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Trouble in Paradise - #B-102622 [Darth Saevitia / Open]

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  • Trouble in Paradise - #B-102622 [Darth Saevitia / Open]


    Nick mused that, if there was such thing as paradise, Rendili had to be pretty close to what that was. Known for its beaches and surfing, it was touristy but had a considerable export in stardrives too. He'd seen the beaches for himself; he'd taken the details about the exports from the brochure.

    Blending in to look like any number of human tourists, Nick was visiting Rendili for business, specifically, Vaago's business. Nela'Kann was a Devaronian male who had a bounty on his head and the assassin Donovan was going to see that the horned wonder was brought down. Vaago had seemed skeptical of his talents. He'd show the mighty Hutt that he was as good as his word on completing a job.

    Past sunset now, Nick stepped inside a cantina to continue the hunt. This particular nightclub was not yet busy though the mood lights were dim and the tang of one particular narcotic or another tinged the air. Nick wrinkled his nose as he took it all in, making his way to the bar...