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Rise of the Last Titan: Foundations of the Empire

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  • Rise of the Last Titan: Foundations of the Empire

    Posted by Telan Desaria on 11-20-2002 09:22 PM:
    Rise of the Last Titan: Foundations of the Empire

    The darkness of space was only broken by the fluctuating brightness of far away stars dotting the spacescape.

    A pair of eyes from behind plate-transparisteel looked deep into the realm beyond, only reminded of the darkness in his own life, the darkness that surrounded him. As the memories and thoughts flooded into his overworked mind, the man cursed Space, for it had been its vastness which had created his darkness. It had been that vastness that had allowed small insurrections to spread into horrid holocausts that spread chaos were there was order. That vastness had precluded appropriate preventative action everywhere it was neccessary.

    Time healed all wounds, it had been said. It also created them.

    There were thousands more thoughts racing through the man's mind when his musings were interrupted by another.

    Space would have to wait.

    The pair of emerald eyes were cut off from their view by a solemn and long-lasting blink, and when they opened themselves again, a man stood before them, the image impressive to say the least. He was just under two meters in height, with his black hair close cut and jaw set as if in stone. His eyes were a piercing blue, perfectly complimenting a row of four like coloured squars on a silver plaque below four red ones. All of this was on a dark green, almost olive double breasted tunic with matching riding breeches. Below the knees were high jackboots, polished immaculately. Even the belt which crossed his tunic at the midsection seemed to glisten in the surrounding light.

    " Yes Captain?"

    The stern faced yet oddly young officer gulped slightly before speaking.

    " Sir, we will be dropping from hyperspace in two minutes."

    " Excellent. Prepare for standard fighter deployment, one Defender squadron. Deploy the blastboats as well, as a precaution."

    " As ordered, Grand Admiral."

    The young but hardened Captain bowed in a rigid salute and spun on his heel.

    The Grand Admiral bowed slightly in return and pivoted slowly himself. He faced back at space, in actuality, another dimension of it. Hyperspace.

    The lines created by passing stars allowed a reflection, and it was that the officer took in. His own jaw was set and firm, his skin clear and bereft of facial hair. His face was young as well, but already etched with the lines of forced aging, brought on by countless battles, the ever presence of death, and the continuing destruction he had wrought on the enemies of his Home.

    His Empire.

    The thought of what would be brought a smile to the Grand Admiral's face, an action which always brought with it a tinge of pain. The feeling was barely noticeable, but an everpresent reminder of the officer's lust for combat, earned at the age of fourteen in an honour duel with a cheating classmate.

    The smile grew larger as he realzied that his task was destined to success, with him or any other figure in the helm, so long as some one was strong enough to try.

    He, Grand Admiral Telan Desaria, would begin the most arudous task of his career: the reconstruction of the Galactic Empire.

    Grand Admiral Telan Desaria
    Commander of the Empire

    Do not dare act Contrite,
    for soon you shall see the Light....

    The Light of Imperial Might

    Posted by Alexandar Drago on 11-20-2002 09:57 PM:


    It had been too long since Drago had found a supply depot that hadn't been raided by the New Republic or the nomadic pirates, but he had found one and he severely needed it.

    The Fulmenis, his ISD mk II was in grave need of re-outfitting. It's weapon systems were down to 60% effeciency, he only had 2 squads of TIE Defenders left. The Javelin, a Lancer class frigate that served as his support vessel was in much better condition, but both vessels needed to be reloaded and needed supplies.

    Oasis V an old, well-hidden munitions depot located in the Terellian Asteroid belt was only a few kliqs away. Line Captain Alexandar Drago's vessels would dock with the depot restock and repair their vessels and then return from whence they came.

    "Commander, what's our ETA with Oasis V?" The young dark haired Imperial officer inquired. His first mate, Commander Vikov responded quickly.

    "10 minutes sir. Shall I launch a squad of defenders for recon."

    "No Vikov, I want the defenders as close to the Flumenis as possible, keep all personal on yellow alert. Don't let us get caught off-guard."

    "Yes sir." The commander answered sharply. The Fulmenis began doing long-range scans of the sector. But her sensors were damaged as well. Drago could only count on mid-range to short-range scans to alert him of possible threats.

    Suddenly there was a blip on the scanners. His XO turned to him; "Sir we've detected an Imperial Dreadnaught about 15 kliq's from our location and closing fast. Shall I launch TIE's sir"

    "No, hail the vessel Vikov, lets keep our hand to ourselves for the moment."

    The deck bustled with motion as the Fulmenis hailed the incoming ship.

    "Incoming Imperial Vessel, I am Line Captain Alexandar Drago, we are currently reclaiming Oasis V for the Empire, state your purpose in this sector."

    A masculine voice answered in response; "Captain Drago, this is Lt. Commander Bronson, we are here to retake Oasis V please stand down."

    "Vikov order the Commander to back off her position immediately or face the wrath of an ISD."

    "Yes Captain"

    Vikov responded to the dreadnaught, it closed communique and began to move towards Oasis V.

    "Vikov fire a warning shot across their hull and hail them, tell them if they do not disengage I will blow them out of the cosmos."

    "Yes Captain."

    A shot was fired and suddenly the Dreadnaught turned towards the Fulmenis powering it's weapons.

    "Shields?" Drago asked

    "Full power to stern" Vikov replied

    "Excellent open fire and order the Javelin to flank them on their port. Prepare TIE squadrons to launch but not until after the first volley."

    "Aye Captain."

    Posted by Telan Desaria on 11-21-2002 10:10 PM:

    The Empire had been beset by warlordism many decades before the present, and then thousands of ships had been destroyed and millions of lives erased.

    As Grand Admiral Desaria peered forth through the bow viewpanes of his temporary flagship, he lay his eyes on another type of Imperial feuding, this one not fueled by the desire for personal territorial expansion, or greed, or forgotten vendettas. The Empire had been reduced to a battle for survival. Only the most powerful warlords had enough resources to fuel their war machines for defense and keep their crews adequately fed, such as the Grand Admiral's home, Kuat.

    The Empire had been reduced to a state where an Imperial-class Star Destroyer was an even match for a Dreadnaught.

    This reinforced the Grand Admiral's mission to rebuild the Empire.

    What drove the point home were three ships ahead of his proud Star Destroyer, one a Draednaught which opposed an Imperial II-class Star Destroyer in an extreme state of disrepair and an accompanying Lancer Frigate, better off but lesser armed.

    " Captain, we are..."

    " The Terellian Asteroid Field."

    " So this is where they ended up. Any idea why?"

    " According to old Charts, there is a Sector Group resupply base in the asteroid field. They must be challanging each other for its ownership."

    The Grand Admiral muttered something inaudible to teh rest of the bridge crew. He was grateful for the Intelligence Operative who had placed the tracking device on the Star Destroyer, one of hundreds placed on key warships not yet under the unified Imperial banner, but was unsure why it was here. The Captain's analysis would do.

    " Let us watch the battle and see what unfolds."

    " Yes sir," The Captain replied, his obedience unwavering but his confidence diminsihed. The Grand Admiral knew.

    " The Empire is not a place for the meek. So we shall let the inferior do the culling for us."

    * * *

    From several hundred kilometers distant, the Interrogator sat watch over the three combatant warships, their explosions flashing across the blanket of black and brown earthen debris that sentients had once undoubtedly called home.

    The small Lancer Frigate had been sent ahead of the Destroyer by the attacking group's commanding officer, a maneuver that could only be described as desperation. Lancer Frigates of the early class, which that was a member, were unsuited to engage capital ships. Her weapons fire, in this case, would prove to be a nuisance, but one that could buy the damaged Destroyer some needed space.

    The Dreadnaught, her hull showing the blue emblem of the Warlord Taurus, was in excellent condition, but registered no fighters deployed, a sign that the owner was low either on funds or materiale.

    Crimson fire pulsed from her starboard side as the Lancer moved intoa flanking position, something which was dangerous to that model ship. Most of her weapons were in broadside positions, only ten turbolaser emplacements forward firing. The Captain took advantage of this, for the Dreadnaught took the bait.

    She yawed to port in an attempt to present one section to both the Destroyer and the Lancer. The Captain of his enemy, however, had scanned to find a weak point in her shield seem, where the bow deflectors met the sides. At those points, the Destroyers few weapons opened up and let the ancient vessel have it.

    The Dreadnaught was far from finished, but the move had made up the Grand Admiral's mind.

    " Raise Shields. Stand to battlestations. Arm forward launchers and ready heavy turbolaser batteres 1-A and B."

    The bridge flew into commotion as battle orders were relayed.

    " Bring us foreward, one quarter. Prepare to fire on my mark."

    " Which target, sir?" asked the tactical officer, unable to see the viewports from his position in the crewpit.

    " The Dreadnaught, of course."

    * * *

    The Dreadnaught was quickly laid to waste, her shields and hull unable to withstand an onslaught from a fully armed and operational Star Destroyer.

    The Interrogator moved ahead of the survivors, blasting the Dreadnaught's remains from its path as she went.

    A channel was quickyl opened to the commander of the opposing Destroyer, who could receive and send audio only, her comm system long since inoperable.

    " This is Grand Admiral Telan Desaria. I doubt that your orders cannot be superceded by a flag officer, so I am issuing you new ones. Fall in formation and we shall escort you to Kuat, where your ships shall be refitted. This is a direct order. Welcome back to the Empire."

    Grand Admiral Telan Desaria
    Commander of the Empire

    Do not dare act Contrite,
    for soon you shall see the Light....

    The Light of Imperial Might

    Posted by Alexandar Drago on 11-21-2002 11:03 PM:

    Unlike most other commanding officers of Imperial vessels, Drago had not wished to be a warlord when the Empire had first began it's crumble, he respected order and rank and the power that came in serving and rising through the system. He would much rather be a High Admiral in the Grand Imperial Fleet, than a Warlord with a small band of ships under his control.

    "Greetings Admiral Desaria, I apoligize for the lack of holo-comm, my ship is a bit aged... you might say. I am Line Captain Alexandar Drago, sole surviving Officer of the only remaing Star Destroyer in the 79th Destroyer Wing. My crew, my ships, and my destroyer the Fulmenis are at your disposal. "

    Looking towards his XO, Commander Vikov he spoke almost casually, as casually as an officer of the Imperial Fleet is capable of acting.

    "It seems things are beginning to look up for us old friend..." His whimsical tone, disappeared as suddenly as it appeared. "Order the Javelin to fall into formation off our aft and to port side. It seems that we are in for a much better prize than we had hoped for."

    The XO nodded and their orders were sent, the Javelin, skipped by a competent young Lieutenant immediately took her position and followed the vessels.... home.

    Posted by Telan Desaria on 11-22-2002 04:19 PM:

    The pair of Destroyers and attending Lancer Frigate leapt into hyperspace as one, vanishing at once in the blink of an eye. The suuply depot was not touched, and many who knew of its existence wondered why. Perhaps it was to be left as a monument to better times, or to be reclaimed when it was needed and untouched until then. No one knew, except the Grand Admiral, and he rarely explained himself.

    Ten hours after the trio of Imperial ships departed the Aiviren Sector, they arrived at the massive shipyards of Kuat, the home of the Grand Admiral and one of four major systems under his control. Together, they constituted the Empire as a whole.

    It was impossible for them, even being lead by a flagged Imperial warship, to enter the system directly. Set up around the perimeter were roving bands of Interdiction Pickets, small craft developed twenty years prior and only in their twelfth class. Toting an immobilzer globe, they were effective at either blockading a system or protecting one against unwanted visitors.

    With this mobile net in place, a ship had to drop from space before the fields began and move in a sublight speeds, all the while communicating with the Imperial Inner-System Defense Squadron. That was, unless, the ship was an Imperial warship. But the early reversion was neccessary. Forgetting to do so and being pulled from hyperspace set off many alarms and had cost hundreds of ships' crews their lives.

    There were eighteen planets in the Kuati System, three of them inhabited largely and two occupied by the expansive yards owned and operated by the Kuat Drive yards corporation and ordered by the Empire.

    The naturally unihabited worlds had been settled many decades before by soldiers and officers manning the garrisons of the system. Around the garrisons had grown fortresses, and around them cities. Millions thrived in contained environments, patches of life on spherical voids.

    " Inform the Fulmenis it is to dock in Way 133, where it shall begin refits and repairs. Have their Javelin report to the Yard Master; he shall judge what to do with that. In the mean time, captain, will you send word to Rear Admiral Arramon that I was going out again. He retains command."

    " As ordered, Admiral."

    " Excellent. Oh, and bed the Captain and his staff at the Imperial Plaza on in Kuati Prime. I shall return in a week, and then I shall meet his man. Until then, if his ship is finished, he is to take up a position in the System Defense Force, after he has been to Carida to acquire any reinforcemetns or replacements he needs. See to it as well that his fighter compliment is brought up to strength."

    " Yes sir."

    The Captain merely nodded to a Warrant Officer seated at the Communication's relay centre who had summarized the Grand Admiral's orders sent them off to where each needed to be. The blue-green jumpsuited non-commissioned officer nodded back, and the captain reported the successful execution of the Grand Admiral's orders.

    " Excellent. Set course for Brin Prime. We have to see an Admiral about an Allegiance. "

    " Aye sir!"

    With that acknowledgement, the [i]Interrogator began a stately one hundred and eighty degree to yaw so it could depart the system. Two days later, the Empire would have either a command Star Destroyer and its crew, or that Destroyer and much cleaning to do.

    Grand Admiral Telan Desaria
    Commander of the Empire

    Do not dare act Contrite,
    for soon you shall see the Light....

    The Light of Imperial Might

    Posted by Dak Blackblade on 11-23-2002 09:20 AM:

    Terellian system.

    The Scouts sat in total silence watching the events unfold before them. As usual it was looking to be one of those battles between rival warlords, although due to the disrepair of one sides ships, it appeared to the crew of the TIE Scouts that this battle would be over without major loss to the agressors.

    The Squadron had been tasked by the units Commander to track the Star Destroyer and its supporting craft through the system. The supply base was considered by the Vice Admiral to be apart of his sphere of control, and so any infringement on the part of a raider, be he former Imperial as was in this case, or pirate was inconsequincial. The fighters would report the details of the engagement and then direct in the bigger ships of the 'Fleet' to crush them.

    But as the ships closed, the strangest thing happened. They broke from engagement positions and moved into what would be considered strangely, positions which were of a non combat situation. Never in their experiance had the men aboard the TIEs seen anything so strange. Acting on initative, the Squadron leader, a Flight Corporal began scanning all former Imperial frequincies to determine what was taking place. As the conversation was tapped into the Corporal quickly hailed the other squadron members.

    "Everyone tune in to Standard Imperial Frequincy Alpha Charlie X-Ray 8765 Polo. And begin recordings all around."

    The crew of each craft quickly did as ordered, moving rapidly to tune in and record. As the minutes stretched out the crew were astonished by what they heard. Soon the two groups moved off as a single floatila leaving the crew of the Scouts stunned.

    "Lets get home, ASAP. We need to relay this information pronto..."

    Suddenly the brilliant darkness that was the the Terellian system was broken as the TIE Scouts activated their thrusters and entered Hyperspace, their destination, Balfron.

    Hours later, Balfron. Office of the Imperial Governer.

    ...and thats where they left. By all indications it looks like someone has certainly begun to reunify the warlords..."

    There was a sharp interuption as the Flight Corporal was cut off completely.

    "By all definitions we are warlords, despite the fact we have maintained Imperial Order here ever since the fall of the Emperor.

    Did you track their Hyperspace Vector?"

    The Corporal nodded. "Of course sir. We tracked it and have transmited it to Intelligence."

    The man, whos rank indicated the position of Vice Admiral, nodded and dismissed the man. He sat back, pondering the consequinces of what he was about to do. Reaching up onto his desk he activated his intercom.

    "Ensign? Have the Fleet readied. We are going to the Terellian system. Have all our ground based fighters preped and launched for sector patrols while we are gone. I want no trouble to befall the planet. And await my orders, something big might be in the works..."

    Bridge of the Conquerer, Balfron Orbit.

    "Officer on Deck!"

    The cry brought the entire bridge to its feet as the Vice Admiral walked in. Nodding a reply the men relaxed and returned to their positions as Dakkon walked along the eisle that rose above the 'pit' where all the ships command staff toiled. Looking out the veiwport he saw the Balfron, a ISD IV leaving its moorings and moving to the Hyperbouy. Beyond that he made out the form Enrapture, an Interdictor III Class Cruiser. Slowly they moved out towards what Dakkon hoped, would be their destiny.

    "Entering Hyperspace on my mark... 3, 2, 1... Mark."

    With a calmness that mirrored the discipline of the crew, the three ships propelled into Hyperspace.

    Terellian system.

    "Sir, we have locked the coordinates taken from XS1s Computer. Ready to go on your order."

    All it took was a nod, and the destiny of the galaxy was changed forever.

    Unknown system.

    As the ships reverted to realspace they recieved a hail almost immediatly. The Admirals thought was that this was most definetly a sign that Imperial fortunes were on the rise.

    "Unidentified ships, state your business entering Imperial Space."

    Again, just like before, it took almost nothing to alter the lives of millions of people in the galaxy.

    "We are coming home."

    At the outpost the communications staff looked at each other before making the connection between the Grand Admirals last jump point and this strange arrival.

    "Hold your course and await further orders."

    The Sergeant looked at his partner again before speaking.

    "Get word to Desaria. We might have some defectors of sorts..."

    Posted by Telan Desaria on 11-26-2002 08:52 PM:

    The Grand Admiral had left the bridge of his warship, leaving the routine operations in the capable hands of his flag captain. Instead of making his regular strolls about the ship, the Admiral returned to his quarters.

    The quarters assigned to the Grand Admiral were luxurious in every respect, replete with an office, ante chamber, bedroom, and a spacious refresher. The lights were always low in the Grand Admiral's quarters, the Kuati officer naturally averse to strong lighting for a reason many speculated but none knew.

    Inside, Desaria removed his double breasted tunic and, stripped to his white dress undershirt, took up a seat in one of his high backed King's Chairs. Comfortable, he propped his feet atop a crystal table and took up a datapad. Upon it were the first two thousand pages of his Literary Compilations, a massive collections of essays, short stories, and novellae all penned by the Imperial Supreme Commander.

    Few days since the commencement of the Reunification had he the chance to sit down and devote time to it. Now, with many of the former nuances arrayed properly, a hyperspace trip was time the Grand Admiral could relax and follow his own agenda, which rarely included thoughts of war and conquest.

    There was eighteen hours until the Interrogator would revert to realspace above the planet Qorrl, a small self contained fiefdom of the Imperial Warlord Drellak Ivann. The officer had once a good heart and a strong command, himself the leader of the Seventh Destroyer Squadron, Aevan Sector Fleet. That proud flotilla had held together for many yeras, ebing the last of the great Imperial battle formations. It had disintegrated only eight years before, the last remnants scattering to take up their own holdings and destinies.

    Since that time, the former Commodore had his command ship, the Allegiance-class Star Destroyer and two accompanying Dreadnaughts under his command. The escorts had since fallen prey to extended battle with pirates and raiders, the Destroyer now no more than an orbital fortress, for any long range deployment would bankrupt the small treasury Ivann had amassed for his slice of the Empire. To his credit, the quality of life had improved dramatically on the small, forest world he now called home.

    " Come," Desaria said, placing his pad aside and standing, a visitor having chimed his door.

    The blast doors parted and Admiral Raenor stepped in, an officer in all black and with only a row of blue pips on his rank plaque. The man was the Acting Director of Imperial Intelligence, and long time friend of Desaria, a relationship that had in no way been the cause of his rapid rise to power. In his mind lay brilliance, and in his heart a ruthlessness unparelleled by any of the Late Isard's lackeys.

    " Sir," Raenorr said, removing his cap.

    " Stand at ease, Willam."

    " All right." The Director strode inside and took an offered chair across the table from his Supreme Commander.

    " What have you brought me?"

    " Me? What makes you think this is not a social call."

    Desaria smiled. " Because you have no social life."

    " The TIE calleth the Wing inferior."

    " Touche," Desaria replied.

    " All in all, Telan, you are correct. I have brought you something of value. When we arrived in the Terellian System, I deployed a probe droid, who had been relaying images back to me for some time. The point of interest was the arrival of hyperspace equipped Recon TIEs."

    " Go on," Desaria replied, his demeanor replaced with his militaristic concentration.

    " I traced the TIEs and confimred their location with four of my spies currently employed under their owner. It would appear Admiral Blackblade has managed to retain what is left of his command in strength. Two Imperial-class Destroyers and an Interdictor. Two full wings of TIEs create his surface defense force."

    " Impressive."

    " Yes. I am also told he has been axious since join in the Unification."

    " Excellent. Alter our course. We shall pay him a visit."

    Grand Admiral Telan Desaria
    Commander of the Empire

    Do not dare act Contrite,
    for soon you shall see the Light....

    The Light of Imperial Might

    Posted by Telan Desaria on 12-03-2002 12:03 AM:


    Grand Admiral Telan Desaria
    Commander of the Empire

    Do not dare act Contrite,
    for soon you shall see the Light....

    The Light of Imperial Might