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Piloting a ship and "Flying" are two different things... (open)

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  • Piloting a ship and "Flying" are two different things... (open)

    Republic Base
    Northern Flightline
    An hour after Sunrise

    LAAT-4's are not X-wings, or A-wings or fighters for that matter. The gunship moves and handles like a Bantha in the middle of a lake of mud. However what lost in maneuverability, she made up in firepower, and variety of mission roles. Which is why Ewan always liked them. That was also why he posed a challenge for other pilots out there in the base. While he respected anyone that had the guts to get into a fighter and be a part of, or even lead an attack, he didn't see pilots, he didn't see "jocks". This wasn't a bad thing but to him a "jock" had more than the fundamentals, a "jock" could fit their fighter between buildings at attack speed. A "jock" could run 8 feet off the ground and buzz a tower. There were pilots and that was a good thing, but "jocks" would be a great thing. With more "jocks" there could be not only more swagger but more of a feeling that the Republic isn't playing "catchup" in this war. He didn't like seeing people sitting around and doing little more than watching each other, he wanted the game to get up and go. So there he sat in a LAAT, prepped to see who could handle his challenge, after all if you could answer it in a LAAT, you could definitely do it in a fighter.

    Now it was just a matter of finding out who would answer the call and who wouldn't.