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The Ravelin Ball [Open to Imperials and Friends of TSGE]

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  • The Ravelin Ball [Open to Imperials and Friends of TSGE]

    "... And in this time of war, it is important we all remember service given to our citizens and our crusade in bringing order to this galaxy. This is why tonight's event is meant to support our troops and our veterans. We must never forget those who have given their all on the front lines."

    Empress Tatiana Renkl was always as comfortable speaking to gathered crowds as making combat decision aboard a space ship. With decades of service, the former Supreme Commander who had eventually taken the political throne knew too well the importance of the military. Yet, some people forgot and some from the younger generations didn't grasp it fully. It was why events such as the Ravelin Ball, hosted at the reception hall of the Liranthasia Gardens, was so crucial.

    The war wasn't over and there was no way Tatiana ever left her people unprotected. She had fought for them so fiercely since she was in her teenage years. Now in her forties, the one called The Kinslayer since her days in the Imperial Navy, wasn't going to stop doing this.

    She nodded as she was handed a flute filled with non alcoholic beverage; her black evening dress unable to hide her now obvious baby bump. "Before we all enjoy the evening, I would like to raise my glass to our soldiers and give special thanks to Governor Marian Rayner who did an outstanding work to make the Ravelin Ball happen." She smiled fondly to the woman who was part of her complicated and extended family. She had watched her grow from a brilliant child to an accomplished politician. Family was something sacred in the Empress's eyes.

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    Not one for wearing an evening gown, Verica sat among dignitaries, high ranking military officials and their families as she listened to the empress give thanks to those in uniform as well as a tribute to those who had given their lives in the line of duty. She had seen several perish in the various commands that she had been a part of and could recall most of their faces. Though now being aboard the Balmorra, that feat was a bit harder as the population of the massive ship was in the tens of thousands. Raising her flute along with everyone else, the navy lieutenant was now beginning to see the purpose of this high toned party. Or at least what was intended initially. Following the empress' eyes to the governor, Verica was struck by the beautiful blonde being thanked. There were a lot of people in this room tonight that she had never met. Sipping from her glass, she set the tall crystal goblet back onto the table as discussion began along with the music.

    At her table, she noticed several that wore their fancier uniforms meant for such an occasion, though she had decided to go a bit more incognito, preferring to enjoy this celebration instead.
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      Marian's soft grey eyes were glittering with emotion as she watched her Empress, sister, and dear friend speak about their troops. Her words hit close to home for the blonde; not just because of her political occupation but because of her invested relationship with the military General, Marcus Rishar. It had been some time since she'd seen him, a few months seeming like years. But, she wasn't the only who had loved ones operating within this war and so she couldn't feel pity for herself.

      Marian glanced around the lavishly decorated ballroom, admiring her handiwork. The chandeliers sparkled, the snowy white tables cloths a stark contrast against the polished oak flooring, and an intricate candlelit centerpiece graced every table in the banquet hall. Her smile was genuine and she beamed with adoration at Tatiana as she toasted the soldiers, surprising her by adding her name as well. She blushed faintly at the applause that sounded, bowing her head in humble appreciation for the acknowledgement.

      Her companion for the evening, Imperial Intelligence's Cedric Verdelet, handed her a flute of champagne. She turned her radiant smile upon him, accepting the glass. A few minor adjustments were subtly applied to the elongated train of her golden gown and then she took a sip of the bubbly beverage. "The Empress has such a sincere way of speaking. I know everyone here can tell that she means every word, as well. Perhaps, one day, I will be able to articulate my hopes for the Empire with the same excellence."


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        His encounter with Marian proved a fruitful endeavor in gaining him access to the higher social classes of the Galactic Empire. It wasn't the reason he began their relationship, but it was a perk of such. As good as imprisoned for years by his sister, he had no connections, no strong relationships. He needed to build a personal power base, and such things began by knowing the right people. While he officially worked for his sister, he needed to forever unofficially look out for himself.

        Upon handing the champagne flute to Marian, his right hand was able to retreat back and push open his jacket beneath the middle button. His hand found his pocket, while his other lowered to hold his own champagne flute with fingers encircling the rim. His choice of garment's didn't exactly compliment Marian's well, for being her date. Black head to toe, except for the strongly contrasting silver tie, he at least blended in with the common colors of formal wear.

        His eyes appraised the Empress as she spoke, drinking in the every detail she conveyed. He noted her dominant hand, her favored direction of lean, the small details around her eyes. She was a goal for the evening, one of those reasons for the connection to Marian, though the Senator's worth was not to be downplayed in the least. She resonated a certain perfection that he found increasingly attractive.

        "And your way of speaking is not sincere?" He questioned, turning his attention completely upon her. "I would not concur, having seen you in a public speaking venue the first time we met." He smiled, bringing his glass up and tipping the rim towards the edge of hers. "Hope bigger, Senator. Perhaps one day, instead, you will be Empress." He conveyed all this in hushed tones, and with the general ambient sound of the crowd and the applause to follow, it was easy to suggest such things in secret.


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          As the red carpet was laid and the dignitaries filled the entrances, Imperials of all kinds were there to enjoy the evening. Imperials of all kinds were there to mingle, joke, and be the people they could be without keeping up a facade, even for only a night. With the splendor and regal feeling of the environment, the attendees were there to have fun.

          Some were there to work.

          Director Saryl was working indeed under the guise of attending as he was on the carpet he would of course find mostly an excuse to stay out there until such time when the Empress was more out in the open.

          Report in.

          "Alpha Clear"

          "Beta Clear"




          He was intel, but tonight he was running part of the Empress' personal guard and as the snipers continued to report in, as well as the two sweeper teams, handpicked by him, on standby, he waved off a champagne server. These sort of events annoyed him as they were pointless to a person like him, though he could keep cover and play a part he was not a schmoozer, or a diplomat, he was who he was. His life was complicated enough.


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            "Lieutenant. All Imperial officers are invited to attend the Ravelin Ball, tonight." The aide had told Forse.

            "So I'm helping with the security procedures, right?" Forse asked.

            "No...sir, you're just attending." The aide said.

            "Attending? Is it mandatory?" Forse asks.

            The aide checks her datapad.

            "Not...really, I suppose. But all Imperial officers have been strongly encouraged to attend. The entire event is to honor the military."

            Forse pauses.

            "That means I have to go, doesn't it?" Forse asks.

            The raven haired aide smiles and turns on her heel to leave.

            "Fantastic." Forse says, exasperatedly.
            Forse was appreciative that the Empress was honoring the military in this way. The men in the Imperial Army as well as those in the Stormtrooper Corps needed that morale boost that only their Empress could give them. But Forse had always felt incredibly out of place when he wasn't on the battlefield or doing some sort of military exercise. But he felt that if the Empress had encouraged those officers to attend, then he would. He owed her that.

            Forse was dressed in his formal officer's attire. It had been a while since he had worn it, but he had always made sure that it was in good condition. His shoes were shined and the uniform itself was pressed. He wore his beret with the Imperial insignia adorning it, which was a far cry from his ordinary head wear of a bandanna or a helmet of some sort.

            Forse had arrived without much fanfare. The Lieutenant exited the military speeder that had driven him here. He was greeted by the Imperial Press Corps, with their holocams and droids getting shots from all angles. Forse knew to smile and wave, and desperately make his way into the ball room.

            Forse made his way into the exquisitely decorated ball room, and sat down at one of the tables that had yet to have anyone else sit at it. Forse called over a smartly dressed waitress.

            "You serve caf too, right?" Forse asks.

            "Yes Lieutenant." She says.

            "It's Forse. Could you get me a cup?" Forse asks her.

            "Right away!" She says. She was awfully chipper. She turns and makes her way towards the kitchen.

            A few moments later, Forse had his caf. It was a comfort drink. He didn't wish to get plastered in front of everyone. It would be embarrassing and unprofessional.

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              Cadet Vallen was grateful for the dress uniform she was required to wear to this event. It meant that she didn't have to bother with the logistical nightmare she found dressing feminine for a formal event to be. She was comfortable in uniform and, amusingly enough, her date didn't seem to mind either.

              As the Empress toasted to the soldiers and the governor who'd put the shindig on, the blonde lifted her glass and cut a grin at Tuk.

              Spark whispered, "Pretty glitzy, huh? Still glad you agreed to accompany me to this?"


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                Tuk cleaned up pretty well for an event as such. Of course he was in essence representing Linnea to a degree since he and his brother were on her payroll. Just that he never thought that he'd be someone's eye candy date to an Imperial Ball of all things! Properly dressed, he felt under dressed and smoothed out his tie repeatedly.

                "Uh, yeah ... Lots of glitz, security and enough medals pinned to lapels that I'm not sure why we've got the lights on, luv." He kept his voice low to not insult anyone and sipped from his flute. "Damn this is good!"

                That he said pretty loudly and never answered if he was happy or not to have come here with Vallen. It should be obvious that he was!
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                  How could Asori say no to a party? For one reason, it was being held in the capitol of the Imperial’s home world. She had enough issues with them, to warrant her to remain on Munto Codru, but now the Sith have aligned themselves with the same people who until quite recently had made any and all Force users their enemies. Did she trust this new found truce? Not at all, and really hoped that the Sith Council knew what they were doing.

                  In the meantime, Asori Terrek agreed to attend the ball. What better way of learning more about this new alliance and possibly some information on a future enemy? Blend in and pretend to be normal... she knew how to play the part all too well.

                  Her transport rolled up to their destination all too quickly for Asori’s comfort as the door opened and she was suddenly walking along the red carpet into the Liranthasia Gardens. She wore a dark green, strapless dress that had a corset fitted bodice and floor length, light and flowing skirt. With silver heals and her brown hair wrapped up at the back of her head, kept in with a number of silver pins.

                  The crowds had already formed, as members of inner groups greeted each other with warm affection. At the front of the room, their leader was finishing a speech, but Asori didn’t really pay attention to those words, her brown eyes were still taking in the surroundings and figuring out where she should stand. Part of her wondered if she’d run into any familiar faces, she was sure some high dignitaries from the surrounding planets would be here, maybe even leaders of the companies that had hired her father into making weapons for them.

                  She hoped not, that would be a real awkward situation to be in.


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                    It had been too long since Darth Kalypso had been among civil society. Ever since she defected from the sith, and aligned herself with no one. Kalypso had been living in the wastes of the outer rim, moving from one planet to the next. She could have stayed among the sith, and within the empire. But even a sith Lord knew when their position was a weak and fragile one, especially after it was revealed to every able sith that Kalypso wasn't strong enough to fight off a possession from a force spirit like creature.

                    There was blood on the air, Kalypso smelt it, and she knew what it meant. So before anyone within the empire could make their move against her. Kalypso cut all her ties with the empire, and disappeared into the night. She knew that there might be a few out there, right at this moment, trying to hunt her down. Kalypso remembered what happened to the last few that defected from the sith, how harshly they were treated. It was a fate Kalypso would avoid at all costs, and in order to do that she needed to be strong again. She needed to prove to the sith empire that she was not as weak as they thought her to be, and in order to do that Kalypso needed to make connections, she needed to reach out and form alliances with the right kind of people.

                    It seemed as if Kalypso wasn't the only one with this idea in mind. She had been hearing rumours just recently that the sith had formed an alliance with the empire. When she was still a part of the sith empire, Kalypso had been informed that talks were in the works for such an alliance. It now seemed as if those talks had come to an end, and the result was something that strengthened both empires in the process. That was the other reason why Kalypso decided to attend this party tonight, perhaps there were people within the galactic empire that would be willing to help her gain favour with her former sith brethren? For a price of course.

                    Dressed in an All black dress with leather corset and fishnet gloves. Kalypso arrived at the party just after the empress had given some kind of speech, no doubt honouring those fighting in the war with the republic or some such. After Kalypso had helped herself to a flute of champagne, she mingled into the crowd with a subtle flare, and started to prowl amongst the people, noticed by unnoticed. She could sense there was other sith here tonight, and until she knew their intentions. Kalypso decided to keep a low profile, by hiding her force signature, and mingling in amongst those allied with the galactic empire for the time being.
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                      Sinead had made reservations at a nice hotel in Ravelin and had arrived two days ago. She couldn't believe her luck that Eerika Praji had accepted her invitation to go with her to the Ball. The Mercenary had taken a leap of faith and it felt good. She had rented a nice speeder, sharp lines, quick, but still rather discreet. As per agreement, she had gone to pick the imperial agent at her place, right on the time they had set. The drive to the ball had gone fine, though there had been little talk between them.

                      "You look beautiful."
                      She uttered with a smile as she handed her arm out to her date, before they made their way inside the reception hall. Truth was that she wasn't much the ball type, but it had been the perfect occasion to see Eerika again, and she hadn't hesitated one second. She had even made sure she had purchased a new dress for the occasion, so she would look as good as possible.


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                        Being honest with herself, Eerika was still uncertain why she had to the ball along with Sinead. They had one mission together, which they worked well together in every possible way - skills, anticipation and planning. They were both closed off but respected each other and personal space. So where along the way had Eerika had went from professional partner to a partner of interest. She was just confused about anything of this sort, except being taught how to flirt and use her body to cause others to let their guard down. She had grown up and trained in seclusion with others and since Tatiana had brought her officially into the Empire, no one was brave, or stupid, enough to ask her out. She was still uncertain if Sinead was her type, let alone know what her type was. If this ended up a disaster, at least this could be filed away as a learning opportunity.

                        "Thank you," she said, taking Sinead's arm as her date led her inside. Eerika had shopped at a recommended boutique since she owned nothing appropriate for this formal event. "You look quite lovely too."

                        She was really following protocol based upon what she knew and Sinead's cues to adjust her behavior. It came off stiff but she really didn't know how to behave like anything else when it was just her.


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                          Spark chuckled, liking Tuk's honest assessment of things. He had a way of keeping her from getting too lost in her own head, and all that she was dealing with internally.

                          "Only the best for the soldiers of the Empire. You heard the Empress," she said, sounding amused, before taking a sip from her own flute.

                          Vallen glanced around the ballroom, taking in the sight of so many faces she failed to recognize. Of course, her circle on Bastion was quite small and mostly limited to her squadron. Lt. Dirum was here, she knew, but with so many in attendance, she'd not yet spotted her sometimes trainer. Nor had she noticed Syrenia Renkl, which seemed unusual to her.

                          "You look very handsome in your suit, by the way. Clean up nicely," she said with an elusive smile.


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                            Tuk didn't know anyone here at all. Except of course the Empress. Not personally! Just she was the Empress. Who didn't know her?

                            Wonder where the Boss Lady is. Or her brood. Or the Empress' brood. Or my grandmother! Hah! That'd be fun. Ah well.

                            And that divergent thought pattern amused him briefly until Vallen spoke up, giving him quite the compliment. "Well, I had reason to now. Otherwise, I'd care less. Would've shown up in ripped boxers and a bow tie to impress the dignitaries." Winking, he took another sip and when he glanced over at his date, his eyes were smiling as fondly as the one on his face. "But you have a much nicer suit than mine. Looks good on ya too."


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                              Alarik went the expected professional route, rather than formal, with his garments. A former member of the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force, he wore the customary black uniform. A patch on his arm denoted his family, as was customary, but his Imperial ties were kept evident by the red and blue square upon his left pectoral. As expected of his kind, he was the picture perfect example of propriety. His neatly pressed uniform complimented well the rest of the image, hair styled exactly as he wished, not a sign of facial stubble upon his face.

                              He entered with a confident gait, eyes firmly fixed ahead. They settled upon the Empress first. A former Naval expert, he was curious to hear of her past incursions but knowing the opportunity would be a difficult one to come by. Beyond her, his red eyes moved in a horizontal scan. His head remained so stationary, for the imperceptible individual it was difficult to tell just where he was looking aside from straight ahead. His study was interrupted as a server, dressed in white, stepped up to him to offer forward a tray with champagne.

                              Blue fingers plucked the flute from atop the tray, but he did not look to the man as he wandered off to replace his supply. He carefully attempted to calculate his next move, plotting out potential individuals to engage with for the sake of both advancing his career and making allies.