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If only you could see me now...

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  • If only you could see me now...

    Posted by Shearia Somir on 11-17-2002 01:41 PM:
    If only you could see me now...

    Shearia Somir commonly known as Shea, stepped across the courtyard of the grounds. She was making her way towards the large building. The person on the comm unit told her to land her ship back at landing pad 15 and then to make her way towards the building. To find someone to speak with.

    Shea took a cautious step into the grand cathedral like building with her medical bag. Shea looked around at all of the decor. She was sure someone would be there soon to speak to her.

    Posted by Tessa Rendahl on 11-18-2002 01:17 AM:

    :: Jedi Master Tessa Rendahl entered the Recruitment chamber to see a woman standing there patiently. Approaching her with a smile, Tessa spoke warmly in greeting to her ::

    "Hello there. I am Jedi Master Tessa Rendahl of the Students of the Light. May I be of some assistance to you?"

    Posted by Shearia Somir on 11-20-2002 02:44 PM:

    Shea looked up and smiled.

    " Yes I am Shearia Somir, and Something has been calling me here for over 20 years. My mother and Father finally sent me to find what my life is really about. Something about a secret that they dont have. "

    Posted by tomduo on 11-21-2002 08:44 PM:

    Thomas walks in silently and bows. "A secret hmmm, what know you of the force?" He closed his eyes and awaited her answer.

    Posted by Shearia Somir on 11-21-2002 11:51 PM:

    " Very little. " She said as she looked at the man who had spoken. But she never really stopped looking at the lady.

    Posted by tomduo on 11-24-2002 12:44 PM:

    "I see. Do you feel any different here?" He decided to ask how her senses were developed, so hed know how to start if he had to train the padawan.

    Posted by Shearia Somir on 11-26-2002 12:21 PM:

    Shea set her med bag on the floor. And took a deep breath in.

    " Its calming here, peaceful. Not happy but I dont know.... Nice. "

    Shea knelt next to her bag and dug threw it for a moment. Then pulled out two little white cards.

    She handed one to the Man and one to the Lady.

    Each of them reading...

    Shearia Somir. Medical Surgen. License Numnber... 18843922

    " That is the only Skill I know of. I was in school learning a new Type of Medicen but I left to come here. I have studied the Art of Medical healing for many of years. "

    Posted by Amalia Azalin on 12-11-2002 09:37 AM:

    "That is not the only skill you know of," said a soft voice from behind the woman.

    All three turned to set their eyes onto the Jedi Master as she entered.

    She bowed respectully to all three. This was the first time she had seen anyone since her departure a few weeks ago, now she was glad to be back.

    Amalia's brown eyes fell onto Shearia and she smiled.

    "Greetings, I am Jedi Master Amalia Azalin. I am sure you must wonder why I've spoken such words, all I can say is...I've been expecting you, Shearia."

    The Jedi Master's smile only grew after her response.

    "Much is in store for you, and you will soon see that you are not just skilled as a Medical Surgen, but as something more..."

    Posted by Shearia Somir on 12-12-2002 01:03 PM:

    Shea looked up and then smiled at the Lady who addressed herself as Amalia Azalin.

    " How, do you know my name? And why were or are you expecting me? "

    The Jedi Masters words of something more rang in Shea's ears... But what could it all mean?

    OOC: Told you it was here.
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    "I know you because I saw you in a dream, in a vision," she said. She spoke as if what she was saying was something not of the unusual, as if she were used to it.

    "You are here because you are meant to be here. Do you believe in destiny, fate, Shearia? You have the gift of the force. You may be asking yourself what the force is, but don't worry, all shall b e answered to you in time. What has called to you... that is the force."


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      Shea just looked at the Jedi as the words seemed to lift from her mouth.

      Words danced her mind as she tried to make sence of them.

      The force?

      " I'm soo sorry but I think you might have the wrong person. In whos dream did you see me? And what good could I do here with some of the most gifted people? My family knows nothing of the Force. Is it not pasted from generation to generation? Like brown hair and green eyes? "

      Could she be at the right place finally, home was not her answer, and school was not either.


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        "My dream," she said simply.

        "I saw you learning... here... at Students of the Light."

        A small smile crossed her lips.

        "Do you not wonder of how you came to be here, Shearia? You have not come here by accident.... The force brought you here..."


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          " Everyone Wonders how anything happens and why. I just figured sooner or later someone would let me know. I guess thats what you are doing now? "

          Shea stood there and looked at all the people who seemed to have gathered around her and the Master Jedi.


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            "Yes, I suppose I am," she said simply, a bit unsure of how she'd answered.

            "So I've told you why, but don't you wonder where you find yourself?..."

            She paused, but continued quickly after, feeling the need to answer even if she did not ask.

            "Students of the Light, home to the Jedi... or lightsiders to be more specific."


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              " I know where I am, and I know who I am with. But why would the Jedi want me? Not to say I am not happy to be here. "

              Shea looked right at the Jedi Master.

              " And if you wanted me here, are you going to take me on, show me the way of your kind. "

              ( kind :not to sound like its an animal or anything, just the force users.)

              Shea looked at the others who were all still there.


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                "Because you are gifted with the force. It is that we want to teach of the gifts that you possess, that is... if you want to be taught."

                She glanced back at the woman, her focus mainly on her.

                "I would be willing to teach you, to take you as my padawan learner. Yet that is not enough, you must want this also."


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                  " I do Master Jedi I do want to be a member of this group. "

                  Shea smiled and looked at the others. Nodding to the few who where still there and then returning the look at the Master Jedi who said she would take Shea as her student.


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                    "Then I will be the first to welcome you officially... Padawan Shearia Somir..."

                    She paused, giving a slight bow.

                    "Have you any further questions? If not... I shall take you to your living quarters."


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                      She smiled and shook her head no on the other questions.

                      To a new home she and her now Master went.


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                        The two quickly headed off to locate her new room