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  • Technical Eye [Open to Jedi/NR]

    It had been a long time since Ranooki had traveled to Mon Calamari. She liked the oceanic world, as she had a strong liking for any planet that presented beaches. She still remembered how thrilled she had been when she had been able to purchase a beach house back on Telos. She had never regretted it!

    The Navy Captain had come to Mon Calamari this time to oversee the advanvement of new MC-18 light freighters that were to be delivered to Telos, for the most part, within the next weeks.

    Having served as Chief Mechanics for a capital ship and a few starfighter squadrons, the Adumar born blonde was always glad to proceed to complete check ups herself. That was why she had volunteered for this assignment.

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    He hadn't been on Mon Calamari in quite awhile, not since a training session that went awry but he was here now. It wasn't official business, but personal as he needed parts for The Carcarodon Alyscia and her friends used it on the Northern Ocean of Hesperidian, which was fine, but they had a party in and on it in the water. So he was stuck cleaning the filters, and the secondary shield generator so why not get some new stuff, right?

    Landing his own MC-18, he laughed, openly and loudly at the person that he saw working as the landing bay crew. Ockontrop?! The Representative's aide who protested his every move during his, and many other Jedi's last appearance on this planet. It didn't matter as he was expected and the Mon Calamari was embarrassed enough as it is, so he could let the man salvage what little dignity he had left.

    You have power over your mind, not outside events.
    Realize this and you will find strength.


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      Ranooki had been told that some of the freighters, which were fully ready for inspection, were docked outside. The blonde didn't mind it. Heck, she could spend hours doing dirty mechanic work fighting with semi decent lights, so that was heaven by comparison!

      She arrived at the entrance gate and was told that she should look for a Mon Calamari called Ockontrop, who would be able to indicate the landing pads numbers to her. Her clearance had been already established thanks to the local military base.

      The utility belt around her waist as well as the large and heavy backpack on her shoulders betrayed that she was in for some mechanical work. Now, all she had to do was find this Ockontrop!


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        "You!" The former government aide turned dockworker bellowed. "Haven't you done enough to me? Now you're here to rub your destruction of my life in my face?!" The once overly proud former aide was angry, and pointing all of his problems ever since their last meeting on the Jedi who really had nothing to do with it, but it didn't matter.

        Caltin of course just shook his head. I'm sorry that you feel that way, but I'm here to buy some ship parts.

        "Nonsense, you and your kind are here to make me again look like a fool."

        Closing his eyes and turning away, Caltin wasn't going to argue with the man. "Yes, run. it's what your type is good at!"

        "Oh shut up, Ock!"

        "It's 'Coordinator Ockontrop'!"

        "We're all 'Coordinators' you idiot!"

        You have power over your mind, not outside events.
        Realize this and you will find strength.


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          Ranooki headed towards the docks and stumbled on a group made of Mon Calamari and a tall and large human. At least, she heard one of them say who he was, and knew he was the one she needed to see.

          "Excuse me. Not meaning to interrupt such a friendly discussion... I'm Captain Ranooki Reese. I was told that Coordinator Ockontrop knew about my arrival and would give me the dock numbers I needed."

          She could tell that they hadn't heard her coming, so she stood here, waiting for her presence and request to be acknowledge.


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            "Oh, yes... you... another human. You have the other four docks in this section now leave please, I have important work to do." He scoffed, clearly not liking the fact that he had to answer to anyone.

            "Yeah, like whine about his lot in life."

            Glaring at his compatriot, Ockontrop was not going to squabble, he was right after all, he always was, in his mind. "If it wasn't for meddlesome humans like that Jedi scum and this... 'lady'... I would be where I belong in a government office overseeing the likes of you peons like I should be now."

            "Yeah but you're not. You're a peon just like the rest of us."

            "I am meant for better things, not to be associating with beings who are beneath me. My father made generous donations to the Republic, I should not have to be doing this. The best day of the Republic was the day that fool Angellus retired."

            Now Caltin was going to argue. Approaching the "Coordinator", he waited for the Mon Calamari to turn around in a start. "What do YOU WANT NOW?!" He said exasperated as he repeatedly jammed one of his fingers into the chest of the massive Jedi Master.

            Admiral Angellus is my brother n law. If you are going to speak about him, speak to him. The laughter that came from the others would be gratifying if Caaltin was proud of his reaction, either way the look on Ockontrop's face was priceless as he didn't know that the Jedi was still there.

            You have power over your mind, not outside events.
            Realize this and you will find strength.


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              Ranooki was known for her temperamental reactions and loud mouth and this Mon Calamari was starting to get on her nerves. "Thanks." She snapped, not caring of the dark glare she earned herself.

              She was about to go on with her own business when Ockontrop complained about the former supreme commander, who happened to be one of the best superiors she ever had.

              Dropping her crate, she had grabbed the Mon Calamari by the collar. "Going to make it clear, you don't want to insult Admiral Angellus in front of me." Right when she hissed that, she heard what the other man said.

              She released the Mon Calamari and looked at the man. "You're Caltin Vanagor?"


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                While he wouldn't physically intimidate the individual, he didn't have to just on his stature alone. He didn't have to even do that as some blonde just came up and practically threw the bigoted alien into a wall if she had her druthers. He almost felt bad for the former Representative's Aide in the ire that he riled in this girl.


                Then she knew who he was immediately... which caught him off guard. Uhhh yeah, why? Are you a bill collector or something? Though he tried to make light of it in a way that even Ockontrop snorted at, Caltin was definitely curious.

                You have power over your mind, not outside events.
                Realize this and you will find strength.


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                  Vanagor's reaction made Ranooki laugh. "Heck no." She grinned. "I was Chief mechanics on Admiral Angellus's flag ship back in the day. I remember brief mentions of his family, including his Jedi brother-in-law."

                  She had a good memory and not just for mechanics. "So, unless the Admiral had more sisters and Jedi brothers-in-law than I remembered or knew, there was a solid chance you were Vanagor."


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                    Fair enough. Looking at Ockontrop who seemed to suddenly be interested in the conversation as if some scandal was about to emerge he nodded. You can go now, goodbye.

                    Looking back at Reese, he asked simply. You looking for parts too?

                    You have power over your mind, not outside events.
                    Realize this and you will find strength.


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                      Ranooki smirked when Vanagor sent the Mon Calamari away. She wouldn't have had any problems tossing him into the ocean if need be, but that wasn't necessary.

                      "As a side interest, yeah..." She replied to the question. She nodded towards her heavy backpack. "I came here to inspect new ships to be delivered to Telos soon, but I'm also planning to check the spare parts they have as we'd need a few extras for the Corellian base where I'm headed next."


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                        Ah, he said as they walked through the entrance. MC-18? I bought one after my old YT got wrecked the last time I was here.

                        You have power over your mind, not outside events.
                        Realize this and you will find strength.


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                          "Yes, I'm on a MC-18 mission, you could say." Ranooki replied with a smile as they made it inside the warehouse. She was here to stay a few days, before heading off to Corellia. And once she would be done with all of this, she would ironically be off to the Jedi Temple on Yavin VIII to surprise a certain someone.

                          "The MC-18 are very reliable. The YT are good too, very, even more customizable in a way, but I find that the upgrade systems on the Mon Calamari are more straightforward. It can be useful for less experienced pilots and mechanics."

                          She chuckled. "Do I want to know about that wreck? I take it that's why Ockontrop would have preferred not seeing any Jedi or human mugs in a while, uh?"


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                            Ockontrop is an ambitious, self entitled spoiled brat. Of course you picked up on this, he's not even patriotic. He thought he was on the fast-track for planetary leadership and a part of an operation that was using Republic funds to create world killer devices.*

                            As he kept walking towards the yards he looked back as he thought about those days. Angellus found out, and shut the entire operation down, almost shut down most of the yards on the planet from what he told me. All of those responsible were put on trial, most got off thanks to some corruption, Ockontrop didn't have those connections.

                            He shook his head as he bought a couple of bottles of Elba water from a vendor and offered her one. This whole thing was part of why he resigned, he had no knowledge of it, but it happened on his watch. Anyway yeah, I like the MC-18 a lot, if for the water use alone.

                            Yeah, he told her a lot, almost too much... but... well...

                            *OOC: This is partially a part of the side story I was thinking, but yeah had to explain him leaving somehow

                            You have power over your mind, not outside events.
                            Realize this and you will find strength.


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                              Ranooki had no idea of what Vanagor explained. For what she had seen of the Admiral, she could see him decide to resign partly because of what she now knew. It was a shame though, given all the good work he had achieved.

                              "Thanks." She smiled as she took the bottle of elba water. "I'm sorry to hear about all of this. The Admiral was a great superior."

                              They eventually reached the area where they could check for parts for the MC-18. "Ah, here we are... I never really stuck with a single ship. I grab the first shuttle the Navy can get me to go on my missions."