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    The Boonta Eve Classic was coming up in the next two months on Tatooine, so Baalbis Daanron had just enough time to ready his podracer and train his pit crew. He had not had the best luck with crews in the past, as they seem to always quit for some reason. In the city of Mos Espa, cantina patrons had already started to wager which podracer would win this year's classic. The dug was confident it would be him and he had told everyone within earshot the same. The dug racer made his way over to his shop to check on some modifications that he had made to his engine. A potential pit crew member was going to meet him there for an interview.

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    The time came and then passed for his potential crew member interview. Another no show. That seemed to be the norm as of late. No one wanted to do the essential work to keep the podracer in top working order. Everyone wanted to be a driver. It took skill, experience, and a lot of credits, and Baalbis Daanron was the only driver in this shop.

    He picked up the servodriver and began making adjustments to the harmonic dampener. In last year's race, Baalbis had just been edged out of first place by what he will continue to refer to as "an illegal maneuver" from an opponent. The dug had even lodged a complaint to the racing board, but they found no proof in the holo playback records. He wouldn't let that happen again this year, that was for sure. He was going to go over his podracer, bolt by bolt and make sure it was in optimum condition.


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      Several days had passed since the no-show interview incident and Baalbis began to wonder if he was going to be able to find a crew in time for race season. He shrugged and went to the receiving area of the shop to inventory a new shipment of parts that had just arrived in multiple crates. The crates for parts were very large this time. Perhaps they had changed their shipping protocols.

      Prying open the first crate, four heavily modified DUM-series pit droids suddenly popped to life and exited the container. One of the pit droids handed a holopad to the surprised dug. Baalbis pressed the button and a hologram appeared.

      "Greetings, my son. The Council and I are renewing our racing sponsorship and would like to present you with this pit droid crew to ensure yet another winning season for Malastare's most famous dug driver. Good luck and remember... win big."

      A large smile crossed the dug's lips as his nostrils flared in anticipation of victory. He turned to the pit crew and barked out his first orders to them.

      "Ok, you four. Now I want you to do a complete scan of my racer. Start with the repulsorlift cockpit, then do a deep inspection of the motors, and finally carefully examine the plasma energy binders. Every single part of this well-oiled machine needs to be in perfect working order. Any customization ideas you have, you will run them by me first for my approval. Got it? Now get to work!"

      The pit droids scattered and ran into each other trying to find the podracer. Standing back up, they finally located the vehicle, ran over to it, and then got right to work.


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        Baalbis made his way around the podracer, giving a close visual inspection of everything that his newly acquired pit droid crew had worked on. At least the Council had sent a top-notch team. The dug gave a toothy grin in appreciation of the highly polished durasteel chassis.

        It was time to do some research on his competition though. He pulled out a pod race view screen and started searching through the racers that had pre-registered for the event. The deadline was not too far off, but he knew not everyone had put their hat into the ring yet. Not that it mattered. This race was his to win.


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          As he looked at the names on the view screen, Baalbis recognized a few of the veterans from past races. There was Maxx Verasptn, a ruthless driver that would smash anyone into a canyon wall without even batting one of his three eyes. Then there was Chrls Lehcl, a talented young podracer that had found some success on the smaller tracks. Next, he recognized Dnel Rciddo, a podracer that had been around since the beginning but had an inconsistent performance record. The only other name he recognized was Lwse Hmltne, a highly decorated race winner that had started to falter, and that was just fine with Baalbis. The dug was going to do whatever it took to win.


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            As he was scanning the rest of the list of names, an alert appeared on the screen. It was an urgent message for all racer drivers. There was going to be a change to the track due to safety concerns regarding a krayt incident. Apparently, a good deal of turn four was destroyed and part of the racetrack crew had been missing for a few days too. Well, that was just great. Baalbis had been racing at this track for so many years that he knew it like the back of his hand. So much for that advantage now.

            He studied the minimap of the adjusted track and wondered how the modifications would affect his vehicle's performance. He had tuned his podracer down to the most minute aerodynamic detail. Baalbis was just going to have to get back to work in the simulator so that he could show the rest of the field that he was ready for anything. He turned off the view screen and headed toward his office to begin preparations and training.‚Äč