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Darkness, Fear, Death (open)

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  • Darkness, Fear, Death (open)

    Posted by Unknown on 09-18-2002 05:49 PM:
    Darkness, Fear, Death (open)

    As a man came from the shadows of the darkness born out of the fear and returned from the death he had suffered. On a rainy night the man who was unknown walked on an unmarked road one that lead to a place he should not go.

    He knew to well that he would be stopped on his current heading for head to a place he once a place outsiders where not welcome the planet of sith. indeed unknown came here looking for trouble and a fight.

    So where are all these ruthless sith he wonder for he knew most of them and most of them did not like him.

    Posted by Daegal Murdoch on 09-28-2002 12:25 AM:

    Moving with the stealth of a predator, a cloaked man followed this outsider that walked down the path toward the forbidden place. As he neared the man, he sensed a familar Force signature, and it almost stopped him in his tracks. How could it be? The man had died, and Daegal knew it. Closing the distance between them, Daegal grabbed the man's shoulder, spinning him around. He looked in the man's eye, his expression one of ice as he spoke coldly, methodically.

    "Watch what you seek, for you might just find it."

    Posted by Snaja-Kuke Xan on 09-30-2002 07:01 PM:

    From the dark abyss of space, a wave of darkness ripples through nothingness among the stars. A rift opens, from which a small vessel sails through. The ship looks moderately capable of battle, worn but durable. The twin ion engines rumble with a sweet sound of radioactivity, finishing with a blue streak across the empty plains of space.

    Destination planned, the ship begins to descend into the cold-looking planet's atmosphere; thrusters activated to soften the ride. With a fast plumet through the crimson sky, the vessel lands onto a plain, with a landing much like that of a modern-day aeroplane. Animals gathered out of curiously flee from the scene, desperately getting themselves out of the vessel's path. Bird-like creatures flock, and squwark as they fly to the distance, far, far away - they sense the danger that awaits them.

    After the engines shut down, a steam of pressure erupts from the vessel's hull, releasing the air-locks. Slowly but surely the main hatch opens, out emerges a shadowy figure with streaks of grey hair running down the side of the mandalorian plated (black) armour. Off comes the pilot's helmet.

    Inhaling a breath of fresh air, Snaja-Kuke Xan peers into the distance, observing the vast landscape of a seemingly uninhabitable planet. There must be villages and supplies nearby - how else would the wildlife have lived?
    ........" The Planet of the Sith. A forgotten Capital.."
    - He speaks to one of his droids, whom accompanied him off of the ship.

    ......."You will await me on the ship. I will cross the snowy fields alone, and see what awaits me"

    And so he does, beginning the short trek across the snowy fields toward the horizon, curiously seeking land beyond. Uncanny, it is, how every step he takes minus's a track mark. A strange ability indeed...

    In my veins courses the blood of the Sith. I am the rightful heir to the galaxy!

    Posted by Unknown on 10-01-2002 10:33 AM:

    Unknown peered at daegal with bright glowing orange eyes. although daegal could not see Unknowns face he knew daegal had figured out who he once was.

    " All I seek is a murder and revenge on that murder daegal."

    Unknown sensed something off in the distantance and then he looked at daegal.

    " one of us is being hunted?"