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The fall of the Jedi has begun

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  • The fall of the Jedi has begun

    Posted by Ace Lohan on 10-09-2002 07:37 PM:
    The fall of the Jedi has begun

    Ace Lohan, set his ship down on a planet where he knew the Jedi spent there time. Just doing whatever bleeding heart Jedi's did on there off hours. The planet looked a lot like Naboo the childhood home of Ace.
    This place won't look so appealing when i'm through with it, Ace thought. Ace almost smiled as the thought passed through his mind. Ace was sitting inside his ship, a black bag was in the passangers seat. The contents of the black bag consisted of 100 low grade explosive devices. The explosives were all minamally charged. They were not meant to kill anyone just do some damage to a planet.Ace knew that planting the explosives would take some time.Where most people would worry about being caught, this didn't concern Ace however because he knew there would not be any Jedi on the planet when he arrived. Ace had done a little watching of the Jedi school before he had decided to do this. Ace knew at this very moment the Jedi's were back in there school teaching and, telling each other how powerful they were.Won't they be suprised when they see this Ace thought. Ace jumped back on his ship, he pulled up out of the atmosphere of the planet. Ace pressed the button and, watched his handy work. It came off just as planned, the whole planet didn't blow up. There were just a great many holes and,

    It took several hours to plant the explosives in the right places. Ace planted several on the dock you had to walk on before you came to the water. The others he placed in and, around the places that the trainees slept. He even went as far as to plant them in the make**** traing center they had on the planet. Ace left one building what looked like a classroom undisturbed. He took his lightsaber out of his trench coat and burned the following message into the side of the wall: This was done by Ace Lohan I hope you enjoyed the fireworks. Wait you weren't here to see it. Let me tell you, it was beautiful. PS to hell with peace,
    Love Ace Lohan

    Ace jumped in his ship went above the planet andm watched his handy work. It went off just as planned. The whole planet didn't explode. It was just left in peices where a whole planet use to be. Ace made a finally pass over the planet and, there stood the bulding his message was on. It looked strangely out of place in the middle of the desert.

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