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Dark Ages: Passage of Night

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  • Dark Ages: Passage of Night

    Posted by Lynch on 08-25-2002 01:51 AM:
    Dark Ages: Passage of Night

    Dark Ages: Passage of Night(Repost)

    He glided upon the nights cool air drifting into and out of shadows as the rugged surface drifted below him, the planets inhabitants if fast of eye caught him as he moved. Most saw a mere blur to pay no more attention to then a second blink of the eye and dismiss their thoughts on an wary imagination. So carefully did he move past them now as an silent assassin would move seeking his prey.

    How easily he could reach out a hand and lay his fingers on their shoulders and yank it back before vanishing in the shadows once more leaving them stunned and scared that something had grabbed them for a second only to let them go again. How wild then their imagination would run. Would they think the cold hand of death was on them or dismiss it once more as an nervous reaction to their surrounding environment.

    When one was surrounded by beings of destruction and capable of burning the flesh off ones own body it tended to make each sound and any unusual sight questionable. Too often did anything out of place or uncommon mean a quick and painful death.

    This early in the night they could sleep soundly if any such thing ever came to a race so close to the Sith for they were not his intended target. This night he had left the head quarters of the Sith Empire on an unexpected journey, one of his last times he would leave its halls until he was forever gone from them. No more then a common Sith now his mind was not on his passing resignation but of what had brought him out in the open this night.

    One did not live for so long as he had unless a plan had been put in place for any or every possible situation. He had cheated death despite feeling its hand always reaching out for him, to yank him back to the dark realm of the dead once more where horrors he could not even place upon any captured soul in torture waited for him.

    The tree tops were below him now, the landscape of a forest far below to meet him if he dared to soar low. Low enough that he could find himself wounding himself in the tree branches that extended from the massive and silent living extension of the planet. One of the few living components on this world that had been chosen for its inhospitality factor.

    Altering his body in mid flight his form shifted with no thought to the quick change in movement as he descended towards the ground. The leathery wings wrapped around him as he neared the earth below, bracing his legs as he touched the ground a hand flashed out from the wings that had enveloped his body biting into the ground to cushion the landing. The two dark wings expanded from his body outwards before shifting firmly to his back.

    Angling his head he stared at the dirt beside him moving his hand along it. A foot print small and not human, no doubt it belonged to an animal. The note left under the frame of his door had brought him here, its writing in blood had caught his interest. A scan of the paper had revealed finger prints and so his short investigation had lead him here after the one to whom they belonged too. It was not too far to the place and then he would get some answers. If those answers displeased him greatly enough, if this venture he had made been a waste of time he would firmly plant a blade deep in her throat.

    Posted by Branwen M'Orcant on 08-25-2002 01:52 AM:

    "Cat! Where be you, you misbegotten filthy bag-ful of rotting bones? Eh? Cat.... eh? Where??"

    The muttering came from what looked like a dark hole in the ground. But the hole was neither a hole, nor truly dark, for sudden weak rays of light fell against its edges, and turned what had appeared to be a hole into a narrow spindly staircase. The sullen light shone forth from a thin hand that held it - a hand followed by an arm, and then by the rest of what made up a female human of average size.

    The bluish glow of the odd light-source cast a grisly shadow against the wall as the woman slowly ascended the last steps. Even as her body looked young and well-formed, the shadow seemed oddly aged and grizzled, hunched-over, even - long and bony fingers grasping the empty space ahead.

    ... where she be, eh, Morcant, eh? where be the cat, kitty cat? ... not a nice cat indeed, no....

    The infrequent muttering in between spells of loud cursing enhanced her odd look - her eyes held a kind of intensity in them that made the murderous look in them all the more real.

    "CAT! DAMN YOU!"

    She'd finally reached the top of the stairs and cast another look around the chamber she now stood in. It was just as empty and devoid of any signs of other life than it had been before she had gone downstairs to look for that damned beast there.

    Cursing to herself once again, she swore the flea-ridden thing would not escape alive if she caught it... when suddenly a loud bang could be heard coming from downstairs.

    Posted by Lynch on 08-25-2002 01:53 AM:

    He ran the blade across the tip of his thumb letting the unblemished surface of the weapon run smoothly across his skin. Sharp and deadly it could pierce the flesh of many creatures, cut into the vital organs and ultimately end a life. Over the years, decades and centuries the basic instrument had ended many lives of men and women, the strong and weak, the common citizen and the political senator, the poor and wealthy. So many influential people, so many people on the end spectrum of society's ladder had fallen prey to the simple yet lethal weapon.

    How many times had he performed missions in which he had sneaked up behind a person, wrapped his arms around theirs as he snapped their head back and planted the sharp blade to their throat and slit them open like a common animal... The resulting blood rush would be more of a red gush spraying into the air to rest on the walls and floors in front of him, the drops of blood falling like rain a magnificent shower to his eyes.

    So often such a weapon - even crude ones not honed to the perfection like the one he now carried - had cut into the flesh of creatures threatening to kill him. Monsters out of a child's worst nightmare that dared to try and rip his face off. Soldiers who had pointed their guns at him, their finger on the trigger ready to burn a hole in his body. Assassins who had been paid to search for him wanting to collect their bounty. Skilled opponents whose use of high tech weaponry were the stuff of legends.

    All of these, countless people. Numerous faces. Lives all snuffed out due to one simple small blade.

    He remembered them all, savored them, the memories burned into his mind like badges of honor. He knew better than to take for granted even the most basic of weapons that most paid no heed when more power weapons were available. So many failed to learn the lesson leaving the next life to teach them.

    The memories passed through his thoughts, the castle coming closer during his swift strides. A low hiss caught the Siths attention causing him to crouch low several feet from the entrance to the run down building, dropping one hand to his lightsaber hilt and the other into a fold from his cloak he scanned the surrounding area. Rushing out of the bushes across the ground the feline ran leaping onto the bridge turning its head in time to meet the rushing blade.

    A sneer ran across Lynchs face as his eyes narrowed, the blood trickled slowly down the door while the cats body shook in spasms. No longer alive, its functions now closed down. Standing perfectly still near the entrance to the broken-down husk of the castle in ruins the Sith Master listened to the heart beat go silent, his lip turning up in a cruel grin. The noise should have proven satisfactory to alerting the current resident to the stirrings outside her humble abode. For her sake he hoped so, unlike some it was not prudent to let this Sith Master knock twice.

    Posted by Branwen M'Orcant on 08-25-2002 01:53 AM:

    Well, of course it wasn’t going to be the cat that’d come a-knocking - cats didn’t knock on doors. At least none of the species she’d ever met before had been able to do such a thing, hence Branwen doubted that hers was any different from the rest of them. They scratched the door a little bit, maybe, to make themselves heard, but they did not knock.

    She wasn’t expecting anyone other than the cat, though.

    Branwen wasn’t by far experienced with using what she had been taught - and even if her Master had taught her yet to use her senses to feel for someone’s presence - she was too new to such matters like the Force to consider trying it out by herself, or even just thinking about it. The past weeks and all her efforts at learning might as well not have mattered; and she went down that staircase again without any thought to danger, muttering curses for whoever had come to disturb her.

    So wrapped up in her own wrath was she, that in the darkness she lost her foothold - she had forgotten to bring her light. Tumbling down the remaining stairs, at the end of the descent her fall was stopped short by the large and robust oak door. It took her a moment to regain her senses, then the cursing and muttering took up again. Groggily, she pulled herself up by the door which seemed to have grown a handle since the last time she had locked at it - the thing between her fingers felt smooth and oddly shaped, sticking out only mere inches. She felt along that shape.

    It must have been the numbness that had overcome her after her fall and was still with her, or the shock - she did not feel something slicing into her hand, nor did she feel the pain of the cut when she took her hand away. The odd shape on the door held a mystery for her; a mystery she somehow seemed to feel she would find an answer for on the other side of the door. With a loud creak, she opened it; her eyes never leaving the door as it swung back inside.

    That some other shape besides the outline of trees was somewhere right in front of her, she now felt clearly, but it was not important just now. She could have been in dire danger - and she was, probably - and never have wasted a moment’s thought on it; for she had a singular thought in her mind just then, and Branwen didn’t have much use for other thoughts to crowd her head once it was on something she felt important. And the dim light the night gave off showed her a clear view of what it was that had shaped the odd handle inside the door.

    There was an axe stuck in her door.

    What was more, there was a cat stuck to the axe that was stuck in the door, and the cat looked suspiciously like Cat - the cat she had brought with her. And it was bleeding all over her new home.

    Maybe it was the blood from the cat that finally alerted her to the fact that she herself was bleeding profusely, maybe it was the sight of the axe and its sharp gleaming blade - at least the bit that was still visible; whatever it was, she finally felt a dull throbbing pain in her hand. Looking at it in the dim moonlight, she saw blood running from that, too.

    With an ugly scream, she jumped forward and out of the house - it was considered an unlucky thing in her family to bleed into one’s own house. It was then that she collided with the shape standing in the way, and the thought was clear in her head that it had to be who had done the deed. Strange visitors and sharp axes seldom came separate from one another.

    She wrinkled her brows and prepared to growl at whoever it was, having taken a step back just in case. The words that came out of her mouth, however, were something that surprised even her; it seemed her head had decided not to give the stranger the satisfaction of seeing her anger or anything else.

    “Late, be you not? We called pest control over 2 days ago.”

    Posted by Lynch on 08-25-2002 01:55 AM:

    So this was the apprentice.

    At her words the Sith found himself taken back slightly as his own gaze burned down into her, his mouth dropping into a deep scowl as he almost found himself bringing his hand to strike against her jaw. This woman had not been what he expected, she had rushed out blindly and bumped into the Sith with little knowledge he was there. Had she not detected his force presence? Had her most basic of senses not even seen him?!

    Blood stained her hand he noted. Letting his anger get the better of him he grabbed her pulling her face only a few inches from his face and growled as his brows slumped in an angry expression. "I'am not the pest control you were expecting. Although I do eradicate more than my share of worthless insects."

    Shoving her back he watched her stumble before regaining her footing. Leaping forwards at her he placed a hand to her throat, moving his thumb against her flesh he let his sharp finger nail race across her skin. "You did however expect me." Snapping back his hand to his side under his cloak he stared at her again waiting for some sort of sanity to snap into her brain.

    Posted by Branwen M'Orcant on 08-25-2002 01:56 AM:

    The first thing she had noticed was the absence of any kind of smell. True, his clothes smelled of dust and forest as he must have travelled through the forest to get to her new home, but he himself didn't seem to smell of anything.

    That was odd.

    Being grabbed and pushed around didn't go down all too well with her. If he thought he could intimidate her by threats or his behavior, he might have been correct - any other time. Just then she was too furious.

    Casting her eyes back and forth between him and the bloody sight on her front door, anger rose once more in her throat and she looked at him with as much contempt as she could muster.

    She wasn't going to play by his rules, no way.

    "No, the pest control you can't be.... looks more like they's after you. Sure we was waiting, but not for some demented bat creature with bloody murder on its mind. Go away, we don't wants you. Shoooo!"

    Posted by Lynch on 08-25-2002 01:56 AM:

    One thought came to his mind there and then.

    This woman had been sniffing one too many relaxation herbs or had completely gone insane. The insanity did not fully surprised him. She was a woman after all. The thought of grabbing her about the neck and shaking her fierce until her mind came to her passed through him.

    "I do believe you would know all about demented persons madam. You did however call for me to meet your company and I have come all this way. So I would be glad to see what you had beckoned me here for."

    The Sith vampyres face contorted from its normally calm visage into one annoyed and displeased glare that would melt ice and freeze hell if he cast it on them. This woman did look to be the right person. Her mental state however was one of total bizarre and repeatedly puzzling actions and words.

    If soon she did not begin to make sense he would send a mental probe through her skull and see if through that mist of total anarchy that rage in her mind there was some resemblance of sanity.

    Posted by Branwen M'Orcant on 08-25-2002 01:57 AM:

    Her mind went to a curious state of blankness at hearing him. She couldn't remember having let anyone know of the location of her new home, let alone remember asking anyone to visit her. So what was he talking of then?

    Through the mist of anger and confusion came the distinct idea of having seen this man before - man, or whatever he wanted to be called. Trying to remember where she had seen him, and what he had been, however, didn't work so well; it only brought up more confusion as to why she would have asked anyone she knew so little that she would not even remember his name to come to her.

    ...person, he be saying, Morcant - person? he's got wings - only animals have them, only animals - no people.... person, indeed!!! Pfffffft!..., she mumbled, under her breath, totally oblivious to the fact that he was standing no more than 2 feet away from her and could understand her even then.

    She was working up a good bit of anger, even if half of it now was anger at herself for her bad memory.

    It wasn't a good idea, in her experience, to let others know of one's own ignorance or weaknesses: she decided to act accordingly.

    "We be asking no one to come here. You be wrong."

    The golden spots in her eyes danced, a sure sign of the anger and irritation she felt. She decided to cap this little scene off with one more insult.

    "And you be bad of hearing - I said shoo. So SHOOOOOOO!"

    She had lifted her hand as she had started to speak, and had accompanied that last word with a flicking motion.

    Somehow, it set something in motion that she hadn't intended at all: it released this Force inside her that had built up through the rage she had felt, and managed to make the man in front of her stagger a few steps backwards. And the power behind it flung her in the opposite direction, onto her back, where she came to lie in stunned confusion, groaning with pain at the fall.

    Posted by Lynch on 08-25-2002 01:58 AM:

    Knocked back slightly and catching his balance his eyebrow twitched at her words and actions.

    He had sensed her anger but her manner had let him drop his guard thinking this one to be little more than a half crazed woman. There were few protections one could use against the force either way save be ready and react accordingly. Fortunately her own "attack" was not a true assualt only that of a unleashed anger and annoyance he knew.

    The fact she was a Sith played on his mind again.

    How in the world was she a Sith? It boggled the mind.

    Hearing her groan while she was down he approached her and stood behind her head and knelt, placing a finger on her forehead he attempted to read her mind, find out what caused her....current affection. Slowly he closed his eyes and began to send a force probe into her mind and braced himself for any counter attempt she might make.

    The one hope he had was that her mind was not a mess unlike the woman who spoke.

    Posted by Branwen M'Orcant on 08-25-2002 01:58 AM:

    Throwing her head back and forth and sideways again and again to elude his grasping hands, she felt entirely baffled as to his behavior.

    Could he be trying to squeeze her brain out of her head? Kill her?

    Belatedly it hit her that he was more than likely one of "her kind" - as much as she thought of the Sith as that - and quite possibly possessed of some of those weird powers she knew nothing of.

    Keeping that in mind, she reassessed the situation. He was probably doing something evil to her head. She didn't know if she liked anyone messing with her head, especially if this meant the discovery of Morcant.

    A deep frown creasing her forehead in such a way it was giving her left eye a decided twitch, she tried to get her left leg to untangle from its sprawled position beneath the other one. The operation proved successful just as the pressure being applied by his fingers to her head was starting to get really painful.

    Stretching her legs out, she felt less helpless - but the fact that he was behind her and not anywhere within reach of a kicking leg was not any help. The small pocket knife hidden in one of her boots was, however - drawing her knees to herself and groaning quite terribly whilst doing so, to keep him from suspecting she was up to anything bad, she managed to get her knife from the pocket without him noticing, and in a quick motion, swept it upwards and behind.

    The hilt of the knife got caught in something and the grip on her head relaxed for a second. Furiously, and happy that she seemed to have aimed so well, she stabbed at the same spot again and again, screaming meanwhile like a banshee.

    Posted by Lynch on 09-05-2002 06:42 PM:

    A sharp pain raced up his arm as he felt the sharp instrument tear through the clothing on his arm and into flesh, having thought her all but defenseless and without proper mental facilities to prove much of a danger save for some twisted amusement he had dropped his guard.

    Pulling back his arm while he attempted to step back away from her wild swings his mind exploded into rage and fury. This woman had summoned him here only to ramble like an incoherent child and now she had the audacity to dare and strike him so, the insolent witch.

    The Siths wings swept upwards as Lynch dropped his arms out to his side bending his arm up at an angle, eyes of green burned with pure rage. He was a Sith Master, a emissary of death, the lord of chaos and a curse worse than any plague. Who the hell was she to behave this way in his presence.

    Leaping forth with wings out he reached for her arm grabbing her about the wrist to prevent her from stabbing him, a quick strike of his arm brought the side of his hand crashing into her jaw knocking her face sideways. Squeezing on her wrist causing her to drop the knife he griped her about the throat ready to snap the brazen and crazed womans neck

    Despite being greater in size the woman fought back, the struggle foiling his attempt to silence her, as she began to rake him with her nails, his anger only grew and he slapped her across the face again, his hatred boiling he opened his mouth and before thinking of his action bite down on her throat, bringing forth his wings to engulf her he pinned her arms to cease her wild flailing.

    The blood flowed as he sunk his fangs deep into her, his eyes going wild as he suddenly realized what he was doing, forcefully he pushed Branwen back sending her crashing to her back on the cold ground. Seeking to catch his breath, he fought to control the vampyre aspect of his damned soul.

    Retrieving the dagger he walked towards her and brought it once down into her chest. Pulling free the blood stained weapon he was sure the woman was dead or close to it. She was lucky he surmised for he had delivered her from the madness that ruled her mind and life. Giving her not a second look he tossed the weapon to the ground and began to take his leave as the heavens started to darken and cry.

    Posted by Branwen M'Orcant on 09-07-2002 03:54 AM:

    To be continued here.