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  • Generated Shadows of Mass (Nate, Open)

    OOC: This is (hopefully) going to set up an enormous storyline that could involve the entire board in a big board wide event(some know about this already). However if the storyline isn't able to happen this is still something that is going to be epic. Feel free and join but PM me for what I'm looking for if you'd like to be a part of this.

    Malachor V was a graveyard. Where thousands of souls were lost in a flash in a battle. The remnants of the planet's crust torn into jagged cliffs and crevasses, the sky darkened with constant storms, with flashes of destructive lightning. The earthen remains of the moon was long past any kind of terraforming, it was a complete loss. It wasn't even a "planet" in literal designation anymore, it was a collection of connected asteroids, connected through the increased gravity created by a relic weapon once created by infamous scientist and engineer Bao-Dur. It shouldn't still be around but it was, there was even pockets of sustainable life.

    That was why The Carcarodon was on slow approach. It wasn't that there was life on the planet, that was a miracle in itself, it was because the pilot, Jedi Master Caltin Vanagor had a vision that was leading him there. He couldn't pinpoint the exact point or the reason for the vision, but there was something about it, and he recognized the location from the history vids that he had followed. The planet was layered in darkness and that was a concern, but there was something else, he knew he had to be there on his own. He could handle the stress on his own, but if someone else was there it would be problematic.

    Coming to a stop over the largest land mass he waited a few moments until R2-T3 rolled into the cockpit. R2, take the controls. Hover over the Trayus Academy ruins and then get to a safe distance. I'm jumping out. Grabbing his gear and taking a leap out off of the loading ramp, Caltin felt the wind screaming through and by his ears as he fell to the ground. Alright, this is it. He wasn't sure what he was looking for but he was certain he would start somewhere.

    The Trayus Academy ruins.
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    If there was one truth that the galaxy could depend on, it was that once Nathanial K'cansce had something in his mind, nothing could deter him from accomplishing whatever it was his brain sought out. Call it determination, call it bullheadedness, call it whatever. The Dark Jedi Archon boiled it down to one thing and one thing alone: that forsaken golden path nonsense implanted in his head. Not necessarily the golden path part, but rather everything else the ancient Archon Drako implanted into his head that allowed him to see the golden path.

    Truth be known, the golden path did not shine brightly anymore. Circumstances had caused a derailment, and now multiple paths stretched forth. He could not control when premonitions through the Force came to his mind. The gift of farseeing had been forcefully given to him, and he held no real control over its power. A thousand paths were in his head at any given time; it was miracle of its own right that his head did not explode with everything he could have known.

    His time for crazy had passed long ago, however, and now he mostly ignored what the Force had to offer in terms of future paths. He learned to quiet its excessive chattering, and only allowed the really important things to draw any kind of attention. Of course, he still had no control over when that happened. The Force met him half way; it kept all the noise quiet, but rang loud when it felt like something major was at stake.

    More often than not, K'cansce jumped on the trail. And nothing could knock him off.

    This wild goose chase sent him, unfortunately, to a shell of a planet filled with Dark Side energy. He saw the planet in a dream, and when he awoke, his fingers knew the exact keystrokes needed to pull up the planet from said dream: Malachor V. The hunk of rock was literally held together by sheer will of the Force itself, and after some research, the former prince of Ruusan knew exactly why the planet invaded his dreams.

    The ruins of The Trayus Academy.

    The Dark Side itself was strong with the planet, given its history littered with Sith and Dark Jedi of yore alike. The abominations created, the knowledge stored, and teachings passed down all seemed to permeate its broken shell. Perhaps not everything was destroyed when it was. And perhaps what Nathanial K'cansce sought would be there.

    His Lambda-class shuttle exited hyperspace near the outer orbit of the planet, warning flashes almost immediately coming to life. Unstable gravity swells, potential asteroids, and other dangers popping up on screen. The Dark Side is a harsh mistress, he thought to himself with a smirk playing at his lips, as he set a course for the academy's last known location.


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      There was more than one Lambda class shuttle in the mire above Malachor V. The other, one that had been painted in an older camouflage style, came into orbit shortly after the other two. It was named The Longbow. At its helm was the Imperial Stormtrooper Captain, Forse Dirum.

      Forse wasn't a historian, per se, but he was certainly a fan of history. He spent countless hours pouring over old official holovids of battles that had been recorded over the course of galactic history. Forse was always trying to improve his own understanding of the art of war. One blind spot in his knowledge was unit tactics when faced with a Force user. With the possibility of coming face to face with one on the battlefield a looming possibility, Forse had poured every bit of time he had into studying Jedi and Sith battlefield tactics during relevant conflicts. It was that line of knowledge that had led Forse to the ruined planet of Malachor V, the place that marked the final battle of the Mandalorian Wars.

      Forse was searching for whatever he could find. He had visited many old battlefields when time allowed, and now was no different. Being an Imperial Captain, Forse had regained his ability to operate more independently than he had as a Lieutenant, and had taken his time off to go and follow a lead. An Imperial scout ship had gotten too close to Malachor V, and before it's destruction, had seen some signs of stability on some of the asteroids. These reports were beamed back to Imperial Command before gravity took it's toll on the ship.

      Forse came out of hyperspace, and was shocked to find two other ships arriving on the scene. Forse killed his engines immediately to remain undetected. He didn't know who these people were, but he had the sudden urge to find out. Forse felt a dark churning in his gut that usually meant he was about to walk into a trap. Rather than avoid it, Forse embraced it.

      Forse wasn't dressed in his Imperial armor. On independent outings he made sure to wear things that wouldn't immediately point back to the Empire. He wore a black bodysuit with a tactical vest. On his back he wore the small jetpack of an Imperial Jumptrooper which would allow him to clear long distances in a short amount of time, or give him a way to decelerate upon large falls. For this trip, it'd be the latter. He had only three weapons. His phrik combat knife on his chest sheathe, his modified E-11 blaster which had it's stock removed and it's battery replaced with a more efficient one. He also had his sidearm, a DC-15 blaster.

      Forse turned the ship around so it's loading ramp would descend towards the asteroid he saw. Scanners indicated that the air was breathable around the area he was investigating. It was odd, but not too odd, given the planet's history. Forse took a step off the ramp, and fell towards the rocky ground. He gave a short pump of his jetpack to keep him from hitting the ground too hard. He hit the ground hard enough to make a forward roll needed, but he was fine otherwise.

      Forse raised his sidearm and drew his combat knife as he made his approach to the target. He didn't know who the other shuttles belonged too, but he aimed to find out.

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        Just as he was about to leap off of the ship, a huge gust of wind, of energy, something, pushed Caltin Vanagor well away from his intended landing spot. He landed safely enough, backrolling on the ground several times before coming to a stop. The look on his face was priceless, one that spoke of self-loathing, like he was mentally calling himself names until he got to his feet. That's when he heard it, the voice in his head like a scream on the wind. "Vaaaaaaaanagoooooor." It gave him serious pause for a moment but only a moment. Shaking it off he reminded himself that this planet, this section of the galaxy was a blight on the Force, a black hole really and it was something horrible to feel. The dark side of the Force was permeating this pla...collection of rocks before this all happened.

        The stink of death ruled the terrain, heh, terrain paths really, the loss of life through the Force, the loss of life here. There was something recent about it as he made his way closer, something powerful, violent, was this what brought him here? To find out who was here and why? Was he brought here to stop something, or want about it? There was going to be something, he just had to get to the Academy and find out what it was... not to mention find out why others were here.

        You have power over your mind, not outside events.
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          *Just like so much Force lore, details on the phenomenon were sketchy. Some reports claimed that Obi-Wan Kenobi had sensed the destruction of Alderaan while in hyperspace en route to the planet. Some living Jedi declared that they lost their connection to the outside galaxy when entering hyperspace, regaining it when exiting the faster-than-light travel. Though they could still use the Force inside their vessel, detecting others within the ship, they couldn't reach outside that. Others asserted that they never lost their connection to the outside galaxy. Maybe Garyn was simply different, or maybe it was different for everyone. In any case, the Schenor Knight had what he could only describe as a "spotty" connection to the outside galaxy while in hyperspace. A flash of connection here, a sudden burst of emotion there. Sometimes, if the ship happened upon a particularly strong occurrence while the Knight was sleeping, it would wake him.

          The felinoid had caught a ride with a smuggler's ship, the crew of which was finding it difficult to make ends meet. This was largely because of piracy, the crew had invested almost everything in a particular cargo and pirates had taken it. They were having a difficult time recovering. The crew had agreed to teach Garyn the basics of flying and allowed him to stay with them as long as he didn't turn them in for their smuggling, helped them when they needed it, and provided security if necessary. The agreement they'd struck had been complicated, but it had been struck. With no Padawan currently and nobody really watching over his shoulder, Garyn had little compunction for helping these people. At this point in time, he was sitting in the copilot's seat, meditating. He found that the more he concentrated on the flashes he sensed, the more he could get out of them. This one concerned him enough to pull the ship out of hyperspace in a jarring tumble that rudely woke up the lightly-dozing pilot.

          Half an hour later, the vessel was moving towards the Malachor system. It had taken some explanation on the Jedi's part and some research on that of the smugglers, but they were headed there. Garyn felt bad that he couldn't give more precise information: this place was a whirlpool of potential through the Force, with the right nudge it would either explode or settle. As the vessel's sensors detected other ships in the vicinity, all modern, Garyn directed the crew to land on one of the more remote land masses and stay hidden. They could explore if they wanted to, but did so at their own risk.

          Alone, the Knight made his way towards the primary land mass, the one containing the ruins of the Trayus Academy. He didn't wear Jedi robes, but durable clothes that covered his limbs. Gloves and boots covered his hands and feet, and only his tail and head were completely exposed. He carried his lightsaber, a vibroblade sharp enough to be used both powered and unpowered, and a blaster suited for his larger-than-human-average hands. The surface was dark, both visually and more so through the Force, and there were others of unknown origin here. This was a time to be cautious.*


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            Like moths to the bright sun, more and more were joining this. The Force was mysterious, to say the least. Nathan followed a dream given to him by the Force, and it lead him to this what he could only describe as a wasteland. The ship's senors picked up some readings, potentially other ships. Other sensations through the Force caused a tingle on his the back of his neck. This would be a fun endeavor.

            The Dark Jedi's shuttle maneuvered closer to the chunk of land he picked out to drop ship. He put the shuttle in auto and left his co-pilot droid instructions to fly away as soon as he jumped, he felt the gravity becoming more and more unstable as he got closer to orbit and he did not want his ship to get torn asunder leaving him without a means of escape. Nathan wrapped his black cloak and robe around his body, pulling the hood over his head. The mask of Pyrrhus was next, fixed over his face to conceal his true features. The final device he grabbed before heading to the ramp was his lightsaber hilt. He knew not if he would need it, but it paid to be safe. And the feeling on the back of his neck told him he might just need it.

            As the shuttle neared his drop off point, he lowered the ramp and nodded his head towards his droid. Without a word, he jumped out, using the Force to ease his fall as he landed. He peered up and saw his shuttle speed away. Good. Pyrrhus was alone here, but the Force guided him. Off in the distance, he could see the jagged cliffs that marked his destination: The Trayus Academy


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              Forse had to make his way up a craggy hill in order to get a good idea of the terrain he was working with. The entire landscape seemed like it could come apart at any time. Forse took his monocular from his pack and raised it to his eye. He saw another ship arrive in the distance. It wasn't close enough for him to tell of anything other than it's presence.

              Forse scanned the landscape, and switched to heat vision. The entire landscape was cold and blue, but there were a few red dots in the distance that seemed to all be moving toward a central point. It didn't look like they were in the same group, though. They were too spread apart for that.

              Forse took a moment and looked across a group of cliffs to see what seemed to be a structure of some kind. It was the central location where the beings were heading. If there was something important enough on this wreck of a moon to warrant multiple beings to seek it out, then Forse might as well see what all the fuss is about.

              Forse puts away his sidearm and draws his E-11. Forse made his way down the hill, and began jogging towards the mysterious building. He probably wouldn't get there first, but that was ok. If something blew up, better them than him.

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                *The Dark Side made it difficult to sense things at a distance. It had already given him the beginnings of a headache and it threatened to tire him very quickly if he kept trying, so he didn't bother. Instead, he withdrew. He brought his Force Presence in tight, masking and effectively hiding it. Given his luck in life, chances were good that at least one of the others was a Force User and all of them were people that would view him as an enemy. Doing this decreased his chances of spotting a threat from a distance but conserved his energy for when this presumed threat appeared.

                He wasn't going in totally blind though, he watched and listened. It might be dark, but he could still see enough. And though the wind whistled through the place - how it had wind in it's current state he couldn't fathom - he should be able to detect someone near him. That self-same wind would also help his sense of smell so long as everyone else was upwind of him.

                Not far ahead were the cliffs and the Trayus Academy. They were visible even from within the canyons, towering above all else. If the others were anything like this one in length and direction, two more turns would have him on the grounds of the Academy. Shouldn't be long now.*


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                  The entrance to the Academy was as dank and destroyed as one would expect, more than one would expect even. This didn't bother him, what did was how horribly the beasts that survived were deformed, deranged. Somehow those that lived were transformed into something worse, almost if their lives were destroyed and this is what was left, almost abominations. The structural integrity was as degraded as the "planet" itself; every step he took felt like he would fall through into a pit.

                  The smell of death was thick and filling in the vicinity as he walked through the entrance, slowly looking around. He could sense others in the area, they weren't far but they were numerous. How they were alive after so long was incredible, but it was also concerning. Then he saw one, it was humanoid, but "wasn't" at the same time. There was a sense of little mental capacity that he could feel, only blind rage. It was lucid, no sense of focus or direction, it was just angry. He didn't want to draw attention, but he had to keep going and walking around the long way was not something that's feasible.

                  His senses were going to be relied on more than ever on this one, not by choice though as he was going to find out what was wrong with the place. There was something that kept calling his name, something evil, he had to find it. If only the humanoid didn't have friends who just showed up, and noticed that he was there.

                  You have power over your mind, not outside events.
                  Realize this and you will find strength.


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                    You have power over your mind, not outside events.
                    Realize this and you will find strength.


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                      Nathanial wrapped the edges of his cloak around his body tighter, enveloping his form in a shroud of black that allowed him to all but disappear in the shadows of the giant jagged cliffs that lined the path towards the entrance of the long forgotten academy. It was strange, the feeling that compelled him to continue to move. The Force pointed in the direction of the academy, shading it almost a golden hue even though his eyes only saw outlines of the ruined structure as if he were looking into a dark cave that had not seen the light in eons. His footing was unsure, not knowing if the weight of his next step would cause the rock under him to break away.

                      The Dark Jedi Archon cursed the lack of stable gravity and closed his eyes, drawing in as deep a breath he could, calming his senses. The academy still stood as his main goal, outlined by the Force for some reason or another. With eyes open, he quickened his pace, until he finally arrived at what could only be described as the old entrance - or rather what was left of it. A feeling of dread overcame him as he peered into the darkness of the ruins. A dark magic filled the void, chilling his body through his cloak and robes. The faint hint of air that was not stale made its way into his senses...

                      Someone had been here recently. He glanced around, hand around the hilt of his lightsaber, seeing if he could see anyone else. The Force willed him to continue inward, but for the first time in a while Pyrrhus regretted his decision of following what the Force willed.

                      What am I looking for?

                      The answer was as void as the darkness before him.


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                        Forse, on the other hand, didn't have the excuse that the Force was drawing him. It was simple curiosity. For Forse, this was as close to a vacation as he'd allow himself. Something that was full of danger with the possibility of violent death was something Forse pursued.

                        Forse finally came to the entrance of some sort of building. Forse had no context as to what he was seeing, but he did see the emblem of the old Sith Empire carved into some of the architecture. The entrance to the academy was completely dark, but Forse fastened night vision goggles to his head in order to see.

                        It didn't help hardly at all, as there was no ambient light for the goggles to amplify. Forse steeled himself, and made his way in slowly, in order to disguise his footsteps. He knew there were people ahead of him. He would rather they didn't know he was there.

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                        "The Republic," he toasted, turning a few curious heads up and down the bar. "May they choke on vomit and die." - Captain Sin'd Tjer

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                          *The entrance to the place was unmistakable. Not only was it built in typical grand fashion and lit subtly in sickly shades, its presence sat on Garyn's shoulders. Even with the suppression of his contact with the Force, he could feel it, and suspected that even a non-sensitive would feel a sort of gravitas when faced with it.

                          Despite the wide variety in chemical makeup of beings throughout the galaxy, the scent of death couldn't be mistaken for anything else. It was pervasive here, though he could detect no bodies in the low light. His sense of smell did provide other clues though. Three others had passed by here recently, heading into the place rather than away from; their spoor was recent. One of them was Caltin of all people, the other two unknown to him. He smelled others inside, though their scents were unfamiliar, both species and person. Additionally, there was a slight bit of air flowing out. It wasn’t stale either, as one might expect.

                          His other senses gave him more. He could hear the footsteps of at least three creatures, whether those he’d detected going in or something else he could not tell. He could see one of them: humanoid, but wrong somehow. It stumbled around, moving from place to place without a clear goal. That one…that one had a rattle when it breathed, barely audible. Unless something changed it would die soon. That didn’t stop it from snapping at unexpected noises, however.

                          Imminent mortality notwithstanding, Garyn didn’t feel like dealing with such a creature. The encounter would become violent, and that was to be avoided at the moment. He had a way around though. Like all grand structures – those of Jedi and Sith and others alike – the entrance hall had balconies. A human would need to be quite athletic to get started up the pillars, but the felinoid was taller than any human he’d met. A bit of a climb and he found himself on a long balcony that paralleled the entrance hall, one without creatures on it. He used it to head further in.*


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                            The massive Jedi Master was a fighter, plain and simple, most thought that he should just give in to the Dark Side or at least leave the Jedi behind as they thought he did not represent them well. He was tired of arguing that point so he didn't anymore, people were entitled to their opinion. What he did do was follow the Force to locations like this, this desolate place that was so full of death that it was reshaping life itself. He wasn't one to kill or fight needlessly, even if he was about to be attacked, like by the beasts who he was leaving behind. It took a move of the Force, a simple one, a mind trick and he was beyond them as they were believing that they were seeing nothing at all.

                            Of course that left the rest of the facilities, the long empty halls, the darkness, everything. It was like something out of a horror-holovid, then his senses picked up on someone familiar, it was Garyn, his student. If he was here, he could be spoken to.

                            ~Good to know friends are here, keep your wits about you.~

                            The central atrium, what must have been the training area of the Academy looked to be something that was once state of the art and expansive. Of course that was over two millenia in the past. There should be no one in the atrium, even with the incredible crater which ripped through to the other side of what was left of the planet. Yet there was, and the... thing... was staring right at him.

                            "Vaaaaaaanagor." It cackled.

                            There was a familiarity to it, he had seen this sentient before, or species at least. You know my name, what is yours may I ask?

                            Another cackle went by before the beast threw two bolts of heat generating lightning at him through the Force. It was only at the last moment that Caltin pulled out Vanguard and blocked the Force Based attack. He was ready to fight now, but it was clear that the beast was playing him and ran deeper into the facility. On the other side of the atrium, Caltin, against his better judgment followed, weapon in hand at first.

                            It was that moment that he realized that this might be wanted by the beast. There was a shred of intelligence there, but if he could draw him, he could play him. Caltin was no one's plaything, especially when he saw the beast waiting for him at a stairwell then ran down it.

                            This is how it's going to play out, huh?

                            ~Garyn, watch yourself, there are beasts attune to the Darkside here.~

                            All he could do at this point was go down the stairs. What the massive Jedi Master would see would make him feel like a child looking at his first "bad man". He was looking at what looked like a gleaming scientific laboratory style facility that was state of the art, what looked to be right up to the day. It was incredible, the look, the equipment, the capabilities, all of it. Why was it here though?

                            I have a bad feeling about this. Then there was that cackle.

                            You have power over your mind, not outside events.
                            Realize this and you will find strength.


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                              Whatever path K'cansce chose, he was sure no one else picked up before him. The air smelled stale and tasted bitter. His eyesight did nothing to help ease his feelings either as he could see absolutely nothing except vague edges. The Force guided his footsteps and even though he took care in being as light as possible, they still echoed through the narrow and winding corridor he found himself tip toeing through.

                              At this point, he did little to mask his presence in the Force. It was openly called upon to help guide him, and to keep his senses on high alert. He felt he wasn't alone, but the feeling of dread kept growing and itching at the back of his neck. Sounds echoed behind him: a footstep here or a falling stone there. Each time the Master of the Dark Side froze, chancing a glance into the darkness behind him. As he did, he felt the stale air brush past his back but when he turned to investigate that, nothing greeted him.

                              "The hell am I doing here?" Slowly, he felt his was forward some more, turning left when he felt like he came to an intersection of narrow, dark hallways.

                              Snaaaaaack.... The whisper tickled his ears and caused him to once again freeze.

                              That better had been a voice in his head.

                              Turn around...

                              "Aw frack this."


                              The usually subdued ignition of his lightsaber echoed horrendously loud in the small hallways, but the sound seemed to carry forever. He held the orange hued blade out in front of him, illuminating the immediate vicinity of its orange glow. Nothing, if only he added to the ambiance of where he was.

                              Unfortunately, whatever creatures called this place their home did not like this new light source. Scratchings on the wall and foot falls reverberating through the corridor grew louder and faster, coming in his direction. He began to back step, turning fulling and quickening his pace down the hallway using his weapon as a make-shift torch. He found a small outlet a few paces further, at least giving him an option to lunge a covered surprise attack as whatever was following him stalked on by.

                              Yet again, fortune was not on the Archon's side. As he took that corner and leaned against the wall, he felt the ground shift under his sure footing. Stones began to fall from from the wall onto the ground, which began breaking up even more under the added weight forced by the falling debris.

                              Something gave. Stone and the Dark Jedi began to fall.