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The Mantel of a God.

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  • The Mantel of a God.

    Posted by Rama Sha on 08-28-2002 03:21 AM:
    The Mantel of a God.

    :: Rama sat back in the cold metal chair in the dimly lite room. His legs strechd out and resting on the desk near by. He twirled the ice in his drink as he scanned over the charts in front of him. ::

    "Oh Riven......I know why you picked it now."

    :: He threw the Chart on the floor. It fell on top of a pile of other charts scattered all over the floor. He looked across the Lightsaber sitting on the table. He swung his legs around and sat rightly in his chair now, peering at the saber in front of him. It was the Saber given to him by the late Athena. She had said that is was old....she had also said she stole it from a Muesuem. But he doubted she knew what.....or Who it belonged to, or she would have made this Journey a long time ago. That fact also means she never knew what the writting on the saber meant. It had taken Rama awhile to Translate it, but it was worth the time and effort. He picked it up and ran his fingers over the letters engraved into it ::

    "Su nee pa Ku ta Naptee. A ruleto Almas"

    :: He Closed his eyes Slightly ::

    "But you still havn't shown me everything"

    :: With that Rama stood and placed the saber back down, grabbed his drink and made his way out the room into a brightly lite Hallway. He turned right and walked down the hall a few paces and bored a lift. He took a sip of his drink as the elevator made it's way upwards. The doors slide open onto a large bridge of a ship. It was the luxury yacht that Rama had bought for his wife many moons ago. The Bridge had a full crew all hard at work at there stations. Standing above the pits of worker ants was a lone man looking out at the beauty of Hyperspace in front of him. Rama emerged and a man next to the lift suddenly went stiff ::

    "Atten-HUT!" the man said

    :: The lone man turned around and Slauted ::

    "Lord Sha.......I was not expecting your vist yet. You order us not to disturb you till we reached Gothica."

    "Im aware of what I said Capt Hector. Are we Beyond The Empire's Senors yet."

    "Yes my lord.....we pass out of their space nearly an hour ago."

    "Good.....Change Course to mark 378 point 67. "


    "Do you have a Problem Capt?"

    "There isn't anything in that Direction........just a lot of dead space."

    :: Rama's eyes suddenly flash with power and anger, and his hand shot up. Capt Hector's throat slowly began to close. Rama's voice came again, but now with an unearthly tone. ::

    "If I told you to fly this thing into the nearist star you would do so. Now do as your told!!!!!!!"

    :: With that Capt Hector Began to breath easier and was able to gasp out the orders to change course to rest of the Bridge crew. Rama Walked forward and watched as Normal space filled the glass in front of him and the stars move to the side and the ship tuned and re-entered Hyperspace. ::

    "Did you load the ship and the other items I requested Capt.? "

    "Yes my lord" he Answered while rubbing his throat.

    "At least you did that right.............This Heading will take us to a planet. When we arrive do not signal the ground.....I will handle it, just place us in Orbit and prep the ship in the Hanger. Do you think you can handle that Capt?"

    "Im unfamliar with that ship's desgin and Contro....."

    :: Rama looked over his Shoulder at him ::

    "uhhhhhhh Yes Sir. I can."


    :: Rama Turned back and looked back out at the passing Hyperspace ::

    "Almas" he whispered to himself.

    Posted by Rama Sha on 08-29-2002 01:43 AM:

    :: Rama sat in the chair of a neatly organized state room aboard the ship. He was now dress in brown robes of the finest silk, with desgins of gold and blue on them. His Hair was slicked back and was tied neatly behind his head and his beard had also been shaved from his face. Attentants of what was up till 6 months ago an unknown race to them, where now placeing jewerly and adorning his fingers in a gold armor. Before him stood 2 Invid guards......2 of many, specially ordered for this trip and it's results. They were glad in outfits of earth tones and much less proper looking then Rama's own cloths, but they had large ornimental masks with the face of a jackal and large staff weapons that had blasters attached to one end. They watched over as the servents Contiuned to "prepare" Rama. The door slide open and another Guard came in, but their masks reflected a hawk instead of the Jackal as the others. ::

    "Suun nee ta peason Hector" :: the Voice came from the Guard thru his vocorder on his mask ::

    "Send the good Capt in."

    :: The Guard Stood back and open the door and Capt Hector walked in, and seemed to be taken back by Rama's new apperance ::

    "Sir......we have arrived and your ship has been preped as ordered."

    "and the Fighters?"

    "They have also been prepped and your pilots are ready Sir."

    "You have done well Capt......and now you must be rewarded."

    :: Rama Knodded to the Guard neck to the door. the Guard Lowered his weapon and pointed the it at Hector ::

    "My Lord........" Hectors voice broke slightly "I.........I have only done what you told me. I have done nothing wrong."

    "This is True Capt......but you also know where I am. And I cannot allow that."

    :: With that a Powerful bolt of red engery left the guards weapon hitting Hector squarely in the chest. His body flew back and slammed against the wall, and sled down to the floor. Rama's eyes glowed with glee at the site, and he stood up and walked over to the body and looked down at it. He then moved to a computer console on the wall and depressed a button. The Computers voice came thru the speakers ::

    "Self-Destruct activated....Silent Countdown......3 Mins..."

    :: He turned to look at the guards and serveants in the room. ::

    "come my's time to go home."

    Posted by Rama Sha on 08-30-2002 08:54 PM:

    ::Rama walked into the Hanger of the great ship. Befroe him sat two oval shapped two man fighters. Suddenly one lfted into the air and the front spilt in half and snapped to the side to form two wings. ::

    "The Desgins worked well." He thought to himself.

    :: Behind the two fighters was a larger diamond shaped ship, the rear was open and a boarding ramp. He Made his way up and into the ship followed by the guards and servants from the room. The interior was dimmly lite, but heavely decorated. In the front of the ship, two gurards sat working the controls, putting the ship thru it's pre flight checks. In the rear was a Circular Couch that ran along the wall. And in the middle of it all was rasised seat. Rama took his seat and his servants took seats along the wall. The Guards stood. He looked forward thru the viewport, he saw the other fighter rasied into the air, and the door to Rama's Ship closed. He took out a timmer from under his cloak and looked at it. ::


    "Let us be on our way......."

    "Yes sir." One of the pilots said and then pressed a few buttons. The Hanger doors opened. The two fighters pulled out of the Hanger, followed by Rama's ship. Below was a Orangeish Red Planet, with a few spost of green here and there.

    :: The Ships zoomed away from the Yatcht and towards the surface. ::

    "ETA 2 mins sir" the Pilot said.

    "THat should be enought time. Radio the Yatcht....tell them that the ship is theirs and they may do with it as they wish."

    "Yes Sir."

    ::The Pilot turned and went back to working the controls. Suddenly from behind there was a bright flash as the Yatcht Exploded into a million pieces. ::

    The shockwave hit the ship and it rocked about, but soon settled back down.

    "Well........that was Early." Rama said with a grin.

    Posted by Rama Sha on 09-15-2002 03:25 AM:

    :: The Shuttle emerged from the clouds over the large green patch of ground. As it descended the green patch became a bundle of vines and floowers intertwined covering the ground. The 2 fighter pulled out ahead of the shuttle and came into view. Ahead the Plants ended and a great Mountain range came up blocking the horizon. The ships approached and pulled up and over the range of white peeks. On the other side a vast desert of Yellow sand. It's Contrast to what has just been seen was staggering. Ahead near the center of the wasterland was a massive shape standing there. A huge dark form that seemed to be riseing from the sands themselves. A large triangle that was almost as all mountains. Below the approaching ships a single line of moveing objects made it's way towards it from the foot of the mountain. They were people.......workers, miners. Hauling great stones towards the shape. ::

    Posted by Rama Sha on 09-17-2002 02:56 AM:

    :: The Shuttle approached the shape, and small details began to take shap. The massive pyramid loomed over the landscape. ::

    "Pilot........take me around, I want a good look at it." \

    "Yes Sir." the Pilot Answered.

    :: The Shuttle swung around and began to circle. Rama looked down at his new home. ::

    "Perfect.........I must say the locals have done well. First the Jedi and now this. I am most pleased. "

    :: He looked again at it for a momment ::

    "Has she arrived."

    "She arrived last week.....I have already sent word of your arrival."