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  • Everything Must Go (OPEN)

    Posted by Coco Blake on 12-01-2002 12:35 AM:
    Everything Must Go (OPEN)

    She woke up in a ship, her head pounding. She squinted into the dark looking around.

    "What the frell......." She thought, trying to stand. Her legs gave out, and she slumped weakly against the wall. She tried to bring a hand up to her head, but found they were bound at the wrists. Coco sighed, hanging her head, closing her eyes tight. She could remember little, being home with her clan of witches on Dathomir, then an....attack? She wasn't sure. Someone had brought her onto this ship. She wasn't sure why....Maybe it had to do with the Imperials they had been trading with?

    She cocked her head, looking up. She could hear boots making their way towards her. Instinctively, she reached to her waist for her saber, only to discover it was missing. So she sat, and waited.

    Posted by Derrick Johan on 12-05-2002 01:05 PM:

    "You took quite the blow to your head there, Miss..."

    The clicking of his boots on the metal floor stopped as he reached the bedroom. The door was already opened as the man spoke. He was six foot in height, medium built and by no means muscular, cleanly shaven and a short yet brisk haircut under his cap. His hidden hair was a lively dark brown, yet at this short looked dirty blonde.

    His pants and boots were those of the Imperial naval officers, yet his shirt was that of a smugglers. Derrick Johan was a bit of both. He was school at an Imperial Naval base during his childhood, and graduated high in his class. However, one slip up, and one's career in the Empire was done for.

    He then took up smuggling for crime lords and the like, trying to make ends meet. His contacts grew in his smuggling days, as well as his limited combat experience.

    The woman looked up at the man, and he knew that one of the first things she saw was he lightsaber clipped to his belt. Derrick, too, looked down at the deadly weapon, then to the female passenger.

    "I hope you don't mind, I like to take precautions where ever I go. I didn't want you to think the wrong thing when you came to, and think that I was the one to knock you out and then kidnap you."

    Derrick's voice was a tad harsh, yet clearly an understandable baritone. Clumsily, he unclipped the lightsaber from his belt, and looked at it in his hand.

    "How'd you come about one of these weapons? Aren't Jedi the only ones to carry such things?"

    Posted by Coco Blake on 12-05-2002 01:22 PM:

    She narrowed her eyes.
    "How I got my saber is none of your frelling business..." She looked him over; he wore clothes that were vaguely familar. Imperials wore similar pants and boots, at least the ones she had seen at the prisons on Dathomir. She smirked up at him.
    "What do you want from me?"

    Posted by Derrick Johan on 12-05-2002 01:41 PM:

    "Only for you to tell me how I can be of help," he said, shrugging.

    The lightsaber in his hand founds it place back on his own belt. He felt safer with it there. One who could wield a weapon like the lightsaber, while angered, was deadly. Even the no-brained space slugs knew as much.

    Posted by Coco Blake on 12-05-2002 02:00 PM:

    "How you can be of help? Well, you could help me get out of here for starters."

    Her head still throbbed, a dull ache that would last for who knows how long. She weak, helpless. She didn't like having to rely on a male for help, but she had to. She held up her bound wrists. "Well?"