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    Posted by Darth Snack on 08-18-2002 02:11 PM:
    Haunted Past

    ooc: For the most part, this is closed. If anyone wants in, send me a PM or hit me up on AIM. Tis basically going to tell the backstory for Snack.


    What the hell is this?

    *His hands pushed the dirt and muck to the side, uncovering a diamond shaped artifact. Yet it was about the size of a stone that you could only pick up with both hands. As soon as he did touch it, the top part of the artifact spun a hundred and eighty degrees and the entire thing began to glow a bloody red. It began to vibrate, shaking so much that it literally lept out of the man's hands and fell to the ground with a thud.

    It then projected blue light out into the open, static-y at first then forming into a transperent image of a man shrowded in a darker cloak.*

    "fizz...crackle...fizz... ... found an boy about the age of two. ...fizz ... extreme potential in the Force.... closely observe...."

    *It faded out, then came back a little clearer.*

    "It is done, the boy, now three years of age, is under my care. I will look after him and training him in the Sith ways... I will be the Father this kid no longer has.... He will never know the truth...."

    *It faded out once more, then automaticly shut itself off. Blinking for a few moment, Snack reached down and picked up the holocron once more. He left his things in his cave and started for the small village which he declared the capitol of Cayss. A mining village he grew up just outside of. The only place he knew as home. Maybe, the device would play some more recordings for the 'Sith'.*

    Posted by Darth Snack on 08-21-2002 06:25 PM:

    *It began glowing again when he set it on a desk located in one of the rooms in his keep. Hopefully this time, it would play more of the message.*

    "Nate has done extremely well in his training exercises. He his learning quite a bit and showing complete understanding. Yet... he still lacks the hatred.. the fear... the rage that will one day make him a great Sith..."

    *It made no sense. Snack had lost his family at an earlier age, maybe earlier, such as Nate did... but Snack's name was not Nate... he had no name other than Snack. Smack: that is who we was, who he is.. and who he will be.

    Maybe this Nate was 'Father'... The image came back on.*

    "It has been about seven years since I took Nate in as my own... and his couriosity has grown tenfold. He still lacks the hatred and agression he needs to succeed as Sith, but maybe what I tell him about his family will change him... hahahaha"

    *It cut off once more. Snack sent the artifact a sickening glare, but to no avail. It was shut up for the time being.*

    Posted by Frost on 08-24-2002 01:47 PM:

    Frost walked up from behind the Sith Lord, and crossed his arms under his black cloak. His face remained very much still as the wind played with a few strands of his red hair. He looked at the Sith Lord, knowing that he probably picked up the man's presence for a long time now.


    Posted by Darth Snack on 08-29-2002 02:25 PM:

    *Yes, Snack knew someone else was around, though he had no clue on who it was. Nor how he found this place. He began to feel this other pressence back at the cave, but shoved it to the back of his mind when the holocron went active. Just exactly how this one found his way into Snack's home was a mystery. But detecting the Force from this one told Snack that it was probably easily done. Or that he had been here all the while Snack was on his scavenger hunt.

    At least the holocron had grown silent, now.

    Smirking, Snack touched the atmosphere with the Force and created a slight breeze in the room the two were in. And in a swift and fluid motion, the Lord had positioned himself behind the other, his teal colored single blade lightsaber humming with life and dangerously close to the other's neck.*

    Explain yourself...

    *Snack ordered, his voice a cold whisper.*

    Posted by Frost on 08-30-2002 03:41 PM:

    The lightsaber's teal color reflected on Frost's skin. He tilted his neck on the opposite side of the saber and exhaled slowly.

    Explain ?

    "Explain what exactly ? You've just discovered the truth about yourself, there's nothing more to say, really."

    Posted by Darth Snack on 08-30-2002 08:36 PM:

    *Those were the wrong words to say. Anger flushed through his body as he powered down his weapon and chucked it off to the side; its metalic frame making a clanging sounds as it hit the wall unharmed. Snack grabbed onto one of Frost's shoulders with his left hand, and spun him around to face Snack. Instantly the Lord's right hand had clenched around Frost's neck, while he pushed the other's back into the wall behind him forcefully.*

    And what do you know of this holocron and its contents?

    *Emotions of all kinds ran through Snack's head as his eyes pierced the other man's. He wanted to search his mind with the Force, but found it impossible to do in his state of emotional stress. This holocron was not about Snack's past. It had to be his about his 'Father'. He just new it. And besides, his name was not Nathan....

    What was his name!?*

    Answer me!

    Posted by Frost on 08-31-2002 08:56 AM:

    Frost grit his teeth then put his hand on the man's right wrist, then leaned the back of his head back against the wall. He remained silent for a while, tilting his head to the side. He didn't hesitate, more like, he tried to find the best way to tell the man - the cold hard truth. He sensed the man's emotional confusion and stress, also the question he had been asking himself.

    "I know no more than you do ... Nathanial K'cansce." He pressed the two last words.

    Posted by Darth Snack on 09-07-2002 02:20 PM:

    *Snack's eyes widened and began to gloss over, before anger over came him. He gripped Frost's neck tighter and shoved him hard into the wall once more.

    It could not be him. No. His name was Snack, nothing else. But the guy spoke with an unwavering voice, signifying truth. Who was he...?

    His anger died down as he thought of his silent question. An old Jedi calming technique that Snack had picked up a long time ago when he spent a few years training as a Jedi Knight.

    Just as he was about to ask the question, the holocron activated itself again. Releasing the man's throat, Snack turned to look over his shoulder, seeing the blue transparent image of the older man. The one who, Snack thought, was the instructor of his own 'Father'.*

    "It seems that telling young K'cansce about what happened to his family has proven to be fruitful. The lie I fed him about his family being slaughtered by Jedi seemed to have given the young boy the hatred and rage that a Sith requires. Ever since, he has grown by leaps and bounds in power through the Force..."

    *A Jedi would never kill anyone without just cause... He knew that much first hand. But a Sith, on the other hand, would not hesitate to slay anyone.*


    "Nate has taken well to our two new hopefuls: Horus and Malamar. He considers them as his little brother and sister, though neither are related. And at the age of fourteen, Nathan has taken up the responsibility to teach them about the Dark Arts of the Sith...."

    *The holocron went silent once more, leaving the room void of sound. Snack looked on, his eyes wide and his emotions running a mile a minute. It had to be him... For Horus and Malamar were like his younger siblings... But he did not believe it. He would not believe... but it was the truth. That was ‘Father’. He had found ‘Father’s’ holocron.

    And now the truth about what happened to his family had been revealed. And this guy in the room now knew something. Or at least did.*


    Posted by Frost on 09-09-2002 11:06 AM:

    "What's the matter, Nathanial ? The truth hurts ?" Frost said, though he tried to sound cocky, it was hard to show it physically.

    He ran his hand on his neck as if to soothe the pain a bit, his eyes never leaving the man who just discovered the hard truth about himself and the ones around him. Frost crossed his arms over his chest and exhaled after a moment of silence.

    "Well ?"

    Posted by Darth Snack on 09-09-2002 05:09 PM:

    *Snack did not answer... rather Nathan did not answer. He just sorta stood there, his focus on the place where the image had stood. Emotions and a river of thoughts flowed through his head, all leading to nothing yet everything.

    The truth had been spewed. He had no idea if it was a good thing or a bad, but knew that the Force must have willed it to happen. He was ment to know.

    Though at what price? Sna... er... Nathan's entire life as he knew it was a lie, hidden by the facade that his only father figure created to serve a better purpose. Only better for 'Father'. That *******! Had he still been a live, Snack would have had his blood spilled.

    Rage was building. It took all of Nathan's knowledge from what he had learned as a Jedi to calm himself. Once calmed, the presence of Frost came back to the Dark Lord. Frost - who, still, knew something.*

    Who are you?

    Posted by Frost on 09-11-2002 11:02 AM:

    "Frost, member of the Royal House of Rannon."

    Frost's eyes squinted lightly as he took a good long glare at Nathanial.

    "And you ?" He asked, as if he wanted to make sure the man got back to reality.

    Posted by Darth Snack on 09-11-2002 07:22 PM:

    Dazed and confused...

    *Nathan was not angered anymore. His rage had been subdued for the moment, and now all he could do was look at Frost, his eyes epmty and confused.*

    I am....

    *It stumped him. All his life, he went by Snack. Everyone he knew, and everyone who knew him called him 'Snack'. It was his name... though now it was not. It was a lie... His whole life had been a lie to to this point.*


    Or, as everyone else knows me, Darth Snack: Dark Lord and Council Member of the Sith Empire.

    *A true constant. The Empire took hinm in when he was lost. He grew so much since he first stepped onto the Empire's grounds.. grew in power, strentgh and in knowledge. He had accomplished everything he ever dreamed of and then some under the Empire's wing.

    Nathan's thoughts rested on where Frost said he was from... or at least what he was a part of. 'The Royal House of Rannon'.*

    I've never heard of the Royal House of Rannon... Care to tell me about it?

    Posted by Frost on 09-12-2002 03:37 PM:

    Frost watched the man rethink his life. It was rather sad, but he didn't move. Frost motioned his hand forward, looking at Nathanial. He took a step in the same direction then, nudging his head forward, as if he asked Nathanial to follow.

    "Very well. Come."

    Posted by Darth Snack on 09-12-2002 10:38 PM:


    ...Or you could show me...

    *This character was certainly an odd one. All Nate wished was for Frost to tell him a little abuot the House of Rannon... not actually go there.

    Then again, maybe they were not going there, but to a place where he could explain the House. Though, he wondered why Frost could not just tell him in Snack's keep.*

    Lead the way...

    *He said. There was no choice, in all honesty, but to follow. Shaking his head to himself, Nathan called the saber hilt he threw earlier to his hand, and from there, clipepd it to his belt.*

    Posted by Frost on 09-20-2002 11:01 AM:

    Actually, Frost wasn't going to show Nate where the Royal House of Rannon was, but standing in one place and talking seemed like an boring idea for the man. Though emotionless, he easily got bored. As Nate followed, Frost put his hands back in his black cloak.

    "What actually would you like to know ?"

    Posted by Darth Snack on 09-20-2002 10:38 PM:

    Oh, I dunno...

    *He said, as the two walked from the one room they were in on the second floor of Snack's keep to the first, and then out the front door. The small village/city was semi active, as it normally was, with it's normal pedestrians wandering their normal mid afternoon route.*

    How about what exactly it is.

    Posted by Frost on 09-21-2002 07:47 AM:

    "Royal House of Rannon - I think the name explains it. Don't you ?"

    For now, Frost didn't feel like revealing the whole truth, but also, he didn't feel like giving Nate such quick answers either. He would have to discover everything on his own.

    "It is mainly a place that can help people. That's what I think."

    Posted by Darth Snack on 09-21-2002 09:31 AM:

    *The 'Royal House of Rannon'? Sounds like ...something ...royal and courtly. So this Frost person was someone with royal blood? Must be the first time Snack had ever been in the company of someone as divine as Frost.*

    To help people? With what?

    Posted by Frost on 09-21-2002 05:00 PM:

    "With whatever problems they have, we help."

    He closed his eyes while walking, pausing for a moment.

    Posted by Darth Snack on 09-21-2002 05:19 PM:

    You've witnessed my problems. Would they be able to help one such as me?

    *He paused, too, after he asked his simple question.*

    Posted by Frost on 09-24-2002 10:37 AM:

    "Of course. Under one condition."

    After all, nothing was free.

    Posted by Darth Snack on 09-24-2002 01:31 PM:

    *A catch. There was always a catch. But what was it?*

    And that condition...?

    *The confused man asked.*

    Posted by Frost on 09-24-2002 04:31 PM:

    "You must leave your Empire and devote yourself completely to the Royal House of Rannon." Frost said with a low voice.

    He stopped in his tracks and looked at the man, who had just learned his own real name.

    "If you cannot do that, then it is your choice, my Lord."

    Posted by Darth Snack on 09-25-2002 08:44 PM:

    Leave the Sith Empire?

    *Snack stopped dead in his tracks. His eyes glossed over once more as millions of emotions ran by at the mere thought of what Frost had just suggested.*

    They've been a major part of my life.. I've sworn my loyalties and my allegiance to them...

    *Not to mention his Council position. It would look real great for a leader of an organization to step down...*

    I don't know If I can leave what is my life behind...

    *What is his life... he just found out that all of his life was one giant lie. His 'Father' lied to him. He was a Sith. Snack never considered himself to be a true Sith... but he accounted that in part that he use to be a Jedi as well.

    Maybe ....

    Maybe the reason he never felt he was a true Sith was because... the one true Sith he ever knew in his life lied to him. What would stop other Sith from lying to him. That is their nature, after all. Maybe, just maybe, Snack wished not to become like his 'Father'. On a subconscious level, it all made sense. That was why he denounced his Sith title a long time ago, yet stayed with the Empire. Now, after knowing the truth...*

    ...How would they be able to help me?

    Posted by Frost on 09-26-2002 10:51 AM:

    "They will. In every way, they will help you. But ..."

    Frost didn't even bother to finish his sentence. He knew that it was already very confusing for 'Nate'. He uncrossed his arms and didn't take off his gaze off of the man.

    "Well ?"

    Posted by Darth Snack on 09-27-2002 02:15 PM:


    *He, too, kept his eyes on the other, though he never really saw him. His eyes pierced through Frost's form as if he was not there at all; deep in thought.

    But Nathan did not have to think this through. The choice was obvious.. at least it should have been.*

    Take me there... But first, allow me to pack and get things around...

    *And that was that. Exhaling, Snack nodded to Frost, then turned on the balls of his feet and began to walk towards his manor, where he would send an announcement to the entirety of the Sith Empire...*