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Twist Slowly in the Wind [Open]

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  • Twist Slowly in the Wind [Open]

    It was the little things that brought ancient folks joy. It wasn't like the very young, who needed something new to surprise them into being happy, like an unexpected feature on a toy. It wasn't like the middle aged who needed big developments to bring them closure, like a house or a child. It wasn't like the old, who were just happy to see their progeny succeed. It was something much, much more simple, almost like the thrills of puberty. Today it was the new hobby of hitchhiking along trade routes to planets new and old.

    Today it was stowing away in a cargo container and landing on Corellia without any notice. It was freeing to know there was a home to go back to, but more so that age had afforded freedom to investigate basically any endeavor one could desire.

    Today it was doing it without the need for bloodshed, which was a nice change from the last time this sort of thing had been done. There wasn't a dead crew and a geriatric Sith left to staff the vessel on his own. There wasn't a lightning storm and dinner with a Jedi Knight, or an awkward booze-ridden exchange with old enemies. There was smooth sailing, straight into the heart of the planet, where he'd wanted to go in the first place.

    Today there was nothing special planned when Master Opps landed, there was only the rush of being anywhere he wanted, doing anything he wanted, becoming anyone he wanted (more or less). He was so relaxed he didn't even bother cloaking his force-signature, it probably wouldn't matter.

    Today, so far, he was free.

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    Staring at the quiet holoprojector's manufacturing icon hovering over the circular pedestal atop the long table, Torgeir had no inclination to rise as the copilot's boots beat upon the floor panels toward him. Hand on his backpack, the dark jedi sighed.

    "Hey buddy, we're here," the tall human informed.

    "Yep," steel-blue eyes glanced to the merchant and pushed himself out of the chair finally. Moving from the large galley, he followed the fellow Corellian to the access ramp as it opened, lowering to the hangar's surface with a thud.

    "Good luck with the family," the copilot finally stated, grinning as he turned right and headed to the cargo access.

    Torqier just nodded, half grinning. He had left his home almost a year ago now and hadn't sent a message to anyone. The only thing they knew was he left Corellia with a friend and that was it. He already knew his grandfather was going to drag him out back and beat the mess out of him. The mechanic had already prepared himself for that one, even though he knew the family understood given the life changing event that he had endured before losing his job. Shouldering his pack, he continued across the hangar's surface, darkened by fluids or other mishaps, and to the large access door. Passing a personnel skiff, no doubt ready to unload the vessel's cargo, Torgeir continued on down the long concourse and to the security station.

    Several other crewmen and passengers were already in one of the lines, so the dark haired native fell in behind another human male. His rough look made the mechanic wonder how long he had been in the space lanes. The look on his face made Torgeir think that he was just glad to be here.

    Thanks Satkia