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Random Existance: Reappearance (open RP)

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  • Random Existance: Reappearance (open RP)

    Posted by Miryan no Trunks on 11-05-2002 03:07 AM:
    Random Existance: Reappearance (open RP)

    OOC: This RP is open, and is all about character development. I'm not looking for a fight right now, and... yeah.

    IC: *- Rifting. The ability to pull one's self out of the dimension they know, to somewhere entirely different, and back again.. It was a gift that he'd had even longer than the gift of the dark side, and not unlike the dark side, it held a curse in with it.. The difference was, one could block themselves off from the Dark Side, and put aside It's curse.. With rifting, one was not so lucky..*

    ... At least nothing seems to have happened this time..

    *The thought left the Sith's mind as quickly as it entered, as a vibrantly colored leaf picked that moment to brush across his cheek.. The contact brought his attention back to the forest around him.. Never had he seen it in fall, the sunset past the canopy adding it's hues to the already beautiful reds and yellows that made up the roof of leaves, as well as most of the ground.. This meant he had lost almost the entire summer to that damned realm, and he didn't even have any memories Of the dimension to make Up for it.. But the lack of memories could not dissuade him from the comfort of knowing that he returned in one piece, with his sword and everything..*

    ... Speaking of comfort...

    *A low rumbling that he felt more than heard caught his attention, bringing him to the reality that he had been wandering out here for some time now, not noticing the fact that his stomach was devoid of any substance.. Simply put, he was hungry, he was thirsty, and he needed to find a remedy for both.. Fortunately, there were benefits of being in an area one recognized, one of which was that one knew where things Were.*


    *About half an hour later, the doors of "Rama's Corner" opened up, and the numerous scents of the ever-familiar bar swarmed his senses.. Looking around, he noticed that the bar was almost completely empty, save a few drunks.. Good, that was how he liked it.. Besides, no-one knew he was back, and he didn't mind the time to prepare his once-more-return to the Empire..*

    *With a finger-wave and a telepathic message to the barkeep, he placed an order for a pitcher of water, and some chicken stirfry, before continuing over to his regular shadowed spot in the corner..*

    Posted by Miryan no Trunks on 11-07-2002 01:55 PM:

    *As the bowl of cooked vegetables and meat was brought over and placed in front of him, along with his drink, MnT looked around, as if he was watching for something, expecting something to happen... Surprisingly, nothing did.. It seemed that usually it would be about now that someone from his past would enter the bar, or stand up from where they were hidden, or call out to him in some way.. However, nothing came, and whether to be dissapointed or relieved, he knew not..*

    ... Oh well, probably for the better right now, I Am pretty hungry..

    *Smiling, he picked up the chopsticks that came with the meal, and began eating..*


    *Not fifteen minutes later, just before he was finished eating, one of the drunks in the bar came stumbling up, with a foul look on his face that seemed to be combining nausea with anger.. It only took one glance to figure out what was likely about to happen, and MnT put down his chopsticks so he could better deal with it..*

    "Hey youuuu!"

    ... The bathroom's over that way..

    "Huh? Nnnnndon't you gimme nunyer lip! Yer.. Tha sh|t's stingin up th-place, an you take I'the hell ouddaere!"

    ... It'd probably be better if You left, actually.. It looks like you've had too much to drink..

    *After the moment it took to register what MnT had said, the man growled and lunged forwards, attempting to throw a right punch at the Sith's head.. With a quick movement, MnT's left arm came up and caught the drunk's elbow with a chop, shattering the bone and causing his fore-arm to flop downwards with a squelching sound. The man screamed, and fell backwards via a small reflexive force push used in case he was going to throw up from the combination of pain and nausea. The prediction came true and a minute later, the now-passed-out drunk was being carried outside by one droid, whilst the other worked to clean up the mess he'd made..*

    *Shaking his head, MnT turned back to what little was left of his meal, and quickly finished it.. Perhaps it was time to move on, before any of the drunk's friends decided to take revenge for what he'd just done..*

    Posted by Miryan no Trunks on 11-07-2002 05:58 PM:

    *Standing up from his table, MnT looked casually over in the direction that the man had come from.. Sure enough it seemed he'd had a few buddies, all of whom were staring rather vehemently at him..*

    ... Great... Well, best take the blood outside..

    *With a slight nod towards the door, he began walking towards the exit, noticing that the 4 men were standing up to do the same.. They were all overweight, scruffy, and apparantly carrying blasters.. Inevitably, they were going to try to shoot him. Not many had tried that and survived, and it looked rather doubtful that these fools would be any more successful..*

    *Pushing the doors aside, MnT quickly side-stepped, backed up against the wall, and used to force to help conceal him in the shadows.. With a silent breath of pity, he watched the 4 walk out one by one, looking around in confusion as they couldn't find him. They stood there a moment, the occasional "Where'd'e go?" escaping from their lips, before MnT spoke and stepped out towards them..*

    ... You saw what I did to your friend, are you all so anxious to die?

    "You can hurt one've us withada gun, but you ain' goin be so lucky with 4've us!"

    *They were slow. They were so slow. Watching them drunkenly fumble for their guns, MnT figured he could easily have got behind each, and snapped their necks, before even one was able to get a shot off.. Reaching for his Damnation's Touch, MnT unsheathed the broadsword, and brought it forwards, charging the blade with deep purple ki energy.. Finally, one of the men fired, and MnT shifted the sword so that the blast hit the blade, and was reflected towards the man beside him, catching him right in the head. The crimson spray splashed the 3rd man, who was behind the others, but he didn't seem to realize it until a moment later, when he fired, and the blast was repelled into the 4th's skull.*

    *Now fairly coated in the blood of his friends, he dropped his gun, and began running, if one could even call his stumbling mockery of movement "running." The 1st was persistant though, and fired again. Again the blast was reflected, this time though, it went right back down the barrel of his blaster again. This caused the cell inside to erupt, the resulting explosion taking off half of the man's arm. However, when he brought his arm back up as if he were going to shoot again, MnT was barely able to hold back a laugh, and quickly dispatched the man with a slash to the neck.*

    *Before the man's head could even hit the ground, MnT was off and after the escaping man, who, as fate would have it, had just tripped over his own feet.. As he struggled to get up, the Sith slowed down into a walk behind him, and stepped down between his shoulders, dropping him back into the dirt.*

    ... You're a fool.. And now you're dead..

    *Without letting the man respond, MnT twisted his foot and pressed harder, snapping the man's spine.. However, he didn't release the pressure, but instead continued to press harder.. Soon the bones were puncturing through his internal organs, and he began to drown in his own blood.. One final press pushed the shattered backbone through his heart, and his life was extinguished with a gurgle..*

    ... Better they died now than found a more vulnerable target later..

    *Dissipating the energy, MnT resheathed his sword, and looked around, contemplating where to go next... Perhaps it was time to once more announce his return to the Empire..*

    ooc: Continued Here...