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Entrance of Darkness: The return to Battle (Open)

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  • Entrance of Darkness: The return to Battle (Open)

    Posted by The Lady Athena on 11-11-2002 02:43 PM:
    Entrance of Darkness: The return to Battle (Open)

    The Sith Knight had not seen battle or a Jedi since her return to traning. She or well her Maker had been killed long ago now. And the Clone was back to take her place. Athena walked slowly across the gravel and dirt. She studied her surroundings. Then as she walked she noticed a person down the street from her. Athena used the force to see if the person was a Jedi or common human.

    Seeing that the person was able to block her probe that allowed her to know it was a Jedi. Cause if it was a fellow Darksider they would have been doing the same to her.

    Why a Jedi, interesting...

    Athena spoke softly into the Jedi's mind.

    Posted by Miryan no Trunks on 11-12-2002 02:04 PM:

    *Kneeling on the rooftop, concealed with shadow, Sith Lord MnT grinned mischieviously.. He had been hunting this Jedi for almost 2 hours now, constantly staying within view, and keeping his force presence just high enough for the Jedi to feel a presence somewhere around, but too low to pinpoint, or even conclude that they were actually feeling anything at all.. Meanwhile, he'd been playing around with the stealth-based techniques he knew, to stay well hidden every time the Jedi turned around to look. Whether the two would fight, he didn't know, for he'd be good either way.. He was enjoying just playing with their mind, and keeping them nervous right now..*

    *However, the game came to an abrupt end when a 2nd presence entered the fray.. One he had not felt in a while, and had never expected to feel again. It was not too often that one runs into the dead walking down the street.. Interestingly enough, Lady Athena was just down the street, where the Jedi was headed..*

    ... Well, this should be amusing..

    *Wanting to ensure that he saw a fight today, MnT waited until it seemed the Jedi had noticed his apparantly-still-alive fellow Sith, before speaking to them telepathically..*

    "... Do not run Jedi, you've no escape.."

    Posted by The Lady Athena on 11-17-2002 01:46 PM:

    Athena was still watching the Jedi. They were calm as normal, but then a force signature hit her like a ton of brick. MnT... my goodness she had not felt him near since before her Makers death.

    Her iced violet eyes scanned the area to find him. But he was hidden, somewhere, somewhere near.

    MnT?? is that you?

    was all she said via the force to his mind.

    Posted by Miryan no Trunks on 11-17-2002 01:51 PM:

    *With a nod that he knew she could not even see, MnT smiled and replied with a silent message that traveled back along the same tendrils of force energy that she had sent hers..*

    "... Indeed Lady Athena, It has been some time.. How's death been treating you?"

    *It wasn't the first time he'd seen someone come back from the dead, be they the turned undead, a clone, or the original that a clone was based off.. Which of these Athena was, he did not yet know..*

    Posted by Tessa Rendahl on 11-18-2002 01:14 AM:

    :: It was a beautiful day outside. The stillness of the sun's slow ascendence into the sky was indeed a tribute to life itself and the wonders of the cycle of nature. The new Jedi Master walked along the outskirts of the small town as the shadows of the sun cast down upon the ground. Every now and then she could sense a twinge of darkness which had begun to emerge from the depths of the unknown in the galaxy for some time now. It brought an unnatural chill into the air as its foreboding presence would most likely soon reveal itself.

    The Sith were elusive creatures and Tessa had not seen many in her years as a Jedi. She had heard that they lurked in the shadows and preyed upon the weak and innocent. Her brow furrowed that anyone could do such a thing. Life was so precious and was to be valued. Her thoughts then drifted to the day's tasks as she was on her way to pick up some supplies and then meet one of her fellow Jedi comrades to look at some new leather goods. Her brown robes flowed silently around her ankles as her white gown shimmered in the bright light which seemed to radiate from within her as well as she mediated upon the Light side of the Force ::

    Posted by The Lady Athena on 11-18-2002 12:58 PM:

    The Sith Knight spotted just who the Jedi was not. Jedi Master Tessa. She had heard a great many of things of the woman.

    Death was annoying so I returned to the Darkside MnT. Did you miss me? I see you are stalking a Jedi Master. Where there is one Jedi there is sure to be more. They are not as strong to work alone.

    The Sith started to move towards the Jedi. Conceled within the Shadows. Her ebony black cloak twisting around her body. Her iced violet eyes watching the Jedi. A master was strong...But would also provid much needed work for the younge Sith.

    Posted by Miryan no Trunks on 11-19-2002 05:25 PM:

    *As he listened to Athena's words in his head, MnT felt out with the force.. Well what did you know, he Was stalking a Jedi Master.... Amusing really, that she hadn't turned and faced him yet then..*

    "... I can imagine Death wouldn't be the most accomodating existance, no, and indeed, it's great to see you alive again.. Shall we see what entertainment this Jedi can provide?"

    Posted by The Lady Athena on 11-22-2002 12:12 AM:

    She smiled as she heard MnT.

    Sure you or me first?

    She stalked the Jedi who she was sure could feel her now, and MnT she should be picking up. Where was the other Jedi.... Even if there was not another, then she was sure to get a good show of MnT and the Master.

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 11-23-2002 08:37 AM:

    Experience was Aura's violent history in dealing with the abominable Darksiders that be the Sith. She had faced a multitude of these loathsome creatures in battle, and was well acquainted with their devious tricks of subterfuge. She had felt the sinister signatures lurking in the shadows, yet paid them no mind, as she ascertained they were out for a bit of sport to feed their bloodlust minds, corrupt in the making.

    Sensing her friend Tessa across the street, Aura motioned over to her while bestowing a cheerful smile upon being united once again with her fellow Jedi.

    "Hello Tessa, I received your invitation just yesterday. I had to put the training of my padawans on hold back at the academy. Tomduo shall assist in taking over the training of two of my padawans." Her smile ceased, replaced with one of neutrality. "So, you have felt them as well I gather? They will show themselves soon enough, Tessa. Give them time. Beware of their defouled exploits, as they no doubt seek a trophy for their twisted endeavors. What better than a Jedi Master," she sighed expecting an altercation to take place, thankful she brought her two light sabers in tow on this journey.

    Posted by Gabriel on 11-23-2002 10:49 PM:

    Though I recall my last excavation involving much less comprehension of my foes, I find this one a lot more amusing then the normal. Jedi can easily defeat a bounty hunter, even the best of the best. Bounty hunters cannot defeat a Jedi easily and most of the time have to play dirty in order to do so. I am an unlikely bounty hunter; I only hunt those who are in tune with the force. They give a good price for the death of a Jedi or Sith, a very good price. Some you don’t even have to have hire you, some hate the order so much that if you bring back the lightsaber hilt of a dead Jedi you get money just because you done better for the universe. Today I don’t do it for money, mostly for practice. Jedi and Sith are so secret and hermit like that they can stand out most of the time. And now that I feel the cold metal steel of my large blaster rifle in hand I wonder if it’s worth the risk. I know it won’t come down to the speed or strength or even powers all the time, but intelligence. What best place to hunt then not far from the Jedi and Sith academies, and today is a particularly good day as I get to observe before I take on my prey.

    A hand slowly curled its black armored fingers under the front of the long blaster rifle. It’s length reaching 4 feet or so and it being black it was engulfed under the shadows of the area the hunter was in. The same went for his armor, a gray and black with a design similar to the old clone troopers in the beginning of the new ages. His helmet was smaller then that though, and had many wires running down his back and to his large utility belt. A large area were the eyes were had goggles that at first were small, but then expanded out with a low mechanical hum. A light breathing fogged inside his suit, as one of the eyes looked through the riflescope.

    Observing closer you could see his utility belt, still containing two small blasters and even a few flash grenades and one grenade in particular was obviously a thermal detonator. The only other thing of note attached to his belt was a small remote with buttons on it that hooked to a sonic device on his arm. It was his savior, Jedi’s were tricky but if he ever needed to get away he could always give a large sonic blast from his suit and maybe stun them for a moment for escape. He had never had to use it before, of course he was always able to single out Padawans and ignore the Knight’s and Masters, this day was obviously different, so he would have to be extremely careful.

    His breathing was soft, unnoticeable to any normal ear. He made sure with his free hand that he had his grappling hook attached to his gun and that the small boosters on his boots were ready just in case retreat was absolutely necessary. If it came down to it he could always defend himself hand to hand, but he had to get the lightsaber from the Jedi as well. As she moved he slowly transpired into shadows from a good distance, keeping his footsteps light and his gun held with both hands and pointed down in a perfect military fashion. That was until he saw the quick dark blur of two other figures, his breathing halted through his recuperating filter in his suit mouth as he stopped and dropped backwards into a dark crevice, his hand tightly gripped the large rifle and his goggles shut to darkness as his back pressed against the dark concrete wall. Sith…obviously.

    “I hate Sith,” the bounty hunter said with a strong mechanical filter sound in his voice and as softly as he could to himself.

    Different from the Jedi, and lacking that merciful weakness that Jedi had. He had as much as a hate for them as he did Jedi. They were much harder to kill when it came to combat close or ranged. Purely offensive creatures, he growled in his mind, they would postpone his hunt, he would have to watch and wait. With that thought he peered only slightly out of the darkness and to the side, a very good and far distance to the now two individuals being closed in by two more. No doubt they sensed him by now, but his hope was that their silly ancient hate for each other would consume that idea of coming to such a small force output of energy. He peered through the scope and watched, waiting for his chance to intervene like a dark carrion bird.

    Posted by Miryan no Trunks on 11-24-2002 10:09 AM:

    ".. Hold.."

    *He had been about to tell Athena that if she wished to go first, she could, though to be very careful, when a serious setback entered the fray..*

    "... Another Master.."

    *As the telepathic message wove it's way into the Sith Knight's mind, another Jedi turned into the street and walked up towards the first..*

    "... Curses... I doubt we could even pretend to have a chance against two Masters, even fighting together.. And it's no doubt they've felt us by now."

    *It was true. He knew well that taking on this battle would be a foolish endeavor, not only because they were surely more powerful than Athena and himself, but because they were Jedi Masters, who would likely take great joy in exterminating what their delusions surely believed to be nothing more than psychotic, murderous, scum. True, if nothing else the battle would serve as good training, but it was hard to focus on that and overlook the fact that the Jedi could, and very likely would Kill them if they won...*

    "... What say you, Lady Athena?"

    *Even as he spoke the words, MnT was looking around curiously.. As important as it would be to keep tabs on the two Jedi, there was something else odd out there.. He could feel someone watching them, so much was obvious from the man's aura.. But for what reason?*

    *Quickly finding his location, trying to hide himself behind a wall far down one of the alleyways that trailed off from the main street, MnT found the man with his eyes. He studied the man for a moment, trying to figure out what his purpose for being there was, and a small smile curved in his lips when, despite the bounty hunter's helmet, he could feel the surprise the man felt at having his location so quickly found...*

    ... Now what's up with This one..

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 11-24-2002 11:35 AM:

    "Fine, you've got yourself a deal."

    "...good.... you've been a big help..."

    With a blindingly quick flash of light, Hammedo, the clock maker, was dead in an instant. A tall, shadowy man walked out from the shop, holding a solid gold pocket watch in his hand. He smiled, and placed it in a pouch on his pants, and kept on walking. He sensed many other force signatures present, two he knew very well, one he had only encuntered once, and a totally new one too.

    The Dark One walked further down the street, untill they were all within sight. An evil grin played accross his face, as he eyed the Jedi Masters. He noticed his own master as well, but only barely. He sensed Athena here, and Tessa too. He didn't espically care who the other Jedi was, he just knew she was powerful and that he had wanted a good fight.

    There was one last person here too, an enigma. He seemed dark, but without a force signature. That ment he was a theif, a politican, or a bounty hunter. None of them were very plesent, but it didn't matter.

    Tempist lacked the stealth he would usuially have at a time like this, he went in head on, like the old fashoned fights between the light and dark.


    Posted by Miryan no Trunks on 11-24-2002 12:06 PM:

    *Chuckling silently to himself, MnT nodded to Athena, a simple show that their time for discussion was up, and, with a simple suggestion to his subconcious, he threw up an invisible force wall around the entrance to the street from the alley the man was in.. If he indeed had the gun it felt he was carrying, it wouldn't do to have him firing it into the midst of what was likely an inevitable battle.*

    *Coming out from his position, MnT seemed to form from the shadows themselves, before leaping off the rooftop and landing without a sound beside his apprentice.. As Athena made her own entrance, he gave a quick psychic hello to the man beside him..*

    ".. Greetings Tempist.. It's been some time.."

    *The message was short and to the point, not out of disrespect, but instead as a reminder of what they were about to face..*

    ... Good day, Mistresses Rendahl and StarRider.. I am Sith Lord Miryan no Trunks, and these are my friends, Knights Tempist Opps, and Lady Athena.. We were wondering if you might indulge us in a pleasent battle this fine day?

    *Nodding to each as he spoke their names, MnT hoped that his two fellow Sith would have no problem with him taking over with the pre-battle niceties that few but he seemed to appreciate..*

    ... Of course, if you'd prefer not, I would completely respect that.. However, I highly doubt my friends would be so willing to walk away without a fight, and naturally, I couldn't just let them take you 2 on by themselves..

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 11-24-2002 01:34 PM:

    Jade eyes as vibrant as a forest's canopy fell airily onto the Sith Lord as he voiced his invocation and that of his entourage.

    "I would expect nothing less from the Sith. But you sir, seem to be rather reverential in your approach. I find this trait quite uncanny. So we Jedi learn more of the Sith upon each confrontation, it is most gratifying it is of a positive conformation for a change." Aura then bowed to Sith Lord Miryan no Trunks.

    "Of course any battle against an enemy lacks the comforts of pleasantries, but as you had commented, your comrades no doubt would not back down from a clash with Jedi. Three against two, yet I wield two sabers. I would say the odds are fair enough."

    Aura diverted her regard to Tessa.

    "What say you my friend? It is time you face as I have, in the abounding accounts of the inescapable Sith and Jedi conflicts. Battles cannot always be avoided. I have found diplomacy to fall dead on deaf ears of the battle driven. If we flee or promote a diversion, they no doubt shall eventually follow in suit for an ambush."

    "And what of the bounty hunter camped at the perimeter?" She asked MnT as she revolved to face him.

    "Whether his sights are trained on Jedi or Sith, may be detrimental to this battle spawn not of hatred, but of contest." Her eyes traveled to the vicinity of the armored man as a hint to his position.

    Posted by Miryan no Trunks on 11-24-2002 01:53 PM:

    *He Did seem to surprise many Jedi, not to mention Sith, with his ways. Oh well, it didn't bother him at all, for through all the "you should be a Jedi" comments he'd gotten since becoming a Sith, he had only become stronger and stronger with the Dark Side.. It had never failed him, and he had never failed It. Who knew, perhaps today would mark his first lost battle to a Jedi..*

    ... I myself would wager to say the odds would be in your favor One saber, Or two... You two Are Jedi Masters, after all.. But nevertheless, fight as you will.. Oh, and worry not of the bounty hunter, I have faith that my force wall will easily deflect anything he could attack us with..

    Posted by The Lady Athena on 11-26-2002 12:09 PM:

    Athena had only fought one other Jedi Master in her life. Well not her clone life but her natural life. Astonishing she lived.

    She felt Temp and smiled she and he had been wonderful friends just like she and MnT.

    Awaiting the Jedi's answer on how to fight Athena just looked at Tessa. Something about her called to Athena. Then with out warning or care. Athena lunged at the Jedi Master. Her saber ignited. In a low swooping Arc the black blade glowed and swng at the Jedi Master. Knowing that the Master would just simply block or move Athena smiled. But the fight had been started.

    Come on MnT why do you always ask? They hate us we hate them so we fight. And the hunter...Bah he will wait till after the Jedi and he is here for the three of us.

    Posted by Miryan no Trunks on 11-26-2002 12:27 PM:

    ".. Why do I ask? Because I'm a warrior, and I believe that if a battle is agreed upon by all parties involved, it's much more honorable than simply attacking someone.. Jedi or Not, I respect anyone who can fight. You know that.."

    *As Athena charged towards Tessa, MnT bowed. Even if recieved by no-one, it was still a neccesary gesture to honor his opponents, his allies, and the upcoming battle. Rising back up again, he brought himself into a defensive position, whilst drawing his broadsword "Damnation's Touch" from it's sheath.. Hardly a moment later, and a brilliant deep purple flash illuminated the street, as the blade of the immense weapon was charged with the bio-electrical energy known as Ki, emulating the properties of a lightsaber..*

    ... Now to see what we're up against..

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 12-01-2002 08:01 PM:

    Tempist noded to everyone present, even the policitian/bounty hunter/lawyer, in a quick greeting. He didn't care if it was a fight to the death, first blood, or even just a friendly spar. He wanted to fight, he didn't care how. His hands moved like lightning to the hilts of his lightsabers, Infinity and Horror. The red and elongated black blades flashed to life with a snap-hiss, and the Dark Knight steped forward a few feet. He hated making the first attack, but was ready to jump in when the real fighting began.

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 12-04-2002 08:37 AM:

    After unhooking the two lightsaber hilts mounted on her utility belt, Aura depressed the hidden niches residing within them. Simultaneously two cores of contrary incandescent hues of a radiant yellow and cobalt blue, boiled out in unison accompanied by an audible buzzing hum. The Jedi Master pivoted to keep both MnT and Tempist Opps within her vista as she employed a defensive stance, with her right blue blade pitched diagonally before her, its tip barbed up to the left, and her yellow lowered at a slight angle to her right, gravitating near the loam with her right foot stationed aft of the other.

    "Hate leads to anger, anger leads to suffering and the lure of the darkside. No... we do not hate you. You are only subjects of of what paths you have chosen. I would expect you and your brethren there shall test me now, as I see my friend is busy with Athena. Then strike at me at your readiness, the two of you if you must."

    The cobalt beam reflected a stoic face having faced numerous battles. Aura was engulfed in Combat Sense and Danger Sense, her focus was set on her opponents, mentally highlighted on the battle at hand. The Force opened her awareness to the surrounding area as her reflexes were sharpened to help offset any lethal surprises.

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    :: Tessa smiled at Aura ::

    "Hello Aura. Yes, I certainly sense a disturbance in the Force. Perhaps we..."

    :: The Jedi Master's words were cut off by the sudden appearance of a man who introduced himself as Sith Lord Miryan no Trunks. After hearing his proposal, she turned to her comrade and nodded in agreement. Before she could speak, the dark haired Sith woman was lunging toward her and attacking visciously.

    Moving her hand to her brown belt, she retrieved her green bladed lightsaber and ignited the instrument of ultimate protection against the evildoer. Sweeping across her body, Tessa blocked the strike from the woman known as Lady Athena and then extended her hand, force pushing the woman across the dirt road ::


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      The Dark Knight steped forward another few feet, now within striking distance with Infinity, the longer of his two sabers. He made a quick stabbing motion twards Aura's stomach with Infinity in his left hand, while keeping Horror back, ready to deflect any attack the Jedi Master had planned.


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        She felt the force push against her body. Twisting her balance she landed on her own feet. She smiled and removed her own elegant weapon of choice...a yellow bladed saber of her own making.

        The twin blades hummed as the Jedi and Sith moved. One waiting to save her life and the other waiting to make another living hell.

        The darkness finally consummed Athena, it had been so long since her last fight. She moved in slowly and steady she would not move to fast. But move fast enough to make the Jedi think. Where would she be going and what move was she going to make next??


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          :: Tessa saw the Sith woman approaching and took a defensive stance and poised her green saber accordingly as she quickly recited the Jedi Code in her mind. The soothing words brought warmth and strength to her in this time of uncertainty ::

          "Conflict is not the answer, Dark Sider. Words have a greater potential to impact those around us. The wisdom of the Force allows us to achieve a peaceful resolution to conflict. And that, my friend, is truly a powerful tool. It is never too late to find the path of the light side."

          :: The Jedi Master continued to watch the woman as she walked slowly toward her, trying to gauge if her words had any affect on the situation ::


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            While Stepping back, the Jedi Master swung her right saber in a clockwise fashion, parrying it off to her right as she caught its end before it pierced her mid-section, and veered it away. Aura then summoned two boulders careening towards Opps' adjacent sides.


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              " Ooh please keep your words for a Lost soul. I am the Darkness...I am the power you seek, and I shall show you sooner or later Jedi. You could never handle the true Power so the force allowed you to dabble. There is nothing you can do that soon I wont be able to do better or stronger. "

              For a lower Rank in the force powers Athena had the confidence of the strongest person alive. She had to, or she would die.

              Finally she jumped, she landed on the floor and skid into the feet of the Jedi. Knowing the sabers where still ignited Athena covered her body in a tight tuck roll, and blocked the falling Jedi saber from hitting her. As the Jedi's feet and her own became intangled.


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                Tempist smiled at his opponent's counter, It was a move he often used himself. Recoiling himself into his previous position, he made quick use of his two sabers, giving a quick slash into each of the rocks in such a fashon that their trajectory was altered, with halves of both stones going to either side of him.

                As the two halves closest to his front neared him, he gave a powerful force push, sending the stone fragments twards the Jedi Master at a high speed.


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                  :: Their feet entangled, the Jedi Master lost her balance and tumbled to the ground. Extending her force senses to keep the whereabouts of the Sith always at her disposal, Tessa rose to her feet and grabbed a handful of dirt. With a quick flick of her wrist, the noble Jedi Master threw the dust and dirt rubble into the Sith's eyes as she took a defensive stance once more against the darksider ::

                  "I can feel the good in you, dark one. Just let go and fulfill your destiny in the light at last."


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                    Aura employed the Lesser Force Shield, rendering the fragments of the rocks to a molecular level. They rained harmlessly around the Force generated shield, circumventing her sector.

                    "This is pointless. . .Why not allow us to go on our way?" She blatantly asked Opps, of whom seemed intent on resuming the attack.


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                      Much to the dismay of the Jedi Master a little dirt would not hamper this Sith.

                      Closing her eyes she saw the fight within her mind. She enhanced her hearing and her force preseption (SP). Then when she had a stable hearing lock on the others there, Athena called upon the powers taught to her of the Force. A wave of dust engulfed the Jedi Master and Athena.

                      " Good in me, yeah right just like when I killed my parents right? Or how I am just backing down and letting you fill my head... Now now, Tessa right? Yes its Master Tessa, I have studied you. A challange you are to me. And I still not yet a Master of my power. Although you, now Tessa you could change the world with the force I have learned. Ooh the calm cool way we all could live....This is what my power can do. You want harmony...Join me and my Master... There you will find the harmony you seek. Not this life of a pauper you live now. "

                      Athena blinked trying fiercely to get the dirt from her eyes as her wall of dust hide her from the others alone with the Jedi Master.


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                        "Why not? That'd be the easy way out. Consider this a test to see if you are truly the jedi you claim to be, and not simply wandering fools with lightsabers."

                        Tempist paused for a moment, then looked up again with a twisted grin on his face.

                        "I'll make a deal with you. If you can defend against me for ten minites, I will let you pass, on the condition that you do not interfere with their battle."

                        As a sign of his sincerity, he deactivated Horror, and cliped it back at his side, freeing his right hand. It also eliminated a secondary threat to the jedi.


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                          "Jedi make no deals when it comes to combat. We do not live to test our skills, nor elevate egos that are non-existent to our code. I claim nothing more than my alliance with the Lightside," she countered, her features held stoic.

                          With a grimace, Aura felt something. Crystal was in danger. She did not wan't to disturb the focus of her friend engaged against the Sith woman, but the threat was demanding she should act in haste.

                          Tessa..It is Crystal. I must go back to the academy, but I can't leave you alone to defend against all these Darksiders.

                          Aura weighed her options in the situation. Go to aid her sister, evidently caught in a trap, or leave Tessa to deal with numerous Sith.


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                            :: Tessa looked at the Sith woman in front of her as her view of the others became obscured by the wall of dust. As the debris swirled all around them she heard Aura's voice touch her mind. She quickly addressed her fellow Jedi Master as she kept her gaze locked with the instrument of evil standing before her ::

                            Aura, you must do what you feel is right. I will be alright here. I shall send a message through the Force and see if anyone in SotL is travelling near here. Your sister needs you...

                            :: She then smiled at the Sith woman ::

                            "The true power resides within the wisdom of the Force, not within one person. Although your skills are formidable, the goodness and warmth of the light could embrace you easily and put your skills to a much more beneficial use in the galaxy. It's never too late to turn back the hands of time and walk the path of a Jedi..."

                            :: The Jedi Master remained keenly aware of her surroundings as she sent a message via the Force to any fellow Jedi near her vicinity ::


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                              She was kidding right? No Jedi never kidd, they always thought one could walk the path of the light. No way in....

                              The Jedi had said something right..."The true power resides within the wisdom of the Force, not within one person."

                              " True Jedi, all the power is in the force, now all you need is the right person and the force will be unlocked to its full power. I have found that person. And as for your 'the goodness and warmth of the light could embrace you easily and put your skills to a much more beneficial use in the galaxy.' No way, the darkside is my being and I am the darkside. But I know that you, you wish the power of the force for the greater peace. I know where the peace hides."

                              Athena moved as she watched the Jedi in her mind. With her lightwhip Athena snapped outwards to get a fell of the reflexs of the one skilled as a Jedi Master.