for fear.
    She understood what Zeta was trying to say and laughed. She remembered the scarres well, she would use them as concentration not her fears if need be::

    I will swallow it if I have to, we have things to discuss he and I. You seem to know much, your mind must hold many experiences and lessons. It will be good to have you in the fight.

    ::She checked the time for the arrival for Mon Calamari, still a long way yet. The ship beeped as another ship signalled for a response and she checked the message.
    Enemy or friend?
    Smiling coldly she noticed it had a paticular feel from it. No time to dally with them and this was not a battle field.
    Niether. No harm intended. be you jedi?
    Waiting for a response the ship made it's signal noise again.
    Jedi, we require help. Our ship needs fuel, do you have any spare?
    Saharia looked at Zeta and raised an eyebrow, she had no objections about it, her honour and belief code allowed friendliness towards those that followed lies when not in battle and she had spare fuel. But Zeta may have objections.::

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 12-07-2002 01:04 PM:

    The only response the Zabrak gave was a grunt of sorts, which, although hard to understand, was part of his own language. Though the look on Zeta's face made what he was saying, not really all that difficult to understand.

    He looked displeased, he would have snarled, but he was in Saharia's presence. He had respect for her, and that in itself prevented him from doing anything more.

    "It is your call, Lady Saharia."

    It didn't matter what Zeta thought, this was not Zeta's ship, but hers....

    Posted by Saharia on 12-16-2002 09:16 PM:

    ::Saharia nodded, noting his displeasement, but ignorign it as her own stubborness of what is right came into play.::

    Your ship is larger, open the docks and I will fly the ship near it, and leave the fuel. Do not be making any tricks or I will follow the way of truth.

    ::She left the message and watched the large ship open it's docks, and fling closer to it revealed one A-Wing and one X-Wing. She let the ship near to the edge, and opened the ship door, watching it slide open as she openanother part another door to get extra fuel. Carrying it, making four trips, to the door she put it down and watched a jeid approach. Nodding her head in greeting she said nothing. The jedi nodded, sensing her as a darksider, and looked surprised.::

    It is strange, a sith helping a jedi.

    I am not a usual sith, Jedi. I follow the truth and prevail in it's justice o the battlegrounds, which this is not unless you proclaim it so,

    I would not do that, thank-you.

    ::Saharia said nothing but nodded again in a farewell. Stepping away the door closed, and she moved away from the dock, looking at Zeta.::

    they are also following what they believe to be truth and reality, and are enemies only on the battlefield. Many, such as those we are to meet, waste their lives on unneccassary hatred and it becomes a weakness.

    ::She could feel Sadar a little now. Three hours and it would be so. He wasted his life on hate, and she would use that against him, if it still stood as a weakness. In truth she felt a slightly out of balance, but she would survive another dance with death or go forever to his heart of eternity. She looked at Zeta curiously, he seemed such a mystery, and mysteries always intregued her, even if prodding inflicted pain on herself. In fact she rather enjoyed pain, which could be considered rather unhealthy. She relaxed a little and so did her speech, coming into a more natural form in which her mind worded sentences. A mix of the home language and the standard here.::

    We all have our reasons for choosing the darkside, we all have our pasts, some who wish to keep them instilled in silence.
    Stories interest mine mind, and histories much more. Much of mine time is spent collecting them. It always interest I what makes a person to follow their paths.

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 01-27-2003 11:44 PM:

    Zeta could not hold back his laughter as Saharia's words hit him, amused at the way she spoke so carefully to him.

    "Why not just ask me, Saharia?? You amuse me....Whatever you wish to know about me, simply ask."

    His face went cold, his gaze settled hard on her.

    "I do not care to play mind games at the moment."

    Only when it suited him, it seemed to be different when it was being done onto him.

    He narrowed his eyes even more, trying to decide if he wished to tell her the answers to her hidden questions.

    He did not. For some reason, he enjoyed the thought of her not knowing all there was to know about him.

    "...Perhaps another time. We will be arriving at any moment now. I am sure you must need some time to prepare for our departure from the ship?"

    One hour later...

    Saharia's ship had been docked twenty minutes earlier.

    Saharia and Zeta had not said a word to one another since near reaching their landing. In a sick and twisted way, that only made Zeta satisfied. He liked seeing Saharia somewhat displeased.

    He knew how much of a mystery he still was to the woman, and he would continue to keep it that way...for now.

    He considered it pay back for her helping the Jedi.

    The two stood now, just near the exit ramp of the ship, standing side by side. Both Sith seemed to look at one another at the same time.

    She glaring at him, and he, remained expressionless, except for his amused laughter.

    "...I said you could ask, it did not mean I was going to tell you what you wanted to know..."

    The two exited off of the ramp...

    Posted by Saharia on 01-28-2003 12:02 AM:

    ::Saharia was careful around everyone, to her she could play games but didnt like it when others did. She kenw that wasnt right but it always seemed to come up to that and stubborness ruled. Saying nothing, showign nothing she walked past the shipyard guard, and when he saw her face decided not to ask for the credits owed. She thought that a very wise decision.
    Worse off, she knew he was amused by it and that made her all the more displeased, and displeased meant someone would get hurt by the end of the day.::

    They should be around. I can almost sense Sadar, he is here.

    ::She said nothing else, there was no need. Words were oft wasted. Plus she felt no need to speak to him right now until her rational side took over and she saw the big picture.
    For the sake of it she put the anger aside for a few moments and smiled openly at Zeta before walking to the nearest information area.
    It was petty but who said one had to be perfect. To her that would be boring.::

    I dont like games either Zeta. I will not play if you will not.
    I will not be made to look like a fool by an ally. For as much as one I a, others do not have to see.

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 01-28-2003 08:13 AM:

    His words reached out to Saharia now as thoughts. Who knew where Sadar and Marion lurked.

    I do not follow after fools...

    That was all his words seemed to say, but his words suggested that she was not a fool.

    He was surprised that she had already begun to see him as an ally, but he supposed that he was one. After all, he was here, for her cause, and not his own.

    Perhaps not a fool, Lady Saharia, but what you do not have in foolishness, you do not lack in stubbornness...

    He did not laugh this time, but his face did give off a small hint of amusement. he changed the subject.

    Where shall we start our search?

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    ::Saharia said nothing on that topic, she knew her stubborness was a great fault but it had also saved her life more than once and it was a weapon as much as it was weakness. She just had to use it appropriately and that was something she had not yet mastered. This she did not communicate to Zeta for she felt he would laugh or even be more amused and he had enough to be amused about for today.::

    He searches for me as much as I do him, but we both also search for informaiton. Do not be fooled, he is no fool nor is he without sense. And as this is said I do not praise him for he is the dislikable kind of non-fool.

    :: Dislikable indeed, she would enjoy making him feel pain. It was such a shame one could not live an entire lifetime in that torturous pain for the soul eventually withered and died under it. She knew this by experience, though the victim had also had a fairly weak heart and it took considerable shorter time for the process to undergo it's cycle.::

    Perhaps we will find him somewhere were there is information to be had - espcially about the occupants who have arrived in the last few days, and where there is little water. A swim does not do too much to invigorate his spirits. Marion will no doubt be at the bar to gather inforamtion for she has ever been unimaginative and thats the first place she will go.

    ::Saharia admitted the bar was where a lot of information was held, the local people were the best to ask yet there was a set rule that one did not become too predicatable. She exited the building they were in and went to a very handsome looking local with a friendly and genuine (to the unpractised eye) smile and asked for the largest bar in Mon Calamari. The man seeing a pretty face, slight figure, which was partly due to the stance she had adopted for the moment, and the innocent face smiled charmingly and gave the answer, with an offer to take her there himself. She only smiled and nodded, why not, if she came in with a local she would be noticed yes but probably by the looks of him just another new girlfriend.She sent a message into Zeta's mind that only he would pick up unless a jedi master or knight was about. She had no illusions about her ranking abilities.::

    .Follow me at a distance, if my guess is right she'll be right where the big fish are.

    OOC: I'm going to use the same account for Sadar and Marion but Marion's posts will be in red while Sadars will be in blue and Saharia's white
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      Musing over Saharia's own thoughts, the Zabrak did not converse for a time, more satisfied with being preoccupied with his own pondering to give the woman a response.

      He did not think through his thoughts for long before returning his presence to where it should be.

      His mind drifted back into place, catching whatever was left of what Saharia addressed him with.

      The Zabrak did not fall back into thought with the other Sith, keeping his focus more on the mission.

      As you wish, Lady Saharia....

      Only when the bar came into Zeta's sights did he retreat from Saharia as she had requested. However, the Zabrak could not help but keep his gaze close to Saharia as he walked on.

      Perhaps this was part of the reason, though he was not willing to admit this to himself, that he had not wanted Saharia to go on the mission alone.

      A strong and courageous woman the Zabrak had deduced her to be, nonetheless, there were two of them, perhaps more, and only one of her....

      He had not liked the odds.

      Zeta's distance was kept as he flowed with the other patrons within the bar.

      However, if prey was here, then he would hunt, hunt without fail....

      OOC: Alright.


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        ::Marion sat conversing with a very drunk local, his name was Moriask and he had recently lost his ship due to a crash. Secretly she found it amusing that a mon calamari could be clumsy when he was taught as a child about the sea but she also noticed that he was a fairly simple man and a few brain cells werent there so she finished the conversation abruptly as she found no other informatuion from him and left the confused mon calamari man to get wasted on his own.

        She then spoke to a general and he was very careful with the information with annoyed her and Marion had a certain lack of patience she she took what she could and left, knowing he would watch her very carefully. The next vixtim was a woman around her mid 30's and she proved to be very useful. By the looks of the woman she was a dancer and also heard much rumours and fact, it was up to Marion to seperate them. To her it seemed simple but unbeknown to her it would be Sadar who would do the judging. He was the brains and she was the passion that fed hate he needed to continue. Marion did not know his but what she did know was at times he would care nothing for anything, he would give up until he made her so angry she would attack him. Marion shook her hread not understanding why this was but she wasnt here to ponder about Sadar and his unstable moods. He never was unstable with anyone else, not even with that wretch saharia he had not been.

        Three hours later she was quite full of information and started to head towards the door when a handsome fellow came through with a woman that looked all too familiar for her liking, and by the look she gave Marion also knew her.
        On her side she heard another groan about another girlfriend, and how the girl would probably be thrown out and pregnant before next month. She heard him finishing his glass and his female companion laugh and comment that it was time to head off.
        Though marion hated Saharia and knew she was too smart for that mistake and Saharia's reasons for this entrance was exactly used for the dismissiveness the man had presented. she would remember this mans face who had spoken.
        She slipped away and went towards the door, and was pleased to find that the man who had spoken and his female friend walked out too and left saying she would meet with him in the ship. The man nodded but ten minutes later his neck was broken and Marion felt the woman would not meet this man for some time.
        She would do this to her dear sister Saharia as well when she met her - not this time, she was not ready and had barely escaped a chat. She did not see the balck and red man who was behind Saharia and walked leasurely down the dirty sidewalk.::

        ::Saharia looked around and saw that that sithin Marion had left again and whistled in annoyance then turned on her sweet smile.::

        Thank-you Enril, I would most certainly be lost without you.

        ::The man smiled::

        Hang on Anailese, stay a while. My friends over there are having a drink and wouldnt mind paying one for a lovely lady such as yourself. See the big one, his name is Roald and he is a security officer for Mon Calamari. He knows everything.
        He's trying to get me into his faction.

        ::He smiled as he boasted about his powerful friends and Saharia smiled as if she was very impressed. Perhaps this Roald would be of help. She gave him a sickening smile that she wouldve hated to see on her if there was a mirror, she disliked people who smiled too much and too fakely. But it appealed to his ego and smiled as if he had won the lottery. Not likely buddy but I'll play for now. She could feel a sith presence that had the vague signature of Zeta behind her.::

        I would be honoured.


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          Like any normal patron, Zeta, after a while, set himself at an unoccupied table and ordered a drink.

          Yet even before he sat down, his mind was heavily at work, observing all those that dwelled within the bar.

          Saharia's presence broke away from the Zabrak's gaze for a time, only to quickly spot its target.

          The woman had not noticed him; too bad the same could not have been said for Marion.

          He watched her for a long time, going from person to person. Nothing so peculiar about that, except that this woman that he glanced onto seemed to fit Saharia's description perfectly.

          No not the kind of description in looks but in mannerisms. There was no mistaking this woman for not being Marion, yet still he was not completely certain.

          There was something else however that confirmed Zeta's suspicions. It was the way the woman's gaze had fallen to look at Saharia. Her eyes held confirmation and recognition.

          Strange he had thought that Marion had avoided the other woman, quickly leaving the bar.

          She'd walked right past Zeta too, not even noticing the Zabrak, which didn't matter; it was an advantage to the Disciple.

          It was only then that his gaze had finally fallen back onto Saharia. He watched her and the man, Saharia especially.

          His face remained ever impassive, but as always the woman's only fake expressions, he found to be quite amusing.

          Yes, he knew quite well that this was not Saharia. He'd watched her smile several times, bringing forth her charm. Each expression brought falsehood, yet still it amused the Zabrak.

          ...And by the looks of it, the man seemed to enjoy the company. It seemed that Saharia was without flaw, but nonetheless, Zeta continued to keep a watchful eye as he took his seat, ordering his brandy.

          He would be sure to remind Saharia of the encounter later on, simply for his own amusement.

          Taking a sip of his brandy once it had arrived, the Zabrak's gaze wavered from Saharia a second time. He had not been so quick to realize that wherever Marion went, Sadar was not far behind.

          The Zabrak could not recall seeing the man's presence as of yet....


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            ::Roald gave her a smile as she sat down, looking at her much the same way Enril had. His look he gave Enrik was 'nice one' and Enrik winked. She pretended not to notice but she had always been amused by how physical appearance had taken presidence in most people - she had once ahd a fiance who's face held many scarres of battle, she had appreciated his inner warrior. Another of Marion's victims. She knew Marion was biding her time and Sadar too. But so was she, she would have spoken to her but the moment was set and would take place in it's chosen content. She quite enjoyed games such as this. Waiting Saharia was good at.::

            I heard you are in security? Ive heard theres been killings lately. How can I be sure this planet is safe?

            ::She smiled shyly, and put a concerned look on her face. She felt Enriks hand squeeze her shoulder. Ah, so the I'm-a-caring-guy act. She allowed a shy smile on her face and gave Enrik a charming smile. Roald looked around and saw others look at him in concern at Saharia's loud speech and at her pretty little face's own concern.He spoke to her as if she was fairly simple. This suited Saharia just fine.::

            Oh, don't worry. Our headqaurter's in the sky in the middle of east side of Garitha island and we can moniter everything. I mean everything.
            from the little dog moving around to a guy scratching his butt.
            Problem is we havent gotten enough troops as yet, their all still being retrained after the last.....

            ::Obviously the beer ran deep in him and he had said more than he should have. Saharia managed t look blank and confused, which cured his worries but her mind filed all he had said. The security would not be as great as he boasted but it sounded promising. Perhaps it should be looked at.::

   long as Im safe.

            ::Roald smiled and offered her a drink which she accepted. She smelt a different kind of drug in it and knew immediatly what they were trying to do, but they thought she was human and an Ambrellian/Dragonlord could take a lot of drinking and even then find it hard to get drunk. That 'gift' had dissapointed her in the past when she had wanted to forget and dissapear in the stupid sensation of alcohol. It never worked. it wouldnt now. Saharia drank and and felt the drug go down. She saw them smile and decided to play along, knowing she would get information easier and would steal away when Enrik would take her home. She had played this game before.::

            So Raold...whats been worst the thing happening before?

            ::Roald winked at at Enrik and proceeded to list a lot of things which were vague and after an hour she had more than enough information than him so she pretended to be very very faint. Enrik nodded to Roald.::

            Id better take her to a hotel to get some sleep.

            ::Roald smiled, it was getting dark as the Mon Calamari suns wnet down slowly. The human locals departed and the human Enrik smiled at saharia and moved a wisp of hair from her forehead. She wondered how many human families would have migrated here. Theres was too much water and not enough waste for human liking.::

            Let's get you somewhere safe. Too much to drink huh?


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              ::Sadar turned from the computer he had hacked into in annoyance as marion yelled at him. He loved her but one day he would break her tender little neck.::

              What is it marion? I'm busy.

              ::He saw the fear in his dear little lovers eyes and smiled as she hurridly told him about Saharia coming.::

              And was she alone?

              ::Marion nodded and he smiled. Foolish girl. Saharia still had not changed - too much stubborness and bravery in her to chew on. That was one thing he had always admired and dispised in her. She reminded him of himself at that age.
              Foolish foolish student. He should have killed her before her fiancee. Sometimes his anger did not help him at all. He found it hard to wait and perferred action. He waved Marion away as she regained her posture and pride and finished his hacking before turning elegently towards the door then stopped thoughtfully.::

              We have four hours to go. Midnight will be soon and we shall be there. One thing your dear sister and I have had in common is the desire to leave things at the appointed time.

              ::Though he thought to himself, she had always been better at waiting then him. And he had always been the better at battle when it came to strenght. He had noc are for his life or any others life so he had no weakness. A man that cared nothing for anything was utterly free and dangerous.
              He went to Marion and kissed her neck while tightly squeezing her wrists reminding her she was at his mercy and indicated for them to leave.
              He had the Mon Calamari police to see and a tower at garitha to see to before he left. A little chaos was always good to leave and he intended to do so. Destruction was his specialty.::
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                That was what had settled in for the Zabrak.

                He despised times like these where he was made to sit around having utterly nothing to do.

                Sadar was not around, that much he was sure of. He could tell when he looked at Saharia, no sense of recognition clouded up on her face. She still seemed to be playing her games.

                Like Saharia, the Zabrak would have liked to play some of his own, with Sadar, anyway.

                He could have been doing something more useful than sitting around, and it was only now that he silently wondered to himself if he should have followed after Marion.

                The bar was so overcrowded that Zeta found himself hard of hearing, too much conversation for his tastes. He'd had to heighten his own senses', especially his hearing just in order to keep better observation.

                Saharia's table was not far from his; he'd made sure to sit down after her. He was sure that the woman desired space from him, but the gesture was necessary. Saharia and those she conversed with were part of his own observation, his way of seeking information.

                There wasn't much of the conversation that the Zabrak seemed to find of interest, but some things were of precise importance.

                It looks as if I will have something to do after all...

                Much like Saharia, is thoughts were kept private. He delved into the fact that Sadar might have some connections with headquarters, but this was only a minuscule observation on Zeta's part. Just a simple thought, one filled with greater prospects of uncertainty and falsehood.

                The hours as he waited had not passed by quickly, but Zeta had learned to bide his time, it called for such things in situations like these.

                He had not taken notice of Saharia's pale mannerisms at first, too absorbed in his thoughts to take notice. He seemed to take more notice when the man moved a strand of hair from Saharia's forehead. Something he was sure of, it did not appease Saharia to have someone touch her in such a way out of the blue, especially someone she did not know. For such a strong and stubborn personality like Saharia, something like that just didn’t easily fall into place.

                Zeta could not make out Saharia's intentions clearly enough, the woman’s manner too loose for him to see if she was faking or not. It had not taken the Zabrak long to figure out Saharia's newly acquired transformation; her drink had obviously been drugged.

                "Id better take her to a hotel to get some sleep..."

                The Zabrak was not at all anxious to follow, and he would not, well, not unless he had to.

                He seemed to watch the Ambrellian rather closely, looking for any sort of sign that would allow him to know that the woman was not in any remote danger.

                He'd already scolded himself for not knowing enough about Saharia, this exact situation called for such things.

                As he continued to sit and wait, his mind ponder once more over Saharia. If the woman wanted him to follow, she would make a request for such a thing, that he was evidently sure of.

                His thoughts drifted off to thinking of Sadar and what his plans might have been.…


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                  ::Saharia allowed herself to be lifted and pretenced weakness as she felt him ove towards the door, delving into his mind to help her know where she was going. She knew she should indicate to Zeta that she was fine, but she could not risk it. Not now. Things were falling into place too smoothly for the rush to be interrupted and the more the danger all the more she enjoyed the games. She whispered a name into his ear of perhaps another lover, not her dead fiancee. Even after all these years she still would not utter it. She felt his mind smile and started mumbling nonsense when she felt him stop and in his mind came the words. Caramind Hotel. Well, he certainly had taste for flashy places and it was said there were very nice bedroom suites. She allowed herself to be brought up the stairs and he lay her down, as if she was a rag doll that was barely alive with all the alcohol in her system. She heard him swear as he might have thought there had been too high a dose. She wouldnt be much fun now. But that did not deter him and when he turned around he smiled as she opened her eyes. Shame, he was a very handsom young man - but she was pushing for time and needed to be other places. Time always caught the latch of the door when it came to her games.

                  He moved closer to her and she could feel his breath on her skin as he began kissing her neck. She softly put her hand on his neck and stroked it, felt him enjoy the sensation then twisted hard and felt his body stiffen. Such a waste.
                  Getting up sober as ever she stood up and checked her hair before she left. The man at the counter of the hotel looked astonished and she winked at him as she left.
                  Her killing was her own and she did not speak of deaths she had caused on amtter of principal to anyone but those closest and she knew there would eb no answer for her sith ally if he indeed asked. Others who ahd asked had only ever recieved a small half smile, she would have liked to pain Enril but there had been no time.
                  The Garitha Tower called and she headed back to the bar where Darth Zeta would be waiting.She thought again on the young dead male and shook her head. Yes, that certainly was a waste but then again, the world did not need as many many lecherous beings as there were. Playign with fire always gave her a bizz and she knew that at any time there might have been a grave mistake and she could have lost. It was interesting being a gambler.::

                  <i>I'm sorry to keep you be waiting. Are you ready? I'm sure you already know but I'm guessing our next destination be the Garitha tower. Three and a half hours left.</i>


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                    Unmoving, Zeta watched Saharia be lifted from her chair and out the door. He had a mind to follow, but did not, something else had made him stay.

                    He had planned to go off to the tower after Saharia's departure from the bar, but he ended up staying right where he sat.

                    The Zabrak had no idea what caused him to stay, perhaps an inclination of some kind. It was not made that Zeta had to wait long.

                    Yet as he waited, his gaze remained glued to the door, waiting for Saharia's return.

                    Her entrance seemed to bring the tiniest hint of amusement to the Zabrak's features.

                    He did not ask of the young man, he did not need to. She'd not been gone long, and she was without him.

                    He would have liked to think that he somewhat knew Saharia enough to know what she had done.

                    The subtle hint of amusement that had edged its way onto Zeta's face seemed to disappear once Saharia approached his table, replaced with indifference.

                    He had wanted to ask her how much of a good time she had had, but his own conscience would not allow him to do so.

                    Just being here, he was sure, was enough for Saharia.

                    However, when they returned for the Empire, that would be a different matter all together. It would be then that the Zabrak could amuse himself by reminding Saharia of their venture.

                    "To the tower..."

                    With that said, he stood up and made his way to the door, he made himself stop at the door as he realized that he was not one to know the way.

                    "After you..."


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                      ::Saharia noticed the tiny hint of amusement and accordingly ignored it. Walking outside the streets were louder as the night grew darker and it's creatures of the night came out.
                      Now the moon was a brazen red, and almost intruded the peaceful silence that soured above the loud noise for with loud sound there also came an unheard silence many did not hear. She concentrated on the silence and walked down the streets undisturbed. She said nothing to the zebrak for there was nothing to say for now, her mind was on one thing only and she felt a disturbing presence ever near. It took an hour to go around the large island, and she felt time slipping by keenly. Going to the water edge she looked around for a water speeder. It was ordinary in design but it would do the job. Opening part of it's right side she proceeded to reconnect the connections and heard a noise come from the speeder, and also felt something in her mouth. Wiping it she saw blood.

                      Panic seized her for a moment. Not here, why here? Calm you fool, there is nothing to be done. You must hold on. One side of her brain argued to find and fight Sadar now and the other reminded her the importance of keeping things to their appointed time. Not now. She slowed down the blood in her system, and felt groggy, knowing this would make hr sluggish for the next 20 minutes. Wordlessly, without explanation she looked at Darth Zeta and then at the speeder. Keep a clear mind Saharia, don't shut down now. This may slow her down but she would never give in. Sadar was waiting and as much as she hated him a part of her was always his student and there was a certain respect of time. Connections made with blood and sweat was hard to break.::

                      ::He smelt the blood with his keen ambrellian sense of smell and could see down the hall with his keen eyesight, the taste of blood untasted as any who knew of his race also knew they were incapable of tasting. Looking at Marion on the other computer, he knew she would find nothing of importance, she as good at battle. Vicious, vindictive, merciless, cold and a down right hard hearted woman and this he loved about her. But that only went so far.
                      The records came and went in the speed of lighting on the screen, until it stopped at the black ship with the silver word Dragon. So she had registered her ship in, and he knew it was not without purpose. More records had shown her looking drugged and ten minutes later a dead man where she had been. He smiled softly, so she still continued her games with those who would do evil on others. She should have been a jedi, but darkness had always called to her. If he possessed strong force powers he too would choose the sith but he had limited power but this was unknown to her. Such a place this universe, so different from the rest. More images showed a man running from robbers, a woman and man walking, hands all over each other. One was a child taking a pee in a street corner. There seemed to be no privacy at all around here. Especially in the flashier places, a need to keep dibs on the wealthier trouble makers?
                      Looking at Marion he frowned as his eyes saw a tiny image of a speeder on the water. Someone coming home or was it his student in death? He almost looked amused when he thought of her blood condition and this would be around the time when the blood draining would begin. If it were to happen she would have put a block on it, deliberately stopping herself from throwing the blood up, endangering herself and making herself weaker than normal. And if she weren’t alone...they would not know of it either. He laughed coldly as he heard his ruthless lover move out to the corridor.
                      Water was all around him, below him, and his smile disappeared at that thought. Water was making him edgy and he remembered a little boy who could not save his father from drowning. Water held no mercy at all. Perhaps that’s why he was attracted to merciless delights. He remembered a laughing child of dark eyes and dark hair smiling at the sound of pain, ah but you have grown and yet still have a peculiar type of justice. He remembered teaching her to swing her sword, her temper which had faded into an endless patience that left himself impatient for her to blow up. Oh she blew up, but only at the most unexpected time. But bombs were also a danger to themselves. Most of all he remembered her tears, the only time he had seen her cry as she saw his hands stained with the blood of her lover. Marius. He remembered the pity and yet the joy he felt. Most of all he remembered the smell of her hair after a battle. She pretended to be strong yet he knew she was fragile as a crystal chalice when she started to care for someone. That was where one could destroy her very soul.
                      He intended to do just that.::

                      ::Marion Looked out to where Sadar was looking. He smelt like honey, his dark brown hair on his shoulders moving with the soft wind. His liquid brown eyes that was meant for a softer man looking out keenly. Yet despite his angelic features his eyes were as hard as stone and something flickered. She was having no luck with this technology, she could not understand it much less look. On home turf there had been a choice if one wanted to engage in technology or not, and not much technology was available.
                      Frankly she hated these machines, though ships had it's uses. Sadar dealt with those things. Steel she understood and she also understood the flash in his eyes. Closing down the computer she slipped out and walked down the hall, smelling the salty blood and walking over the dead bodies of government officials, guards, victims of the two intruders, and indifferently stepped on some unfortunate carcasses.

                      10:00 PM. Two hours left it and took forty minutes to get to the tower, which would leave Marion half an hour to ready herself for the challenge of her sister.
                      They would have known the area quickly. It was the only island on which such a large building stood and only one towered to an impressive height. She sneered coldly at the thought, and for some reason she felt slightly disappointed by her lack of ambition in this act. She had lusted for it so long, had destroyed almost all of the ambrellian race for it. She did not love her sister, there was a fine line between love and hate, but she knew on which line she walked.
                      She loved Sadar with a fierce passion and she would kill anyone and everyone for him if he asked it, also out of fear.
                      Marion knew she was not an academic and never had been, she knew she was stubborn and weak at times, but she knew one thing. Inside she was very afraid about the moment to come, somehow a faint part of her mind saw a black and red man with the coolness of stone about him - a fact that her subconscious had failed to inform her working conscience about.::


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                        Zeta seemed to disregard the silence that had fallen between himself and Saharia; his surroundings were leaving him distracted. He felt that it was more important to him to become influenced to his surroundings rather than pay attention to Saharia.

                        However, his attention did wander back to Saharia eventually, only to take notice of something most peculiar....

                        She is bleeding..

                        The Zabrak's thoughts were kept to himself. He never let on what he had noticed.

                        He watched her steadfastly, her presence seemed sluggish, as if she had some how gone tired.

                        Saharia's gaze fell onto him and then onto the speeder.

                        No words had passed between the two, yet Zeta knew what he needed to do.

                        With quick strides, he made it first to the speeder, turning to look at Saharia as he got on.

                        His words to Saharia were directed in private thought, so as not to give word to any onlookers.

                        Come...I will steer, you set course...

                        His words were not meant by order, but merely a piece of aid. Like it or not, Saharia's stubborn nature would have to settle for his idea, or be left to handle the situation at hand by more difficult means.

                        The woman, for the time being, was in no condition to take any sort of large activity. This, the Zabrak was sure of.

                        It was when she had looked at him before her eyes settled onto the speeder that Zeta knew the difference between the real Saharia and the fake Saharia....


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                          ::Saharia felt her body relax a little as the block became permanent for the meantime and her bodies senses grew used to it. She didn’t argue with Darth Zeta, knew there was no point. Instead she closed her eyes to feel the air in her face, a distant memory touching her as a nine year old child sat on the back of her teachers wings as he flew into the air with great speed. Her laughter then was real, somewhere along the way she had forgotten to know what it really was to laugh. She felt blood swirling in her mind and opened her eyes again to reconnect with the real world. Her first teacher before Sadar. He had been her safety net, she had trusted him, fell in love with his son. She had felt safe then, and for an odd reason wanted to feel safe again. She hadn’t felt safe in a long time. Saharia growled at herself for falling to weakness and shook her head, you do not feel safe with Darth Zeta you fool, he is a double edged blade that’s obvious. yet in some ways she did, not feeling safe but perhaps trust. Still he would not see her, not the real her. No one had in a long time.

                          There is a mission to be done and his name is Sadar. Remember the Ambrellians who died, in your name. Closing her eyes again she nodded in answer to her own statement and felt the strong hold of stubbornness and unbreakable will.
                          The cold chilliness that came when she totally disconnected from everyone went into her eyes, her mind, her heart.
                          She was ready, and she would weep later for who would be killed. She was a rock again. She would NOT falter. Could not falter. The island came nearer and she felt the presence of her sister nearby, a small, chilling half smile on her face, the mark of her mother, of her grandfather. Time to make the winged ambrellian dance. Her voice came out cold, no emotion attached and her eyes were steel.::

                          <i>time to play.</i>

                          [COLOR=blue]::There was a familiar scent, the scent of blood he had smelt before and he smiled. Finally. Half an hour to go. Marion would be getting edgy by now. He calmly, coldly smoothed his cloak, and checked his weapons was about. So she was not as foolish as he had thought. There was another smell, a smell of a race he could not name.
                          He smiled at the thought of someone else telling her what to do, that would not have gone down well - she had never really been good with partners. He hadn’t either, but Marion was so subservient. That’s what he liked.
                          Saying nothing, embellished in the silence of the hall of dead corpses, he walked past Marion and waited outside, feeling Marion stand slightly behind him. he waited for the coming water vehicle, every entire cell in his body loathing the water right near him with a passion inside. No need for them to see his weakness for what it was, he sat down and made himself touch the cold water and watched with horro inside at the water dripping from his hands, but with a cold sinister smile on his face as he met eyes with a red and black patterned being of whome he immedietly did not like and Marion stiffened at the site. He smiled even mroe coldly at the fellow, noting the steel look he had taught Saharia to achieve years before.::


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                            As the two glided along on the speeder silence rang heavy, though this did not seem to be an unusual occurrence.

                            So she is not as stubborn as I have thought her to be....

                            He could not have been more wrong, but if he had been able to turn around to see her face, perhaps he might have been able to see her stubbornness once more.

                            "Yes...the time is yours, Lady Saharia. The day and the night as well..."

                            Often the Zabrak spoke in riddles, it was never of a matter to place annoyance or to play games, and it was purely Zeta.

                            The gap between the four ceased to exist now as Zeta locked gazes with Sadar. His gaze was unwavering, cold and chilling to the bone. He sent the man a "warm welcome" via the force as the two approached the docking area.

                            Did you think she'd come alone?

                            He paused, a sinister smile crossing his lips.

                            Remember our faces well, Sadar, for we shall both be the last you ever see...

                            I would enjoy spilling your blood across my blade...

                            He inclined his head toward the woman.

                            I shall have to be content with her's instead, her head will look rather nice mounted on my wall....


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                              Sadar smiled coldly at the man, yes this man had presence but if chose anyone partner with, it was always a good choice.
                              He looked at Saharia who's eyes were steel and smiled even more coldly at her. Ignoring the comment made of Marion he clocked his fingers, her head was pretty yes, but he might not miss her company all the time. Nor her stupidity. Still she was good in a fight.::

                              Saharia, nie handeswaz chamafhier. Tod esta dun.

                              ::He almost laughed at her response, so she still did not like being reminded of the past, for her eyes held nothing but a tiny glitter of coldness to her steel eyes shone. teaching someone gave you clues to how they worked and he would use that.::

                              Come inside, is cold outside to stand in. There be a nice cup of red liquid inside, or soon to be. Needless to say he saw that Saharia with her body reactions so closed off, hiding the blood, for he smelt blood in the air, that this was the first time she had gone on a mission. Needless to say his own pathetic partner would have yet again the wrong impression. One day he might try her head on the wall, but for now she was entertaining and filled his nights.::

                              ::Her eyes ran down the mans red and black face, and her lips slightly twitched but she kept the rest of her composed. No, she was quite sure she did not like him and Saharia had always had bad taste in men. Saharia didn’t even seem attracted to her. Then she looked at Sadar and saw that he knew what she was thinking and shook his head in disgust as he left for the door. She growled in embarrassment and shot a look at her sister as if his displeasure were her fault and went in quickly after sadar, her weapons now hungry.

                              Saharia knew Sadar knew, the ambrellian nose was quick to pick up smells, the eyesight strong and touch also strong. The air was getting harder and she wondered if this was salt water or not, but if not try and taste because that would have been pointless. Ambrellians had no sense of taste, and if they did, as it was rare, they forfeited another sense. For Sadar that was eyesight. He had human eyesight and she might be able to use that as a weapon against him, but right now she had to stand for a while to gain her balance. Her eyes were steel, and she wiped her nose of the blood that went down her skin. She looked at Sadar, saying nothing, but her eyes said a silent thank-you before following behind her winged sister, the cloak Marion wore hiding them.
                              She may die, or indeed he, for she had no illusion about anyone's immortality, and it needed to be said before hand.
                              Marion took her cloak off when they entered a well lit room, echoing walls of grey and the lighting coming from scent candles of rose. Ah, the rose with it's beauty and it's thorns, she approved of his symbolic choice of room, he had always been drawn to roses. Marions rich silver wings fluttered in the breeze from the half open window on the north of the room and Saharia was suddenly aware for the hundredth time of the absence of them at her back and of the ugly scarre. They would both pay. They would wait here until the appointed time it seemed. She used her soft physical voice for once, it was a rare occurrence and was only used on special occasions. She wanted Sadar to remember it when he died.::

                              Tell me Sadar, niehenes coud rahasha?

                              ::He laughed softly at that and turned from the window he had been looking out on. He ignored the red and black man for he concentrated on his past student.::

                              How have I been? What a strange question that be. Polite little one, to speak this tongue, for your companion would not understand. I have been....contemplating. What does life do mean for us? The purpose? Why have such power and not allow to use it. But I have been contemplating one such question. What you do now you found a father and a life? Does you ever miss the battle? the thrill of the high lands, of the air? What be it like without winged existence?

                              ::Saharia's face grew even more still, if that were possible and she walked towards him, feeling the blood pressure in her head. How long would be be able to hold this. She stood beside him, conscious of Darth Zeta behind her, and secretly very glad he was here. She would not speak oft he wings, there was no words to explain the emptiness and the painfully two dimensional existence without the sky. He did not need to know this::

                              Quick learner of the tongue. Perhaps I find my place beside the darkness, and what I believe and I find my mother.
                              I find a place I belong in this life. Where I am wanted, where I am no longer a little one but a valued member.

                              ::She saw the tightness of Sadars lips then the spark in his eyes that meant his temper had flared.::

                              He was not wanted here, nor had he ever been wanted in the council of warriors. He kept back a snarl and left his face neutral then looked at the man, looking at him up and down. This was a warrior, but he could not see how this one would want to come, for this one seemed cold and uncaring. Someone he would normally have gotten on very well with.::

                              I go where I want, not where others be wanting me little one.
                              So tell me warrior - what be your name and what indeed did inspire you to voyage with this wingless warrior? You be knowing who I am, I think I do deserve the same knowledge.

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