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  • Back In The Skies [Open to 1 Imperial]

    Bastion Orbit, Imperial II Star Destroyer Kroydan.

    She had been sent to the Kroydan, one of the Imperial II Star Destroyers of the military fleet a few days ago. She was stationed there for a week of intense training in actual space and to test her reactions to deployment aboard a heavy space craft.

    It felt weird to be away from Bastion and away from her son for the first time since she had left Chiss space. She made do with it though, knowing he was well watched over and that it would happen again in the future.

    She had just returned from another training drills and she was getting used to the Tie Fighters, at least a couple of variations on a decent level. She always pushed herself too hard, but it had also made her who she was.

    Her helmet tucked under her arm, she headed for the turbolifts to leave the hangar now that the flight instructor was done issuing comments and had dismissed the group.

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    It was the very first time in her life in which Elara found herself in a situation where she had no clue at all of what she was doing. What being on Kroydan had to do with her interest in the branch of Destabilization, Elara had no clue. She knew nothing about Star Destroyers. It showed with ease, especially on this particular craft. She must have taken the turbolift up and down at least ten times now, trying to observe all the decks to figure out what was what, but it seemed like with each new exploration, Elara became more and more confused.

    She was supposed to be learning something, the ins and outs of the destroyer, expected to know it like the back of her hand when tested on it eventually. Which was kind of stressing, considering she didn't know the back of her own hand at all. What a silly saying.

    The lift stopped, getting lazy and frustrated, Elara had chosen to pick a random number on the lift. The door to the lift opened, unfocused, and more interested in reviewing her map and specs of the destroyer than on what she was actually doing, Elara eagerly stepped out, only to bump right into Ashar. Luckily, the collision was light, but it was enough of a significance that it prompted Elara to look up from the datapad her eyes had been glued on.

    "Whoa... a Chiss .. can't say as I've ever run into your kind before..."

    Elara wasn't known for being tender and polite. She tended to say the first thing that came to mind. In that moment, it just so happened to be something majorly offensive. No biggie.

    Giving Ashar a brief but obvious look up and down, Elara moved by her, without so much as offering an apology for, one, running into her, and two, being so rudely frank.

    She was here on a mission. A really stupid one, she considered it already, and none of that involved making friends.

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      When a blond woman stepped out of the lift without looking where she was going, she stared at her, unphazed. At least, she was until the stranger opened her mouth after colliding into her, was rude and didn't apology.

      She wasn't in the mood to be nice but as she saw the woman - dressed as a civilian - rush further into the hangar, she spun on her heels and her gloved hand clasped the woman's shoulder. Given your lack of pilot garb, I think you must not know where you are going. This is the Tie hangar. Wherever you are headed, it is unlikely here.

      Her tone was polite, but cold. She didn't really care where the blonde was going but there was no reason to let her wander around the hangar when she didn't know where she was.


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        It was not the Chiss' tone that prompted Elara to stop mid step and turn around to face Ashar, but rather, her words. Of course, she did note in private awareness, the significance of Ashar's tone, just the same. On the inside, it left the blonde just ever so slightly giddy to know that she still had the stuff to slightly turn someone else's world upside down. Maybe not in a huge way, but Elara did feel that it somehow spoke of her presence of prowess.

        "Hmmm .. thank you for telling me .. I was not aware ..."

        She was being sincere, as Elara actually bothered to smile politely in kind to the offered truth to the results. At least, everything seemed genuine, until that sincere smile turned into a kind of small cocky grin.

        ".. of how much of a goody two shoes you were. Now I know, and I can assure you, I won't forget," she said, finishing the rest of her sentence that previously seemed finished.

        The blonde confidently crossed her arms about her chest with attitude, tilting her head just slightly so as if to suggest she had the means to say something that she couldn't wait to get out, from her lips to Ashar's ears.

        "Unlike you, I definitely know where I am going. True enough, maybe not in this place, but I am definitely going places, and I won't be getting there by following every damn rule the Sovereign Galactic Empire tells me to follow. Sometimes, you gotta know when to make your own rules, as well as to know when to follow the rules you are given."

        The blonde stubbornly glanced around, brow set hard, noting all the individuals in uniform.

        "This probably would have been one of those times I would have followed the rules, had I known of them, that is."

        Elara uncrossed her arms, as if defeated, but on the inside, she was feeling anything but. She made a mental note to wear uniform in the future, a new learning experience.

        "So uh - you got a name, goody goody?"

        Elara doubted the new nickname she had just given Ashar would really continue to fly.

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          It took a lot to get a rise from her and as a Chiss, nothing was betrayed about how irked she was by the blonde's insolence. Her posture and expression remained stoic. Most didn't think of how dangerous it was, being unable to read one's opponent as it was the current situation.

          She remained silent the whole time, but inwardly she knew that if there was one thing, it was a goody two shoes. Life had proven how deadly she could be, even when cornered.

          Then she struck the woman. Within the blink of an eye she had grabbed her arms, twisted them behind her and pulled her close as she brought her lips close to her ear. Call me unimpressed.

          Without further ado, she pushed the woman away and turned on her heels. She did know where she was going after all. And she knew how to bend lines just enough not to be in trouble, unless she wished to or had no other options.


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            It was very rare for the bold and brash Elara to be caught off guard, and even in such a victory, she never allowed it to show. Like her newest counterpart. With the unexpected strike, pain easily swept through the blonde, having little combat experience to measure up to Ashar's force. It was a moment she did not try and fight, only to be surprised a second time within a few more seconds as a sensational shiver radiated up and down Elara's spine at the effort of close proximity. She simply chalked it down to being aloof with a new experience and nothing more.

            She physically winced when Ashar let her go, the release having an even bigger bite than the actions themselves to latch onto her. Still, not wanting to swallow her pride, she turned her head slightly to crane to look back to the Chiss that was so quick and eager to disappear.

            " - and who exactly are you that I should need to impress?"

            Clearly, she was a woman, but to who, and of what kind?

            "A daughter? A sister? A niece? An aunt? Or - maybe a mother perhaps? You do seem to fit that profile, so eager to teach me some kind of lesson."

            Elara had no clue at all who Ashar was, she was just being her typical arrogant self. The pain running through her having only subsided a little, she finally turned about to fully face the Chiss.

            "- or maybe you're just someone who is ready to take her ball and go home with it?"

            Maybe she could not read Ashar at all, but the fact that she was so eager to walk away, well, it said everything that Elara believed that she needed to know about Ashar.

            "Walking away from me - well - it only tells me that I've come to light a fuse, or struck a nerve, whichever you'd prefer to call it. Too bad, I was just getting warmed up."

            Clearly, Elara was more about her words than a woman of action, unlike Ashar who seemed to have a steady hold on both her words and her actions.

            Elara was all about pushing buttons. Even if it meant, that in the end, it saw her to be sent flat on her back like a fool. Like the fool she could be a times.

            "I only know cowards to walk away - or quitters, if you prefer that term."

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              She could have been much harsher with the blonde. She had been in the past. She had killed men with her bare hands, hatred and survival giving her incredible strength in desperate moments. She was a wild card in her birth culture, but she was still as calculating as Chiss could be.

              When the human called out to her. She didn't need the blonde to impress her. She didn't even really care about it. She could have replied in so many sorts of way but this was exactly what the other imperial wanted. Being riled up and called names was something she had had to put up with for years, including from an abusive husband and then worse tormentors.

              I don't gnaw on a bone too big for my little mouth at least. She replied in a quiet but loud enough to be heard tone, not minding that others were listening. She wouldn't be the one to lose temper there.

              She turned on her heels after entering the lift, staring into these big blue eyes that belonged to the yammering brat. You think yourself so smart, I am certain you will figure all of it out. Just remember to remove your blinders sometimes.

              With that, the door shut and the lift went to another floor.


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                "Gnaw? I'd consider it barely a nibble," the blonde whispered smuggly to herself once the lift was off, and Ashar out of earshot. Not that she had anything to keep from the Chiss, more that Elara's pushing only extended so far before she released on her claws.

                Yeah, she knew she had overstepped, and she knew she had been immature, too. Had she known she was a lot like Akana, her twin, she could have foolishly blamed it on genetics. What was the truth was that the Chiss had rubbed her the wrong way, and the prideful human had taken easy offense to the other female just trying to help her out.

                Of course, it would be a while before she would apologize to Ashar, if at all. Trying to reoccupy her brain from the wrong she knew she had committed, Elara took to briefly glance around the hangar for a quick study. She resigned to staying out of the way as best she could, and didn't stay long with her lookout, knowing she wasn't in proper uniform.

                The sound of a gurgling stomach seemed to tug at her, making the blonde realize that she needed something to eat. If she could only find the mess hall. This place was too big for her, and Elara knew it, but she wasn't about to admit it to anyone, especially not to Ashar. Rolling her eyes, hoping no one would see, she frustratedly walked over to the lift, entering it shortly after. She went back to studying the map on her datapad, picking a number entry from the wall, hoping she had picked the right area that was going to feed her hunger. She needed at least one thing that was going to be satisfying to her today. She didn't expect herself to run into Ashar again, given how big the ship was, Elara was for sure she could keep her distance from the other female. It would give her an easier excuse not to apologize to her. Aside from that, even if she knew she didn't know what she was doing, she was stubbornly determined to figure it all out. Elara didn't need anyone, been that way most of her life, she wasn't about to change that now. Especially not for Ashar.

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                  The incident was mostly gone from her mind as she reached the dorms. Grabbing fresh clothing and what she needed, she then went to take a shower. Once she had redressed in her black regular uniform, she spent a moment brushing her short wet locks, observing her features in the mirrors. Despite the trials she had put up with, she had never had problems with the way she looked and even now that she was in a mostly human setting, she was proud of who she was and of her appearance.

                  She sent a message home to her son and her cousin Teta, who was watching over Garrus during her time aboard the destroyer. He was doing very well at school and had even presented in science class before his peers. She was very proud of how he was adjusting to the new environment.

                  Afterwards, she headed to the mess hall, for food sounded like a good idea at the moment. From afar, she caught herself catching sight of a blonde woman, and for the briefest of moment, wondered whether it was the brat she had spoken to earlier on, but it turned out to be someone else. She wondered why this pest had crossed her mind again. She had put up or thrown back to their place people much more annoying than her.

                  Inwardly shrugging, she reached the eating hall and stood in line, waiting for her turn to get her meal.


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                    As luck would have it, Elara happened to find her way into the line at much the same time as Ashar, coming to be the next individual to stand behind her. She did not recognize the woman right away, her back to the blonde still, and there was but more than one Chiss aboard the ship. Putting two and two together instantly was not entirely possible for those reasons. When it did occur to her that it was Ashar in front of her, Elara did a very unexpected thing. something she said she would not do, vowed not to do, and did not do lightly. Especially not in a line of power that could overhear. She couldn't say what had come over her, not even after having thought about it much later, but she would find a way to blame Ashar, even for the appropriate thing Elara was doing now.

                    "I am sorry."

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                      She was grateful for her impeccable Chiss composure and her adequate reflexes, for Elara's voice cutting through her inner musing and offering an apology, almost made her drop the tray she was carrying.

                      Her crimson eyes met the blue human ones of the woman standing near her. She hadn't expected the other imperial to say these words. It showed that she could still be quite surprised.

                      She bowed her head in acknowledgement, though held Elara's gaze. Thank you. Right on cue, a duet of two large men, military, passed by and cut the line right through them. Obviously, they thought that being human males gave them the right to do this.

                      Back of the line is over there. She said sharply, her attention suddenly shifting to them. What's your problem, alien? One barked. The Chiss grabbed one by the collar, her strength greater than expected. My species' name is Chiss. Educate yourself. The other tried to punch her, but she lunged and threw the first one into him.

                      What was it today with people getting into her hair as humans said?


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                        The blonde did not jump in to focus her efforts on the males, as it seemed fairly clear that Ashar could handle herself. She didn't seem the sort to Elara, to want assistance unless personally asking for it. Once the men had gotten the message, allowing both women to gather their food, the blonde looked to Ashar and continued her journey of unexpected things that were unlike her.

                        "Would you care for some company while you eat lunch?" She paused to grin slightly, but the result was still genuine and serious with that followed. "I promise to behave myself."

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                          Once the idiots were gone, she was about to resume fetching her food. She was surprised - once again - when Elara spoke, offering that they took their meal together. She suddenly grinned, a rare occurence for the Chiss.

                          If both of us behave at once, it might look suspicious to others.
                          She ventured into humorous territories at times, trying to blend in somewhat better.

                          It would be nice, thank you. I think there is a table still free over there. She leaned slightly closer. And yes, I promise to behave myself as well.


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                            Elara liked that Ashar seemed to have a sense of humor, and it also made her realize, that for as tough as she appeared on the outside, she could also be lighthearted too. It reminded Elara of herself in a lot of ways, though maybe that was just her own sense of arrogance finding her.

                            Nodding with a quiet smile, she guided them both over to the spot the Chiss at mentioned, not wasting much time once they sat down, figuring that it was the best time for giving introductions. Setting her tray down on the table after sitting after Ashar, she extended her hand and introduced herself.

                            "Name's Elara, pleased to meet you.." She did not outright ask the other woman for her name, but hoped she would provide it.

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                              She wasn't the greatest social butterfly but she had been making efforts since joining the Imperial Navy. It was important to her to mingle and adapt to her new people. She would always remain Chiss at heart and she was proud of many things in her birth culture, but she had also seen first hand how those who didn't match every little expectations could be torn apart. She was a lucky one, so was her cousin and also her own son.

                              As they sat at the table, she accepted the handshake and slightly bowed her head. Pleasure's mine. I am Ashar. She only went by her core name, using her mother's maiden name, as to hide her true origins. The Kleors didn't use the core names the exact same way as all the other Chiss, but she could live with this specificity.

                              Then she surprised herself. You were right about something earlier on, though not the goody two shoes aspect. She smirked a little. I am a mother.