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Eclipse : Shadow of the Beast

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  • Eclipse : Shadow of the Beast

    Posted by Lynch on 08-12-2002 07:37 PM:
    Eclipse : Shadow of the Beast

    “Halt, identify yourself.”

    Ceasing his stride forward through the long shadowed corridor as weapons surrounded him, cold eyes through visors studied him than respectful backed away dropping in a low bow.

    Passing through the corridor once more the sounds held within the doors lining the walls echoed with screams, pleas, moans and prayer. Within these walls there was nothing but that which had become legend and nearly forgotten in the rolling mist of time. Near barren were the walls, empty with only simple black and red tapestry’s lining evenly spaced.

    A scream caused him to momentary stop to consider the fate of the soul behind one of the doors, the anguish and pain that swept forth gave the already chilled air an even more greater sense of coldness. Placing a hand on the door that held the whimpering captive he saw an mental image of the person not through his eyes but through an darker power.

    In his mind he saw the naked bleeding body hung from chains as an interrogator shout in the mans face for answers, demands that whatever scrap of information that was known to be turned over now or be forced to endure punishment unyielding for years to come. The interrogators tools lay only beside him ranging from the most sophisticated of devices to the primitive that was no less cruel or forgiving.

    The prisoner would share the fate of so many.

    He finished crossing the corridor to a room that lead to several more directions and endless corridors that stretched forth. At the end of one corridor stood a male seven feet in size, his visage was plain but his eyes gave off the cold piercing glaze the guards had worn. Granted access to the room the door was shut behind him.

    A vast circle room lit with only the smallest of light given off by carefully placed candles illuminated portions of the room while much of it remained in the shroud of darkness. He had studied the displays silently in the last several days, a feeling of anticipation quelled by a long standing patience that had existed during his entire life, it did not however erode the disgust that grew inside of him as he had carefully examined every detail down to the last bit of information.

    Those that lived on the world were nothing more than Vermin, living their pitiful existence only to breed and move from day to day without true purpose or worth. From the darkness images of men and women dressed in cloaks walked out and stood before him. Each held an look of knowledge of what was to begin. The day was starting anew and it would begin with the pain and death of thousands.

    “My rogues, it is the day you my loyal acolytes, my.. rogue sith order shall go forth and teach these miserable creatures who is the strongest and only the most deadly will survive. Remember you part of my House, as my servants you are the best of the best. And lets go is the day of judgement.”

    It was a single green blue planet like so many. Filled with a civilization bordering on greatness, a world of the arts and culture. They did not know the parasites that had come to infect their world, hidden, waiting for an signal to reach them. The signal had arrived.

    Holding up his arm he shouted. “Cry Havoc and let slip the dogs of war!!!!”

    The battle cry was met by the others, the day at long last had arrived.

    Posted by Lynch on 08-19-2002 08:12 PM:

    It has been untold ages since our ancestors were exiled into the deep vastness of space by the self serving Jedi. All because our ancestors judged themselves to be the proper evolution in the nature order of life and so had the right to be the dominant force over all lesser species. Not all Jedi agreed with this and over time they sent away many force empowered beings in fear.

    Fear was, is our ally.

    They feared us.

    They knew we were right.

    Abandoned, tossed out like some stinking carcass of an dead animal they cursed our ancestors to the coldness of space. Did they believe such a punishment would change the beliefs of so many? Did they dare to hope that this act of condemnation would solve their troubles? They were cowards. The Jedi sent them away and turned a blind eye to whatever would follow.

    And what followed would be glorious eons. Our ancestors turned this one act of so called justice into something the Jedi were too weak to foresee. They had no comprehension of the dark side, what it would achieve over the years that stretched into decades that would in turn change into centuries. There were so many worlds out there waiting...waiting for our kind to give proper guidance.

    So many worlds did come to know the glorious word that was Sith turning the exile into the rise of a supreme order. Many of the lesser beings realized we were the dominant force, that we were higher and treated us as Gods. Only the strong were able to survive, the weak were removed from our ranks so only better breeds were given to each generation.

    In time those that followed the dead set up rulership over many worlds extending their reach planet by planet. People by people. And in time the Sith would strike back. We had not forgotten them. What they did to us in the past. And the Sith would strike back against the jedi and bring them to the brink time and time again.

    Now its time again. We’ve waited, sent our scouts in preparation, the Jedi are not strong as they were. They’ve diminished since the days of thousands. They believe they are safe. The fools. A single Sith with his apprentices destroyed a whole jedi order. This emperor is dead lost to the wind of time, for this they believe themselves safe during their rebuilding. Years have gone by. The Sith are gone.

    How wrong they are.

    The sounds of craft flying over head is deafening when added with that of the wind. The sight is a marvelous one, a wonder to behold and take in, so many live on this world that has come to symbolize the height of achievement for so many civilizations The marks of darkness still tint the air, the ordinary person can not seen it. There are those who can and they know no matter how much these people have rebuilt. No matter how their gleaming buildings of glass tower in the air they can not get rid of the darkness. It flows in the air like a specter. The Jedi may have protected the galaxy from this place long ago but that time has since long past.

    The air around him promised a new day to come. Turning around on the high rise building of a space pad he turned to his fellow Sith.

    “Are you ready? Courascant is calling to us”

    Posted by Dark Lady Zena on 08-21-2002 05:20 PM:

    "Yes, Master..I am on full battle alert," shot a confident militant voice from behind Jedah Lynch.

    Since she joined the Sith Empire nine months ago, the once Mercenary Sergeant's dreams of accomanying her Master in a raid was far too sweet for the imagination. The reality of that wish had finally come into play. The succulent feeling of giving flesh meeting her blades, witnessing the demise of their enemies, cut down before their feet was all too consuming. The trophy of conquest was the utter domination of ones foes. To read their facets, twisted in pain and shock, their hopes of delivering the Sith to an untimely death was written off in the contorted features of the condemned.

    Her battle fever boiled to a point she could not restrain herself from the blood lust that was devouring her conscious, feeding her warrior's soul. The weak Jedi and their hypocritic code, and its pitiful allies shall now know the awesome might of the Sith Empire, and bow to its power that noone outside its dominion had ever scaled its impregnable forces.

    Posted by Jodah of Giva on 08-21-2002 06:42 PM:

    Jodah grinned evilly, slipping his hood onto his head and wrappign the worn leather cowl around his lower face. Only his eyes were visible, these bright white and seeming to burn with an ethereal flame. From the inner flap of his heavy black robes he drew forth two sabers, each of them curled and etched along the dull titanium hilts. He ignited these, and then willed into ignition his Force shields, one on each wrist. His entire body seemed to hum and crackle with the charge between his two hands as he raised all of his weapons and defenses at once, shouting a "Hear, hear!" after Lord Lynch's cries. It was time for a glorius battel, who's outcome was obvious but still beautiful. Jodah stepped to the edge of the platform, readying himself to dive into the plastisteel chaos below and claim the appeal to his bloodlust.

    Posted by Miryan no Trunks on 08-21-2002 07:21 PM:

    *Coruscant, the city-planet. Smog-filled air, Endless skyscrapers, billions on billions of people rushing about their buisiness, be it legal or otherwise. It was surely the largest example of civilized capitalism in the galaxy. So many people concerned with nothing but money. It was a true wonder that he'd decided to come here this day..*

    *His black trenchcoat flowing out from underneath his sheathed broadsword, Sith Lord MnT looked around at the hustle and bustle that constantly surrounded him here. Shaking his head to himself, it took reminding himself that his purpose was worthwhile, to stop from turning and getting off the planet. He was there to make some purchases from a blacksmith he'd had dealings with before. The man had been the one who taught him how to properly smithe weaponry, and was his single source of materials. The skills he had learned from the man had led to his survival in the hellish dimension he had escaped from not long ago, for if he had gone in there without weapon, he would have surely died long before finding his old sword..*

    *The past few weeks had been spent designing, crafting, and perfecting a sword as thanks to the man, but now, as he went to give it to him, he discovered he was nowhere around...*

    *Leaving the alleyway the man's shop was in, MnT looked around, in hopes of finding him coming back from a lunch break or some such reason. No such luck. He couldn't even feel his presence anywhere around within miles.. Not that it was easy, with the overwhelming amount of life surrounding him from all directions..*

    *Unwilling to continue such a hopeless method of just spotting him in the crowds, MnT looked around for somewhere he might be able to get some information.. Fortunately, he did not have to look far. There was a small, seedy looking tavern practically just outside the alley, it's name flashing on and off with badly wired neons. "The Crudbucket"*

    "... Oh well, it's a better start than I'll have standing around out Here.."

    Posted by Lynch on 09-03-2002 11:36 AM:

    On the planet exist few traces or remains of the Jedi, the Emperor had made sure of that with his lackey Vader in tow, together with an vast armada and their armies at their service they purged the Jedi with ferocity and hatred. Few knew or understood the true significance of this massacre. The common assumption stated that the Jedi had to be eradicated to prevent any strong resistence to the Emperors authority and right to rule, the Jedi were so called peace keepers, survivors would oppose the newly organized empire and incite riots, opposition against the new regime constructed by Palpatine.

    The fact can not be doubted nor is, there existed however a second reason behind the Emperors determination to kill the Jedi and destroy what existed of their ways. A feud, the same that propels us to this very day. Jedi and Sith despite their uses of the force are no more similar than any other species, there exist the need to eradicate the other, this basic principal exist even in the most noble of the Jedi should one encounter their dark brethren.

    Palpatine wished the Jedi destroyed on the worlds he ruled. So it had become. No matter if his hatred for them carried on and their way of life all but eradicated there would still exist a few traces of the past. The former senator surely would not destroy the vast networks of information held in the hollowed halls if they promised value and power.

    Dead and gone the Emperor was. Information had a habit to exist beyond that of the writers own short life span, even if sealed there must exist some of the past archives of the Jedi and of Palpatine himself on Coruscant. Hidden, locked away from the eyes of the people, beyond that of the servants of the dead Sith. He would have did everything in his power to keep it all from his underlining’s. He was Sith, they were not worthy to hold such knowledge.

    “It is time to go, I shall seek out what our fallen brother has placed from prying eyes, you can journey with me or go forth to find what answers you can find on this planet and remains of the former Jedi Order”

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 09-04-2002 10:30 PM:

    "And I, Master?"

    **The simple words came from behind the Sith Master and were spoken in the usual soft and impassive tone of the young Takai Konrad. The voice was soft enough so that only her master could make out clearly what she had spoken. Takai believed the others had no business knowing why she was there or even who she was.**

    "Am I to come with you?"

    **She stood behind him, not so much hidden by his shadow as she had been, for she had grown again and now had the appearance of a young teenager; perhaps twelve or thirteen years old.**

    Posted by Lynch on 09-05-2002 06:50 PM:

    One of the youngest members to grace the Sith Empire, the product of a high ranked Sith Lord and that of his apprentice, Lynch had noticed the potential in the girl and decided to take the child on as an apprentice for his own plans. Her skills was hardly that of a warrior breed, instead she had developed an unique ability to read languages beyond her years.

    A useful skill to have, one day he would need to test her decryption skills.

    “Yes you shall come with me, your ability may prove to be quite useful in this endeavor”

    If the Jedi records still existed in any capacity indeed the female would prove to be quite useful indeed.