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Continuing The Rounds [Open to Jedi/NR]

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  • Continuing The Rounds [Open to Jedi/NR]

    After her trip to Mon Calamari to inspect some of the ships soon to be delivered to Telos, Ranooki had traveled to Corellia to continue her rounds. The Navy Captain was enjoying this journey as it gave her further insight into other Republic bases and construction sites. It was exciting and something different from her work. She loved her life on Telos, but seeing other places every now and then didn't hurt!

    The blonde in her thirties was on her way to the base she was to visit in Doaba Guerfel. She had never been there, her knowledge of this planet limited to Coronet City and its direct area.

    She didn't know whether any of the ships was already close to completion but she had agreed to give some help with newly delivered equipment that she had already familiarized herself with back on Telos.

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    ((ooc- If the sword thing is bad, then let me know and I'll remove it))

    -It was the first time in a long time that Jay was allowed to leave the temple and explore. The only exception was to travel to Corellia? He had questioned why, but never really got an answer from his master. Simply, "would be a good experience for you" that was all. The shistavanen stood tall; the weapon that was his training saber hung loosely from his right side while a sword-style weapon was placed on his back. He was granted to utilize a bladed weapon because of some profound skills he had with it, but he was also urged to practice as much as he could with the training saber... for experience of course.-

    -But what was he to do here? The shsitavanen had traveled around the area wandering. Was he looking for something that Master Nafrayo wanted or was it just a vacation away from that frigid world of Yavin 8. Whatever the reason, Jay was happy to travel to another world other than that of his homeworld or of course Yavin. A good way to observe the surroundings and take in the sights.-


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      Ranooki had turned on the volume as she was driving off to the mountain city. The speeder was faster than she had expected and it was a fun ride.

      As she went further along the trail, her eyes caught sight of a tall alien, whose species she wasn't familiar with. While he was impressive, he didn't look so menacing.

      There was no one else on the road. "You looking for something?" She inquired as she turned the music off and brought the vehicle to a halt not afar from the alien.


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        -Heavy foot prints slowed to a halt as soon as a voice broke the silence. Jay's rather large figure turned to the voice, and was surprised to see a young human lady sitting on top of a vehicle. Normally, some were a little scared of his species or simply the way he looked. Some wouldn't even believe that he was a jedi in training, but that was the truth. Moments after adjusting his own posture; the shistavanen spoke rather calmly.-

        "I wish I knew what I was looking for," -He responded calmly.- "Instead I've been wandering around these here streets with little to nothing to do. You believe I was lost wandering around such a strange place, but I'm just observing and trying to find something to do."


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          Ranooki had seen her fair share of aliens and also dangers over the years. So the impressive being before her didn't scare her. Her eyes eventually fell upon the hilt at his side, which she recognized. "I didn't see the weapon. You must be a Jedi. At least, I hope." She remarked with a smirk, having faced a Sith before.

          "And it didn't hurt to ask whether you needed directions. I didn't mean to interrupt." She chuckled, ready to leave in case the other one wished to be left alone.


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            "I didn't see the weapon. You must be a Jedi. At least, I hope."

            -The shistavanen's eyes lowered down to the training saber that Master Nafrayo had given him. A means of starting combat training and learning the seven forms of lightsaber combat. By the sound of her voice it seemed she had encountered the Jedi's opposite.... the Sith; and managed to survive. From the books he read so far usually they left no survivors. Well depending on the person that is. His gaze then lifted back up to the human.-

            "Well, it doesn't hold the shape of a sith lightsaber," -Jay responded with a chuckle.- "But yes I am a jedi... more or less a padawan who just started on the path of the lightside."

            -Jay's voice tried to account in some humor; something that took a while to achieve thanks to what he had done in the past. But his voice was rather calm and soothing, and he was trying his best not to scare the human girl off. But by the way she was acting and what she had said gave the shistavanen the hint that she didn't want to be around him.-

            "You weren't interrupting!" -He said suddenly.- "I'm just a little unsure of where I can go in place like this. Aside from my homeworld and Yaving this is the only other planet I have been to. Never did much traveling back in my back then."


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              Ranooki had heard about Sith, besides the one she had met, and for what she had gathered, also through other Jedi she had met, lightsabers could be the same shape regardless of their owner's allegiance. Yet, she wasn't going to have a philosophical discussion about lightasbers with the Jedi.

              "I've met a few Jedi before."
              She explained with a chuckle. She noted the way his voice was calm and she wasn't scared. She just didn't want to be invasive.

              "It's my first time in this city as well. I'm here for work. I'm with the Republic Navy. Name's Ranooki." She said, getting to her feet and offering a handshake out of curtesy.


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                -Jay was being a little ignorant when it came to discussing or explaining matter pertaining to the jedi. He was learning just as much as any other padawan there. So it did seem a little silly to say something like that... especially with little knowledge to back that up with. His eyes soon lifted up once she spoke about meeting other jedi and how she was with the New Repiblic for a job. Though it seemed a little strange that she would travel all the way here alone. None the less... he still kept his calm and stepped forward to her accepting the handshake with hand composed of the basic human five fingers, but covered in fur and longer nails.-

                "A pleasure it is to meet you Miss Ranooki Reese," -Jay responded in a calm soothing voice.- "I am Jay Cruger, padawan of the students of the light. But I do have to ask... what is someone so young and beautiful like you coming out here all alone. I mean I know your job with the NR is important, but wouldn't it make sense to bring a friend or fellow soldier along?"


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                  Ranooki was glad that the handshake was accepted and relieved his superior physical force didn't risk smashing her fingers.

                  "A pleasure to meet you as well Padawan Jay Cruger."
                  She was surprised that he expressed concerned for her traveling alone. "I have gone to more dangerous places alone, though I appreciate your concern."

                  She smiled, having certainly not expected to stumble into a Jedi away from Coronet. "Corellia is Republic soil, and I am used to work and travel on my own. I work as a mechanics for the Navy. I'm here to do some inspection at a warehouse outside of this city." Since the base was public in its existence, she didn't need to be hush hush about why she was there.


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                    "Say no more," -Jay responded.- "I am sure the work you are doing is "classified" information. Don't want to risk the information you hold getting into the wrong hands."

                    -Usually that was how the NR worked... well more of the Sovereign Galactic Empire. Jay had only been two three worlds in the smallest amount of time possible and was already learning rather quickly. The worlds themselves, the inhabitants of the world, culture, food... etc. etc. etc. It was all of something that one would see within the books back at the temple's library. If not stored on holocrons; or wherever the jedi kept their information that is.-

                    "Though if you allow me; I can escort you to your destination? If that's alright with you that is."


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                      Ranooki smiled a little. If there was one thing she rarely did, it was classified work. And when she did, she kept her mouth shut for sure.

                      When Cruger offered to escort her to her destination, she nodded. "It is alright. Thank you. The base isn't so far off, but I was planning to walk there, especially since there seems to be construction work in the streets."

                      She took her backpack with her equipment in it and nodded towards the west, where she was headed. "I only met a small number of Jedi, but may I ask who you train with?"