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    The recent business dissolution had left Stu wondering what he would do next. It was true that he had enjoyed success working side by side with his business partner Darron, but knew that he had more to learn on his own. As part of the agreement, both businessmen would share their contacts for the time being. Stu was determined to strike first and land new customers, so he headed toward the Takodana Castle to partake in some of his favorite local cuisine and spirits, and to case out his next deal.

    The castle was in full celebration mode with local bands playing in each of the different rooms and games of luck and chance at every table. Stu nodded to the regulars and took a place at a back table where he could have a full view of the main room. The serving droid delivered his standard drink and favorite appetizer, blurrg strips with spiced sauce. He was hungrier than he remembered and dug into the morsels, all the while glancing around the room casually. He would find someone in need of his special services soon enough.
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    Stu checked his holopad while he enjoyed his meal and mead. His former business partner Darron had been updating the shared database with his current contracts, so that there would be no duplication or conflicts of interest for now. The shipping and imports business was so plentiful that there was room for many players at the table. Stu's ability to employ those with a discreet flair for delivering goods far ahead of schedule made him one of the most sought out businessmen in the galaxy.

    All of that came at a price though. While being well known affords a person a certain amount of choice, it did not always leave a choice when avoiding unwelcome entanglements. Thankfully he had a network of established gun runners that would watch over his product and protect his goods with their lives. Stu's suppliers were scattered amongst the galaxy which gave him a large variety of products and services to offer. His next move was to figure out how to begin to distance himself from his former business partner while maintaining the kind of lucrative deals he had been accustomed to making. He sipped his drink and glanced around the room.


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      Stu saw patrons enjoying a game of dejarik at the table across from him. The holographic board game was quite popular in the castle as he noted several tables playing at their own pace. And of course, the classic game of sabacc was always a crowd pleaser. The randomization of that game added suspense and surprise to all who play. There were three sabacc tournaments currently in progress. At a corner table he saw a game that he hadn't seen in quite a while, chatta-ragul. It was a game played with a series of tokens where each token had a different power level.

      He was personally a fan of the dice games - hintaro, hazard toss, spike dice, laser die, or chance cube. He enjoyed putting his mathematical calculation skills to use and delving into the world of probability and analytics. Stu had just spotted where the dice games were located in the castle when a drink arrived at his table. He stopped the serving droid.

      "Um, I didn't order this drink."

      The droid turned back to him and responded.

      "You will find a note under the drink coaster that should explain its origin."

      Stu reached under the coaster and retrieved the note. It was someone who wanted to contract his services for a large shipment of goods. A comlink frequency code was included with instructions on when to make contact. He checked his chronometer and noted he had about two hours before the meeting. He smiled and then pondered whether that was enough time to squeeze in a quick dice game.


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        Stu always made time to play the dice and tonight he was on a roll, literally. Of course, it was always more fun to play when you were winning, and especially with lovely ladies hanging on each of your shoulders cheering you on. He flashed a sly grin at each of the ladies, blew on the dice theatrically for luck, and then took another roll. More credits moved across the table to where he was sitting.

        He could not believe his good fortune. Just as he was about to take his next turn, his chronometer alarm buzzed quietly and alerted him to his scheduled appointment. He lowered his head and sighed.

        "Well, I'm sorry everyone, I'm going to have to call it a game. But don't worry, I'll be back."

        He thanked the table dealer, gave each of the ladies a kiss on their hand, collected his credits, and then moved to a table at the back where he was instructed to meet the contact. As a serving droid brought him a drink, he raised the glass to his lips and took a long sip, reflecting on his latest earnings.


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          As Stu finished his drink, he glanced up to see a hulking Jablogian figure approaching, along with two Trandoshan henchmen flanking him. The large alien's expression was somber, and his gait determined. Stopping at the table, his henchmen pushed two chairs together, and the large man slumped in his seat and leaned forward, beckoning Stu to come close. The man spoke in almost a whisper.

          "My name isn't important, but I know yours and your reputation. That is what brought me here. You got time in your schedule for a custom job? I'll pay 50% now and 50% when you deliver."

          Stu blinked and liked how the man got right to the point. Didn't waste time, that was actually good. Ok but what is the cargo? And 50% of what? The man was a bit elusive in those details, as well as the final destination. Stu figured he should ask a few questions anyway to see if he could find out more.

          "Greetings. You have the luxury of knowing who I am, but I don't believe we have met before. Who referred you to my services?"

          It was good to find out which customers were giving positive reviews so that he could be sure to reach out to them for further possible contracts. Stu was impressed that the man had sought him out.

          "Your former partner, Darron. Unfortunately, he was unable to fulfill my request and he, along with the contract, were both terminated after I learned about your potential services. Are you interested?"

          Wait, he killed Darron? Darron's killer wanted to hire Stu for a job. Is Stu interested in working for the man that murdered his former business partner? This was too crazy. Stu had to shake off the shock and be present in the moment so that he didn't meet the same fate as Darron. He took a deep breath and looked over at the man and his henchmen before responding.‚Äč